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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • American Messiah

    by Aaron Lamar
    At the dawn of the new century, media mogul Billy Lansky observed outside forces, currents moving in curious directions. Pockets of skilled, well-financed social engineers were popping up all over the globe. The zeitgeist was red-hot, stoking a unique moment in time. An exceptional turn in human events would be lost, he’d say, if someone didn’t “close the deal!” A twenty-first-century renaissance, in which public consciousness could rise to the level of our mind-numbing technology, was possi... more
  • Squeaker and Marty: The Lucky Escape (The Tales of Squeaker and Marty) (Volume 1)

    by Cynthia Smith
    Squeaker is a little mouse who lives in 'Bluebell Wood'. Squeaker has a best friend called 'Marty' and together they have lots of adventures. In this book Squeaker and Marty go to 'Buttercup Farm' and that is where their adventure begins.
  • The Aviator Owls and the Dancing Skeleton

    by S. A. Porcher
    It's Halloween night and the Aviator Owls begin to follow a strange noise. Join them on their adventure as they discover a haunted house, and the noisy thing that lurks inside.
  • Roberta Crousseau, Her Shipwreck and Return

    by Corless Smith
    On her way to the New World with her young mistress, Roberta Crousseau is shipwrecked on a tropical island where she fights to survive. With tools from the wrecked ship she carves out a home, plants a green and raises goats. For the first time in her life she is not a servant, but she's profoundly lonely. One day a tribe jettisons an Indian man on the island. Overcoming confusion and misunderstanding, he and Roberta grow close. Their happiness is broken by a fanatic who kidnaps Roberta back... more
  • Delicate: The Alchemy of Emily Greyson

    by Debi Cimo

    "It was the moths that first revealed the change. Grey-tipped whispers in the moonlit night. Two or three here, a single one there. White ones slipping through the darkness, silent and seemingly harmless, but present. Growing in numbers until they erupted the quiet like flutters of falling ash. There was a music in their silence. The kind of music that attached itself to hums and vibrations in the waters of the earth.

    The hums, the vibrations, all but imperceptible. With the dawn t... more

  • The Messenger: The Last Prophet

    by James D. Richardson
    The Messenger The Last Prophet is a fiction story inspired by true events. All names were changed to protect the innocent. The story is about a boy that was asked by God at a young age to deliver a message to the world. God said, “James Martin, I need you. I know you’re only five years old but you are a special boy. I need you to deliver a message to the world for me. I would like it in the form of a book. I will send angels to look after you until you can complete your book with my mes... more
  • The Magical World of Sebella

    by Thea Berg
    Do you know the legend of Halloween? Three Little Werewolves live on the outskirts of a town called Skullvilla. They are powerful and important. On October 31st when the sun goes down, the werewolves must howl into the night sky to awaken the moon and signal Halloween to begin. If this doesn’t happen, it will not get dark. And you know what that means…there will be no Halloween since no one goes trick-or-treating in the daylight. ************** It is All Hallows’ Eve and Sebel... more
  • The Magical World of Sebella

    by Thea Berg
    Sebella, a witch, lives in a house once owned by an infamous magician, where strange things often happen. While playing the game of Spooks, Sebella’s bratty cousin Prudence accidently knocks over a gargoyle statue, and it magically comes to life! The gargoyle’s red eyes torpedo into the fireplace revealing a secret opening. Out of the statue’s mouth flow these words… The All-Powerful Magician needs your HELP! He requests your services to SAVE the Castle! Succeed and win the Grand Prize. To save ... more
  • Jack Downing: The Lunatic Memoirs

    by Thatcher C. Nalley

    This memoir has been printed in the original raw format as penned by Jack Downing to keep the veracity of his madness intact. A cogent memoir of a man’s bitter examination of humanism as a plagued ego drives his descent into madness...

    Jack Downing has become one of the most influential business tycoons in America.

    Jack Downing also believes that God has chosen him to annihilate the entire existence of mankind.

    Convinced that God has chosen him to be &ld... more

  • Fairhope Anthology 2

    by Phyllis Pittman
    WELCOME TO FAIRHOPE, Alabama, a magical retreat that speaks to the soul through its charm, quirky characters, and natural beauty. Tucked away along the eastern shore of Mobile Bay where moss-draped live oaks frame sunsets and sailboats, this fairy tale hamlet is full of flowers, boutiques, peace, history, and mystery. Fairhope is a respite, a breath of fresh air, a place unto itself. The eclectic story-tellers of the Fairhope Writers Group take you on a stroll through this quaint, artistic, ... more
  • Pony Tales: Night Mischief

    by Phyllis Pittman

    Night Mischief seems to be misjudged from the day he is born. He is very obedient and good natured, but because his name is Mischief, people, as well as the other horses, think he is a naughty pony. When one of the other ponies gets into trouble, Mischief is blamed, even though he actually tried to help. The story of Night Mischief tells how Mischief overcomes his name and the perceptions of others, holding his head high, and always knowing who he really is inside.

  • Andrew Murray: Destined to Serve: A Biographical Novel

    by Olea Nel
    Historically accurate, and based upon Andrew Murray's letters and early biographies

    A boyish and fun-loving Andrew Murray arrives back in South Africa after being ordained at the Hague on his twentieth birthday. He soon discovers that his preaching lacks the power displayed by his heroes of the faith. He therefore decides to embark on a quest to become a powerful preacher filled with the Holy Spirit.

    But not long after his appointment as pastor to the Dutch emigrants beyond the borde... more

  • The Witch of Napoli

    by Michael Schmicker

    Italy 1899: Fiery-tempered, erotic medium Alessandra Poverelli levitates a table at a Spiritualist séance in Naples. A reporter photographs the miracle, and wealthy, skeptical, Jewish psychiatrist Camillo Lombardi arrives in Naples to investigate. When she materializes the ghost of his dead mother, he risks his reputation and fortune to finance a tour of the Continent, challenging the scientific and academic elite of Europe to test Alessandra’s mysterious powers. She will help hi... more

  • Stuart Brannon's Final Shot

    by Janet Chester Bly
    It's 1905. Two orphan boys escape from Oregon's Tillamook Head and are branded as heroes. Dare they tell the truth and risk the wrath of a dangerous man? Meanwhile, ex-lawman, Arizona rancher and widower Stuart Brannon had no intention of attending the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in Portland. Then the telegram came from T.R. How could he refuse a personal request from Teddy Roosevelt? He searches for their mutual missing U.S. Marshal friend. And grapples with the game of golf on behal... more
  • The Adventures of Wilma Wildhair "Oh How I Hate Picture Day"

    by Dr. Sanji English
    Every year there is one school day Wilma dreads more than any other...picture day! Silly clothes and teasing by the big meany Stacey Beckman are often too much to bare. However, this year may be different. Follow Wilma and her friends as she navigates through one of her least favorite days as she learns a lot about herself, friendship, and consequences in this fun-filled journey!
  • The Peace and Love Train

    by Tyler Rose Kincaid
    The Peace and Love Train follows the stories of 8 beautiful little girls and boys and some of the challenges experienced by children in today’s world. These messages speak to our youngest children to show them how their unkind words and actions can hurt others, and have consequences. Our children truly are our future and if we want a world filled with peace and love, we can help by fostering kindness and compassion in our very youngest children so they can live it in their everyday lives and... more