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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Surrendering the Reins

    by Les Graham
    SYNOPSIS – SURRENDERING THE REINS In the sequel to ‘Jude’s Gentle Giants,’ Jude Bonner continues his maturation in becoming a Godly man. After finishing high school, Jude starts another round of life. Pete and Joe are still his main steeds and Judy Clemons seems to be his girl. Greg Shants is not done with Jude or Pete and Joe. The county fair is where Greg punishes Pete and Joe while Jude is sleeping in a tent. Who saves Pete and Joe from Greg Shants and his evil ways? Pete ... more
  • To Get to You

    by Joanne Bischof
    To get to the girl he loves, Riley Kane must head off on a road trip with the father he never knew. Then pray for a miracle. Most teens would love to have a pro surfer for a dad. Just not Riley. Abandoned as a kid, he hates the sound of the ocean and the man who gave himself to it. When the eighteen-year-old learns that his best friend is stranded at a New Mexico hospital as her father fights for his life, Riley hits the highway to head east. But when his Jeep breaks down before he e... more
  • Everybody Wake Up!!

    by Daniel Jude Miller
    This isn’t a library book. And it’s definitely not a bed time story. No, this an out loud, everybody join in, yelling type story. Sunny is a curly haired, little girl who absolutely loves being awake. A bright and early, rise and shine, time to get up kinda girl. Unfortunately, as she heads out to enjoy the day, she comes across all sorts of snoozers, sleepyheads, dozers and nappers. There is only one thing Sunny can do to make sure they don’t miss out on all the amazingness of the... more
  • Earclaw and Eddie

    by Daniel Jude Miller
    Eddie is just a regular guy trying to get by in his boring life, when out of nowhere he finds himself underneath a very unwelcome visitor. Earclaw is the unwelcome visitor and exists as nothing more than a crushing weight on Eddie's head. Faced with this permanent guest, Eddie must learn to endure, accept and possibly trick Earclaw in leaving once and for all. This beautifully illustrated children's story is both comical as well as inspirational, reminding children and adults alike that li... more
  • The Mother of Invention

    by Nina Miller
    Claire Goldstein dislikes change, but she is about to be overwhelmed by a tsunami of problems. The editor of a newsletter for the Arts and Sciences College at a university in upstate New York, her values and beliefs are challenged when she is instructed to write a series of articles which present hydrofracking in a neutral light. At the same time, her son Stephen, a student at the university, is secretly planning a major anti-fracking demonstration on campus that will threaten his life and her ... more
  • INSIDE ME The Poetry of a Native American Woman

    by Janette Conger
    Within these pages you will find the poetry of a Native American girl as she grows and learns about life, love, and family. Beginning at the age of 14, she uses words of poetry to explain her feelings, thoughts, and ideas without being judged. It will take you on a journey of her life as she grows. With over 40 years of poetry, you are sure to find something within these pages... just for you.
  • Little Girl

    by Amanda Kerns
    Emma Compton grows up trying to get her father's love. She only seems capable of angering him. The older she gets the further she seems to be from him. Colby loves his family and provides them with a very comfortable life. He has worked hard for many years and has had to endure a lot of time away from his family. Emma tries very hard to be the good girl her parents want her to be. The harder she tries the worse things become. Emma faces challenges no child should ever face. Bad decisions b... more
  • Wild Joy: Ruminations

    by Paul Goldman

    "Wild Joy: Ruminations" is the first published volume of Paul Goldman's ecstatic poetry, described by reviewers as "a questing soul's exuberant reconnecting with the beyond and sublime...wrought with an artist's sensitivity to nature and a lama's love of moment" (Mark Scheel, former prose editor Kansas City Voices Magazine). Paul is also a Spoken Word Recording Artist. His CD "Wild Joy Released: The Ecstatic Poetry of Paul Goldman" debuted in Marc... more

