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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Zum Zum Girls

    by Lynn Wachtel
    Relive the incredible sixties in New York City through the eyes of The Zum Zum Girls--Lori, Angela, Marcia, and Priscilla. The first in a series, reminiscent of Candace Bushnell's Sex and the City and Lauren Weisberger's The Devil Wears Prada, The Zum Zum Girls is the exciting story of four bright, determined, and spirited young women who, while attending business school, develop a special friendship--a bond that will last a lifetime. An inspiring and often funny narrative of their lives, loves,... more
  • Willow the Vam-PIE-her

    by Samantha McEachin-Ifill
  • The Mother-in-Law Cure

    by Farha Hasan

    The Mother-in-Law Cure is a modern day fairy tale that chronicles the rise of the book’s central character, Humara from orphan to power matriarch in an affluent family. Humara’s influence spans generations and continents, but things are seldom as they appear. Humara’s prosperity is not simply good fortune but stems from something dark and sinister – as those who encounter her quickly begin to realize. It seems that nothing can stand in Humara’s way as she pulls t... more

  • I Want Cake!

    by Jo Ann Kairys
    Parents, teachers and librarians concerned about the lack of diversity in children's books will welcome "I Want Cake!" an intergenerational picture book featuring three precocious siblings as they venture through their multicultural neighborhood looking for cake for breakfast. The story, for children ages 4-8, begins with 6-year-old Leen telling her older sister, YaYa, she wants cake for breakfast. Though at first YaYa resists the idea, together they quickly rope in their little brother Jad... more
  • Watchers and Dancers: A Modern-day Take on Louisa May Alcott's Little Women

    by RoZita Berry
    An affectionate and gently humorous retelling of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women with a modern-day setting.
  • Two Wild Swans

    by RoZita Berry
    A bittersweet romantic war story in the tradition of A Farewell to Arms, Gone with the Wind, and The English Patient. When Ursula von Schattenberg-Wenzler, better known as Uschi, became engaged to dashing German fighter pilot Martin Hinterhofer, everyone thought she had made an incomparable match. Then she fell in love with Julio Romero, a charming Spanish musician with a dark secret. But how would Martin take it? And what would become of Uschi's brother Albert, whose mind had been seriously imp... more
  • One Love

    by Thomas Duffy
    One Love begins as a young man named Timothy meets a girl named Melody. She seems to be the girl of his dreams but when things don't go as planned, he moves forward and settles down with another girl named Cindy. As years pass, Timothy reconnects with Melody who is now married with children. He begins an affair with her that will change both of their lives and force him to evaluate the decisions he has made in his life. One Love is a story of family, romance and heartbreak. It will make you sear... more
  • Her OutSpoken Lips: A Collection of Poems Through the Eyes of a Woman Pushed to the Edge Part I

    by Monroe Ariel
    What do you do when someone is destined to bring you down? Do you speak up or do you stay silent? How far are you willing to go when someone pushes you to the edge, and does it make it worst when it's family or friends? The Her OutSpoken Lips Collection dives into the theme of how one woman sees herself and others when faced with horrific circumstances.This collection also expounds on that same young woman who persevered through hell and what she witnessed and experienced along the way. Her OutS... more
  • Sofia's Tune (Ellis Island Book 3)

    by Cindy Thomson
    In Sofia's Tune, we meet Sofia Falcone, a young woman who has been living in New York only a short time when she is stunned to discover a family secret, one that soon sends her beloved mother into a mental institution. Scrambling to keep her job and care for her mother, Sofia is convinced confronting the past will heal all wounds, but her old world Italian family wants to keep the past in the past. During this time, she encounters Antonio, a Vaudeville pianist with a street-smart dog, seekin... more
  • The Tiny Portrait

    by Heidi Carla
    The Tiny Portrait is a fun and unique children's picture/gift book on the theme of genealogy. The story centers around two siblings who discover a tintype portrait of a Victorian ancestor in the family's Memory Box. Their discovery leads them on an imaginative adventure to uncover her identity. "The Tiny Portrait" encourages children to want to trace their own family tree. It has original photo illustrations and is a small curio-size book for all ages. "The Tiny Portrait" won a 2015 Mom's Choice... more
  • Honey Dew's Carnival Fever

    by Cray Mahalia Francis
    Curious ten-year-old Honey Dew loves noticing the special and mysterious. And a summer vacation is sure to bring lots of fun and adventures. Alone and fearless, she travels with her doll Linda to her homeland, Antigua. As the Children's Carnival approaches, Honey Dew eagerly awaits its arrival with her favorite cousins, Jeniya and Michael. When Honey Dew becomes sick during a trip to the countryside, she must face her worst fear. Will all be lost for her summer vacation? Or, will Honey Dew learn... more
  • The Girl with a Gift

    by Monica McDowell
    Carmina is a teenager whose younger sister has a gift, though some might call it a curse. When strange things begin happening with children, animals and even the weather, Carmina’s world is thrown upside down. No longer can she rely on math and science to save her. Carmina must confront her worst fears, question her doubts and discover her destiny.
  • Design

    by Deeia Topp Design is a witty, fast-paced novel that is a delightfully-dishy peek behind the draperies of Greenwich’s Botoxed elite. Chanda Lear, whose interior design firm is struggling to survive the economic downturn, is in pursuit of inner peace amid the chaos of her clients’ shallow world. Whether it’s a pro-athlete’s affair that sparks a costly chain of events, the daily grind of meeting clients’ outrageous expectations, or the public scrutiny that fol... more

  • Son of a Meddah

    by NuFaShe
    An empire falls. A boy grows. His parents had named him Sahl, meaning "easy," hoping that he would have a simple and happy life. Maybe if they had named him "difficult" it would actually have turned out that way. Born at the turn of the 20th century in the Ottoman Empire, Sahl had already experienced an earthquake, an assassination attempt on the sultan, the death of a family member, and his Empire's crushing defeat in the Balkans, which included a serious injury to his father, all before he was... more
  • What the Owl Saw

    by Gerald W. McFarland

    "What the Owl Saw," the second volume in the Buenaventura Series and the sequel to "The Brujo's Way," opens in December 1705 with a terrifying nightmare that fills Don Carlos Buenaventura, a powerful brujo in his sixth life, with dread. Feeling the need to strengthen his brujo powers, always weakened by town life, he rides out into the wild mountain landscapes around Santa Fe in order to practice his sorcerer's technique of transforming himself into hawks and owls.... more

  • The Green Lamp

    by Mishka Zakharin
    THE GREEN LAMP — its title inspired by a 19th Century, Russian literary journal of the same name — brings to light a wonderfully insightful collection of what can only be categorized as ‘Americanized Russian Lit.’ Motivated by his love of Russian literature, Zakharin has blended tone and content from some of Russia’s greatest writers with his own enigmatic and often absurd humor, indicating influences from other motivational sources such as Steve Martin or Monty Python. Including parodie... more