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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Calypso

    by Tsipi Sharoor
    “While movies have soundtracks, life doesn’t, and that’s why life is nothing like a movie...” Amos explains to his sister, Shlomit. But what soundtrack would accompany Shlomit’s life if it were a movie? Shlomit is growing up in the city of Ramla in the sixties. Her life story is accompanied by the scratchy voices of the Beatles coming from the old transistor radio in the kitchen of the small tenement apartment, the yells of the neighbors fighting easily penetrating the thin walls, the sounds of... more
  • The Wheelbarrow Puppy Club

    by Christina Valenti
    Millions of homeless, hungry, unloved dogs roam the streets of countries near and far. Street dog overpopulation is a global issue and many countries cannot, or choose not to, provide these dogs the basics of life. Wu, one of eight puppies being sold out of a street corner wheelbarrow on the chaotic streets of Beijing, China, believed that she was destined to a life on the streets. But, just as seasons change, so do circumstances. Join Wu on her journey from an impending life as a street dog, to... more
  • Sex and the American Male

    by Jay Williams

    "Sex and the American Male" follows an average American male, Zack Hardiman, as he slowly discovers the nature of American culture. It begins when he discovers that he is surrounded by unrelenting advertising everywhere he goes. So he goes nuts. He recovers and soon tours through the adventures of buying a gas guzzling car, visiting the National Parks, that have been taken over by gigantic corporations and eventually becomes engrossed in the effort to get STUFF. It ... more

  • Bow Tie: The First Manuscript of the Richards' Trust

    by W. J. Cherf
    In the 1870s the evidence was found, but the clues went unnoticed until accident, science and intrigue collided. The x-ray and later DNA data provided unheard of results. The only conclusion that could be reached was that during the Eighteenth Egyptian Dynasty a genetic anomaly had been introduced into the human genome. The source – extraterrestrial. Bow Tie chronicles how an international scientific effort resolved the situation by using extraordinary means: time travel and murder.
  • Doctor Goldbunny: A Modern Fable

    by Valerie Haynes
    Doctor Goldbunny – the Story of a Rabbit who Becomes the Doctor of the Earth “Carry me up from the Depths of the Earth, Lead me from Nothingness on up through Birth…” So begins a riddle inscribed on a gold rabbit figurine unearthed at a remote archeological site in a vast and forbidding desert—beginning an odyssey that will forever change the fate of the Earth. Leopard Goldbunny is magically born in a community of animals now able to speak English. There he learns the ancient natural h... more
  • Reindeer Dust

    by Kate Dwyer
    In a fun and lyrical tale, readers are immersed in the story of hungry and harried reindeer who can’t find houses to land on through thick fog. Santa has a sled overflowing with presents, but he’ll never be able to deliver them if the reindeer don’t know where to land! One little boy, William, devises a plan: he mixes up a special batch of reindeer dust and he and his friends and family sprinkle it outside while reciting “I will always believe!” Through the fog, the reindeer are able to spot the... more
  • Lost to the sea. Book 3. A Colonial Venture.

    by E.Van Johnson
    Following on from Book 2. James is now married and back at sea on amission for the Duke to find out the true situation in America. En route he rescues five women from a shipwreck in the Bay of Biscay and later find they are French spies. He turns them in to the naval authorities. He captures another french ship damaged in the same storm and finds she is carrying military stores for the French in Quebec.
  • A Modern Holy Land Story

    by William Drennan
    An Arab-Israeli battle ends when both sides see each other as brothers, not enemies. Settings in New York and Israel. A paradigm for peace, this is as timely as today.
  • Between These Walls

    by John Herrick
    At 26 years old, Hunter Carlisle has a successful sales career, a devoted girlfriend, and a rock-solid faith. But Hunter also guards a secret torment: an attraction to other men. When a career plunge causes muscle tension, Hunter seeks relief through Gabe Hellman, a handsome massage therapist. What begins as friendship takes a sudden turn and forces the two friends to reconsider the boundaries of attraction. Along the road to self-discovery, Hunter’s secret is exposed to the community. Now Hunte... more
  • The Blue Folio

    by Matt McMahon
    Conspiracies throughout the 2037 Second Constitutional Convention and the new US Constitution's most perilous application in 2059 threaten the president's job, her life, and the new people centric government in this near-future political thriller. Has taking control of the government away from corporate and wealthy special interests created a utopia or a dystopia?
  • When You Were a Worm (and Other Stories and Creepy Crawlies!)

    by Neil Roy McFarlane
    In these stories, your child learns what it's like to change into and live the life of a creepy crawly! In the process, your child will also learn a lot of amazing facts about these unpopular creatures. For example, did you know that rats can run as fast as humans, they are sociable creatures and devoted to their babies, and they're really good at robbing banks!? The stories contain heavy doses of humour and can be enjoyed by parent and child alike. Contents: 1. When You Were a Worm... more
  • The Second Coming, The Last Parable of Jesus

    by Luigi Enrico Pietra d'Oro
    Synopsis: There is much said and written today about “The End of Days.” Christian evangelists, right wing politicians, fundamentalists of all faiths are all eagerly anticipating and encouraging, the destruction of our lovely planet and the eternal torment of the ‘unbelievers.’ This novel tells a different story. What if this whole Jesus the savior story is wrong, totally absurd? What if the second coming is not about believers and unbelievers, not about being saved at all? What if Jesus actual... more
  • Under The Mango Tree

    by Chris Field
    HOW CAN WE RAISE CHILDREN WHO ARE INSPIRED AND EMPOWERED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? This children’s book is the true story of Mercy Project’s innovative process of partnering with fishing villages who own trafficked children and of walking alongside people who need help rather than offering quick fixes or band-aids. It’s written in a way that will spark meaningful conversation between parents and children and encourage young ones (and their parents!) to use their lives to make a difference. The... more
  • Saving Miner's Gulch

    by Kimberley Troutte
    SAVING MINER’S GULCH is a middle-grade boy adventure. A miner forty-niner ghost joins forces with two young brothers searching for gold in an attempt to stop dangerous mobsters from turning a mining town into a giant cow pie. In 1849, Jack Boyd was a fifteen-year old miner seeking his fortune in California. After several mining camp misadventures, Jack blasted a hillside and struck it rich. When the evil Harrington brothers tried to steal his claim, Jack plunged into his caving-in goldmine a... more
  • Deadly Misfortune : Book Two in the Quintspinner Trilogy

    by Dianne Greenlay
    A land whose name is no longer remembered, in a time no longer recalled. Five spinner rings, inlaid with crystals, and fashioned from precious metals and lodestone are sent out into the world by the Ancients, to be summoned by the presence of the one with the mark of a Quintspinner. WEST INDIES, 1718 Tess Willoughby and William Taylor have lived through worse times: they didn’t drown in the shipwreck that brought them to this island, and they survived a harrowing escape from the hands of ... more
  • The Souls of Beasts (The Animal World) (Volume 1)

    by Permdeep Singh
    Slithers the snake has had enough. Enough of Animal City, and enough of being an animal altogether. What he wants is peace and solitude, and there's only one way he's going to get it. By transforming himself into a Human Being. Slithers isn't alone. Mane the lion's cub, Trunkie the elephant, and Fury the ferocious border collie, all want to be transformed into humans too, but it isn't as simple as that. First the four must travel through the dangerous Animal World and get to the Human World, but... more