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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Bland Loafer

    by Billy McCoy

    A young man, the bland loafer, has been traduced  because of his special talent and his excessive sense of initiative.

  • Red Rain

    by Lara Bernhardt
    Olivia Montag is a professor who doesn’t have all the answers. The devastating loss of a child ended her marriage, and she’s been overlooked for a job promotion one time too many. Not sure what comes next, she leaves it all behind and volunteers to teach English to schoolchildren in India. Ten thousand miles away, she connects with fellow volunteers and finds purpose in teaching. Until one by one the girls in her classes stop showing up. Then she meets Mukesh, an Indian man with a heart for i... more
  • Summer Island

    by Deborah C. Mortimer
    Pack your bags and grab your passport! School’s out and we’re headed to a beautiful Caribbean island to meet new family, listen to Granny’s stories, play with cousins and make amazing memories. You’ll want to visit this Summer Island again and again!
  • Travels with Ariel - What's up in Baker Lake?

    by Laurie Anne Zaleski
    Meet Ariel, 10-year-old geologist, who along with her fearless companion, Champ, a 110-pound Akita, travel the globe solving geological catastrophes. She uses scientific method and deductive reasoning to solve urgent geological problems. Ariel is fearless and tenacious; tackling each mission with aplomb. In “Travels with Ariel - What’s up in Baker Lake?” Ariel and Champ travel to the tip of the Arctic Circle to solve a problem with erroneous permafrost data and migrating caribou. While ther... more
  • The Which of Shakespeare's Why

    by Leigh Light
    The controversy over who really wrote Shakespeare’s plays has been around almost since they were written. Was the genius behind the plays really that obscure glover’s son from Stratford? Or was it someone else entirely—a man whose class, background, education, and peculiarities make him a more than plausible candidate? In The Which of Shakespeare’s Why, a 21st-century playwright named Harry Haines makes the case for a major contender via a play he himself is writing for a struggling New Jerse... more
  • Chronicle of the Lake

    by Roderick Saxey
    Chronicle of the Lake is a story about mankind's interaction with nature and how it has changed through time. It starts with two modern scientists playing chess beneath a maple tree next to a lake. They speculate on how previous civilizations regarded the lake and forest and how they made use of the resources around them. Their conversation topics range from primitive hunter-gatherers to classical philosophers to medieval warlords to modern businessmen and developers. The scientists finally find... more
  • The Greatest Thing

    by Patti Flinn

    His mother told him he was God's greatest thing. Then he was stolen, sold, shipped to France, and re-named Louis-Benoit Zamor. Stripped of his esteem as efficiently as a fox's coat in a royal hunt, Zamor is reared by Du Barry—with a love as false as her smile—and a king with unsavory proclivities. He soon realizes his mother lied. Because, in this place, King Louis XV is the world's greatest thing, second only to God.

    But Zamor was loved, once. This fact, alone, ... more

  • The Tale of the Animals' Christmas in Crouch End: a Fable for Children and Their Parents

    by Lance Lee

    A year of unusually heavy rains spark a series of events that lead the Animals of Crouch End in North London to decide to celebrate Christmas for the first time. These begin when Rufus Fox hires Marvin Mole & Sons to repair his flooded home. As he wanders Crouch End and sees Christmas decorations appear soon Belinda, a wood pigeon, Hilda Hedgehog, The Magpies, Silas Squirrel and family, Franklin Frog and his family, and the large, fierce, tiger-striped tabby, Goya, who overhear Rufus' bew... more

  • Rook and the Magic Door

    by Danica Barreau
    Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Rook, a curious and friendly dog, in this captivating new children’s book. Vibrant illustrations bring to life Rook’s story as he delights his mother with the increasingly extraordinary treasures he finds on the other side of his pet door. When one day he carries in something impossible, his mother discovers that Rook’s door is not an ordinary one! Follow Rook on his journeys through the door, where he finds new and marvelous places to explore and... more
  • Saving Madonna

    by Kate Bristow
    Italy 1943. As the Allies bomb Milan, Elena Marchetti reluctantly gives up her coveted job as an art curator in the city to return to her family farm near Urbino. She takes up a new role assisting Pasquale Rotondi, the Superintendent of Arts in the region, in protecting works of art from all over Italy that have been hidden in the relative safety of the countryside. At a family celebration, Elena reunites with Luca, a close childhood friend. A shattering event instigated by the occupying German... more
  • We’re The Same, We’re Different and We All Belong

    by KayJay Miller
    In her own heartwarming, hilarious words, Marnie, a spunky multiracial kindergartener, explores the concept of diversity. She finds that differences (e.g. race, size, accent, learning styles, ways of moving around etc.) are only one part of a person's unique story.
  • Holi Colors!

    by Deven Jatkar
    It is the day before India's Festival of Colors, Holi! Maya is looking forward to splashing and spraying colors with her friends and family. She falls on her head and wakes up in a black and white world with a chaos of colors. Why do everyone and everything look so different? Will Maya be able to play Holi tomorrow? And what fun is Holi without the colors? Maya heads out to explore this confusing world.
  • I Like Ducks: All Year Long (Wild Acres Farm Series)

    by Carolyn Wild
    I LIKE DUCKS: ALL YEAR LONG is a beginner reader that showcases the four seasons with the life of the Indian Runner ducks on the Wild Acres farm. This charming story features engaging photos paired with simple text, fun science facts and a picture dictionary, which means this just-right text will help build independence and confidence for young readers.
  • The Quest for Avalon

    by Nikki Bennett
    In a world ravaged by a devastating pandemic, what lengths would you go to ensure the survival of your family? In The Quest for Avalon, follow the harrowing journey of a desperate family barely surviving on America's decimated West Coast. As a new, more sinister outbreak looms, with no vaccine in sight, their only hope lies in a daring plan: escape to a remote, deserted island where they can wait out the deadly contagion and hope for a semblance of civilization to emerge once the storm passes... more
  • Anthony: A Day of Toys

    by R.L Clark
    Anthony: A Day of Toys is a fun story about a boy named Anthony who loves his toys so much that he has a hard time parting with them. Toys are his life until one day Anthony learns that there's a time and place for his toys, and sometimes even in the most unexpected places he can enjoy a day of toys. You and your child will enjoy Anthony: A Day of Toys, a tale that shows children that there's a time and place to play and learn. Children may not always get what they want, but sometimes during ... more
  • Super Short Stories

    by Mark C. Wallfisch
    100 stories that are super short. None is more than 300 words. You can read one in a flash. Some are funny. Some are poignant. All are short.