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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Not The Same River

    by W.A. Polf

    These stories involve ordinary people confronting extraordinary circumstances. A paperboy's favor for an elderly man on his route faces him with a profound ethical dilemma. A woman cannot decide whether to marry a neighbor who witnessed her husband's tragic fall from the neighbor’s roof.

    The central theme these characters face is timeless: Do we shape the future, or does it shape us? On a mountaintop encounter, a man meets a mysterious stranger and must decide whether to f... more

  • Downriver

    by Jennifer M. Lane
    It’s 1900. In a Pennsylvania coal town tainted by corruption and pollution, Charlotte's world collapses when her parents meet a tragic end. Sent to a foster family in a Maryland fishing village, she’s fueled by grief and embarks on a relentless quest for justice against the ruthless coal boss, Nels Pritchard. But Charlotte is no ordinary girl. She shares the fiery spirit of her father, whose powerful speeches inspired worker riots. With a burning desire for vengeance, she sets out to uncover ... more
  • Starman After Midnight: A Novel-in-stories

    by Scott Semegran

    In suburban Wells Port, things are not what they seem: wild animals appear unexpectedly in backyards, raised garden beds produce fruit in days, not weeks, and a mysterious figure lurks across sidewalks late at night. The stories in Starman After Midnight weave an often hilarious and sometimes melancholy spell.

    Four young boys are terrorized by a wiener dog on their walk to school, but strategize for a safer route. A beer-loving man befriends a likeminded neighbor, only to discover his j... more

  • The Women of Shah's Place

    by Yolanda Randolph

    Andra, a single mother of two and emotionally stuck in a dead-end relationship, works tirelessly at the local hospital to provide a stable household for her children. But when a devastating secret is exposed involving one of her children, she questions herself as a mother and a woman. The loving mother to three teenagers, River is ready to conceive again but struggles with unexplained infertility. She is happily married with the goal of delivering her husband’s first biological son. But... more

  • Strange Saga of Zack Tillerman

    by NG Rippel
    Ralph Jones grew up with music. His talents in music advanced him until they didn’t. For better or worse, Ralph believes in hanging on to things. Even in the quiet shadows of Green Mountain, clashes within cultures, relationships and business can shatter lives. More words, verse and tales from Wannasea Island as Zack, Abe, and the crew from ‘The Place’ continue their journey in Book 3 of the series, Wannasea Tales.
  • Coco the Mooing Horse

    by Leila Summers

    Coco was a rare old horse. Instead of neighing, he used to moo. He said it was in his genes, but some said he was a loon and as mad as a hatter. After all, horses don’t moo—cows do!

    Coco had big dreams of becoming a star, so when he heard about a singing contest at a nearby inn, he decided he was going to seize the moment and enter. The other animals mocked him, but he didn’t need their consent and wouldn’t let them shatter his dreams.

    Coco the Mooing H... more

  • The Set Up

    by Carl Edward Jackson
    “The Set Up” follows the life of Carl, a Black Gay man from the South were it was morally unacceptable to be Gay. Carl relocates to Atlanta, Georgia, where his life is affected by his sexuality, HIV/AIDS, racial discrimination, sexual assault, incarceration and mental illness. After having a vision to write a book, and through life altering circumstances, Carl manages to tell a riveting story that is certain to magnetize and engage the reader, as you live each moment with him. “Everyone has a te... more
  • Falcon: A Civil War Spy Fiction

    by Jane Singer
    Seventeen year old Maddie Bradford, once a brain damaged shut-in never believed she would amount to anything until the Civil War summons her father to fight for the Union and Maddie follows him. Thought safe in her aunt's boardinghouse, Maddie's remarkable perceptions and utter fearlessness convince Union Detective Allan Pinkerton's top spy Timothy Webster to task her with spy craft. A crack shot, and eventually a master of disguise, Maddie is pursued by a Confederate assassin bent on her destru... more
  • Sneezes

    by Patricia Perkins
    Who sneezes? Puppies, snails, fish and birds? Everyone sneezes, including you and me. So, bring your tissues, and be ready to catch every kerchoo!
  • When the Animals Entered Noah's Ark

    by Patricia Perkins
    The boat is ready, and it's time for all of God's animals to get on board with Noah and his family. Some may dance. Some may prance. Some may have to squeeze their way in. But either way, there is room for each one when the animals enter Noah's Ark.
  • Goshena Book 2: The Curious Always Find Trouble

    by Chuck Bright
    In this second book in the Goshena series, murder victim Eli Fitzpatrick struggles to comprehend his death while being pursued by Goshena, Queen of the Big In-Betweena, Death Quiz implementer, and chief soul collector. Among other mischievous acts, Goshena slipped Eli the wrong Death Quiz. Goshena denies any foul play. However, if she acquires Eli’s soul she achieves her mandatory soul quota and obtains tenure. Consequently, the Death Quiz judges toss NASA designee (Newly Arrived Soul with an At... more
  • The Mortal Link

    by Guillermo Arbe
    After losing his daughter in a senseless act of violence, a bereaved father’s quest for revenge turns into something unexpected when he fosters a relationship with that murderer’s own daughter. What is the link between the two girls? The revenge the bereaved father is seeking may depend on it.
  • Return to Lerici

    by Rachel Dacus
    Elinor Greene has been through a divorce, a stalled career, an explosion that nearly killed her. But after all that, life in her cottage in Italy has brought her gifts: a garden where she plants vegetables for the wonderful Tonio’s culinary delights. Seizing her second chance at love, they plan for a small wedding, but family drama decides to descend on them instead. Elinor’s once-estranged sister, Saffron, is coming with her family to support their mother, Betsy, who is arriving to look for ... more
  • Acts of Faith/Auto de Fe

    by jeffrey gorsky
    Historical novel about the Inquisition and expulsion of the Jews from Spain, told from the alternating point of view of Juan, a Christian of Jewish origin who joins the Inquisition, and Isaac, a Jewish physician.
  • The Second Convention: America, 2036

    by Douglas E Congdon
    Is Thomas Jefferson right? Does the tree of liberty need to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants? Tom Powell is going to find out. He is the local leader of the Revolutionary Party, and he gives a speech on July 4th that causes a brawl. Now he is being arrested for inciting a riot. His work and marriage are at risk. But he can’t quit the Party. There’s too much at stake. Climate change and the political divisions in America in 2036 have brought the country ... more