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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Morton and the Mayflower

    by Melissa L. Gill
    Morton, a yellow cat, travels with Stephen Hopkins and his family on the Mayflower.
  • Pepper and Pocahontas

    by Melissa L. Gill
    In 1611 Pepper, a small grey kitten is snatched from her parents and taken to live with the Great Chief Powhatan. She soon finds a place with the natural people of Virginia, but only when she sees Pocahontas does she feel truly at home. Pepper and Pocahontas form a bond. When the Indian girl is sent to a neighboring tribe, Pepper fears they will be separated forever. The cat manages to stay with Pocahontas, only to be snatched again, this time by the English. The pair gradually adapt to thei... more
  • Salt and the Sea Venture

    by Melissa L. Gill
    A small cat on a doomed ship sets out to save the New World. In 1609, Salt was a scruffy white alley cat looking for a new life. When he hears the Sea Venture is sailing to the New World he knows this is his chance. Life on the Sea Venture is not what he expected. The other cats want him to walk the plank. But he keeps all four paws on deck until a tempest threatens to sink the ship. The passengers struggle for days to keep the ship afloat and Salt expects the ship to sink at any moment.... more
  • ABANDONED: Three Short Stories

    by Jim Heskett
    ABANDONED tells three tales of people lost and trying to find their way. The journey from here to there isn’t ever as straight and obvious as it seems.
  • The Book of Charlie ~ Spirit of the Pompey Hollow Book Club

    by Jerome Mark Antil
    In 1944 - Pine Camp (Fort Drum) – two WWII - Nazi POWs escaped farm work-release and fell through the cracks. In 1953 a fourteen year old girl, Mary Crane and her club, discovered the escapees under a bridge down in Pompey Hollow. Imagine their conundrum when it turned out that Mary’s pen pal just happened to be grandson of, Ike, the President of the United States … …it was D Day all over again – in a sleepy little central New York village. A lighthearted nostalgic coming of age story abo... more
  • The Party Line

    by Karen Alkofer
    “Sharing a party line is like living in a small town: everyone knows your business and pretends they don’t know a thing.” In 1977 Lizzie McCall is happily living a fairly typical teenage life, getting ready to start high school. Then her family is transferred to Tehran, Iran, an exotic country thousands of miles away from her American suburban life. This launches an adventure for Lizzie that will shape the rest of her life. In the midst of making friends, going to class, and choosing the r... more
  • One Sixth of a Gill

    by Jean Gill
    "A superb collection - so much variation in style and all equally brilliant'." Karen Maitland, author of 'The Vanishing Witch'

    Five-minute reads.

    Meet people you will never forget: the night photographer, the gynaecologist's wife, the rescue dog. Dip into whatever suits your mood, from comedy to murders; from fantastic stories to blog posts, by way of love poetry.

    Fully illustrated by the author; Jean Gill's original photographs are as thought-provoking as her writing. An out ... more

  • This Charming Man (Queen City Boys Book 1)

    by Ajax Bell

    Will Seattle make a man of him yet?
         It’s 1991 and Steven Frazier has danced away half a decade in the Seattle club scene with his beautiful-but-poisonous best friend, Adrian. Two glittering princes against the world, too high above life to care about what they might be missing.
         But everything changes when a chance meeting with older—not to mention handsome—businessman John Pieters, reveals a cosmopo... more

  • Skycastle, the Demon, and Me: Book 1 in the Skycastle series (Volume 1)

    by Andy Mulberry
    Middle Grade. Age Level: 6 - 13 | Grade Level: 3 - 6 If you owe Hell gold but you can't pay, you're about to have a bad day! Jack Harper lives in an old castle turned museum. The day he calls Hell to order a demon is one of his more interesting days of his twelve year old life. One demon delivery later, Hell wants to be paid in gold. Between you and me, Jack can't pay. He's in a bit of a hellish pickle. WARNING...this book contains a scowling demon, bad decisions, a skeleton key, not... more
  • Lightning Strikes

    by Daniel Babka

    A short coming-of-age story set in a small Ohio town in the 1950’s and told through they eyes of a 12-year old boy named Ben who works with his dad, his Grandpa George, and Wally, an older black man, in the tavern they own that's a gathering place for the town. When Angelo Cosentino drives up in his Cadillac on a hot summer afternoon with money pouring from his pockets, Ben’s life begins to change. The story is set against the racial divide in small town America and is intende... more

  • Grinnin' Possum

    by Ray Padgett
    William Bernard Possum, Little Willie, just doesn't quite fit in. With parents that aren't too proud, and brothers and sisters that don't want to play with him, Little Willie must to find a way to accept himself, just the way he is. When the Possum family finds themselves in a real mess with the farmer, it is Willie that saves the day with his unique ability. This book is all about having humor in life and embracing our differences.
  • Olivia's Noggin

    by Daryl Long
    When a little girl, playing with a handful of goo while walking down the street bonks her noggin, whose fault is it? The eyes that are looking at the goo? The hands that are playing with it? The feet who are walking too fast? And what does ice cream have to do with it? Why, everything, of course!
  • Heaven Help Us All

    by Moose Eliot
    Summer, 1990. War looms in the Persian Gulf, but the veterans Marj Llewellyn treats at a Washington D.C. clinic still struggle to come clean of traumas they suffered in Vietnam. The enigmatic Gary Devers arrives with news that Charles Pinckney, a model of PTSD recovery, has gone missing, while a series of uncanny events disturbs the placid calm of Arlington National Cemetery. With Gary’s help Marj enters the world of the Gathering, a tribal society of bicycle messengers, to solve the interlock... more
  • Sex, Lies, and Cruising

    by Cathryn Chapman

    Exotic locations, sexy men, and crazy crew parties... Ellie has her dream job... Or does she? (Release date 16 July 2015)

    When Ellie's fiancé cheats on her with a younger, slimmer, blonde from the office, she boots him out of her life and finds solace in a fabulous photography job aboard a Caribbean cruise ship. Twenty-four hours on board and she’s already shagged her sexy Texan colleague, who happens to love her muffin-top. Unfortunately he’s leaving in a week, a... more

  • Diggin', It

    by Leland Gilsen
    A family of archaeologists working in the Pacific Northwest show their school friends how to excavate archaeological sites. The children suspect nearby campers are stealing artifacts and destroying sites. Spying on them gets them involved in unforeseen and dangerous adventures and tests their survival skills.
  • Eternal Becoming

    by Jason Foley
    A philosophical novel about a young man named Bodhi who undertakes a journey of self-discovery and explores a world of Being and Becoming. While meditating under an ancient Baobab tree, he suffers an existential crisis and steps into the void. Opening his eyes, he finds himself in Dante's world, only turned upside down. With the River of Reason as his guide, he learns about the nature of reality from over 100 philosophers, theologians, and scientists. Starting along the Ridge of Revelation, he w... more