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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Romulus Chronicles: Mary's Tale

    by Alexander Mescavage and Eunice Beauchman
    Game of Thrones meets Hannibal Lecter Mary is given by her depraved husband as satanic sacrifice. She is saved by an ancient werewolf who has a mystical connection to Mary herself. Once he turns her, she becomes the thing to be afraid of in the dark. The werewolf has stalked this demon since antiquity. And Mary discovers that she has always been a part of the hunt. Mary's Tale evokes power, passion and pain as the reader witnesses the dual realities of the werewolf. It illuminates the p... more
  • Illegal Beagle

    by Sandra Ourique Gonsalves
    A picture book so full of adventure, laughs, and rhyming fun…it should be, well, illegal! Meet Buttercup: he’s a well-behaved beagle and really quite regal! But some days, when his owner Jill is away, this precocious pup begins to play…He growls! He barks! He eats all the shoes! He teases the cat and turns cushions to chews! But mischief gets noticed, and that is fact…so what happens when this troublemaker is caught in the act? Through endearing humor and lighthearted illustrations, Sand... more
  • An Otter Oughta

    by Lynn Witt
    An Otter Oughta is not about rules! It is a simple look at the life of an otter from birth to young adult, from dependence to independence. It’s about learning how to live, grow and dream about possibilities. Like so many children's books, it is not only enjoyable for the child but meaningful in unexpected ways for the adult reader, too!
  • Lost in the Shadows

    by Alan M. Oberdeck
    Who is he and why is he here? Found near a burning car at the top of Mystery Mountain in West Virginia, injured and unable to remember his name, the light-haired stranger was lucky to be alive. Named after the road where his accident occurred, John Rockhouse develops a budding friendship with his nurse, Susan Radke, who offers John a key to the past he can't remember. A memorable road trip to Susan's home in Wisconsin stirs troubling memories for John, making him wary of the truth of his past---... more
  • Casting Shadows: Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun Volume I

    by Sara Ellie MacKenzie
    Nora is the younger daughter to the Mad King, Gerald of Klenard. Raised away from court, she realizes the hard truth of her inheritance and seeks to fix it. Through marriage treaties, accusations and treason and war against her uncle, Nora has to navigate the dangers to the Crown...or risk dying.
  • Stevie Tenderheart Tick Tock: Midnight Confusion

    by Stevie William Laible

    COMBO Storybook & Companion Coloring Book in One! / Activity Book in Print Only!

    Based on a true story, TICK TOCK is about a little boy (Stevie Tenderheart) who hates hitting the hay
    in the light of day so he hatches a plan to shift his stars not realizing the consequences of his actions.

    Believe me, this is one silly boy. For some reason, Stevie was always finding mischief.
    Or perhaps, mischief was always finding him. I like to tell this story to children beca... more

  • Haint Blue: A Tipsy Collins Novel

    by Stephanie Alexander
    Clairvoyant single mom Tipsy Collins is easing into a post-divorce new normal. She’s solved a century-old murder mystery and brought peace to her house. She’s rebuilding her artistic career and co-parenting with her ornery ex-husband. She’s hopeful that her boyfriend is Mr. Right. Mercurial phantom Henry Mott still haunts her house, but he’s become a dear friend. Tipsy plans to return to her lifelong habit of ignoring restless spirits. A series of sudden financial and personal setbacks leave he... more
  • Roaming Riley: A Delmarva Adventure

    by Allison Wiest
    Riley, an adventurous tabby cat, loves to chase paper balls and sleep in comfy places. His curiosity takes him on a business trip to Ocean City, Maryland where he instantly meets an animal friend. Through the help of his new tour guide, Riley explores the part of the Eastern Shore more commonly known as Delmarva, from Chincoteague, Virginia to Lewes, Delaware and everywhere in between. Join his adventure as he enjoys some of the area's most exciting attractions, while taking risks and learning a... more
  • Sex, Drugs, And Scrubs

    by J.A. Alexander
    This is a story about what it took to become a doctor when doctors were physicians, not providers. It is about a young doctor doing his internship in a city/county hospital in the early seventies and the training he went through to become a competent physician. It is about his struggle to find love and maintain hope in the face of the daunting challenges he faced. It is about the wild alcohol fueled parties coupled with the torrid nights of unrestrained passion he needed in order to deal with th... more
  • The Little Book of Silly What Do You Call Jokes

    by Robert Myers
    A wacky collection of "what do you call jokes." The book offers up some of the funniest gags you'll ever read. Fun for the entire family. The ideal gift for anyone with a sense of humor - guaranteed to keep you in stitches!
  • The So-So Gatsby

    by Patrick Hipp
    A rising star struggles with the side effects of fame as he and a cast of characters film an adaptation of The Great Gatsby.
  • Shepherd's Derelict

    by A.G. Bennett
    Young artist Michelle Shepherd has built success for herself on the foundations of an erratic and sometimes violent childhood—all while balancing the care of her elderly father and his expat Vietnam war buddies. Michelle’s father begins drinking and making risky, possibly criminal choices just as she unexpectedly falls in love with a theater director named Celeste—two situations for which she has little adult experience and few skills. When grisly evidence of a crime washes up beneath her remote... more
  • Think Again

    by Richard Nelson Kane
    Scientists invent a tool that allows people’s thoughts to be read. The scientists will use the invention to help people communicate Others learn of the invention and want to gain possession of it to control people. The two forces collide in a battle, the outcome of which will determine the future of mankind
  • Visiting Uncle John

    by Frank Waltmire

    After a shooting in restaurant parking lot, Eli Parker begins visiting his Uncle John Parker in prison. Eli learns about himself as he explores the life and times of his most interesting uncle. Family dynamics, family secrets, mystery, history, personal discovery, love and redemption.