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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Seducing Cat

    by Korinthia A. Klein
    Catherine (Cat) Devin is a successful writer with a loving husband, a teenage daughter and a nice life, but she is also about to turn 40. Under normal circumstances she would never consider cheating on her husband, but when a handsome young actor offers to play one of the characters she’s created so she can experience what she wrote for real, the opportunity is too good to pass up. Seducing Cat explores one woman’s struggle with her impending loss of youth and the boundaries of forgiveness.
  • As Far as You Can

    by David Fiensy

    David Fiensy has spent the last thirty years publishing twelve volumes, doing archaeological field work, and teaching about first-century-AD Israel-the exotic, fascinating, and violent time period that serves as the background to the study of the New Testament Gospels.

    Based on this personal history he wrote As Far as You Can. It is a story in the genre of historical fiction containing a murder mystery, a romance, a spiritual quest, and a cultural critique set against the backdrop of th... more

  • Winters Day

    by DM Wolfenden

    When life throws you lemons you make lemonade, but Jolie has enough to start up her own drinks business. How can one woman find the strength to brave the loss of a loved one, the abuse of someone who is meant to protect you and find true love? Follow her on her quest to be happy

  • Wedding Dress For Sale, Never Worn

    by DM Wolfenden
    Angela never thought she’d ever be placing that ad. Or cancelling her wedding. But her perfect life was shattered by the ones she loved the most.
  • The Great American Nobble: A Nobble, er, a Novel (The Lowly Trinity Collection)

    by Cecelia Vaughan Bouchet
    Celia is the author of The Great American Nobble, a work of fiction inspired by her spiritual awakening and mental health challenges. Celia practices simple medicine - walking by the water, taking long baths and writing to clarify and clear her mind. She claims the hummingbird as her spirit animal; her wings beat so fast at times, they look like a blur to the human eye. Celia lives in Fayetteville, Georgia near the Y'allywood hillbillies. Cats patrol the grounds and allow her to serve them. T... more
  • The Speed of Life

    by James Victor Jordan
    THE SPEED OF LIFE is high-octane literary fiction. It asks: “What happens when a horrendous crime threatens a mother’s love for her son? An old Florida family and those in their orbit get caught in a torrent of passion, a deadly legal system, and the mythology of the Everglades, which runs as deep as this story does. Propulsive, evocative, beautiful writing.” Tom Holland, screenwriter of Psycho II, writer-director of Fright Night, Child’s Play, Stephen King’s Thinner
  • A Summer of Fever and Freedom

    by Chelsey Engel
    At eighteen years old, Jane is teetering on the cusp of womanhood, a rite of passage complicated and painful for even the most stable of hearts. For Jane, who is anxiously awaiting her brother’s return from the war in Vietnam, the heavy journey is cracking her already fragile foundation. When she attends a party in Greenwich Village and meets twenty-three-year-old gay rights and anti-war activist Maria, the ground threatens to crumble completely under the weight of unexpected infatuation and des... more
  • The Wild Weed

    by Jack W.
    “The Wild Weed” focuses on marijuana and ayahuasca, a Peruvian vine that cures mental health issues. While friends distribute illegal medicine from an underground business on Cape Cod, conflict surfaces with the systematic shutdown of pot cops and failed political weed controls. Humor and intimacy creates a lighthearted byline.
  • The Wild Weed

    by Jack Whalen
  • The First Village

    by Ian M. Evans

    An entertaining and lively tale of love and ambition set around the end of the Roman occupation of Britain, AD 383 and the threats it brings to a dependent way of life. A strong backstory is the force of the new state religion, Christianity.

    Wales AD 383 is the most remote province of Roman-occupied Britain, colonised for over 300 years. Magnus Maximus, known to the Celts as Macsen Wledig, has grown restless with his role as general of the Roman army in Britannia. His nights are broken ... more

  • The Peregrine's Odyssey

    by Michael Kleinfall
    “It is not lawful to be a Christian. ”These four words hung over the head of every Christian for the first three centuries of the nascent Church of the Christos, the God-man. In 116 AD during the reign of the Emperor Trajan, Ignatius, bishop of Antioch in Syria, heard those four words that sentenced him to death in the Roman Colosseum. His condemnation and martyrdom were witnessed by his closest friend, Gaius Segusiavus, the “Peregrine.” Throughout the course of twenty years, from that night in... more
  • Aphrodite's Stand

    by Sandra Scott
    When Dr. Andra Williams, an African-American beauty fall for and marry handsome Jayson Theonopilus, who is set to share an inheritance to an overseas olive oil dynasty, they believe their love will conquer all -- including racism. Six months into the marriage, Jayson’s older brother Stefano summon him home. Andra promptly take a leave of absence to accompany him to Greece where she will finally meet her in-laws face-to-face. Although their trip promise the elegance of a stately Grecian villa... more
  • The Master of Whites

    by Roger A. Schrenk
    In the late 90s, recent grad, Randy Shephard, becomes the “do-it-all” assistant to a suddenly-successful DC interior designer, Bryan Bennet, who has a plan to be BIG! To please his boss and push him onto the national stage in less than a year, Randy has to renovate his delapidated former embassy, fend off his needy clients and launch his furniture collection while simultaneously enduring his boss’ daily, self-centered tantrums and a Pandora’s box full of chaos and misadventures.
  • 10 World Wonders

    by Gene Lipen
  • Brief Interludes

    by Kelly Ferjutz
    Short stories were once very popular. Who knows why or when they suddenly became anathema to the publishing world? One day a few years ago, while looking for something else entirely, I stumbled over my cache of short stories, which represent nearly every genre of fiction -- in short form. There are 19 stories altogether, ranging from 477 words to 6694 words. They include a mystery, plus contemporary, Medieval and Western, in long and short romances set around a holiday. There should be somet... more
  • 6 Must-Ask Questions When Interviewing an SEO Agency

    by Emma Marie
    The need for SEO is brought about by the need to stay on top of your competitor. You need a strong online presence which will translate to the increase in revenue for your business. It starts with hiring the right manpower to manage your SEO needs. However, not every SEO company will be the right fit for your small business. You thus have to ask the right questions and they include:

    Can I see your portfolio for past projects or clients?

    It is similar to reviews. Y... more