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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Shadow of the Taj

    by Lara Bernhardt
    When Leslie Matthews travels to India with her husband, she doesn't expect her life to change. But then she meets Raveena, an orphan desperate for help. Haunted by the secrets she harbors, Leslie fights to rescue the girl from a sordid underworld that exploits women and girls. But the men holding Raveena are determined to keep the girl and won’t let a woman get in their way. The police can’t help her. The embassy can’t help her. Her husband refuses to help her. But Leslie won’t stop, no matter ... more
  • The Puppet Maker's Daughter

    by Karla M. Jay
    The war comes late to Budapest. Nineteen-year-old Marika, forced out of nursing school, believes she and her Jewish family will remain safe, even as Nazi soldiers fill their cobbled streets. With Russians to their east, the Allies to their west, everyone assumes the war is nearly over. Her father, once a prominent engineer, returns to his passion for puppet making. Soon, she is pulled into the resistance to rescue orphans and displaced Jews while keeping her family one step ahead of Eichmann’s e... more
  • Sins of the Tribe

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    Sins of the Tribe, by author Mark A. Salter, explores the impact of intense tribalism and its resulting dehumanization in a setting that’s popular, wildly flawed, and hiding in plain sight: college football. Wally Hestia is on top of the world when he becomes a member of the Bastille University Tribe football team, a six-time national champion powerhouse with a pristine reputation and a nationwide following. But he’s only on the team as the holder for his mentally deficient brother, Henry, a kic... more
  • Whee!

    by Carol Higgins-Lawrence
    Marie wants to make friends in the park. She's shy, having just moved from Haiti. When she finds the courage to play on the swings, she realizes that she's not the only kid from somewhere else. Marie is able to make new friends and she begins to feel at home. Together, they discover that everyone speaks different languages, but when they're soaring on the swings they all sing, "Whee!". Meet Marie's new friends and you'll learn how to say hello and good-bye in Haitian Creole, Hindi, Spanish, Man... more
  • The Route That Takes You Home (book 1)

    by Melanie Lageschulte

    All she needs is a fresh start. Can she find it in a familiar place? It’s been a rough year for Kate Duncan, both on and off the job. Being a mail carrier puts her in close proximity to her customers, with consequences that can’t always be foreseen. So when a position opens at her hometown post office, she decides to put Chicago in her rearview mirror. What follows is a summer filled with change. Kate and her cat settle into a charming apartment above Eagle River&... more

  • The Jendelliad

    by Corey Brehm
    Jendell is on the brink of civil war after the contentious election of a polarizing candidate. As the country teeters towards destruction, it will be up to its citizens to fight for what they believe in to save their country.
  • Rare Bird Alert

    by Richard Peake
    On a flight to a birding tour in Australia, Margaret Smith develops a friendship with Hammond ("Porky") Frank. On the first part of the tour, they become close friends, although Margaret ("Maggie") becomes suspicious of Porky. On the northern part of the trip, they are joined by a new assistant leader, Jameson Kanger, who begins a scheme with Porky. Left to herself, Maggie spends time with other tour members, especially Patricia Shaper, a young Olympic Women's Trap Skeet champion. Kanger drugs S... more
  • Ghosts of Turnbull Canyon

    by W.B. Edwards
    1969. Nick finds himself exiled to his hometown after his wife catches him with another woman. Filled with regrets, he finds a new job, makes new friends, and soon becomes obsessed with a strange, sexy, and mysterious woman. When another young man goes missing, Nick learns the same woman may have been involved. Then his landlord, a retired detective, asks for his help finding the woman.
  • Moon's Black Gold

    by Richard Peake
    Everett "Moon" Lunamin returns from battles in Vietnam determined to gain wealth and social status mining coal during the coal boom of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Moon struggles with his cousin George Landsetter, a reclamation officer, and surface mining competitors whose greed exceeds their ethics. He succeeds and marries his high school sweetheart, whose family accepts him because he is now wealthy. Moon becomes unhappy that his wife Susan enjoys his money but is unhappy with his efforts t... more
  • Patches the Cow Dog

    by Elizabeth I. Acree

    Patches the Cow Dog is based on a true story and tells the tale of a lone lost puppy amidst a herd of cows and how he comes to survive on his own. Mr. B, a cattleman of the area, rides his beloved horse Doubletime on the levee among his cows every day to be sure they are alright. One day, he sees a little white darting thing darting in and out among his cows. Mr. B cannot tell what it is so he tells Doubletime to go after it. Eventually Mr. B determines that it is a little puppy runn... more

  • Bonnie Blue Button is a Bully

    by Michelle Olson
    Bonnie Blue Button may be tiny, but that doesn’t stop her from being a colossal bully. Having been sewn on a beautiful dress with two other dazzling buttons, she’s become arrogant and cruel to other clothing fasteners. But, when the dress is left carelessly on the floor one night, Bonnie experiences a traumatic event that leaves her scratched up and covered in drool. Now unexpectedly shunned by her fellow dress buttons, she must apologize to those she has wronged if she wants to make new friends... more
  • Three Loves and Other Stories

    by Lata Gullapalli
    Myriad human emotions run their course through our lives, sometimes like the weather in England, in the course of a day even. What is the magic wand to be waved, for a newly wed couple seeking to discover each other; or a strictly brought up girl, to settle into a more interactive kind of relationship; or for a girl full of the gift of love, to find happiness? Would the soul really live on and revisit? Does professional excelling at work but a novice at speaking his heart, venture along the pa... more
  • Love and Impediments

    by Stefka Marinova-Todd


    A university professor’s sound theory on happiness is challenged by none other than an international soccer star.

    Marta Aneva, charming, self-reliant, and bright, is a university professor who does not seem to be living the best of lives. She is still saddened by the breakup of her long marriage, and when faced with new setbacks in her work, she fears that a coveted promotion will elude her as well. Marta takes a six-month leave from her university i... more

  • Ways of Man

    by Karen Kiefer

    "Ways of Man" is an irreverent political allegory of a divisive nation.  Two neighboring towns are divided by a river where civilized man and the law of the jungle meet.  Squatters, led by generations of the lawless Witey family, slowly consume the land west of the river.  Conditioning, lack of education and machismo envelop Erskine Witey III who rules the growing population of ne'er do wells with an iron fist.  Wendall Puxley, the savvy leader of the establi... more

  • Cindi's Chocolate Valentine

    by Beverley Reichman
    Cindi the Teenie Chiweenie wants to meet her new neighbor dog, Chip, but not in front of her friends...dressed like a Flamingo! Cindi doesn't like this holiday called Valentine's Day! In this outrageously funny story, meet some of Cindi's fur-friends and find out if she changes her mind about Valentine's Day.
  • Cindi and Sparkles Howl-oween Ghoulfriends

    by Beverley Reichman
    Cindi the Teenie Chiweenie and her BFF, Sparkles, BARK up a plan and convince Ms. Joan to make them the perfect costume for the local animal shelter Halloween Pet Costume Contest. Enjoy this fun and beautifully illustrated Children's book featuring pups and kittens dressed in their adorable costumes! You be the judge...who would you pick to win the contest?