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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Hat For Melinda, Fighting Leukemia Together

    by Seletha Tucker
    A little girl finds out her best friend is not at school at the beginning of the school year. She later finds out the friend has leukemia and works hard to prove how much of a friend she is to Melinda by purchasing matching hats for them when she returns home.
  • Caesar, Cicero & Cleopatra. What really happened?

    by Arthur Paone
    Fictional account of Caesar's visit to Alexandria in his pursuit of Pompey after defeating him at Pharsalus . Meets Cleopatra and goes on a secret visit to the farthest reaches of Parthia. Learns about China and envisions someday connecting Rome to China. After extricating his small from from the riotous Alexandrians he installs Cleopatra on the Egyptian throne and leaves to clean up matters in Asia Minor and Rome. He is forced to fight again in Africa and Spain against remnants of the Senate's... more
  • Stephanie: One.Life.Lived.

    by Melissa Service
    Music…Drugs…Redemption. Josh Jacobs… I’ve heard it said that life can change in a second, but I disagree. From my experience, life changes in milliseconds, and every single moment of the day is about change. Sometimes the change is for the better, and sometimes for the worse. Stephanie Carlisle… I scowled at the reflection and took a long drag from the joint that had made its way to the front seat, blowing smoke in the girl’s face and wishing she would take her perky smile and perfectly ... more
  • The Royal Fables: Stories From the Princes & Princesses of the Texas Children's Hospital

    by Marc Clark
    The book came into being when the author, Marc Clark, visited TCH and asked children there to come up with story ideas for Princes and Princesses. He chose five of the submissions to make into a Royal Fable. The children at TCH and other Cancer Centers created the drawings for the book. The stories are full of adventure, fantasy, humor and inspiration. All of the proceeds from the book will be donated to The Ready or Not Foundation and are matched dollar for dollar through a matching grant. T... more
  • The Princess Fables

    by Marc Clark

    Eleven inspirational stories for young girls who may still dream of being a Princess… Each Princess embarks on an adventure of self-discovery and along the way, learns about the importance of trust, devotion, courage and the power of love. Originally told by a father to his six year-old daughter, these gentle tales transport little girls to a time and place where they are the heroines and can create their own happy endings.

    The Princess Fables is a #1 Amazon Bestseller and h... more

  • Charlie's Birthday Wish

    by Rene Micka
    Charlie’s Birthday Wish, has light-hearted rhyme with an anti-bullying message, told from the point of view of the antagonist, Charlie. Charlie bullies his way into a crisis when he alienates his friends with his unkindness, just as his birthday quickly approaches. Charlie sets out to change his fate before he finds himself alone at his own party. In the end, he experiences the power of forgiveness and learns that friendships must be earned.
  • Changing Spaces

    by Nancy King
    When her husband of forty years wants a divorce, shaken-to-her core Laura Feldman embarks on a bumpy ride from her black & white Midwestern life to the bold colors of New Mexico. In this landscape where anything might happen, Laura finds inspiration, strength and transformation in the friendship of Santa Fe women who help her walk the winding road to self-discovery and the home of her heart
  • The Secret Sins of Their Preachers

    by Peggy Savage Baumgardner
    The Secret Sins of Their Preachers' keeps readers on the edges of their seats with an intricate narrative of interwoven deceit, death and crime.

    Edward and Donald Briceson are identical twins, but they could not be more different. Edward excelled in school and was very popular. Donald barely passed and had to live in Edward's shadow.

    Edward receives a scholarship to the same college that Charles Briceson, his father, also graduated from. He then becomes a very influential minister f... more

  • Access to Capital

    by Gary Hobbs
    Luke Boyd has started a new mortgage banking firm as the local economy falters from declining oil prices and the capping of fracked wells. As the Reagan administration consolidates the financial industry, Luke's primary lender targets his company for a takeover. In the midst of a multi-year divorce and a long-term secret relationship, Luke fights to keep his company independent. The high-stakes world of finance and the changing roles of women in the 1980's are the backdrop to this intense look a... more
  • Grayson Springs

    by Ron Gambrell

    Ron Gambrell is a native Kentucky author. In his novel GRAYSON SPRINGS, 17-year-old Brooke is the spoiled and volatile adopted daughter of Dr. George Green, a Manhattan, NY psychiatrist. Baffled and at wits end with his daughter's claim that her rage is brought on by dreams of someone else's past, Dr. Green decides to take drastic measures. Join Brooke on her life altering journey deep into the rural hills of Central Kentucky, to a long forgotten place called GRAYSON SPRINGS. High school stud... more

  • Peace in My World

    by Syeda Mleeha Shah
    Peace in My World is a simple story told comprehensively for young children aimed to instill in them an understanding of world peace. This concept is one which is universal and important for children to grasp at an early age. The poetry contains simple language which is easy for children to enjoy, yet the repetition of the line "I am in peace from head to toe," reinforces the idea on every page.
  • Lady of the Manor

    by Adrian Heflin

    Lady of the Manor is an epic tale of misery for Richard Creek. It is the story of how his mother, Rosemary, makes life miserable for him, his family, and many citizens of Savannah. The novel takes places during the summer of 1958 in a beautiful mansion. Secrets begin to unravel for the Creek family as they continue a summer filled with rape, murder, and indiscretions. Someone must prohibit the Lady of the Manor from her continuous oppression. But, does anyone have the courage to try?

    Th... more

  • Dreams of My Mothers

    by Joel L. A. Peterson
    Based on true events, the story covers a span of more than 40 years, but is completely contemporary. At its heart, the author introduces the reader to a young, destitute peasant woman in the 1960s who is struggling to raise her illegitimate infant, the son of an American GI, in an under-developed South Korea, barely recovering from a brutal civil war. She struggles with her pain from the abandonment by her son’s father and the shame of her poverty-driven prostitution. Her infant son nearly l... more
  • Intersections

    by Keith R Wilson
    Middle-aged and obese, divorced and estranged from his children, Larry sets off across the country, ambivalently seeking restoration amid scraps of long-distance fatherhood. He encounters an amorous nursing home death cat, a serendipitous Rastafarian, a drunken Katrina refugee who just might be an incarnation of a Voodoo god, and a murderous mountaineer who teaches him how to let go. He's transformed by a series of spiritual discoveries that proffer insight about life's fundamental questions. In... more
  • Lila's Hamsa: A Novel of Love and Deception

    by Arlene Kurtis

    After a horrific accident, Lila, a young mother and teacher, is able to take on a new identity in order to hide from her manic husband. Her Jewish friend has given her a hamsa for good luck, a charm shaped like a hand, that is supposed to bring luck to the wearer in both Muslim and Jewish communities. And the charm works! Lila is taken in by a synagogue community where she finds a wondrful man to love, widowed father of one of her pupils. But her husband has not been quiet -- and his actions ... more

  • JACK just an ordinary dog in the dog house

    by Susan Tarr
    Barking mad JACK & his best pal, Lady Cat. Hilarious read for young and old! Written wholly from Jack's perspective. He was to stay with us for 4 months while his owners traveled the globe. He decided he'd write them a diary to show just how much he hated his stay at Doggies & Moggies Boarding Kennels & Cattery, New Zealand.