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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Footprints on the Heart

    by Jean Naggar
    Driven by a mother's sacrifice to save her daughter from abuse and a lifetime of poverty, deprivation and neglect, FOOTPRINTS ON THE HEART unwinds an epic tale of love, loss and exile in the lives of unforgettable characters as they navigate the turbulence of their lives against a backdrop of powerful world events. Connected by circumstance and destiny, the lives of a celebrity model in New York, a goatherd from the upper Nile valley, and a young Jew cast out of his native land, set off a n int... more
  • A Walk In Ola's Shoes (Adventures in Ola’s Shoes Series)

    by Victoria Deodato

    Join forces with Ola to build a future that is brighter and more sustainable for all.

    From the time Ola was little, her parents would say, “Our Ola will change the world one day.”

    Ola has always had an overwhelming desire to help animals. From injured bats to stray cats, her love of all creatures knows no bounds. Even simple family strolls can turn into rescue missions, and her beloved dog, Gordy, is always by her side.
    ... more

  • Sins of the Father (Sister Christian Book 2)

    by Lisa Beth Darling

    The Rain.

    To Hannah it seems it never stops raining.

    The droplets on the window pane blur the lines between fantasy and reality, just as the items that won't stop coming to the door make those between past & present nonexistent.

    Struggling between the darkness in her mind and the pain in her recovering body the agonizing truth of those dark family secrets comes to light.

    It’s up to Mason, and his unconventional methods to help Hannah con... more

  • The Long Redemption

    by David Olson
    Synopsis The Long Redemption Nearly everyone has something they regret doing as a teenager. The depth of this regret and the ways one deals with it in their later years is the theme of my novel "The Long Redemption". Three of my four main characters live with their past transgressions. Each of the three takes a different tact when dealing with them. Elmer Hedges, my protagonist, is racked with guilt over his helping to cover up the murder of one of his high school classmates. He holds... more
  • Ambition, Arrogance & Pride: Families & Rivals in 18th Century Salem

    by Sandra Wagner-Wright
    Three Weddings – Two Rival Families In 1735 Richard Derby, a ship’s master in colonial Salem, Massachusetts, married Mary Hodges, a merchant’s daughter. The alliance was good business, and Mary Hodges was a willing bride. Richard prospered, retired from the sea, and founded his own merchant house. With one exception, Richard’s sons went to sea. Hasket Derby stayed ashore, learning to manage the trading network his father built. George Crowninshield was the youngest of four brothers. Three ... more
  • Island of Berbertato

    by Navsky
    Bermuda, the sea creature, takes shelter in a dank cave finding a plentiful supply of food and water. He submerges to the squawking of birds like no other he has ever seen. Beautiful to the eyes, with voices like cool springs, Bermuda understands how he came to be half sea creature, half turtle before making his way. Short Fiction, Short Story
  • Life's No Substitute For Dreaming

    by Rick Sanford

    Life's No Substitute For Dreaming is a novella which presents the detailed journey of two young artists as they experience the difficult birth of the 21st century. Expressive and poetic, with subtle humor throughout, the story chronicles the past as it considers the future.

  • Always Orchid

    by Carol VanDenHende
    He almost let her go. Her past could tear them apart. But a love like theirs is worth fighting for… Phoenix Walker will never be the same. Nine months after a heroic act leaves him forever changed, he refuses to hurt Orchid Paige ever again. Orchid is ready to forgive. Convincing her guy she still loves him, no matter his injuries, she works to rebuild their intimacy. But their move to her family’s ancestral country unveils China’s superstitions against people with disabilities. Worse, their f... more
  • Boo-Boo The Shih Tzu

    by Michelle Blanshei
    Ever meet an adorable puppy that is so bad? Boo-Boo the shih tzu is a mischievous silly puppy. Boo-Boo wants to explore the world but is constantly getting into trouble and his mom and dad are always saying Boo-Boo NO!! Boo-Boo will steal your heart with his sweet disposition, big brown eyes, wagging tail, big personality, and sense of adventure. Boo-Boo the Shih Tzu- Boo-Boo No!, is a wonderful, charming story of a not so perfect puppy.
  • A Day at the Pool

    by Alicia Humphries
    A group of kids head to the pool for fun in the sun. They experience adventure, skills and thrills. Each has a grand time and everything is fine. What they learn is that fun creates a bond.
  • Aspdol 100 Mg All About Information

    by adam36 gill
    Aspadol 100mg: What is it? Due to its dual mode of action as both an agonist of the mu-opioid receptor and a norepinephrine reuptake blocker (NRI), Aspadol 100mg tab (tapentadol 100mg) tablet functions as both a painkiller and an opioid pain reliever. Since it is not a pro-drug, the therapeutic effects it has on the body are not based on metabolism. Aspadol is a medication that is use to treat medium to severe pain. It is believe... more
  • The Magic Snow Globe

    by Veronica Taylor
    Synopsis: Blaire Parker and her younger brother, Jake, have just moved to Los Angeles with their parents. Although they are less than thrilled to be in their new home, Blaire and Jake try to make the best of it. A few days later while on a trip to a local mall, Jake spots a snow globe--even though it is in the middle of summer. Even more unusual, the snow globe has no snow--only miniature candy charms, lollipops, and Twizzlers. After they purchase the globe, it mysteriously begins to glow and ev... more
  • Gin and Sin: A Self-Indulgent Supernatural Satire

    by Scott Wheeler
    SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TEXAS. In this lovely remote paradise, heralded as a Spring Break mecca where just about anything goes; from beachcombing and barhopping to watching the next launch of an Elon Musk rocket into outer space, rumor has it Donald Trump is coming to town. For an immortal being like Gin, a beautiful pirate who welcomes all at her table; a seductress who has outwitted historical kingpins; a smooth operator who helped establish the so-called Deep State to keep the world on the right... more
  • Stone: A Nostalgic Journey through the Mind of a Simple Man

    by Angel Gonzal
    Meet Stone Softley. A man with many traits but only one goal in mind – his family’s happiness and wellbeing. During the course of one ordinary day, a series of events triggered his curiosity about life and existence. Reflecting on both his blissful past and uncertain future, he took a journey back to unbelievable places and met some very fascinating people along the way.
  • A Moment/It Happened: A Path through Timeless Happiness

    by Angel Gonzal
    Sometimes, we are faced with inexplicable events and impossible situations. That’s what happened to a young woman during what seemed like a regular lunch break but turned out to be much more than she expected. Time itself is questioned and reality becomes an illusion. It’s up to her to figure things out; to put her life back in perspective. The people she meets and the path she takes lead her to an unfathomable journey of bliss that gives her the answer to the most profound question humans have... more
  • Dog Readers: Level 1 The Cavalier Book: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Early Reader

    by Lucy Simon
    The Cavalier Book is the first book from Lucy Simon's Dog Readers: Level 1 series. It is a trio of dog-themed stories designed for early readers at the C/D guided reading level. In the first story, readers learn about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed. The next story follows a day in the life of a cavalier. In the final story, readers practice identifying the names for colors with more playful cavaliers. This high-interest series is ideal for a wide range of beginning readers, from those ... more