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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Eighty Guns Afloat: The Suppression of the Slave Trade off the Coast of Africa

    by mike rogers
    FROM 1830 to 1850 both Great Britain and the United States, by joint convention, kept on the coast of Africa at least eighty guns afloat for the suppression of the slave trade. At this time the traffic in slaves was very brisk; the demand in the Brazils, in Cuba, and in other Spanish West Indies was urgent, and the profit of the business so great that two or three successful ventures would enrich any one. The slavers were generally small, handy craft; fast, of course; usually schooner- rigged... more
  • Jack's Tales

    by jim Westcott


    Meet Jack!

    He;s afraid that his basement is haunted. He's scared that there is a monster in the bay. He's nervous about the championship soccer game. But he's also determined to overcome his fears, even if it means serving pizza to a ghost.

    Jack's Tales isn't quite a chapter book. It's not exactly a short story collection either. It's Jack's Monster when Jack is age 8. It's Jack's Pizza Ghost when he's 9.. Then it's Jack... more

  • Persephone in Hell

    by C.F. Joyce
    Troubled teenage Glory imagines herself a mighty queen, but discovers in her 1968 Massachusetts town that even queens have to watch their heads as savages await. Glory and her family move from Boston city life to rural cow country where people have heard of Jews but never seen a real one. Persephone in Hell tells a coming of age tale about a girl who doesn’t understand why her sister won’t talk to her and even Mother Nature seems out to get her. She cries out to the gods for help. But nobody see... more
  • Kibble Talk

    by Cynthia Port
    Once Tawny decides to do something, there’s no holding her back. So when her best friend dares her to eat dog kibble, down it goes. Little does she know how that dusty, tasteless lump will change her life. Suddenly she can hear what dogs have to say and talk back to them too! This might not be such a big deal, except that her own dog, an enormous and cantankerous Great Dane, has a LOT to say. He lets her know right away that his fondest wish is to be a teeny tiny lap dog with all the accessories... more
  • Lexi Goes on Vacation to the Outer Banks

    by Janice Wills Kingsbury
    Ms. Janice and Mr. Rob have vacationed in the seashore town of Duck in North Carolina for 10 years. Duck is a friendly place with sandy beaches where children and dogs romp to their hearts content. This year Lexi, a new addition to their dog family, will come too. But the vacation will be like no other and as the sun sets on the beach it promises to be a long night, one the family will never forget!
  • Act Normal - And Don't Tell Anyone About The Dinosaur In The Garden: Read it yourself chapter books

    by Christian Darkin
    Jenny’s latest experiment has accidentally turned her chickens into dinosaurs. Her brother, Adam thinks this is great. He decides to feed the same experiment to some ostriches at a local farm. This isn’t going to end well, but Jenny is used to strange things happening in her life, and thinks the best move is to just ACT NORMAL...
  • She Only Speaks to Butterflies

    by Sandy Appleyard
    Her husband is dead. Her daughter does not speak. The town she’s raised her child in is being set aflame and nobody knows who or why. Sherry is alone, facing her worst fears while the town pulls together to keep everyone safe. She prays the culprit will be found before it’s too late, but her instincts predict otherwise. When a new face arrives in town, Sherry realizes she is not the only one who has lost, and more importantly, that there is much more she could lose.
  • Kidwise: the world according to Benjamin

    by Daniel Rosales
    These are the things my son Ben has said, since learning he could say things. Benjamin was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma 4-s at 2 months old; he spent his entire first year of life fighting this rare form of cancer. He didn't have the strength to talk until he was well into his 2nd year and walking came soon after. I do my best to listen to my son, as it was made clear to me there's no guarantee he'll be here tomorrow, or neither may I for that matter. We live life now, creating memories fo... more
  • Emma Von N.

    by Sheldon Cashdan
    A young girl arrives at the office of Sigmund Freud with symptoms that have baffled the best medical minds in Vienna. During a lengthy psychoanalysis, a mysterious dream surfaces that contributes to a cure although Freud, for reasons of his own, deliberately fails to pursue the dream's deeper meaning . The heroine, Emma, subsequently journeys to America to attend Vassar College, then returns to Vienna after graduation only to find herself in an arranged marriage. Her efforts to escape... more
  • Isecas The Dream Cat

    by Preston Squire
    Feeling out of place, bullied and alone, Sahar doesn't want to go to school anymore. When she's given an ancient Dream Cat, it shows her she's capable of more than she'd ever dreamed possible. Isecas The Dream Cat is a heart-warming tale about a young girl's struggle to adjust to life in a new school, in a new country. She's guided through a process of self-discovery, learning confidence and self-reliance by the mysterious and mystical Dream Cat known only as Isecas. An inspiring confide... more
  • Kabul Traffic

    by Sandra Khadhouri
    Kabul Traffic is a political drama set in Afghanistan, where to stand up for the right thing can get you fired, or even killed. Adam, a junior diplomat working for the British Embassy in 2008, is initially enthused to join the campaign against the drugs trade, taking part in dangerous raids and crossing paths with dejected addicts and angry poppy farmers. But he soon uncovers deep flaws in the strategy and unpalatable compromises, which shake his confidence in their ability to stamp out the drug... more
  • Absolute Mayhem

    by Kelly Suellentrop
    Lulu and Milo do their chores and follow the rules all week long. But what happens when Absolute Mayhem comes to play on the weekend? This rhyming read-a-loud children's book celebrates the fantasy and fun of imagination with vivid illustrations, while also subtly encouraging the need for order and balance. Children will love the adventurous mayhem Lulu and Milo find themselves in. And parents will appreciate the reminder of all things in moderation.
  • Flight of the Wren

    by Bowen Swersey
    When Norsemen first came to her remote village in Lapland, Hilja became an orphan. After studying with the tribe's Medicine Woman, Hilja returns home to find the entire village sacked. She embarks on an epic journey across Finland and Norway to free her tribe from slavery. Hilja's journey is set against the backdrop of the end of the Viking Age, when Christianity finally gains a foothold in Scandinavia. We also follow the coming of age of Cnut Sveinsson and Olav Haraldsson under the tutelage... more
  • When A Drone Strikes

    by Alex Castillo

    Annabella de la Cruz has it all. Beauty, riches and she is courted by countless governments and bachelors.  She's a world-famous gemologist and has a wealthy, playboy new client.

    But no one knows her secret.  She's really Alex Castillo, a CIA agent closing in on the terrorist responsible for her father's death in the 9/11 attacks.

    Until a drone strike takes away everything.

    Now haunted by PTSD, Alex returns to her small hometown where she works wit... more

  • Kolby Rae

    by Fritz Nordengren
    He’s unplugged and she’s connected. When they become lovers, it changes both of their lives for the better, until a journalist digs deeper into the past. As the public spotlight shines brightly on their relationship, they struggle with the public and private questions of who they are. She is Nashville singer-songwriter Kolby Rae, who wrote the best-selling country song of the last 20 years. The record label loved it so much, they told her to let another singer make it a hit. Nine million sales l... more
  • The Rogue Queen

    by Marcia Maxwell
    In the year of grace 1308 Isabelle of France marries Edward II of England, becoming his Queen Consort. She soon discovers, however, that the king is not the man of her dreams but rather an unstable, erratic individual who prefers digging ditches and thatching roofs to running the country, coupled with a dangerous obsession for greedy and ambitious male favorites who do not like sharing the king's favors. Isolated and powerless in the English Court, Isabelle struggles to protect herself and her c... more