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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Hysterical Love

    by Lorraine Devon Wilke
    Dan McDowell—a thirty-three-year-old photographer, recently dumped by his fiancée and tilting toward an early mid-life crisis—is stunned to find a decades-old story written by his ailing father, a tale of lost love that appears to haunt the man still. Incapable of fixing his own romantic dilemma, and convinced this woman from the past holds the key to happiness for them all, Dan sets off on a wild ride to find her.
  • The Rootlets: Super Rootabilities

    by Vicki Marquez
    In their first adventure, Brocc, Carrotina, Cornelius and Kaley are preparing for an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime event. That is, until Mr. Fungo Fungi arrives with shocking news, and the Rootlets learn that they have real magical super powers called Rootabilities! In a determined effort to discover their powers, the Rootlets soon realize that solving the biggest mystery of their lives won’t be easy – and time is running out! Will the Rootlets be able to uncover their super Rootabilites without ... more
  • Too Early for Flowers: The Story of a Polio Mother

    by Kurt Sipolski
    A NOVELLA FROM THE INTERNATIONALLY PUBLISHED MEMOIR: Too ambitious for her small Illinois town, Iris is determined to see the world with Washington, DC as the first stop. Her plans are curtailed when she marries a handsome young soldier and though apart for long stretches by WWII, they have two boys. Tragically widowed and back home, her younger, Gray, in braces from polio, Iris prepares herself for the challenges ahead. Through their exhausting nightly exercises, Iris teaches Gray of the po... more
  • A Colorful Journey Through the Land of Talking Letters

    by Mary Jo Nyssen

    A Colorful Journey Through the Land of Talking Letters includes 33 pages of colorful illustrations and letters that speak to children. Each letter introduces itself and its sound(s), and then the stories follow, highlighting separately each of the different letter sounds. It is a fun way to introduce these phonograms to early learners by repeating and highlighting each sound in an engaging story.

  • Saving Chance Gordon

    by June Austin
    Chance Gordon Tillman is born with Down syndrome. He's unable to speak and is locked inside his own head. He struggles to be normal and blend in, which is hard to do in his small town of Cold Harbour, Nova Scotia. If that isn't enough, at the age of five, his Ma packs her bags and disappears into the night. Distraught by her leaving, Chance does his best to be the son his Pa, A.J., needs him to be. If only Pa's new friend, Rena Mae would give him a chance, she might actually like him. However, h... more
  • 1505625688

    by Genevieve Dutil
    Poise, class, confidence, fantastic thighs and an even better ass: these are the spoils of an equestrian lifestyle. And Margaret Fletcher has them all. But then suddenly, she doesn't. Broke and horseless for the first time in her pampered life, Margaret is lost in a sea of tangled hairnets until a cranky old horseman introduces her to the not-so-glamorous world of exercising young racehorses. Margaret knows she can jump a five foot fence with style. But can she gallop forty miles an hour on a... more
  • kick bACK: A Romantic Comedy Thirty Miles Out to Sea

    by RC Atchisson
    Joe Thornton is having the time of...the end of...his life! After losing his wine business to an unscrupulous business partner and his marriage to an unfaithful wife, Joe drowns his sorrows day after day lamenting the mess his life has become. At the end of his rope, Joe tosses a coin to decide his future. When the flip determines that he must kill himself, Joe resolves to complete one final item on his bucket list by travelling to the tiny island of Nantucket where he plans to "accidentally" d... more
  • Forget Me Not

    by Beth Hanggeli
    Connie Jenkins finds a Camaro in her driveway and her husband Jack asleep in the front seat. The only problem is, Jack disappeared two years earlier. When Connie confronts him, he denies that he's been gone...until he sees their young son, who has seemingly aged two years overnight. As the founder of Fish Without Bicycles, a network of women whose husbands have vanished, Connie is afraid Jack's return will threaten the new life she has created. She needs answers before she can trust Jack a... more
  • Presidential Declarations

    by Douglas J. Wood

    Ambitious, smart and one of Washington D.C.’s power elite, Samantha “Sam” Harrison is a former congresswoman, former governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and came agonizingly close to becoming the first female president of the United States before some devastating personal and professional losses derailed her fast track to the White House. Now her entire political career, once seemingly unstoppable, is in question and her loyalty to her country is about to be tested as ... more

  • Day of Judgment

    by W. Derek Atkins
    Are you ready for the Day of Judgment? This is the provocative question that is asked in this dramatic imagining of what will happen when each of us will give an accounting for the choices we’ve made in this life. In nearly three dozen vignettes, we witness how the actions of a wide variety of individuals reveal what is in their hearts, and how their choices shape their eternal destinies. This book will challenge you to examine your own life, and to consider how the choices you make every day ha... more
  • Into the Vines

    by Kim Troike
    A family is formed on a vineyard in the Loire Valley through extreme circumstances in which a pilot performs rescue missions from war torn and famine stricken areas of Africa.
  • How Wendy Redbird Dancing Survived the Dark Ages of Nought

    by Lyn Fairchild Hawks

    At sixteen, Wendy Redbird Dancing flies her freak flag high; she’s a scary-smart white girl with a hippie mom, a missing father, and a rarefied Michael Jackson obsession. It doesn’t help that her mother just uprooted them yet again, this time from California to North Carolina. Now Wendy has to survive a new school and fight bullies who rule this Southern roost.

    But one black girl reaches out—Tanay—and she and Wendy forge a friendship to help her fight back. Her m... more

  • Sail Upon the Land

    by Josa Young
    When Damson Hayes is attacked during her Gap Year trip to India in the late Eighties, it exposes her vulnerability and all the weaknesses and secrets hidden in her family going back generations. From her grandmother Sarah's experiences in WWII to her mother Melissa in Swinging Sixties London, her father Munty's damaging inheritance to the generations still to come, Sail Upon the Land is a novel about mothers and children, what went wrong and what can go right. Set in the last 80 years of turbule... more
  • About Anna...

    by Sophia Michelle Delanner

    Gold medal winner of the 4th (2015) Beverly Hills International Book Awards for Literary Fiction.

    Gold medal winner of the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards for First Novel. 

    Silver medal winner of the 28th (2016) Benjamin Franklin Awards for Best New Voice in Fiction. 

    Finalist in the 10th National Indie Excellence Awards for Literary Fiction.

    Honorable Mention in the 2016 ... more

  • What of the Ranch

    by W. B. Emerson

    In the 1970s, a group of poor inner-city African Americans moved to a small Midwestern town to form a Christian commune. The place was referred to as the Ranch. Under the authority of the materialistic pastor Vera Cooley, members of the church would find that life in the community was both blessing and curse. 

    Based on a true story, "What of the Ranch" is the first book in the God's Tabernacle Series. For obvious reasons, names have been changed to protect the in... more

  • Changes The coming of age in the South during the Vietnam War

    by Jeff Mason
    Returning GIs from Vietnam shunned by America and strung out on drugs return to Army post in the South to recoup. Many use there talents in the drug trade fighting local police. More Sex than Fifty Shades of Grey, more Drugs than Scarface more Action than American Sniper.