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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • True Feel

    by Ted Bernal Guevara
    TRUE FEEL is a buckled sidewalk on which paraplegic Marion Rafino wheels through. He is casing a lurid killing in Texas, and the main suspect is exotic dancer Credence, his love interest. In the beginning, Marion claims: "I am a reporter for a major newspaper, capable of doing practically anything in my life. When I stumble upon a person whose face resembles a photo tucked in our murder file, the first thing I do is make my affection valid...and my investigation relentless." Credence upon ... more
  • BEN'S BONES: Based on the True Story of 28 Bodies Buried in Benjamin Franklin’s Basement

    by Joseph C. Gioconda
    Crime is running rampant in turbulent 1760’s London. Pregnant women and children start vanishing from the city’s crowded streets and thieves are looting graves. Ramshackle police departments are unwilling—or unable—to stop the pillaging. Benjamin Franklin arrives in London as Pennsylvania’s colonial agent to the Crown. He rents rooms from a lonely widow and her bright daughter Polly, who become his surrogate family while he is away from home. Franklin and Polly develop a deep friendship as he... more
  • Throwing Tarts at the King and Other Stories

    by Anne Bianco
    Anne Bianco’s debut collection Throwing Tarts At the King contains stories and essays whose diverse characters struggle with loss, class disparities, and time. They are “the walking wounded.” A lawyer who simultaneously mourns and envies his older brother’s legacy and regrets his own lost chances finds connection to the tangible in a brawl with a truck driver. A garbage man by day and a zoo security guard by night reaches for autonomy and love when he sheds dependence on an old friend. After his... more
  • Thar She Blows

    by Susan Emshwiller

    Agoraphobic suburban housewife Ann waits for her schlubby nineteen-year-old son Brian to call but learns that he's been swallowed by a whale and is alive in those huge lungs. Called crazy, she’s determined to find that whale and get him out. Brian survives in his new home, for the first time learning skills, and to respect himself. When a young woman from Norway is swallowed as well, her mother and Ann hire a boat to find their children. Intertwining stories of an Alaska native Stat... more

  • Dog Readers: Beginner Collection 2: Yawn Dog, Draw Dog, Toy Dog

    by Lucy Simon
    Dog Readers: Beginner Collection 2 is a three-story early reader all about dogs. Perfect for the youngest of dog-lovers, the simple, repetitive text follows cute pups as they peek, surf, draw and rhyme. Each story pairs easy phrases side-by-side with photos and illustrations that support the reader in decoding the text.
  • Trevor the Mouse and His Unexpected House

    by Alisha Burton
    Trevor is a friendly mouse, as friendly as they come! And while it may seem strange to you… His home is very FUN! Meet Trevor, a friendly mouse who loves his family. One day he makes a friend as he struggles to carry a large piece of cheese home. His new friend is quizzical and maybe a little quick to judge. But, with some communication, Trevor and his new friend find common ground. His friend learns that Trevor’s house may not be as ‘absurd’ as they once believed. Learn all about Trevor's u... more
  • My Home Filled With Love

    by Tabletop Publishing
    This beautifully illustrated children’s book is more than just another cute rhyming story. My Home Filled With Love shows kids and parents what a nurturing environment at home is all about. With this story, kids will learn more about how much you, as their parent or caregiver, love them with every choice you make. My Home Filled With Love is a must-have for new parents, old parents, and all the parents in between! Written by Desiree Blanchard, Positive Parenting Instagram Influencer and Early ... more
  • Epoch

    by Kat Elle
    After a traumatic deployment in Afghanistan, Army combat medic Blanca Hernandez is ready to leave the life of a soldier behind so she can help her younger brother Mateo start college. His orientation goes awry when a secret university experiment malfunctions and sends Blanca, Mateo, and several others back in time to Nazi-occupied Poland. Just like that, Blanca is back in a war. Matters are complicated further by the arrival of Otto Zimmler, a cocky Nazi fighter pilot who agrees to help them... more
  • Dreams of Arcadia

