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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Mice & Spiders & Webs...Oh My!

    by Sherrill S. Cannon
    Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! illustrates the importance of being a good listener. It also is a cute introduction to basic computer terms. Rosemary is worried about returning to school, after her teacher has warned the class that they would soon have some mice, spiders and webs in the classroom. Could Rosemary have misunderstood something?
  • Troubles in the Colony

    by Dave Roe
    A collection of stories that circulate around Leonard Livingstone, the reluctant proprietor of a detoxification spa in Logy Bay, Newfoundland. With the help of his enterprising son, Bud, and friend Colette, he hosts a group Germans—a water cult—unaware there is an international group out to harm his guests.
  • Mother Gaia

    by Ricky Baxter
    4.54 billion years the earth has existed – forming life that has continued to grow and adapt. Of all the species that have evolved, mankind has exceeded the most, from the discovery of fire, to the Internet and advanced machinery. Unfortunately, the hearts of men have changed for the worse, due to greed, corruption and manipulative warfare. As such, the wrath of the earth has been stirred, and its creator Mother Gaia takes it upon herself to end the human race. Bearing the appearance of a beauti... more
  • Insanity by Increments

    by Alaric Cabiling

    Insanity By Increments, a collection of short stories, examines the darker side of the human condition with characters that reveal humanity in the midst of distress. Author Alaric Cabiling has one of the most distinct authorial voices in literature today, putting his penchant for subtlety and persuasive language on display in his debut work of fiction.

    Two brothers test fate. A father mourns the loss of his child. An old abandoned home is the scene of a final journey into the p... more

  • The Clay Remembers: Book 1 in the Clay Series

    by Sharon K. Miller
    In the Arizona desert, hiding from her abusive husband, Anna Robinson sifts through layers of the past, bringing lost objects to the light of day, while preferring that her own past stays below ground. Voices of the past guide Anna in her quest to restore balance to the present—to find her place in a tradition she can see and hear, and happiness with a man whose past is as haunted as her own.
  • ISIS: Quiet Justice

    by Barry Kelly
    ISIS is here! Jack Brandon is back in the nick of time! Follow Jack and his growing team as they join with the CIA to take down ISIS terrorists in Jacksonville, Florida; Minneapolis; Charleston, South Carolina; and on the terrorists' own turf in Fallujah. This latest adventure in the Jack Brandon series pits Jack's wits against those of a terrorist known as The Fist of Islam, who has been converting U.S. citizens into warriors for Islam. Can Jack's knowledge, planning, and execution skills save... more
  • Southern Passage

    by Jim Yonker
    In his rite of passage in the summer of 1966, naïve, white eighteen-year-old Buster Gaines from St. Louis discovers the thrills found in being free to make his own decisions when he leaves home with the railroad to earn money for college, but he soon innocently discovers the dark side of 1960s southern reality and his life takes a surreal turn when he gets caught up in the unforgiving, punishing code of the Jim Crow South.
  • An Island Lost

    by C.A. Larmer
    When Vilia Lea’s estranged mother dies she leaves her an intriguing inheritance—a remote island on the tip of Papua New Guinea, and a series of tantalizing clues to the disappearance of her father 30 years ago. Thus begins an enthralling family mystery that sweeps Vilia from the streets of Manhattan to the wilds of the Pacific. Along the journey she discovers what true love and family really mean.
  • Machrihanish: A Novel

    by Dan Miller
    John McAlonan is an American of Irish descent. Yet Scotland, specifically Machrihanish Golf Club hard against the remote and rugged Argyll coast, is the closest he's ever come to feeling truly at home. Meanwhile, his only daughter Kate seemingly has it all: She drives a Porsche, lives in a Los Angeles beachside condo and is on the fast track to partner at a global advertising firm. But when tragedy befalls her father en route to his beloved linksland, Kate must follow in his footsteps—turnin... more
  • Emmie of Indianapolis

    by Kay Castaneda
    In 1963, a young teenage girl moves with her mother and sisters from the suburbs to the downtown of a Midwestern city when her parents divorce. Emmie, a naïve, curious and intelligent girl, wants the security of her suburban life but has always dreamed of adventure in faraway places. She must take risks, meet new people and become independent. The change is difficult for all because of her mother’s worsening health and lack of a... more
  • The Great Oklahoma Elephant Hunt

    by James D. Fife
    It's 1975. Two baby circus elephants escape into the wilds outside the town of Hugo in south-eastern Oklahoma. A young sheriff leads a posse of volunteers to find them. A local teacher who has long had her eye on the handsome young sheriff gets involved in the search, but four wannabe cowboys up from Texas, a New York Times reporter, her little brother and his buddy, plus sundry other local characters manage to greatly complicate her efforts to attract his attention. This fictional story is ... more
  • The World as We Know It

    by Curtis Krusie
    When the inexplicable collapse of the world economic system upends Joe’s steady life of comfort and luxury, he must face the disturbing fact that all of his skills and hard work as a financial advisor are now worthless. As global markets continue to plummet and public utilities are forced to shut down in the midst of a brutal winter, public protests turn violent and Joe and his wife, Maria, flee to the protection of a friend’s secluded farm. But while the others settle into this new primitiv... more
  • Sodbury Season

    by David Miadovnik
    Garden cherubs are magical creatures that dwell within the greenery of forests. Just as there are many different kinds of plants in the world, there are also many different kinds of garden cherubs. Nili Naftali has just moved to the town of Sodbury from her distant desert homeland. Feeling lost and alone in this new land, she longs for her old friends and the life that she knew. Nili is convinced that she will never have friends again. While on an errand for her family, Nili encounters four othe... more
  • If You Were Me and Lived in ...Kenya: A Child's Introduction to Cultures around the World (Volume 5)

    by Carole P. Roman
    Let's travel to Kenya! Number five in this exciting series travels to Africa to learn about the thrilling country of Kenya. This extraordinary book "If You Were Me and Lived in...Kenya- A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World" explores life for children on a new continent. The book touches on many familiar topics such as names, money, games,and food as well the sites and sounds that come with living in Africa. Embraced by educators, parents, and children, the series gently and respec... more
  • The 'It' Girls of La Sembradora: Bulls, Blood and Brujeria

    by Nancy De La Zerda
    When world famous matador El Victor comes to their dusty village for the most anticipated bullfight ever, two young Mexican girls manage to attend the highly coveted events of the day and even meet the young star! Readers follow the girls' hilarious antics to wrangle glamorous outfits and hairdos for this once-in-a-lifetime event. The story provides a vivid look at the pomp and circumstance of bullfighting (as it used to be) and the festivities that follow at a romantic social with music and dan... more
  • Fools Tomorrow

    by James J. Isaacs

    Fools Tomorrow is a cautionary tale that illustrates the illusion of control in business and in life.

    In 1951, Jon Whittee (a. k. a. The Leader) establishes Jon Whittee’s Advertising Agency in Blair, Texas. His executive staff consists of the best men in their fields. Jon fears them all, and consequently, creates rules through which he controls them as if he owns them.

    During the brief history of the agency, the Family Group — the executives and their wives — str... more