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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Wealth of Jamestown

    by Barbara N. McLennan
    The Wealth of Jamestown follows the development of a new people and the birth of a nation. William Roscoe, a young Virginia planter and sheriff of Yorktown and Gloucester, and Sarah Harrison, seventeen-year-old daughter of one of Virginia’s wealthiest planters, are in love and engaged to be married. But Sarah’s father, Benjamin Harrison II, forces Sarah to break the engagement and marry James Blair, lobbyist, church bureaucrat and Commissary of the Church of England, with connections to the Boar... more
  • I Was A Champion Then

    by Christopher Paul Meyer
    Upon his death in 2012, Alfred A. Meyer left behind over 30,000 pages of unpublished writings going back to 1964. Most of the pages revolved around Meyer’s unfinished novel, but his son, writer Christopher Paul Meyer, also found twelve short stories buried in the stacks of papers. Featuring harsh moments and quiet victories, uncensored memories and poetic honesty, the stories explore race and class, childhood and cruelty, art and baseball. Edited and introduced by Christopher Paul Meyer, the sto... more
  • Viva Vivaldi: A Novella

    by Eusebius Clay
    On the surface, "Viva Vivaldi" is four short stories that are subtly connected: an insane murderer is haunted by the ghost of his best friend; a WWII fight pilot copes with the anxiety and the psychological element of aerial combat; a patient with OCD tries to overcome his obsessions, while facing a radical form of new treatment; and a young man who works in a dental office decides to take a backseat in life and watch the world go by. On another level, the book attempts to examine the human cond... more
  • I imagine . . .

    by M. L. Sanford
    A story of the minds struggle with loss and suffering. Survival may not be assured.
  • The Frozen Moose (a short story)

    by Lori Treloar

    Overwhelming circumstances convince Susan there is only one road left to take-- until her social worker friend calls and a foster home relationship is formed with a quadriplegic teenager.

  • Gobbles: Troubles with Turkeys

    by Naomi Lau
    In this light-hearted and silly picture book, a young boy named Jordan discovers that two wild turkeys follow his every step to school. Jordan is rightfully annoyed by the unrelenting gobbling, as he already has a lot on his mind. He attempts to lose and tolerate them, but then begins to understand this pair of turkeys in a different way, helping him overcome his day's troubles.
  • Revolution Rising: Book Two of the Tewkesbury Chronicles

    by Jo Gillespie
    Bloodied footprints in the snow attest to the perseverance of the Continental Army, steadfastly encamped at Valley Forge in the winter of 1778. As with the first book in the Tewkesbury Chronicles, When Revolution Calls, our heroes and heroines continue their sacrifice in the fight for liberty, exacting a toll that would turn their world upside down. In Revolution Rising, Rebecca White and Oliver Tewkesbury find each other again, but not under the best of circumstances. Revolution Rising is an ad... more
  • When Revolution Calls

    by Jo Gillespie
    Colonial New England is in revolt, not only against the British, but in many other aspects of life as well. Ardent patriot, Oliver Tewkesbury, unceasingly strives to answer the call to serve his fledgling country. The towns people of Granville, Connecticut send Oliver and two young local comrades off to join up with Washington's forces in New York. The enthusiastic patriots face unforeseen trials and an unanticipated fate, while Rebecca White faithfully awaits Oliver's return, knowing he is alr... more
  • Men Against Women

    by Laura McKinny
    Los Angeles, 1984: Morgan, a tough-minded cop and single mom, requests a transfer out of her sleepy suburban town to the gritty streets of Los Angeles. She lands at the 77th precinct, where she finds division and animosity between men and women on the force due to a secret club called Men Against Women (MAW). When Morgan is unceremoniously demoted to "report car" after she refuses to rat out a fellow male officer, she discovers a cover-up that could bring down MAW and change the face of the 77th... more
  • Nativity of a Devil

    by C.V. Ruisdael
    “Nativity of a Devil is a story of adventure, demons, time travel and the Seven Deadly Sins!” Each and every day that Virgil goes to school, he must endure the worst mockeries at the hands of his classmates. They call him a “Devil,” a “Little Satan,” and a variety of other names—all because of his strange appearance—all because the boy was born with two strange nubs coming out of his forehead. “I’m not a Devil!” Virgil shouts one morning, before lashing out on his classmates and erratica... more
  • Pretty Maids in a Row

    by Teri Kanefield
    A time travel adventure. Mattie from Los Angeles learns how it feels to walk in the shoes of Mary Queen of Scots. She discovers that being the pampered darling of the French court isn't all it's cracked up to be. While being kissed by a real prince has a certain appeal, and turning down the marriage proposal of a king can give a girl confidence, a young queen who does not learn to distinguish flattery from true friendship is bound to come to a tragic end.
  • Before I Let Go (Urban Soul)

    by Kimberly T. Matthews
    After waiting for what seemed like forever to get a marriage commitment from her fiancé, Micah Abraham's wedding day has finally arrived. Everything is set for her to have the wedding she'd always fantasized about, and has been fully paid for by her groom, Rossi Evans. There is only one thing wrong. . .Micah won't be there. Micah has long since reached the peak of her frustration. Unbeknownst to Rossi, he's already been dismissed, but instead of declining his proposal and breaking the engage... more
  • Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas

    by Linda Mansfield

    In "Stories for the 12 Days of Christmas, Linda Mansfield encourages you to find a little "me time" over the Christmas holidays to relax, put your feet up, and immerse yourself in some modern Christmas stories. They're short and they're realistic. Like your favorite Christmas memories, some of these stories may make you smile. They also might help you get into the Christmas spirit, remind you of the real reason for the season, and become a part of your Christmas traditions.

  • A Fool and Her Honey

    by Kimberly T. Matthews
    Candis has never been good at picking a suitable mate, enduring heartbreak after heartbreak. Coming to the conclusion that divine intervention would be best, she solicits God's help through a quick prayer, promising faithful church attendance in exchange for a good man. Only a fool like her would believe that her prayer has been answered when she meets and falls in love with SeanMichael, a man she's only communicated with through Facebook. Ignoring the warnings of her two best friends, Candis en... more
  • Spoonin'

    by Kimberly T. Matthews
    Kareese Watson should have listened to her family when they told her Sydney Christopher was far from husband material. Now she'd neck deep in a marriage that is anything but happy. While Kareese struggles to pay their bills, Sydney refuses to get off the couch and find full-time work. The only time the two seem to get along is when they are in bed spooning. Once she learns that good sex doesn't make a good marriage, will it be to late to escape with her sanity still intact?
  • Cocktails at Le Carmen

    by Isabelle Andover

    When job cuts at Chloe Saddler’s London communications firm result in an unexpected transfer to Paris, she finds herself leaving behind her friends, family, and boyfriend Scott to start a new life in the City of Light. Getting to grips with La Vie Parisienne and keeping a long-distance relationship afloat is not made any easier by the culture shock. Committing the odd French faux pas and inadvertently indulging in a few too many flirtations with her very sexy (and very taken) boss, Jean... more