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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Duzy House of Mourning

    by Ka Hancock
    THE DUZY HOUSE OF MOURNING is the compelling story of a young woman who survived an unthinkable accident the night she was born, an accident that claimed the life of her father, and forever altered her mother who sustained a traumatic brain injury. The book opens 22 years later. January Duzinski has been raised by her Polish paternal grandparents and works as an embalmer in their mortuary. She’s a bit of an introvert, completely comfortable with the dead, completely brilliant (like her mother w... more
  • SKINVENTUREZ: The Sunscreaming Summer

    by Dr. Tamara Lazic Strugar
    Hooray! School’s out for summer and Mia and Luka’s dad takes them and a few friends on vacation for some sun and fun. But after some spooky happenings, the kids start to wonder if their pale dad is actually a g-g-ghost! On top of that, Luka forgoes sun protection on a cloudy day and learns a painful lesson. The kids need help and they know just where to find it. Leading NYC-based expert dermatologist Dr. Tamara Lazic Strugar brings a rollicking graphic novel adventure sprinkled with tips on s... more
  • Colonial Stone

    by Colonial Stone
    With an illustrious legacy spanning over two decades, Colonial Stone has emerged as the trusted cornerstone of natural stone masonry for discerning homeowners in the Twin Cities. Our unwavering commitment to excellence encompasses every facet of our service, where quality craftsmanship and reliable solutions intertwine seamlessly. Specializing in the intricate artistry of constructing captivating retaining walls, enchanting walkways, majestic steps, and awe-inspiring patios, we transcend the bou... more
  • Kazi: Book 1 of the Adventures of the Turtles Crossing Gang Series

    by J. K. Pinsel
    When Karli Paul, Jessie Burton, Adam Russell, and Christie O'Shay -- the Turtles Crossing Gang -- rescue a tiny dachshund mix from a tyrannical neighbor, they have no idea the little pup will change their lives forever. From the thrill of Mardi Gras to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to finding a "forever home" in the snowy mountains of Sarajevo, readers follow the Gang, their families, and the runt (that came to be known as Kazi_ on a journey that proves: you don't have to be big to have... more
  • Good Boy Lukey & the Dream Crumbs

    by Linda Beck

    Step into a world of dreams and protection with Lukey, the extraordinary puppy who watches over children as they slumber.

    Within the pages of Good Boy Lukey & the Dream Crumbs, an endearing story unfolds—a tale of Lukey, a special puppy with magical powers, dedicated to safeguarding the dreams of children everywhere. From the creator of bedtime joy to the defender against nightmares, Lukey emerges as the ultimate guardian of the night.

    As Lukey grows from a ... more

  • American Guerrillas: Bad boys battle a Billionaire

    by DS Kumar
    James Stanton runs his San Francisco startup in style. After the New York based Brayton group acquires a majority stake in his startup, he comes into conflict with billionaire Edmund Brayton, the heir of Brayton group. As the conflict escalates, James is labeled as a fraud and kicked out of his startup. After six years, James Stanton puts together a guerrilla army and goes to New York City to battle with the Braytons. His guerrilla army goes around America and beyond, executing missions and pull... more
  • Jaguar Dreams

    by Susan MacBryde

    An Amazon Village Faces Big Oil. A conflict could cost lives. It could also save the Earth.

    Deep in Ecuador’s Amazon Basin, seismic waves rock the ground. A new road slices the rainforest. It rushes toward an Indigenous Kichwa village, threatening its land and its people. It is a tendril of oil exploration by corporate giants poised to suck the black gold from the Earth.

    Oil spills. Rampant disease. Starving wildlife. Dying villagers. All are imminent. The Kichwa must either... more

  • River Tweets

    by Aimi Medina
    Staying pink isn’t as easy as you think when you’re Rosetta Spoonbilletta trying to catch a shrimp with a spoon. Rosetta is a local artist who lives among the mangrove trees in the land of “Old Florida.” Her paintbrush suddenly comes to a stop when her reflection reveals her feathers have lost the ink that keep them pink. Rosetta can’t catch a break. She can’t even catch a shrimp! Luckily, Parsley the Pelican, the town chef, tweets her an invite to his Royal Shrimp Boil. He promises a gatheri... more
  • Free Spirits

    by Mary Hutchings Reed
    Inspired by real events—the speeches of Victoria Woodhull in her efforts to amend the Marriage Laws, the trial of spirit photographer William H. Mumler, and P. T. Barnum’s American Museum--this is the story of an abused woman in 1865 struggling to become free and independent at a time when the richest and most independent women in New York City were prostitutes and many others, including spiritualists, circus freaks and even photographers, often profited through fraud and deceit.
  • A Home in the Wilderness

    by Amanda M. Cetas
    It is June 10, 1663 and Etienne is running through a field of wild pasture, startling a flock of grouse into the air amid a frenzy of feathers and squawking, as he heads toward a double wedding in town. He has no idea that the ceremony will be interrupted with the news of a Native American attack on the Dutch settlement up north, the consequences of which will turn his world upside down threatening his family, community, and Lenape friends. He must choose – protect his new friends or defend his ... more
  • Giver of Gifts: Nature’s Story of Hope

    by Everly Cade

    "We are connected. Our planet, the land, our spirit, and mind. The earth provides our every need - all magically designed."  In the loud and busy bustle of our everyday lives, a humble yet mighty voice is hoping to be heard. Will we hear? Will we understand? Giver of Gifts is a captivating journey that will open readers' eyes to the wonders of nature that surround us everyday.



  • Serenity's Journey

    by C.L. BARRETT
    Serenity is a young vampire on a mission to reunite with her younger brother Scott, mother Janine, and father Jonathan. Along the way she discovers she has the ability to see visions of past, possible future, and present. She also learns the hidden truth that has been kept from her. Along her journey she meets new allies and old friends. Scott a young dhampir who has been hiding in Japan since he left America. He has the ability to learn the langue of new lands. It makes it hard for him to ... more
  • The Name I Choose

    by Holly Brough
    Questions about Amalia’s past become more concerning when she’s uprooted at the young age of fifteen from the only life she knows and into an abusive nobleman’s household. As a young female in nineteenth-century Spain and a dominant patriarchal society, Amalia’s choices are limited. That couldn’t be more evident than in her employer’s household. Manuel Tudó watches Amalia closely. He says disturbing things about her mother and seeks opportunities to pursue her and catch her alone. His control ov... more
  • Tackle Box Troubles

    by Susan Duke
    Sammy Spinner, an eager fishing bait, gets plopped into a tackle box alongside Bucky Bucktail, Francis Frog, and Suki Suick with one goal, to catch big fish. He sees shores lined with pine trees and large loons swimming on the water. He hears giggling eagles sitting in woody nests and beavers’ thick tails building dams. Sammy believes he is well-prepared to get a fish into the red boat. However, he quickly learns catching fish that live in Northwoods Lakes could take thousands of casts. Sammy ... more
  • Lou the Big Horned Rhino

    by Papa Moose
    Lou's giant horn has made him famous, and the toughest rhino around. But deep down, Lou's got a secret: he wants a normal horn. Can a nervous zebra and a questionable doctor help him see the point?
  • Henry the Sneezing Dragon

    by Sarah Geddes
    Life as a dragon should be amazing. You have the ability to soar across the sky and breathe fire. However, when you are a young, clumsy dragon who sneezes fire at allthe worst moments, it makes life a little challenging. Desperate to make a friend and to finally feel accepted, Henry takes off across the savanna, but trouble seems to follow him at every turn.