    by Brian Porter
    DREAMS OF ARCADIA is the story of Nate Holub, a Houston veterinarian with two teenage daughters. When Nate is offered a job in his late father’s hometown, he accepts, but he wonders if a city boy has what it takes to be a country vet. Nate quickly discovers the gritty reality of rural vet practice. He gets trampled by a cow, tangles with an irate cat in the cab of a pickup, and delivers a calf while standing knee-deep in creek water. As he struggles to adjust, he reconnects with his family and... more
  • Dreams of Arcadia

    by Brian Porter

    Dreams of Arcadia is the story of Nate Holub, a Houston veterinarian with two teenage daughters. When Nate is offered a job in his late father’s hometown, he accepts, but he wonders if a city boy has what it takes to be a country vet. As he struggles to adjust, he reconnects with his family and learns that his father’s accidental death thirty years earlier was much more complicated than he realized. Nate probes the past, afraid of what he might find. He encounters a resen... more

  • Finding Home (Hungary, 1945)

    by dean cycon
    The war is over, but hatred has not surrendered. Eighteen-year-old Eva Fleiss clung to sanity during nine months in Auschwitz by playing piano on imaginary keyboards. After liberation, Eva and the five remaining Jews of Laszlo, Hungary, journey to their hometown, seeking to restart their lives. Yet the town that deported them is not ready to embrace their return. Their homes and businesses are legally in the hands of former neighbors and friends, who resist relinquishing their new-found we... more
  • Chance of a Lifetime

    by Robert Tucker
    With an entertaining blend of comedy and suspense, Chance of A Lifetime depicts a gold hunt that taps into the heart of a contemporary American family with humor and sensitivity. Burnt-out middle-aged geology professor Wilson Trebourne is fed up with the social, economic, and ecological blight of Southern California. Much to his family’s chagrin, he quits his job at the university, sells everything he owns, including their beautiful house in the suburbs, then gambles his entire life savings o... more
  • Antillia

    by Eric David Stanford
    A 16-year-old American boy goes to a Caribbean island planning revenge on his neglectful father, only to find himself entangled in a life-or-death conflict between his new girlfriend’s tycoon father and two outsiders bent on revenge—just as the biggest hurricane in decades heads toward their shores. Antillia is perfect for fans of young adult fiction who want a novel that isn’t weighted down with heavy messages but instead tells an entertaining story with a positive perspective on growing up.
  • Walking on Stones

    by Chris Handrahan

    The inseparable body and mind of all life. A novel about the consciousness of life and existence.

    An elapsed surrender of the past is regained, priorly wordless and unseen behind and in coincidence with an observation of it, and in the thinness of time putting a stop to a silent interruption of buried memories.
    In the mountains, the urge returns with an enthusiasm of impressions and the excitement of her visions pleading her back. There is hereditary... more

  • The Best I Can Do

    by John Branning
    In his latest collection, The Best I Can Do, award-winning humor writer John Branning includes essays, lists, comedic verse, lists, and more comedic verse. Also, a few more essays. As always, his humor is self-deprecating -- except for the times when he deprecates on others (rarely his wife and son, occasionally his cats, and quite frequently a certain former President). Among the topics covered in this delightful read, he explains diacritical marks in a way that doesn't clarify their use at ... more
  • Her Own Revolution

    by Debra BORCHERT
    A Woman Forges a Treacherous Path to Save Hundreds from the Guillotine If Geneviève Fouquier-Tinville had the same rights as a man, she wouldn’t have to dress like one, which she does to attend University—forbidden to women. By swearing her commitment to the revolution, she succeeds in convincing her father, the Public Prosecutor who condemns thousands to the guillotine, to hire her as a court clerk. But she intends to earn passage to join her lover, Henri, in America. Tasked with copying... more