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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Water Ghosts

    by Linda Collison
    I see things other people don’t see; I hear things other people don’t hear. Fifteen-year-old James McCafferty is an unwilling sailor aboard a traditional Chinese junk, operated as adventure-therapy for troubled teens. Once at sea, James believes the ship is being taken over by the spirits of courtiers who fled the Imperial palace during the Ming Dynasty, more than 600 years ago, and sailing to its doom.
  • Vanilla and Chocolate/Vainilla y Chocolate

    by Maritza Martinez Mejia
    A concerned teacher helps two friends be together after their parents refused to let them play because of their skin color. This book is dedicated to all teachers who dedicate their lives to education.
  • Grandma's Treasure

    by Maritza Martinez Mejia
    An upset Grandma teaches their grandchildren a lesson for life to value what they have as she reveals her most valuable treasures when she was a child. This story is a tribute to my grandmother who passed away at age one hundred and taught me Lessons for Life.
  • The Royal Crane

    by Ehud Lavski
    It is the time of the french revolution. The king’s favourite bird is taken from the palace and put in a cage in the Paris zoo. When a sewer rat finds this out, he decides to free the crane and take him back to the grateful king. What follows is a grand, colourful adventure through the streets of Paris.
  • The Illegal and the Refugee - An American Love Story

    by Ian Tremblay
    THE ILLEGAL AND THE REFUGEE – An American Love Story is a tale of tragedy and triumph that touches on the difficulties and the drama associated with Latino immigration to the United States. With roots set deep in Mexico and Cuba, it is a story about letting go of the past, the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity and of deep, unconditional love.
  • The Dangerous Summer of Jesse Turner

    by D. C. Reep
    When sixteen-year-old Jesse Turner lies about his age and joins Colonel Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders to fight the Spanish in Cuba in 1898, he expects to prove himself in battle. What he doesn’t expect is a fellow volunteer who is determined to kill him for something his outlaw father did in the past. Jesse and his new friends, New Yorker Will and Ben, a Comanche from the Indian Territories, share the frustrations and hazards of a volunteer military force unprepared for war and the reality ... more
  • Buckwheat's Journey...

    by Sandra Reed
    Jessica’s father arrives with a new doll Buckwheat for her display case. Jessica criticizes Buckwheat’s appearance. When her father gives her a brief history lesson about Buckwheat’s origin, she accepts him in her display case. Buckwheat is now surrounded by black and classy female dolls. The aura in the display case shifts and becomes animated, tense, mysterious and simply a nightmare. Dark shadows of rejection and isolation shroud Buckwheat. Something is amiss. The house is in disarra... more
  • Adventures With Andy & Susie - A Stormy Weekend

    by Donna Hall Author and Illustrator

    Put on your goggles and grab the flashlight - get ready to take a sailbus flight ! Join Andy in this Victorian Sci-Fi inspired tale, set in the far away hills of a family orchard. Armed with his flashlight, goggles and field clothes, a young explorer sets off for adventure. His curiosity is kindled by hydro-turbines, a steam-driven wheelchair, and a tidal-powered city where he attends school.   Earth's endless clean power drives his intellect as the hills free his adventurous spirit.... more

  • Twenty Grand, A Love Story

    by Austin McLellan
    Twenty Grand is a literary thriller set in the modern South. It's a riveting tale of blackmail, greed and ambition. Twenty Grand opens as a murder mystery, but quickly becomes a tense, moving drama about faith and loss, class and race, love and betrayal —and finally, justice. Written in the style of a contemporary noir, the novel creates a rich, mythological world infused with the gritty realism of the modern city. Wealthy businessmen, spurned wives, desperate lawyers, street people, faded a... more
  • One Million Bananas

    by thomas cipullo
    ONE MILLION BANANAS is one man's quest to find his lost daughter and one daughter's quest to find her lost brother and that brother's quest to find his mom who went looking for the family dog. But to be honest, ONE MILLION BANANAS is literally one million bananas. That is, the word 'banana' repeated one million times. That other stuff about the family and the dog is just a rumor.
  • Making It Home

    by Suzanne Roche
    It all begins when nine-year old, Max, finds a relic in an antique store that magically transports him, along with his brother and stepsister into the past. Suddenly, it’s the turn of the twentieth century and Max, Peri, and Henry quickly realize they’re not alone. In fact, they’re among the hundreds of people arriving at the new Ellis Island station in New York City, hoping to immigrate to America. Once there, the quest begins. As they come to the aid of famous and ordinary people, the ch... more
  • Pinnacle Lust

    by Michelle Dim-St. Pierre

    LEIGH watches paramedics push the stretcher to the ambulance as she remembers the day she discovered that the man who raised her was not her biological father.  It was on her eighteenth birthday that her mother, SHARON LAPIDOT, shared her journals with her, confessing her darkest secret.

    Sharon reveals her life as a beautiful, young nurse working in a religious hospital in Tel-Aviv, Israel, during Operation Desert Storm. Sharon experiences the gaps and links between secular ... more

  • Amarantos--One That Never Withers

    by L. Sterling Requate
    She awoke in the library of an old English manor, amnesiac to the present, yet with memories of a distant past. Unraveling a skein of memories will take her back to an age of darkness, where a loved one's quest for immortality turns into the betrayal of another, with murderous results. Vengeance belies justice and it is up to a young thief taker named Jean-Claude Lamont to keep her on course and away from the hangman's noose. Together, they must end the madness that befalls them. That was then,... more
  • Wai-nani: A Voice from Old Hawai'i

    by Linda Ballou
    Even though born into the royal class, Wai-nani rails against harsh penalties meted out by priests and ruling chiefs invested with the power of gods. Her rebellion takes her on a journey that puts her squarely into the eye of a political storm. She meets Makaha, inspired by Kamehameha the Great, an inward thinking youthful warrior who is prophesied to unite the Hawaiian Islands. This is the beginning of a tumultuous forty-year love affair. Makaha accepts the challenge to end years of tribal w... more
  • Ransom for Albatross

    by L. Sterling Requate

    The poppy has destroyed Jean-Claude's life. Its baited lure of deception, addiction, and now murder, has found him alone and embittered. To avenge those he has lost, Jean-Claude will find himself fighting for his own life, and then fighting for the chance to begin again--for mired in an emotional web of self-doubt and reprieve, is a haunting memory--a memory of Rochelle: a girl who imprinted on his heart when he was just a lad. When fate calls him to aid in her plight, a beacon of ho... more

  • An Untitled Lady: A Novel of Peterloo

    by Nicky Penttila
    A young woman struggles to reconcile a tragic past and an uncertain future in a city on the brink of revolt. A novel of Peterloo 1819.