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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Metal: A Treasure Hunt

    by Java Davis
    Dr. Frank Lally, a retired Navy podiatrist, is a family man and metal detector hobbyist. His wife is being treated for Alzheimer’s disease at an expensive lifecare center. His step-daughter needs to divorce her cheating husband and move back home. His step-son is losing his job, his place to live, and he has hardly written a word of his great American novel. Frank wonders how he will keep it all together when, one day, he takes a long walk with his dogs ...
  • I Love My Amazing Book

    by Jocelyn Scofield
    I Love My Amazing Body is a children's book encouraging confidence and body appreciation. The book is about a spunky little girl named Jackie. Jackie takes the reader through each body part describing all the things she loves to do with her amazing body. With her fingers she loves to play piano. With her hips she loves to hula hoop. With her arms she loves to hug her dog. With her legs she loves to run. From her toes to her head, each body part is given love.
  • The Dog of Jesus

    by Joshua Peabody
    The discovery of an immortal dog with miracle healing properties upends the world.
  • Pictures of the Past

    by Deby Eisenberg

    Pictures of the Past is a compelling saga sweeping through Chicago, Paris and Berlin, reliving events from pre-World War II Europe, but beginning in contemporary times. An Impressionist painting, hanging for decades in the Art Institute of Chicago and donated by the charismatic philanthropist Taylor Woodmere, is challenged by an elderly woman as a Nazi theft. Taylor’s gripping and passionate story takes us back to 1937. Sent to Paris on family business, he reluctantly leaves his girlfri... more

  • Friends: Here...There...Everywhere!!!

    by Rosella Calauti
    Friends Here... There... Everywhere... was written to enhance social and literacy development in young children, ages two to five. Growth occurs at different rates for each child in this very important period of development that occurs rapidly, as they learn to become independent. The book encourages young children to feel secure as they develop, and experience their first encounters of making friends, while they explore the world and continue to become individuals. It is ideal for teachers, par... more
  • Revenge

    by Stevie Turner
    Teacher Alistair Veale is just coasting along in his 20 year marriage to Ann. His two sons Tom and Jake are growing up fast and have their own interests, but he still enjoys a close relationship with 13-year-old daughter Jessie, his ‘Princess’. When Alistair takes 14 children from his tutor group on a week-long school trip to the Isle of Wight, a new Science teacher, Carly Jessop, goes along to keep an eye on the 6 girls. Alistair notices a growing attraction between himself and Carly, which... more
  • Healer's Magick

    by F.L. Karsner
    Caitlin is a Healer—working her magick to ease the suffering of others. But she's fleeing a psychotic soldier who thinks she is a witch who killed his son! She has no choice but to leave the Isle of Skye and her beloved Uncle Wabi to find safety somewhere else. Uncle Wabi and his Jacobite sympathizer friends are in danger from Lord Warwick and Thomas, the innkeeper. Caitlin overhears them plotting to capture Jacobites who are trying to bring Bonnie Prince Charlie, claimant to the throne, to his ... more
  • Waiting for the Real World to Catch Up

    by Brian S. Alexander
    Crazed inventor goes on binge with celebrities
  • Havana Moon

    by Sandy Mason
    High tech dropout Johnny Donohue attempts to live the quiet life in a marina on Florida’s West Coast. Johnny’s dream is interrupted when he and his ex-cop friend Lonnie Turner try to unravel facts that lead up to the death of a local marine electronics expert. Their quest pushes them through events that took place in the Spanish-American War. Wrestling with inconsistent clues and hundred year old documents they attempt to probe the discovery of a Spanish-American War artifact. What appear... more
  • Poke Sallet Queen and the Family Medicine Wheel

    by Shana Thornton

    "Reading Shana Thornton’s highly original novel will make you want to get your own family stories to the page. You’ll meet larger-than-life characters like Hoot and Zona, Aunt Cora and Jane, Miss Emy, and Nenny, the matriarch, who rolls her own cigarettes and knows all the secrets of the family medicine wheel. You may even find yourself signing up for a writing class like the one that sets the narrator, young Robin Ballard, to interviewing her aunts and grandmother, tracking ... more

  • Escritos de Medianoche

    by Antonio Torres Román
    En “Escritos de Medianoche” he tratado de rescatar relatos cortos escritos en diferentes épocas de mi vida los que he agrupado bajo este título; algunos de ellos publicados en colaboración a revistas y periódicos, otros, a través de editoriales virtuales. En los mismos encontraremos relatos fantásticos como algunos que nos toca dentro de la realidad social. Siendo como es natural mi intención, que los mismos lleguen a lograr la satisfacción de los lectores.
  • Sewell, Amor, Cobre y Escaleras: "El Teniente"

    by Antonio Torres Román
    Sinopsis Formado en la populosa y hermosa ciudad de Buenos Aires; Joaquin Valls, nunca llegó a imaginar que en determinado momento, su vida sufriría un vuelco de ciento ochenta grados; para terminar trabajando en la legendaria Sewell, campamento primordial de la mina del cobre “El Teniente” clavada en el corazón de los Andes chilenos. Es en dicho ambiente minero donde el joven padecerá en carne propia, la dura y sacrificada vida del trabajador del cobre, llegan... more
  • La Cautiva de Las Trenzas de Oro

    by Antonio Torres Román
    La novela se basa en la nefasta historia de los malones indios en Argentina, donde el infiel, caía destruyendo e incendiando lo que encontraba a su paso, llevándose las mujeres jóvenes, y convertirlas en cautivas para satisfacer sus placeres. En la misma se verán transitar personajes que forman parte de la historia argentina; pero que nada tienen que ver con la realidad histórica, lo mismo se puede decir de los accidentes geográficos que aparecen en la novela. En la misma, dejo hablar al indio... more
  • Haymarket Square

    by John Kolchak

    "Haymarket Square" is a novel in verse inspired by Alfred Doblin's "Berlin Alexanderplatz", re-set in post-Soviet Russia. It concerns the fate of Alex Bobrov: a petty criminal and former pimp who was imprisoned for 'accidentally' murdering one of his prostitutes. Having served out his entire sentence without witnessing the collapse of the USSR and the subsequent radical transformation of society in the fledgling Russian Federation, Alex desperately seeks to fin... more

  • Next Year in Jerusalem

    by John Kolchak
    A brutal re-imagining of the Gospel story, Next Year in Jerusalem follows the footsteps of Yeshua Bar-Yosif—an illiterate, epileptic, bastard son of a Roman soldier on his ill-fated life journey through a land racked by terror. As first century Judea bleeds from the oppression of Roman rule and the violent uprisings against it, Yeshua, tormented by familial guilt for abandoning his mother, eventually forms his own family of travelers who preach for peace and compassion in the face of internec... more
  • Myths, Legends, Rumors and Lies: High School

    by Eric Leckey
    Life is a series of moments, small and sometimes insignificant, but rarely is life anything other than our collection of moments that we call stories. We all have stories, or if you don’t think you do get together with some old friends sometime and have a drink or two, you would be amazed at how quickly the memories come alive and you start to relive them again. Life’s most exciting moments and most treasured memories come alive again for you as the tales of your youth spills out for all to see.... more