  • Journey Into Oneness

    by Paul Goldman
    Have you wondered why you are here on this Earth or what your purpose is? Read Paul Goldman's poetry in Journey Into Oneness to discover a deeper connection to both your own divinity and your connection to the One, the Source of all. In these poems of oneness, find a way to separate out what you have known as the self or the one running the show to a recognition that much of what we thought was under our control, happens automatically. Do we control our breathing or other bodily functions? Is ou... more
  • Upon Your Canvas

    by Paul Goldman
    In this stunning new collection of ecstatic poetry, Paul Goldman, through a collaboration with Intuitive Artist Natosha Keefer, creates a sacred space where you may again feel free to fall into the ocean of your own longing for solace, for peace, for hope and - at the deepest measure of your humanity - an enriched connection to your own personal Divinity. The transformative power of realizing your innate worth is revealed here, as you are invited to discover anew the color palette to paint th... more
  • A Western Capitol Hill

    by Gregory Daurer

    The novel A Western Capitol Hill trains its literary eye on Denver—similar to how other popular humor has spotlighted the eccentric populace of New Orleans, poked fun at the hipster reputation of Portland, and dished out the bizarre and trashy side of Baltimore. It's a darkly comedic tale of lust and avarice, set in the New West, complete with bad sex, bad drugs, and bad rock ‘n’ roll. Barbed satire as applicable to our recent national zeitgeist as it is to the Mile High... more

  • Welcome, Reluctant Stranger! (Between Two Worlds) (Volume 3)

    by Evy Journey
    A Riveting Tale of Love, Loss, and Finding Your Own Way Can a family bury its secret past? Like her long-lost doctor father, Leilani Torres heals people. But can she heal herself? Having fled the troubled Pacific country, Costa Mora, for America when she was nine, she still doesn’t know what happened to her father, or what mysterious reasons prevented him from leaving with his family. But Leilani remembers that as a child, she learned to use a gun to protect herself against danger. A lov... more
  • Grandma Lives in Us!

    by Adelina Gotera
    Why does Grandma sleeps so much? Simone misses playing with her. Curiously, she opens Grandma's bedroom door and discovers the truth. With the help of her loving family, young Simone accepts the passing away of her dear grandmother. Young as she is, Simone observes the characteristics of each of the members of her family. Suddenly, she realizes that Grandma lives on after all-- in her family.
  • Orphans, Assassins and the Existential Eggplant

    by JT Gilett
    Orphans, Assassins and the Existential Eggplant is not your everyday novel. For starters, this book has a talking eggplant—a shrunken, hardened, 600-year-old vegetable the size of a baby toe. The story begins in early 13th century England with a female alchemist, orphan teenager and the shrunken eggplant that can speak to whomever wears it. In search of the fabled Lost Stone of Eden, they cross Europe and the Mediterranean with the Children’s Crusade, hijack a caravan in the Sahara desert, live... more
  • The Inspiring Mind of a Quixotic Girl

    by C.M. Frank
    Set in New Orleans, The Inspiring Mind of a Quixotic Girl tells the story of seventeen year old, Bliss Fontaine, a quixotic girl by nature, as starry-eyed and idealistic as they come. Bliss has been forced to live a sheltered, verbally abusive life, with her wealthy, egotistical, and neurotic mother. Longing to solve the mystery surrounding her father's sudden disappearance from her life, at the age of four, Bliss recruits the help of her only friend, her mother's maid, Neely. Together, they pl... more
  • Joshua Chamberlain and the Civil War: At Every Hazard

    by Matthew Cost

    Joshua Chamberlain and the Civil War: At Every Hazard is a historical novel about one of that war’s genuine heroes, a college professor with no formal military training who, together with a small company of men, turned the tide of the battle and the war with a bayonet charge at Gettysburg. This was not the end of his exploits, however, and by war’s end, he was so respected that Ulysses S. Grant chose Chamberlain to accept the South’s surrender of the Army of Northern Virgini... more