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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Deep End

    by J.M. Kearns

    In this debut novel, J.M. Kearns probes the attachments that can either tear us apart or make us whole—attachments to nightmarish day jobs, to family members who don’t always understand us, to childhood places that we can’t return to—and to the lover right in front of us that we resist truly knowing.

    Dave Moore, 41, is doing just great at all the things he never wanted to do, like living in L.A. and slaving at a giant law firm while his creative dream nears its e... more

  • Anna and I

    by Paul Feldman
    I am about to experience my first day of kindergarten and guess I'm a little ill at ease because the only person I know is my older brother who is 3 grades ahead of me. I'll be really on my own without even a friend in my grade level because we just moved into this neighborhood and we don't know anyone yet. Making friends has always been easy for me, but I must admit it would be easier if there was a trusted friend to help me through the experience of my first day ever in school. Anna... more
  • Getting Rich Quick: A Four Part Guide for the Gullible and Unscrupulous

    by Thomas Ap Dewi
    Dave is a man who knows what he wants, and we're here to help him get it. He has no ethics, no scruples, no conscience, and no clue. Fortunately for Dave, he's managed to team up with the best in the business. Taking financial advice from a self-confessed con artist is rarely a good idea, but Dave has a natural talent for deceiving the unwary. All he needs is a little help and a shove in the right direction. Setting out with the intent of parting hard-working, honest people from thei... more
  • Looping for Love

    by Ginney Etherton
    Sure, caddying at an Oregon resort overlooking the Pacific and surrounded by men sounds like the perfect job. But seriously, how many stupid golf jokes and crass remarks is a girl expected to take before she finds true happiness? It’s the high season at Singing Bluffs Resort – “Screaming” Bluffs to the unimpressed townies in Eden Beach – and 24-year-old Lainey Tidwell can carry a bag as well as any looper. The time-honored profession of caddying has all the enticements – outdoor work with gor... more
  • The Adventures of Hermie the Hermit Crab: Finding a New Shell

    by Doreen D. Alfano
    When Hermie has a problem with his shell he sets off to find a new one. During this adventure he encounters more then he bargained for.
  • Prissy On The Moon

    by Dolores Andral
    In this title, Prissy is bored and unhappy, so she wants to leave home and live on the moon! As she lets her imagination run wild, she jumps on the furniture, she uses her outside voice indoors, and ultimately crashes into her momma. When she finds out about a party her family is throwing, will the excitement of friends and party favorites be enough to keep her grounded on earth?
  • Back to Santa Fe

    by Richard Sutton writing as W.T. Durand
    Irish-Mexican-American Sullivan Ortega returns to his empty childhood home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to pay his respects to the last of his family, his sister Maggie, killed in a single-car crash. He’s driven to try to put his life back together, but he’s saddled with a terrible temper. He has few prospects or real friends, a taste for too much beer and not just a few run-ins with the local police. Most of the time, he just doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin. While bringing his pain and ang... more
  • Troll

    by Richard Sutton
    At what point did humanity learn to fear each other? To hate? Paleo-Anthropologist Ariel Connor thinks she knows. She just can't prove it yet, but her newest find, high in a Norwegian Valley may give her the proof she needs. Those scary stories we've told our children to keep them from roaming too far outside the gleam of the porch light may have come from real incidents, many, many years ago. While Dr. Connor's excavation continues, the story of what happened is slowly revealed. Two clans are c... more
  • The Gatekeepers

    by Richard Sutton
    How do you keep a secret from family? Is there any point in trying? The O'Deirgs must protect their ancient Irish legacy. But their family is growing steadily and violence creeps closer than they know. Their simple life is upended again as lost family returns from America. The Irish Civil War, raging in the cities, now threatens to engulf a close family member in its terrible struggle. Maybe the blame lies with the local butcher, his shady secrets and his well-spiced sausages, or on the O'Dei... more
  • The Red Gate

    by Richard Sutton
    An unexplained drowning...a muddy fall. The story begins with a rainy funeral in Dublin in 1912. A very traditional, Western Irish sheep raising family are harboring a secret holding them to their land and to an ancient promise. A chain of unexpected events, a dark discovery and an ancient secret all threaten their future. In the process of finding the truth, they must put aside personal failings and open up their lives to defend what is rightly theirs. A devious plan hatched by a greedy acad... more
  • Finding Family

    by Sharon Vander Meer
    What happens to a widow whose quiet life is interrupted when an estranged niece arrives on her doorstep with three children and a dog of questionable breeding in tow? From the moment they blow into her life on a windy fall night and Krank the dog pees on her carpet, Lilly Irish begins a life-changing journey. Always one to do the right thing for the right reasons, Lilly takes them in knowing her resources are limited. Between the dog tearing up one thing after another, and the older boy tangling... more
  • Alaska Virgin Air

    by Izzy Ballard
    Fairbanks, Alaska? Adventure, -40 °, bears, moose . . . husband-school dropout of an ex. Yikes! Abigail Vertuccio, reluctant clairvoyant, has three simple goals in \tlife. One. Don’t let people find out about her infuriating habit of seeing the future. Two. Stop seeing the future. Three. Get as far away from her her past (and that means Alaska) as possible. \t\t She thought she’d succeeded when she hopped in her ancient motor home and hit the road. Only now she’s back in Alaska – Grandma’s ord... more
  • Perfect Girl

    by Michele Gorman

    Cinderella meets Falling Down in this wickedly funny tale about having it all, whether you want it or not

    Carol can just about keep her nose above water, but her life is sinking fast. As the only woman on the bank’s trading floor she spends twelve-hour days trying not to get sworn at or felt up. Not that her personal life is any easier. Her mom treats her like the family’s personal assistant, her sister has just saddled ... more

  • The Label

    by Candace Clark
    Evan Snyderman is an Atheist who runs for Student Council in his central Illinois high school in order to get public prayers at meetings, sporting events and before school tests stopped. But, the Evangelical students at the school refuse to allow this to happen and will do whatever they can to stop Evan on his quest. Along with his five friends, Evan has to tolerate verbal, emotional and physical abuse in order to even the playing field and get the respect that they desire.
  • Monica Raven Delusional


    Monica Raven is an extremely attractive, high maintenance, over achieving Magazine Editor. She is the complete epitome of a Diva, with a large bank account, and an even larger ego. She's a woman who seemingly has it all; the big house, the fancy cars, the career, and the adoration of every man that she meets....even the ones that she doesn't think she wants. Her Go-Getter attitude constantly puts her in the spotlight, and she loves being there. Priding herself on being a desirable tem... more

  • Learn To Tie A TIe With The Rabbit And The Fox

    by Sybrina Durant
    If a child has mastered the tricky task of tying their shoe laces, they’re ready to have fun learning to tie a tie with the rabbit and the fox. This beautifully illustrated story book is based on the age old tale of a very hungry fox chasing a frightened little rabbit through the forest in pursuit of dinner! Around a tree, under a bush and over a log they go, until the rabbit just barely escapes the fox’s snapping jaws, into the safety of his cozy burrow. Boys love action and adventure ... more