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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Overlords Karma; Miami's Urban Chronicles; Volume 1

    by Thomas Barr Jr.
    Overlords Karma; Miami's Urban Chronicles; Volume I, an urban literary fiction portrays a biopic of the career of African-American politician; Arthur E. Teele; set in Miami's Overtown community. A Miami city commissioner commits suicide, after being overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations he faced as a professional minority which are comparably different from his non minority counterparts. For the main character; Anthony "Amp" Tate his desire to fit in leads to his detriment as a leader of hi... more
  • Chicano

    by Sheila O'Malley
    The journey of a lifetime takes a young boy from his home in Naco, Mexico, up the San Pedro River, through the Arizona desert, all the way to Aspen, Colorado and then back to his hometown. It is also his journey of becoming "Chicano"
  • The Rum and the Fury

    by Karl Runft
    Disaffected student-activist Taylor Johnson is broke and ejected from his housing co-op, leading him to a job finding the son of a wealthy family who has joined a radical environmental group in Florida. In pursuit, Taylor and a few select cohorts are drawn down the Overseas Highway toward Key West, where they encounter and clash with drunk militiamen, cowboys, senior citizens, academics, vagrants, Ivy League preppies, drug dealers, politicians, moonshiners, techno DJs, sea hags, sharks and punit... more
  • It's in His Kiss

    by Vickie Lester
    Vickie Lester has written the ultimate Hollywood insider murder-mystery with gasp-worthy plot twists and plenty of delicious, naughty moments. It’s In His Kiss roams from the dark underbelly of Palm Springs to the power canyons of Hollywood. Everyone has a secret: once-wealthy moguls, studio executives with double lives, wry East Coast novelists plunged into intrigue, uneasily blended families and a certain church that likes to keep its movie colony types in check. A must read that you won’t wan... more
  • Schrodinger's Dachshund: A Novel of Espionage, Astounding Science, and Wiener Dogs

    by Petronius Jablonski

    Spy by night, blogger by day, Zelda Alpizar becomes infected by a contagion known to civilians as guilt, forcing her to choose between following orders or intervening to save two watchmen. Their trance-like lethargy makes them the ideal storage drives for a detonation code. Decrypting it could have lethal side-effects. Though the most important thing Zelda will ever find, the boundary between good and evil is of little value in a place where the only legend reads Here There Be Monsters.

    ... more
  • Love Me Sane

    by Tralisa McNeal
  • Bad Elephant Far Stream

    by Samuel Hawley

    Bad Elephant Far Stream is an animal story for adults, a novel about the odyssey of a circus elephant, told from her own perspective, through her own eyes. Inspired by the true story of the circus elephant Topsy, it begins in the forests of Ceylon in the late 1860s with the capture of a baby elephant known to her own kind as Far Stream. She is taken to America and sent to the Adam Forepaugh Circus in Philadelphia, where she embarks on a new life under the big top in Forepaugh’s... more

  • Molly and Babou

    by James Mahoney

     As she trots through the forest in autumn, Molly meets Babou, a bear. She wants no one, including her adopted sisters, Rags and Pupsie, to find out about the friendship they develop. Babou takes Molly for rides on his back through the woods. They meet an arrogant fox, a heart broken raccoon. Molly is devastated when Babou leaves her to return north to hibernate.                      

    A harsh winter passes. Babou comes back to ... more

  • Eyes Behind Belligerence

    by K.P. Kollenborn

    "When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends." Culminating a bitter-sweet epic and traditional coming-of-age story, 'Eyes Behind Belligerence' sets precedence to fear and hatred, to families torn apart, and to the calloused response of internment camps. While two Japanese-American families endure the wake of Pearl Harbor’s wrath, each member must face the most painful question of their life: Where does their loyalty stand? 

    Told... more

  • Ryan's Imaginary House: The Power of Imagination

    by Judith Z. Brutus

    Ryan lives in a small house and needs more space indoors and outdoors to play with his classmates. His mom and dad cannot afford it and he is too young to buy a house himself. What will Ryan do?


    • Ryan is a popular little boy, 5 years old and a kindergartener, who lives in a small house with his mom, dad, and younger brother on the outskirts of his town. However, he is not happy with his life because his house is too small to invite his classmates over t... more
  • Twilight in the City of Angels

    by Chris Ahrens
    Nothing was ever the same for Jose after the train ran him over. When the train hit Jose, he miraculously survived, and he was left with a deep dent in his forehead, a joyous disposition and a belief in Jose Cuervo Tequila, because he was drinking it at the time; Our Lady of Guadalupe, because of the medal around his neck, and The Union Pacific Railroad, because it had spared his life–his own personal trinity. \tOnce Jose’s spirituality is combined with that of his sorceress Apache wife Sori... more
  • The Storyteller's Anthology: Presented by Southwest Writers

    by Peggy Herrington
    The Storyteller's Anthology features eleven delightful short stories by SWW members , enriched by five intriguing book excerpts, three memoirs, eight essays and nonfiction articles, and nine poems recommended for people who aren’t into poetry. All family friendly. New Mexico -- The Land of Enchantment -- comes to life in prose, poetry and photos in The Storyteller’s Anthology, a fund raising publication in support of SouthWest Writers nonprofit writing group.
  • Imperfect Inside

    by Scott M Sullivan

    What would happen if fate stepped in on your impromptu suicide and turned your world inside out? Sean O’Rourke will soon be forced to answer that question.

    Sean meets an unusual man at the oddest of times, mere seconds before he committed to ending it all. What happens after that is an unexpected journey that he is ill-equipped to handle.

    As Sean delves deeper into his new tasks, the strands of his life begin to unwind. A sickly-looking man that only he can see, worsening ni... more

  • Golden Chains

    by David I. McCaskey
    A North Carolina Farm boy enlists, and in the early hours of D-day, he is wounded on the cliffs at Pointe Du Hoc. Hisd injuries take him to the Woodrow Wilson Army hospital in Augusta County, Virginia. On discharge and arrival home, he realizes that his wounds have ended any future as a farmer. He returns to the Shenandoah Valley to drive an oil delivery truck that supplies crossroads' general stores. His war has been short, but long enough that he has to learn to cope with the truths -spoken a... more
  • The Homeless Hostel

    by John Thompson
    A journey through homelessness, despair to the many comical characters in a hostel where only religion and spirituality can restore you back to normal life and living.
  • The Secret Lake

    by Karen Inglis
    A time travel mystery in which Stella (11) and Tom (8), when trying to find their elderly neighbor's missing dog, discover a tunnel and lake that take them to their home and the children living there 100 years in the past. Here they make both friends and enemies, and uncover startling connections between the past and present.