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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Thirty Below

    by Harry Groome
    Carrie Ritter runs away to the wilds of Alaska with Bart McFee, a manly yet gentle fugitive from society, to escape her repetitive life in southern California where she has experienced one too many failed relationships. A harrowing plane ride and dog-sled trek later Carrie is shocked when she arrives at a tiny, wood-heated cabin with an outhouse set a daunting distance away amid a waist-high October snowfall. She finds surviving in her new world bewildering and uncomfortable as she is forced to ... more
  • The Keys of the Watchmen

    by Kathleen C. Perrin
    During a tourist trip to Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France, 17-year-old Katelyn Michaels is confronted by two unusual young men, one who insists she is there to save the mount, and the other who will stop at nothing, even murder, to prevent her from fulfilling her destiny.
  • The Autumn Crush

    by Andrew Eustace Anselmi
    “For his debut, Anselmi has written an ambitious and downright old-fashioned novel.” —Kirkus Reviews “In a dramatic novel exploring the cost of assimilation … Anselmi examines grand themes of family, loyalty, wealth, and devotion in a promising plot that reveals the hardships and triumphs of twentieth-century immigrants.” —Clarion Review “An epic story of pursuing the great American dream … Rich character development and lots of surprises kept me flipping the pages as fast as my eyes could rea... more
  • Rungle In The Jungle

    by Robert Logan Rogers
    A children's story about the three main characters who have decided to have a race with all the jungle animals as participants. The three of them invite all their friends and the excitement builds. Just when they think they have found all the runners, across the lake, is the snake. In his adversarial role, he plays with their minds creating fear in each of their thoughts. Except for Tim the tiger, and Josh the Jaguar, who ignore the snake, the animals let fear dominate. The two go on to win the ... more
  • The Liberation of Ravenna Morton

    by Suzanne Jenkins
    Ravenna Morton is an American Indian woman living a very old-fashioned life in a primitive cabin at the edge of the Kalamazoo River. Facing modern problems when her lifelong affair with a Greek artist is closely examined by their children after a child she gave up for adoption dies, The Liberation of Ravenna Morton captures the small-town dynamic of a family’s private secrets being exposed to the world. A poignant look at the melding of two Americanized cultures observed under a microscope.
  • Could You Ever Love a Witch?

    by Danielle Elison Webb
    Based on the award-winning children’s song, “Could You Ever Love a Witch?” is a charming tale about finding love in unexpected places. Filled with humorous illustrations and a surprise ending, this picture book will delight children ages 4-8 (and grown-up kids, too!). The book comes with a free digital download of the song.
  • Background Noise

    by Peter DeMarco

    Disaffected suburbanite Henry Walker is on a one-man mission to clean up his town. But is he a popular hero or an enemy of the people? BACKGROUND NOISE charts a young man’s descent from dreams of stardom to fantasies of revenge. As Henry immerses himself in his past, memories become guilt, guilt becomes obsession, until violence is the only logical response.

  • Woods Runner, Massacre at Schenectady 1690

    by Rejean Giguere
    Hatchets swung up and down. Blood spattered across the snow. Flames shot up from the burning buildings, sending sparks spiraling up into the darkness. Indian war cries split the night, sending shivers up the spines of attackers and victims. One man, Jean Baptiste Giguere, stood in the middle of the chaos, questioning his role in the mayhem, his loyalties torn between the country who claimed this land, and his attachment to the new land itself. Before there was Canada or America, there wa... more
  • Who Gathers the Breeze

    by David Vigoda
    What do romantic love and big business have in common? They were the two big social innovations of the fourteenth century and haven’t changed essentially since then; but how differently we live with them now! Margherita is a rigidly governed wife who asserts her freedom on pilgrimage to distant Santiago de Compostela. Tiffany, ambitious, confident, successful, discovers more on pilgrimage than she imagined. Both explore a new world of love, filled with passion but bounded by strictures, while... more
  • Goalden Sky

    by Tracey Morait
    After her stepmother Shelley walks out, Gemma Sutherland is happy to have her dad back to herself again. Life is good: she's playing football at Naylorsfield School and Tyrone Collins, who she used to fight with all the time, is now one of her best friends. Then Portia, Shelley's daughter, comes back to live with the Sutherlands because her mother feels too depressed to look after her. Even though she gets on better with Portia than she used to, Gemma isn't happy that she's back, but Portia look... more
  • One Game One Time

    by Jeff Scurran
    America’s newest college football program, under the leadership of their intrepid and highly experienced football coach, receives an unexpected bid to play in the premier Jr. College Bowl Game on national television. Despite the team’s huge underdog position, the coach cobbles together a plan that just might work. But first he must regroup his regionally and culturally diverse team and overcome a variety of huge obstacles. All of the challenges inherent in coordinating a major road trip to the... more
  • Beryl and the Monsters

    by Neil McFarlane
    A story of pre-lapsarian innocence and corruption ... a gripping and powerful allegory of the modern world. Voices emerge from the darkness. Albert and Beryl hear the howls of strange creatures in the forest. John tells them there are no monsters, but Beryl discovers a creature caught in the brambles. Albert doesn't like the look of it... "An ambitious, deceptively compelling story - engagingly strange, and strangely engaging." - BBC Radio 4
  • Scarback: There So Much More To Fishing Than Catching Fish

    by Roger Corea
    Scarback is to fishing what Caddyshack is to golf - absolutely hilarious! But Scarback has much more depth and insightfulness. The story is fast-paced and heart warming with a memorable cast of funny, endearing characters. It is humorous, often heart wrenching, and always very entertaining. You will love Dominic and you will love this story.
  • 978-0-9961029-1-9

    by Stephen Kitsakos
    In the summer of 1974, Dr. Rose Strongin, a marine biologist, inexplicably disappears for three hours on the last day of an archaeological dig at the Sea of Galilee. She has no memory of the disappearance, but it causes her to miss her flight home from Israel. That plane, TWA 841, explodes over the Mediter-ranean killing all aboard. Twelve years later she learns that a 2,000 year-old perfectly preserved vessel, dubbed the “Jesus Boat,” is uncovered at the site of her disappearance and she begin... more
  • Across The Pond by Michael McCormick

    by Michael McCormick
    Across The Pond by Michael McCormick is the story of a young American who fights for his country in Vietnam, only to be rejected when he comes home. The author based the story on his own experience during the war. Ron Kovic, author of Born On The Fourth of July wrote in the foreword, "This book with it's deeply compelling narrative grips the reader from the very beginning and does not let go. It is written with the violence and fury of Leon Uris's Battle Cry, and the tenderness and compassion of... more
  • Destitutio Quod Remissio

    by Brett Armstrong

    Roman Senator Marcus Servius has a secret. He's a Christian during the violent persecutions of Emperor Diocletian. When his secret is betrayed, Marcus loses everything he holds dear. His inquiry into the treachery pulls him deeper into the mire of intrigue and ambition simmering in the ancient city. The more Marcus discovers, however, the more difficult his choice becomes to give in to his desire for vengeance or submit to the need for forgiveness born of his faith. His decision will... more