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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Bone Necklace

    by Julia Sullivan
    Bone Necklace tells the story of America's last "Indian war." In the summer of 1877, a bedraggled band of Nez Perce evade four converging armies before finally escaping to Canada. Other books have been written about the 500+ Nez Perce who were captured or killed in the war. This book focuses on the triumph of the nearly 300 who escaped.
  • Dead Horse Bay

    by John Dyson
    In Dead Horse Bay, John Dyson’s novel, three unlikely characters plan to stop the goose roundup at New York’s, Kennedy Airport. The geese lives are in danger because a goose has collided with an airplane at New York’s, La Guardia Airport and all geese living within a 7-mile radius of La Guardia Airport are to be killed.
  • Hugo von Hector the Kids' Art Collector

    by Whitney Beatty
    Has your art ever disappeared from the refrigerator overnight? Where could it have gone? Find out as you peek inside the world of one frustrated artist, whose life changes when he steps through a mysterious door to find imaginative art that perfectly captures his colorful, scribbly world. Hugo von Hector the Kids' Art Collector is a funny, magical tale that finally answers the question, "Hey, where did my picture go?"
  • Pushing Pawns

    by Dima Novak

    He's got the moves. On the street and over the board.

    Urban high school kid Moses Middleton hoped that chess competition could be a ticket out of mediocrity, but everything goes pear-shaped after a disastrous tournament. That’s when he meets Viktor, a mad Russian grandmaster who agrees to coach the team by revealing the secrets of Soviet chess.

    Together with his crew -- charismatic psychopath P.D. Morales, gifted violinist and expert fencer Esther T... more

  • Adventures in Amelbria

    by Kim Foale
    Being a princess isn't as fun as everyone thinks. Wanting to explore the world, as next-in-line to the thrown, Erika is forbidden to leave her kingdom of Amelbria. How can she convince her parents to grant her the freedom she wants so badly? What adventures lie ahead for Erika? Will she ever be able to leave the kingdom and find the mysterious island she's heard so much about? Jyan has felt misunderstood his whole life. Will he be able to prove to the tribe that he has what it takes to be Ch... more
  • Trixie Bixby and Her 66 Pairs of Socks

    by Angela Delf
    Trixie is a spirited girl who loves her fun and colorful sock collection. She has 66 pairs! But is that too many? How can she use her socks to help others? Follow along as Trixie discovers the happiness of giving.
  • The Moon Food Cafe

    by William Hageman
    It's the early eighties and OLNEY GARKLE has returned to California after several years of itinerant travel in Europe and Asia, culminating in a failed love affair in Paris. His immediate goal is to put an end to his life of hedonism-on-a-shoestring by getting a job. With modest bills in the mailbox of a modest apartment he can then begin the book that he hopes will give vent to his greatest outrage: the triumph of politics over people, and resolve his greatest conflict: the battle between lu... more
  • Men of Khyber

    by Om Soni
    Jawar Dil is the influential and charismatic leader of a powerful Hindu clan in Khyber. His skill in maintaining peace and harmony between many different factions and amidst the complex relationships that abound in the region are legendary, but after the death of his beloved wife he decides to retreat from public life and live as a spiritual recluse in Jalalabad. \tWith the clan now left dependent on Jawar’s untested son, Jai, it isn’t long before radical elements emerge to take advantage. En... more
  • 978-0-9967130-2-3

    by Jean Rover
    Something's amiss in Oregon's backcountry. A teacher spots a scruffy stranger loitering near the Forest Lake grade school, and there's a young boy missing in a neighboring county. Then eight-year-old Cody Benson, on an outing with his grandfather in the Big Bat Wilderness area, vanishes. Ken Blake, the deputy sheriff coordinating the search for Cody thinks he wandered off and froze to death. Cally Benson, Cody's mother, and eventually, the townsfolk are convinced a registered sex offender, livin... more
  • Bryla's Amazing Imagination

    by LaTasha Reynolds
    Bryla's Amazing Imagination: Bryla Visits the Moon is centered on a 6-year old little girl named Bryla, who has a natural fascination for astronomy. Each night, Bryla's fascination grows stronger for the Moon, and playing games of hide-and-seek just aren’t enough. Bryla desires to visit the Moon but doesn't know how to reach the galaxy from her suburban home. After explaining her desires to her mother, she teaches Bryla the importance of using imagination to make dreams come true.
  • Crossing the Pressure Line

    by Laura Anne Bird
    Crossing the Pressure Line is a contemporary middle grade novel that presents a plucky, deeply reflective heroine who grieves the untimely loss of her grandfather, puts her self-confidence to the test, and learns how to listen to the courageous voice inside.
  • White Birch

    by Paul Edmund Lessard
    White Birch by Paul Edmund Lessard is a darkly humorous novel about the trappings of generational wealth and the human cost of ambition. The White Birch Hotel in the city of Tuffty Town teems with poorly kept secrets: detectives tapping lobby phones for news of banished royals; nervous lovers hiding traces of their trysts from prying eyes; captains of finance hatching plans in the thick haze of the smoking bar. We find among this clamour Henry Huvvy: bon vivant, boulevardier, and mainstay ... more
  • The Black Knight and the Voyage to the Dark Seas

    by Marcus Donaldson
    Pirates, beasts and battles! With his brother’s life at stake, the fearless Black Knight is catapulted into a rescue mission that leads him and his crew into the heart of the Dark Seas and the terrifying beasts within. Not only will he have to survive these monsters, but he must also face an enemy he thought he’d never see again.
  • A Flamingo's Story

    by Joel Chiok
    Salmon was a prominent flamingo in his community, but just as things were going well for him his life took an unexpected turn. Follow along his journey to find out what happens! This book is also based on the story of Joseph in the bible and aims to depict God’s faithfulness in fulfilling the dreams He placed in our hearts. This book contains beautiful illustrations and is targeted for children.
  • Sex Business Tokyo

    by Alta Eva Bourne
    This is the story of an Australian dancer named Angela, who travels to Tokyo seeking work in cabaret. Angela's story is set in the 1980s. It portrays the slow seduction of the naïve girl, who willingly enters her own concept of sex business amidst the busy nightlife of Tokyo's entertainment centres. It is the story of sex, money, men and the voice within Angela, who becomes the most significant identity in her journey seeking fame through prostitution. Angela is cheated, betrayed, and then be... more
  • The Carousel King and the Space Mission

    by Leticia Ordaz
    He’s too scared to ride! Can this brave Latinx boy overcome his fear and fly to the moon and back? Maxton can’t wait to try new things. So, when he spots a beautiful carousel at the zoo, he’s jumping up and down to take a turn on the super-cool dragon. But as the merry-go-round starts to spin, the startled kid jumps off terrified! After the magical fire-breathing beast appears in Maxton’s sleep with words of encouragement, he wakes up determined to try again. Now bursting with courage, h... more