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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Men of the Cross (Battle Scars)

    by Charlene Newcomb
    Two young knights’ journey to war at Richard the Lionheart’s side sweeps them from England to the Holy Land in this historical adventure set against the backdrop of the Third Crusade. Henry de Grey leaves Southampton in high spirits, strong in his faith and passionate about the mission to take Jerusalem back from Saladin’s army. Stephan l’Aigle’s prowess on the battlefield is well known, as are his exploits in the arms of other men. He prizes duty, honour and loyalty to his king above all el... more
  • One Man Three Women

    by Peter Jorgensen
    Read this if you want an insight into how men think about relationships, love and the challenge of being honest toward yourself and those close to you. Inspired by Pouline Middleton’s novel “One Woman Three Men” about Elizabeth seeking three men, 48-year-old Christian decides to find himself three women to fulfill his different wishes: An exotic type, a soulmate and a young, wild-at-heart woman. The novel “One Man Three Women” is an account of his experiences. Christian starts dating and m... more

    by Kate MacHugh
    Tormented, dives deep in to the teenage psyche and exposes the gruesome underbelly of high school life. We all have something that torments us; bullies, secrets, lies. What if you have all three? Kelly Peters fights fiercely against her demons. The question is; will she win?
  • Juliette and the Monday ManDates

    by Becky Doughty
    Juliette Gustafson is heart-broken after waiting nearly ten years for a proposal from her boyfriend that never came. Determining she isn’t “getting over Mike” quickly enough, her three younger sisters come up with The Monday ManDates; an intervention plan requiring Juliette to endure what turns out to be a series of remarkably disastrous blind dates. Between TheraPaul, Frisky Frank, TAZ the rock star, and the stoic Tim Larsen, the Monday ManDates are doomed from the start. Then there’s Victor Ja... more
  • Waters Fall

    by Becky Doughty
    The anatomy of an affair. The price of forgiveness. The beauty of grace. Jake doesn’t remember what it means to be a champion. Nora doesn’t know how much longer she can tread water before she goes under. Their fairytale marriage is hurtling toward a tragic end. Then Tristan sweeps in—all feelings and fire and freedom—and Nora is carried out to where the waters flow fast and deep. Nora knows she’s risking far more than just her heart…. When it all comes crashing down, Jake and Nora ar... more
  • Elderberry Croft: The Complete Collection

    by Becky Doughty
    The Coach House Trailer Park is the last stop down the road of life for most of its residents. But a new girl sweeps into the neighborhood, charming them all with her wild nature, her elderberry gifts, and her outrageous laughter. What brings the mysterious Willow Goodhope of ELDERBERRY CROFT to this dead end place? From what—or whom—is she hiding? ELDERBERRY CROFT is the tale of one woman’s journey toward HOPE and HEALING, and the people whose lives she transforms along the way.
  • The Canoe

    by Michelle Baker
    Set over the course of ten days in 1912, this poetic portrait of love and loss follows two simultaneous stories: the coming of age of Bernie Kingston, teenage son of a coffin maker who lives along the Chesapeake Bay and the voyage of Katherine Chambers, a middle-aged Englishwoman leaving home for the first time as she seeks to recover from the loss of her husband and son. Written in a diary format, their parallel journeys are told against the backdrop of the Titanic disaster and the communities ... more
  • A Glimpse from Christmas Past

    by Daniel C Donahue
    It's a story of a young father who while doing some last minute shopping, one snowy Christmas Eve, has a magical experience. He carefully turns a corner to look upon a scene through as shop window of a little girl getting onto Santa's lap. He begins to reminisce of a time with his own children and when he was younger doing much of the same things. Then as the little girl hops off of Santa's lap he makes eye contact and they are both immediately taken back in time to a moment they both had sh... more
  • Puddles or Lunch?

    by Anna Makonin
    A fun story about a child dinosaur having far too much fun messing about and then expecting lunch. The story centres around how the little dinosaur figures out how to get clean. A lighthearted story containing many fun repetitions that encourage audience participation. Suitable for children 4 years and older.
  • Josh's Wall

    by Cliff Ashpaugh
    Joshua Crass wishes to teach his son the truth of his youth and prepare Michael for an upcoming disaster in the form of an autobiographical memoir. He leaves the book beside his sleeping son in bed, but Michael is awake. He reads his father's story through the night to discover that sometimes our choices make us, sometimes they break us, and sometimes, as in Joshua's case, they do both.
  • Deadly Little Secrets

    by Marla Miller
    The year, 1985. AIDS high school sex education course in center of adult suspense suited for Y/A readers. A lifelong friendship is tested when one discovers secrets the other has kept in fast-paced story about AIDS' darkest days. Political ambition, stigma, dependency and lust drive this tale that includes heroes; some of them are teens. Deadly Little Secrets is set in a fictional conservative Orange County California coastal community. Readers who enjoy hospital dramas might find this story a... more
  • When I Was Punk

    by Michael J. Malone
    Teen runaway Fluke Crowley is fast on his feet--key to surviving Alphabet City’s cruel streets in 2001. Fluke steals a messenger bag from a guy in a lower Manhattan restaurant, which holds the crude manuscript of the man’s life story: Conrad D’s descent into drug treatment, his stormy relationship, his love for Jack Kerouac. Fluke notes the strange coincidences in their vastly different lives, and his and Conrad’s paths eventually, inevitably and unforgettably cross—learning about each other, th... more
  • Looking For Mr. Or Mrs. Right

    by Roselaine (Ros) Joseph

    What inspired me to write this book is not only because I'm a divorcée who made some bad decisions and mistakes in the past. I wrote this book because divorce rates are very high and so many are heartbroken that I truly believe we could have avoided it. In this book, I share some of my bad experiences and decisions that I made in the past. I also share some experiences that others have gone through. I'm convinced that we can lower the divorce rate and broken homes. I feel that ... more

  • Nightmare

    by Roselaine Joseph

    Nightmare is a fiction story base on everyday life for parents, teenagers, and young adults. David encounters his nightmare simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because of David reputation growing up in his neighborhood, he ended up on the most wanted criminal list after he was caught running from the crime scene. Now, David is on the run for his life, the cops, and the real killer. What makes it unique is although the book is fiction everyone can relate to some of the true l... more

  • The Lion Trees: Part Two: Awakening

    by Owen Thomas
    What happens when you get the life you aim for and it hurts like hell? The Johns family is unraveling. Hollis, a retired Ohio banker, isolates himself in esoteric hobbies and a dangerous flirtation with a colleague’s daughter. Susan, his wife of forty years, risks everything for a second chance at who she might have become. David, their eldest, thrashes to stay afloat as his teaching career capsizes in a storm of accusations involving a missing student and the legacy of Christopher Columbus. ... more
  • The Deep End

    by J.M. Kearns

    In this debut novel, J.M. Kearns probes the attachments that can either tear us apart or make us whole—attachments to nightmarish day jobs, to family members who don’t always understand us, to childhood places that we can’t return to—and to the lover right in front of us that we resist truly knowing.

    Dave Moore, 41, is doing just great at all the things he never wanted to do, like living in L.A. and slaving at a giant law firm while his creative dream nears its e... more