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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Terriers in the Jungle

    by Georja Umano

    Small and clever California street dogs, Roxie and Romeo, get adopted by a wildlife conservationist. The two adore each other, their home, and their mom Kate. But Kate decides the family will move to Kenya to help save endangered elephants. The dogs must now learn to survive in the midst of wildlife, dangerous people, and challenging circumstances. Told in their own words and based on real-life experiences.

  • Leah's Legacy

    by Cara Skinner
    The week before her graduation from the University of Texas, Caitlin Rhodes goes with her mother, Leslie, to the small community of Friendship to clean its little country church for her family's annual Memorial Day celebration. While cleaning the pulpit, she makes a startling discovery; an ancient scroll that provides a totally new perspective on the life and teachings of Jesus. This fantastic discovery soon leads Caitlin and Kyle, her boyfriend, on an exciting and dangerous adventure throug... more
  • Sparrow

    by Brian Kindall

    Timothy Sperling is left behind with his morose uncle while his parents are off on an expedition to avert an environmental crisis. Missing them terribly, he makes a wish on a shooting star that ends up in disaster - a snowstorm that won't stop! Along with his friends the sparrows, Tim teams up with a wise explorer to attempt the impossible task of stopping the snow.

  • John the Angelic: A Chronicle of Pope Joan

    by A.P. Andes
    Set in the ninth century, John the Angelic, Volume I of A.P. Andes’ genre-bending quartet, The Latecoming West, explores one of history’s most egregious omissions, excised from the record with cold precision: the brilliant, willful woman, Pope Joan. After her father's murder and the loss of their home at sixteen, she adopts the dress and mannerisms of a young man to enter the monastic life, meeting in the process a count who will become her mentor, lover, and closest companion. The book and the... more
  • The Freed Church Boy

    by Lloyd Johnson
    Caught in a mid-life crisis, Lawrence Greene finds himself abandoned by his family and burned by his faith. However, when his religious mother returns, begging for reconciliation, can Lawrence find it in his heart to forgive her, and heal his spiritual wounds? And when an opportunity for a relationship comes knocking, will he feel worthy of a chance at love with the man of his dreams?
  • Imani's Undersea Adventure

    by T. M. Jackson
    Discover an ocean of Black History with Imani! Imani doesn't like sharks. They have big mouths, filled with big teeth, perfect for eating small children like her. But when Grandpapa takes Imani to the aquarium, she learns about marine biologists and scuba divers - clever people who study and swim with sharks! As Imani discovers the treasures of the deep, she realizes that the ocean is not always a scary place. And it turns out the seabed holds other secrets too... This fun educ... more
  • Koa the Crocodile

    by Grace Mellis
    Join Koa the Crocodile on his journey to realize his dream of hopping like his favorite animal, the kangaroo. He overcomes significant obstacles driven by his own self belief and hard work and achieves his dream and makes a new friend along the way.
  • Unicorn Blue And The Caradoodle Quest

    by CATitus
    Unicorn Blue has just been born and is clueless. How will she learn to be an epic unicorn let alone find her Caradoodle? Kind-hearted and keen General Mahoo’s top notch instructors will guide her on her quest to become the unicorn she was meant to be and find her kindred spirit child. Captain Jay and Lieutenant Luk will charm readers with their gentle humor and quiet wisdom as they prepare Unicorn Blue for her encounters with devious leprechaun Shamus, mischievous donkeys and elusive Carad... more
  • Zoo to the Rescue

    by John Russell Kerdolff
    What is a city to do when their bridge is covered in goo? Why not call the zoo!? Will the animals get there in time? How will these creatures use their unique features? Luckily, this wild construction crew is ready for a fiery rescue!
  • The Always Already

    by Braulio Muñoz
    The planet is suffering. All over the world humans are forcing nature to bend to their desires. If they continue with their ways, the planet will die. Up in The Highlands the Oca, a people of great knowledge and power, see the devastation and want to know whether humans deserve saving. They send one of their own into The Land, the place where humans are most adamant in using knowledge for controlling nature. Kukuli, a dark and beautiful young woman, is given the fateful task.
  • Mother's Love

    by Diana Aleksandrova
    Mother’s Love is a lyrical celebration of the unconditional bond every mother has with her child. Written from the point of view of ten different animal moms, ranging from elephants to eagles it depicts the various sides of motherhood, including joy, resilience, and sacrifice.
  • The Big Empty

    by Loren C.Steffy
    When Trace Malloy and Blaine Witherspoon collide on a desolate West Texas highway, their fender bender sets the tone for escalating clashes that will determine the future of the town of Conquistador. Malloy, a ranch manager and lifelong cowboy, knows that his occupation—and his community—are dying. He wants new- millennium opportunities for his son, even though he himself failed to summon the courage to leave familiar touchstones behind. Witherspoon, an ambitious, Lexus-driving techie, offers ... more
  • A Revolution of the Mind

    by MV Perry
    A Revolution of the Mind is a seething, honest, revelatory account of a life caught inside mental illness, set in a society where mental illness faces multiple layers of neglect—in family life, in social life, and in our systems of political economy and punishment. Set in modern-day Chicago, A Revolution of the Mind is both an unprecedented contribution to the literary canon on serious mental illness and an exigent, timely clarion call for social action about the welfare and treatment of people ... more
  • The Imperfectly Perfect Puppy: The Unbeatable Spirit of Trixie the Bernese Mountain Dog

    by Joann Neve
    Trixie was the smallest puppy in the litter. She was the smallest Bernese Mountain dog you would ever see. She was curious and loved being with her littermates. As she grew, it became clear that there was something wrong…she was blind! Trixie found it hard, but over time, she learned to live her life with a bouncy happiness that would never waiver. Trixie learned to find her brothers and sisters by sound and enjoyed every moment with them and her owner. One day, her sight returned. As Trixie gre... more
  • make believe

    by Tom Epperson

    Make Believe is a light-hearted love story, set in the cynical, cutthroat world of Hollywood.  Dustin Prewitt is a handsome screenwriter with a taste for women, money, big houses, and hot cars.  His life is turned upside-down after Laura Keene, his beautiful but crazy movie star wife, apparently commits suicide by drowning herself in the ocean.  But Dustin's not exactly broken-hearted, because Laura comes from one of the richest families in America, which... more

  • The Mary Jane Gambit

    by Sam B. Waite

    Can crypto currencies threaten the all-mighty dollar? A privately held U.S. banking chain aims to use a marijuana stable coin to do exactly that. It faces reprisals from U.S. authorities until a lithium cartel backed by China raises a challenge that forces foes into uneasy friendships. The dollar’s role as the primary currency for international reserves and invoicing gives the nation extraordinary advantage in the global economy, including its ability to impose economic sanctions for po... more