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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Shaky Man

    by Mark S. Parker
    Stay away from Shaky Man. Every kid in the small town of Tonkaway, Texas, knows that. He eats little kids, murdered his wife, and mistreats his dogs, to boot. That’s what they say, anyway. Top doesn’t entirely know what to think about the rumors. He’s too busy settling into his new home, playing baseball, and making friends—like Mickey, a black boy who soon becomes his best friend of all. Everything changes when a shocking murder turns the town, along with Top and Mickey’s lives, upside down. N... more
  • Battle at Bogs Hollow

    by Sheri-Lynn Kenny
    This story is about three friends: a frog, a fish, and a turtle. One day their home is invaded by humans with big, yellow, mechanical monsters. The three friends do their best to save their home with some inventive countermeasures. This is a wonderful story that focuses on friendship, human impact on the environment, environmental stewardship and sustainability. Great for ages three to nine.
  • Madame Noel

    by jacques magloire
    FORWARD and brief synopsis: Madame Noel, A Novel by Jacques Magloire New York, 2014 "Only two weeks ago I was a happy mother and wife in my own house, my own bedroom with a view of the Citadel, and my own chicken running free in my backyard…now I have this. But I must do what I can for my children. God give me strength," said Madame Noël, at her debut at the open market. Of course, she was referring to the new career she was forced to embark on selling embroidered drapes and pillowcases. H... more
  • Singing Lizards

    by Evadeen Brickwood
    Bridget Reinhold is not exactly the adventurous type, but when her sister Claire disappears in Southern Africa, nothing can keep her in England. Bridget launches herself into the search in Botswana and hits one obstacle after the other. Not all the distractions are entirely unpleasant, but soon, her mission is plunged into turmoil as everything seems to be going wrong. Just coincidence or is there something not so normal at work?
  • The Mind of an American Revolutionary

    by Jon Foyt

    A surprising Historical Novel about one of the Lesser Known but Equally Important Founding Fathers who played a Vital Role in Financing the American Revolution with his own funds and yet ended up in Debtor’s Prison.

    Real Men may eat quiche, but do real men do Talk Therapy?    

    That is the question Jon Foyt’s historical novel asks—and answers—in “The Mind of an American Revolutionary,” the life and motivations of one of the lesser ... more

  • Tropical Lies

    by David Myles Robinson
    Pancho McMartin, Honolulu's colorful, unpredictable and successful criminal defense attorney will soon take on a client charged with the most brutal, high profile murder in Hawaii's history. Pancho's client is a former mercenary, accused of the brutal murder of the man who was once Honolulu's most sought-after investment counselor. As the case unfolds and the lies are exposed, the evidence against Pancho's client is overwhelming and Pancho, now desperate, must find a way to prove his client's in... more
  • Tropical Judgments

    by David Myles Robinson
    Pancho McMartin is back! After one of Hawaii’s most beloved celebrities is murdered, Pancho gets an unexpected call from Judge Makena, the administrative judge. The good judge, short of court appointed attorneys, wants Pancho to represent a young, homeless black man, Jackson Steele, accused of the murder. But not only has the famously tolerant Aloha State erupted in racial tensions at outrage over the loss of Hawaii’s iconic performer, the evidence against Jackson is compelling. As Pancho reluct... more
  • Wilson (Volume I)

    by Bean Bael
    Wilson lives with his mother and father in a small town on the West Coast. He enjoys his summers attending parties and hanging out with friends. But when an eccentric baker from London moves into town, things start to go awry. After a run in with the law, Wilson's indebted to a girl who won't leave him alone. He must escape her and the baker to find peace in his summer again.
  • Addison's Starfish Adventure

    by Mike Mooney
    This book is about a young girl from New England that loves Summer, going to the ocean, and finding Starfish! She teaches children about patience, listening to their parents, and protecting Starfish by leaving them in their natural habitat. As you walk along the beach (page-by-page) looking for starfish with your child, you will find some unique starfish facts scattered about. You and your child will also get the 3- Step Secret To Finding Starfish! This is sure to put a smile on your childre... more
  • Writer's Block

    by ankita Kapoor
    Plot Synopsis- Title the book: ‘Writer’s Block’ ‘Writer’s Block” is a story of obstacles faced by a young girl, who is as bitchy as her brains could allow but her traditional publication couldn’t let. She is sensitive, hardworking and intelligent far beyond her small town standards and has potential to charm you with her PHD in excellence per se in bitchiness!! Aarohi has just switched her job. From being a talented vibrant Arts Coordinator in a metropolitan city, New Delhi to an insecure jo... more
  • Alligator Creek

    by Lottie Guttry
    On a foggy spring morning in 1862, Sarah Browning watches a train leave Lake City, Florida, heading northeast and full of Confederate soldiers. On board is her husband, Alex, crowded into a boxcar with fellow recruits and imagining the terrors awaiting him in Manassas, Gettysburg, Olustee, and the Wilderness. With Alex on the battlefield, Sarah uses her wit and Christian faith to sustain her family through innumerable hardships, made all the more threatening without the comfort of her husband. ... more
  • Hopeless Reign (The Knight Heir Series) (Volume 1)

    by Dove Winters
    Ginny doesn't want to be queen. Known as the mead-loving, trouble-making princess of Newrock, all she wants is for her beloved little brother to marry, so he can assume the throne and she can disappear. But when tragedy befalls her kingdom and pushes the crown into her hands, she's forced to face her worst nightmare. Surrounded by betrayal and the threat of death, her only thought is to save her little brother--even if it means giving herself over to the enemy.
  • Nola the Nurse Remembers Hurricane Katrina

    by Scharmaine Baker
    In this special edition to the Nola The Nurse, She's On The Go series: Nola remembers the story of Hurricane Katrina as her mother, Dr. Eden NP, told it to her. Nola vividly shares the details of the worst natural disaster to ever hit the United States. Her dolls and other toys are instantly transformed into Nola's account of the storm as she tells the story of how her mother and Dr. Baker, both nurse practitioners, came back to New Orleans to provide care to many storm victims.
  • Nola The Nurse: She's On The Go (Volume 1)

    by Scharmaine Baker
    Nola the Nurse is a great book for young children to read, even those who don't know what they want to be when they grow up. Young children will definitely like this story, and I hope this book ends up in children's bookstores and many schools. I really liked this book because Dr. Baker wrote it to be culturally sensitive to African-American nurses, which is also why it is a great book for young children because teaching them to be culturally sensitive at a young age is very important.
  • Samantha Smartypants and the Slippery Slope

    by Barbara Puccia
    Samantha is a very smart third grader who's not too sure of herself and not very coordinated. When her teacher gives out discount flyers for Devil's Drop ski resort, she starts to panic. Skiing sounds way too scary and the popular kids already know how to ski. Samantha keeps wiping out in her lessons, while the other kids never seem to fall. When Samantha spots Sophia, a student with cerebral palsy, skiing down the mountain in an adaptive ski chair, her ideas about what she can accomplish are tu... more
  • Falling on the Bright Side

    by Michael Gray

    Larry works in an Albuquerque nursing home and like many of its residents he is not thrilled to be at this last-stop warehouse for old folks.  Trained as a counselor, he hardly notices the human spirit flowing around him until he meets Bill Foster.  Bill, a successful clinical psychologist, is lying comatose after a left hemisphere stroke, as Philip Cook, one of his oldest patients, leans over the hospital bed listening intently to his inarticulate attempts to speak.

    Through P... more