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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Scarlet Winters: The Berona Chronicles

    by J. Kwong
    Welcome to the city of Berona - a city governed by four Superheroes with great superpowers. Thanks to the Superheroes, Berona is mostly crime-free, and is touted as one of the best cities in the world. However, there are some people who aren't so sure about Berona's greatness... Meet Terry Landers - a genius inventor who can create anything out of nothing. But Terry knows that she's unpleasant and rude. which is why she's surprised when she's asked to become a Superhero's sidekick. Terry is ... more
  • Strange Love / Romance Not For Sale

    by Nowick Gray
    These 18 stories address the mystery of love from unusual angles, leaving no darkness unexposed. The identity shifts born of intimate attraction find shape in arresting narrative transformations. The first section, “Strange Love,” includes narratives with offbeat structure or voice, twisted characters and morals, and quirks of discovery. When love plays games with reality, the next move often proves dangerous. Yet without love’s sly magic, what moves are left? The companion section, “Roman... more
  • What If?- Talking with Trees Book 3

    by Colleen Doyle Bryant

    When he climbed a massive mulberry tree, this young boy didn’t know he was in for a big surprise. The wise, old mulberry has seen too many twisted ankles and broken arms to let the boy leap from a high branch without thinking. Instead, she helps the boy and his sister learn to think before they act.

    With real life examples all children can relate to, the tree shows the siblings how to ask “What if I do this, what could happen?”. The tree’s memorable stories help ... more

  • Be Bigger- Talking with Trees Book 2

    by Colleen Doyle Bryant

    A story about treating friends with respect and kindness, even when your feelings are hurt.

    When a girl feels hurt by her friend, all she can think to do is hurt her friend right back. Girls can be pretty mean to each other, and the wise old tree at this playground has seen this cycle of nastiness before. As a frustrated, upset young girl thinks about how she’ll get even with her friend, the wise tree speaks up to help the girl find a more kind, respectful way to work out her frie... more

  • Be Proud: Talking with Trees Book 1

    by Colleen Doyle Bryant

    A story about honesty, being proud of your choices, and growing from your mistakes.

    A wise, old tree has been watching over this yard for a long, long time. So when she finds a young boy hiding behind her to secretly use his game player, the tree surprises him by striking up a conversation. Through a suprising story, the boy figures out, "Oh no! I have a conscience!" 

    With the help of the tree's ages old wisdom, the boy learns how to listen to his hear... more

  • Eclectic Licks

    by Douglas Lafountain
    Three short stories, totally different subject matter. First: Creature in God's Kingdom- A tale of murder, drug dealing, assassinations, cartels, terrorists, and even some courtroom drama(What more could you want in a short story?). Second: Life Penalty- A man either on the brink of madness or condemned to some type of hell jumps from life to life in perpetuity…seemingly with no escape. Finally: Part-time Fundamentalists- A short story intertwining the lives of three polar opposites... more
  • The Trials of Job

    by Douglas Lafountain
    Loosely based on the book from the Old Testament. Job, is a wealthy, white, widow stuck in Mississippi during hurricane Katrina. Much like the biblical Job, she loses everything-except for her faith. Like the biblical Job's unshakeable faith in God, she too has an unshakeable faith-in the government. But the government it seems(Not unlike Job's God), is not coming to her rescue.
  • Santa Rita Stories

    by Andrew J. Rodriquez
    In the course of ten linked stories, the author brings to vivid life the rhythms of daily life in mid-1950's Cuba, and the transition from Carlos's carefree, nurturing childhood to his awakening to the responsibilities--and possibilities-- of young manhood. Carlos resists authority; but he can't resist Pedro's wisdom as the Old Man dispenses advice about everything from the proper method of romantic kissing, to how to avoid judging a book by its cover--dramatized by a tale of Ernest Hemingway an... more
  • The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky

    by David Litwack
    After centuries of religiously motivated war, the world has been split in two. Now the Blessed Lands are ruled by pure faith, while in the Republic, reason is the guiding light two different realms, kept apart and at peace by a treaty and an ocean. Children of the Republic, Helena and Jason were inseparable in their youth, until fate sent them down different paths. Grief and duty sidetracked Helena s plans, and Jason came to detest the hollowness of his ambitions. These two damaged souls a... more
  • The Secret of the Hanged Man

    by Douglas Lafountain
    A short story set in another time and place, about a hanging man, a beggar, and an undertaker.
  • Release

    by Hope Russell Nunki

    After three years of desperation, her release may be a new beginning... or it may be her end.

    Miscarrying Theodore on Leap Day devastated Mandelyn and Henry in ways that weren’t obvious at first. As year followed year, postpartum depression, marital dysfunction, and ethical corruption quietly metastasized under the guise of a lovely home and stable careers.

    To free herself of yearning and regret, Mandelyn turns to journaling with a virtual counselor, waxing nostalgic for pas... more

  • Coming to Rosemont

    by Barbara Hinske
    Forensic accountant Maggie Martin’s well-ordered life is shattered by her husband’s untimely death and the double life he concealed. Dealing with the financial and emotional wreckage left in Paul’s wake, she is stunned to learn he inherited an estate known as Rosemont in the seemingly-serene Midwestern town of Westbury. Seeking a fresh start and a quiet, solitary life, she moves halfway across the country to make Rosemont her home. Before she can unpack her first box, she’s knee-deep in a bat... more
  • The Temple Is Not My Father: A Story Set in India

    by Rasana Atreya
    Ensnared by a tradition hundreds of years old, a woman fights for her daughter’s happiness in this novella set in India
  • Trespassers

    by Andrea Miles
    Years after suffering sexual and verbal abuse at the hands of her stepfather, Melanie is still haunted by her past. Her husband, Julius¬—a cop, and thus experienced in dealing with crime and punishment—struggles to understand his wife’s silent pain, but he can’t give her the closure she needs. Determined to exorcise her past, Melanie must choose between revenge and forgiveness. The first may destroy her marriage—but she’s not convinced that the second will bring her the peace of mind she so des... more
  • A Tangeled Web: Rejecting Technology's Assault on Mother Nature

    by M.P. Zarrella
    This book is a cautionary tale. It looks at the future through the eyes of a group of animal/nature loving people. In their future world, water is so scarce that animals and plants (grass, trees, flowers, etc) are outlawed. Digital animals and artificial ‘green space’ prevail. Science has learned to create photosynthesis using machines. Technology prevails. The common theme is “everything in the modern world is stark and cold”.. NO longer to they hear birds, or bees, or barking dogs. The charac... more
  • Snippy the Square Backed Snail: The Playground Hero

    by David Paul
    Snippy’s having a bad day at the playground. He is bullied, teased and almost eaten by a huge beetle! In this adventure he gains self confidence and courage by facing his fears. Includes hidden characters on each colorful page. Educational snail facts included.