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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Simple Kind of Man

    by Nathaniel C. Oliver
    A Simple Kind of Man is a novel of interlocking episodes detailing the lives of three generations of Alabama men named Douglas MacLemore: the first, an uneducated Depression-era farmer who is called to preach the Word of God; his son, "Junior," who rebels against his father by chasing after the secular pleasures of alcohol, violence, and women; and Junior's son "Dugz," a pierced and tattooed high school dropout who doesn't know what he wants, only that it is something that he cannot have. The s... more
  • Go to Liberty

    by Patricia Hilliard
    GO TO LIBERTY is a novel about a community’s effort to preserve a public park.
  • X-Novo

    by Ken Hagdal
    20#6 AD. Following the discovery of the genuine Dead Sea Scrolls, women learn it’s a tampered-with version of the Old Testament which was used to keep their foremothers in submission for nearly two millennia. Hilarity fails to ensue. After a first, scorned, attempt at enforcing the female-friendly precepts, the not-so-weaker gender ends up revolting and snatching the reins of the US administration from the callous hands of Patriarchy. Two novelties will be born out of their reforms towards a ... more
  • Sequence of Self

    by Don Balch
    January Winston, mother of two, escapes her troubled past through education and petty white collar crime. When she is brutally attacked in her own home, she finds strength in her children and must decide if she's better off with or without her partner-in-crime and his doomed schemes of revenge.
  • Chinese Rocks

    by Peter Baird
    In 2005, disenchanted with his middle class Canadian existence, Robert McDonnagh quits his job and moves to China to begin a career as an English teacher. Over the next 5 years against the backdrop of the Beijing Olympics, the blizzard of 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake and the 60th anniversary of the PRC, McDonnagh's journeys takes him from the ancient capital of Beijing to the booming Pearl River Delta to the jungles of Sichuan. In the process he discovers that not only is China not what he thou... more
  • Beyond the Cascade

    by A. H. Jessup
    In a compelling quest for a lost language, the brilliant, driven Suzannah Grant is thrust into adventures she had not counted on, and discoveries beyond her wildest imagining. The physical dangers of her trek into remote African mountains are surpassed only by the power of her discoveries about language, the human spirit, and the unbounded dimensions of her own nature.
  • Grandparents' Day

    by Tina Marie Kaht
    In this heartwarming story, a loving grandchild cares for her elderly grandparents as she fondly recalls how they did the same for her when she was younger. Simple drawings and elegant use of color combine with gentle rhyme to touch the hearts of parents and children alike. Learn to cherish the memories we make with our family members, young and old.
  • Dress Up Day

    by Tina Marie Kaht

    Come with us as we dress up. Be a princess, pilot, or chef. Maybe you think a policeman is best. Farm the land, sing in a band, or fight fires like a fireman. See a teacher, a doctor, an artist, too, and learn about the jobs they do. Bright, colorful illustrations combine with fun rhyme to fill children’s dreams with beautiful possibilities. Bring your sashes, glasses, and fake mustaches!

  • Scions of the Aegean C, Descent into the Wilds

    by Terry L. Craig

    Fifteen minutes into their journey, the spacecraft christened Aegean C suffers catastrophic damage with nearly 2,000 people aboard. The craft reenters the atmosphere and crashes on a plateau above a steaming jungle. Passengers soon realize that they’re not on the same world they left — that they’ve either catapulted through time, or come to a different planet altogether.  A century later, life on the “Aegean Plateau” contains little technology, but has moved... more

  • Invective

    by Andy Owen
    Ismael narrates the story of how he has come to end up lying, injured, in a compound on the Afghanistan border after a drone strike, life draining away. The story unfolds towards the present, as he thinks back across his journey from a suburb of Birmingham, where he was brought up, to pray circles in the city run by a charismatic individual who leads the small group Ismael joins, to Dubai, on to Karachi, and then to the mountains, to meet the fabled White Sheik. This journey begins with the disc... more
  • The First is the Worst: The Adventures of Emily Funderbunk #2 (Volume 2)

    by K.S. Fish
    First times are scary for Emily Funderbunk. In fact, they're the worst! Join Emily and Grandpa Fred as they embark on a day filled with first times. What will Emily do?
  • Turtle Soup: The Adventures of Emily Funderbunk

    by K.S. Fish
    Emily Funderbunk is six years old and has been given the responsibility of making her grandfather his favorite soup. The only problem is the main ingredient has other ideas!
  • Bing & Nero: Boy+Robot=Fun

    by I.L. Williams
    Share a day with an inventive young boy in a story that celebrates creativity, friendship and fun. Bing wants a dog. But his mother says a dog is out of the question. What´s a young boy in need of a friend to play with on a boring Saturday morning to do? Why, make his own friend! And what a friend his new creation is! The product of Bing´s rich imagination and household junk from the basement, Nero is a metallic wonder. From the moment he is switched on, the house is filled with fun! And whe... more
  • Twilight in the City of Angels

    by Chris Ahrens
    Los Angeles 1945-1969 When the train ran over Jose’s head, he miraculously survived, but was left with a deep dent in his forehead, a joyous disposition and a belief in Jose Cuervo Tequila, because he was drinking it at the time; Our Lady of Guadalupe, because of the medal around his neck, and The Union Pacific Railroad, because it had spared his life–his own personal trinity. \tOnce Jose’s spirituality is combined with that of his sorceress Native American wife Soridtha, the two unite to fi... more
  • Overlords Karma; Miami's Urban Chronicles; Volume 1

    by Thomas Barr Jr.
    Overlords Karma; Miami's Urban Chronicles; Volume I, an urban literary fiction portrays a biopic of the career of African-American politician; Arthur E. Teele; set in Miami's Overtown community. A Miami city commissioner commits suicide, after being overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations he faced as a professional minority which are comparably different from his non minority counterparts. For the main character; Anthony "Amp" Tate his desire to fit in leads to his detriment as a leader of hi... more
  • Chicano

    by Sheila O'Malley
    The journey of a lifetime takes a young boy from his home in Naco, Mexico, up the San Pedro River, through the Arizona desert, all the way to Aspen, Colorado and then back to his hometown. It is also his journey of becoming "Chicano"