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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Aila's Journal: A Tale of Reconstruction

    by Charles M. Clemmons
    In 1863, two thirteen-year-old girl laborers meet on a farm south of Wilmington, North Carolina. Aila MacKenzie is a White indentured servant, and Mary Jane Sanders is a Black slave. As the story unfolds, both suffer similar hardship and abuse that over time will spawn mutual empathy and friendship. With historical events as a backdrop, the story depicts the struggle of White and Black families in rural North Carolina during and following the Civil War, 1863-1919. For the Black families, it is ... more
  • Girl Around The World Diary

    by Dina Jordan and Lisa Forbes

    It’s springtime at Around The World Elementary in New York City and five 5th grade girls from around the world meet in Carla’s after school art class and form THE GIRL AROUND THE WORLD CLUB. An empty diary found in the supply closet becomes their Club Diary where they can write and draw their urban adventures. When their school decides to build a rooftop garden to help the environment, Carla’s students are on decoration duty for the fundraising event. It’s decided that... more

  • The Legend of the Sleep-Eating Elephant

    by Nocola Williams
    A very hungry, sleep-eating elephant has been caught invading the village cabbage field. He must be stopped before the crop is completely wiped out. Many try and fail, until the honeybees of the village come up with the perfect plan to thwart the elephant. The Legend of the Sleep-Eating Elephant is a modern pourquoi tale. At the crux, it shows how we must depend on even the tiniest of creatures for our very survival. This book is based on the actual work of zoologist, Dr. Lucy King, who studies ... more
  • Life at the Precipice

    by R.F. Vincent
    In 1959 an earthquake in central Vancouver Island devastated the lakeside community of Pyrite Ridge. The seismic event triggered landslides that isolated the town and killed sixteen people, while a geological phenomenon known as a segue caused the lake to drop an astonishing 150 meters. Perched on the precipice of a yawning abyss and cut off from the world by tons of rubble, Pyrite Ridge became a place of myth and lore. After finding a newspaper attached to a red balloon that supposedly came fro... more
  • The Private Misadventures of Nell Nobody

    by Jennifer Newbold
    In 1793, a young woman in a desperate situation dons waistcoat and breeches and recreates herself as a man. Ned joins the British Army, which is fighting the French in the Mediterranean. Ned's officers second him to a naval captain who they consider a thorn in their side -- his name is Horatio Nelson. Over the course of three years, Captain Nelson becomes Ned's mentor, helping Ned to realise that a person cannot be defined by what other people say or believe about them. But even as Ned witnesses... more
  • Glimmer

    by Sam Aleks

    Onra Kang didn’t start the fire that left her with debilitating burns, even if giving that young boy a box of her precious matches was the catalyst. 20-something, alexithymic, and still haunted by her younger brother’s untimely death, Onra leaves the hospital determined to reevaluate her destructive outlet by expanding her emotional intelligence. When her sociopathic ex-best friend connects her with a benefactor, Onra has the opportunity to channel her emotions into a new creative... more

  • The Textile Trilogy: Burning Silk 2010, Linen Shroud 2017, Oil & Water 2024.

    by Destiny Kinal
    The Textile Trilogy covers all the 19th century and presents the craft village as a compelling model for us to emulate, while we are looking around to retrieve elements of our recent past before the Petroleum Age jettisoned our future on this planet. Milan Kundera has said that the place of history in novels is the take us back to contemplate what we abandoned in the past, "in that vast cemetery of forgetting." Industry moved forward with wind and water Now we have solar! The agricultural c... more
  • The Santa Claus Girl

    by Patricia P Goodin
    When the polio epidemic of 1952 hits New York City, a young WWII veteran must race against time, public fear of the disease, and demons from his past, to help save the life of a little girl.
  • The Smitten Kitten Strikes Again (Cool Kitty Series)

    by Sherri Eri

    A Tail of a Baby, a Kitten, and a Secret Button

    Chill, a two-month-old kitten, knows where the secret button is. And when his new friend, the prettiest, most adorable baby lizard he has ever seen, faces danger, it’s up to him to use his knowledge to save her.

  • It’s Raining, Cats and Duck (Cool Kitty Series)

    by Sherri Eri

    A Kitten Romps In the Rain And Winds Up Wiser And Fonder of His Family

    Chill takes a shower for the first time and can’t get enough of it. Nothing can stop him from playing in water again. But while he’s being naughty beyond his wildest imagination, he discovers something precious.

  • A Kitten's Love Story (Cool Kitty Series)

    by Sherri Eri

    The Crazy Capers of Chill the Smitten Kitten

    A kitten joins his new family and immediately falls in love with his grownup brother and sister. He is desperate to win their love. But no matter what he does, they just won’t love him back. Until ….

  • I Am Not An Owl Or Am I?

    by Sherri Eri

    A Fluffy Fowl Quests For An Ideal Identity

    Hoot the Owl doesn’t think very highly of himself. So he goes on a quest to become someone else. He doesn’t get what he sets out to do. But what he does get are friends and something even better!

  • Children in the City of Czars: A Novel

    by Irmgarde Brown
    Orphaned in 2000, the Lebedev siblings are alone in the underbelly of the most beautiful city in the world, St. Petersburg. Fedya is nearly thirteen and tries his best to keep them together but fails. He surrenders his two sisters to the orphanage system and joins a ring of thieves. It’s not long before the gang has a run-in with the Russian mafia and Fedya becomes the focal point of a madman’s revenge, and a race across Russia into Latvija. His sister, Elena, is brutally bullied at the orphanag... more
  • Big, Bad Beeple Bumps

    by Amanda M. Ferris
    Jocelyn feels hurt and alone when her friends don't want to play her way. Shocked to hear she's come down with a case of Big, Bad Beeple Bumps, Jocelyn embarks on a journey to recovery- will she play with her friends again? Watch as Jocelyn discovers the power of difficult emotions with help from her uncle's hardworking honeybees. - Big, Bad Beeple Bumps makes it easier for parents and teachers to discuss complex topics with children, such as emotional health, self-esteem, empathy, and mental... more
  • Chasing Sevens

    by Liberty Lane

     Good-natured yet naïve Tobi Stone has always been dealt an unfair hand. Tobi dreams of becoming a successful musician but finds creative spirits are silenced in forgotten "fly-over" towns. When his closest friend goes missing, a streak of luck leads him on a journey to find her. Losing love and innocence in the chaos of the music industry, Tobi finds himself. A heartfelt coming-of-age tale, Chasing Sevens follows Tobi as he grapples with the harsh real... more

  • Live & Let Live - An Eco-Adventure Around the World

    by Paulina Maj


    Take a visually stunning and emotionally evocative journey to explore planet Earth and learn about our collective responsibility to protect other species.

    Beautifully illustrated in traditional watercolour, 'Live and Let Live' touches the hearts of both young and old alike with its simple yet profound message:


    "Live and let live,"

    The rhinoceros thunders,

    The Earth is diverse

    ... more