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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Flyboy

    by Randi Anderson
    In this family saga of grief and grief recovery, Meg James is reunited with her cousin Sanjay, a ten boy who lives through his avatar, Flyboy. It is a story of the triumph of love over grief.
  • The Strain of Shackles

    by DeVan Brittenum

    In the 21st  century, African-Americans lynch fellow Blacks at a greater magnitude than the Ku Klux Klan.  Eve's genealogy stems from Master Dick Johnson's Plantation in Mississippi, and her life's hurdles evolved on the Deaderick Plantation in Orange Mound.  Eve lived in the first African-American residential area in the South after the Civil War.  Eve overcame many adversities as a teenage mother.  The Strain of Shackles&nb... more

  • The White Night

    by Kathleen Clare Waller
    Catherine James has a brain tumor. To the surprise, and sometimes disgust, of others, she has accepted her fate, but there is still something lurking that will not let her mind rest. A widowed mother, Catherine has just returned to her expatriate painter’s life in Paris. Unbidden flashbacks appear, allowing her to piece together the fragments of her life: solitary adventures, falling in love, the undulations of family relationships, the entrapment on the Naples military base. She tries to tell h... more
  • Letters From Krampus

    by Thomas Raven
    Krampus was once the right hand of the Claus. Now, he’s just a fading memory who’s been banished from the North Pole Corporation and left to rot in his Cave House while the new head of the NPC casts him in the role of the Yuletide villain. When he discovers that the Claus has disappeared, Krampus rallies his forest friends and the children of the world to save him! Told through a series of annual letters written to a young girl named Peregrine, LETTERS FROM KRAMPUS is a slightly different ta... more
  • Your Smallest Bones

    by Sean Taylor

    Twelve stories, seven previously published, two Pushcart Prize nominations. Your Smallest Bones is a collection of short fiction built on the sounds we make when we run out of sounds. Can you hear them yet? All you have to do is help an ex-lover push a grand piano out onto a frozen lake. You have to break both of your thumbs in perfect symmetry to grow up. You have to bind mattresses like books, with all the classics penned to them, just to get some sleep. You heard them with the smalles... more

  • No More Slooping, Sara Sue!

    by Ali Pfautz
    Sara Sue’s favorite food is soup. The problem is she slurps, no… sloops her soup. The sloppy, slooping sound annoys her friends and family. Can Sara Sue solve her slurping problem? Or, are her soup days done? Find out in this playful story that mixes a dash of silly words with a pinch or two of tongue twisters, creating souper fun for the whole family.
  • Trekking to Ocmulgee

    by Ty Bard
    Emerging from the collapse of the Great Mound Centers and the crumbling of old alliances, The People of One Fire craft a new confederacy beneath the encroaching shadows of the British, Spanish, and French empires. For thousands of years, the Keepers of the Adjik Hata have preserved the White Path of the covenant with Ofvngv. In this turbulent time of conflict and change, the Spanish attempt to forcibly convert the Adjik Hata. Mvhvlv, the last Keeper, dispatches his tvbalv, Little Bird, with a ... more
  • Katherine Mansfield

    by Joanna FitzPatrick
    Katherine Mansfield is a powerfully understated fictional narrative of an author who was determined to make her way—and her mark—in London’s early 20th Century literary society. A foreigner from New Zealand, Mansfield was never welcomed into the famed Bloomsbury Group, yet she was respected—even revered—by Virginia Woolf, who admitted Mansfield was the only writer who made her jealous. Mansfield’s prolific literary career was on an upward spiral when on her thirtieth birthday her doctors advi... more
  • The Drummer's Widow

    by Joanna FitzPatrick

    Jules and Marisa Bridges were more than just husband and wife; he was a famous drummer and she was his manager. They were inseparable. They completed each other. When cancer takes Jules from her, Marisa faces not only immeasurable loss, but a dire financial situation. Desperate to hold on to her Tribeca loft, she takes in renters Martin Starks and Cassandra Blanche. But Cassandra is not just a bartender at the Bitter End. It turns out she is the celebrated diva CiCi Belle, and has been hiding... more

  • To Do the Deal, a Novel in Stories

    by Cathy Baker
    To Do the Deal, A Novel in Stories is about the quotidian—the everyday challenges, minute dramas, and endearing moments that make up the every day. Set in a suburb of Washington, DC, To Do the Deal sets its focus not on the power brokers that dominate the nation’s capital but rather, on one family that is muddling along. Through ten stories, one each set in the years 1991 through 2000, we follow Kenneth Bodine on his quest to make a decent living in commission sales. We also follow his wife, Jod... more
  • The Big Ceremony

    by ozi okaro
    In this lighthearted and fun children’s book, young readers get to join six-year-old Cheta and her best friend, Kosi, as they attend the wedding of Kosi’s cousin. Delighted to each wear her own stunning, specially designed dress, the girls can hardly contain their excitement as they experience the lavish festivities and witness the captivating rituals that are part of both their families’ African heritage.
  • Six Degrees of Isolation

    by Craig Emmel
    Emma is a talented young artist disturbed by nightmare images that she can only quiet by painting. These haunting visions become inspiration for collections, so Emma turns these troubles into a burgeoning career.

    When her boyfriend slashes a painting, adding a detail that Emma had dreamed but not rendered, he brings her waking world into alignment with her dreaming life.

    Emma questions whether she paints what she dreams or dreams what she will have painted. Frightened by this new pos... more

  • Parked at the Mansfields': A modern twist of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park

    by Sandy Ward Bell
    Keeping with the heart and spirit of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park, Bell tells a parallel story with a modern twist. As a ten year-old girl, Franny Price is taken from her mother. Forced to live in Pittsburgh with wealthy relatives who are practically strangers, she learns to nurture herself. While her crazy aunt obsesses about a secret family key, Franny finds the courage to obey her instincts as she falls in love with the boy down the street and searches for her missing father. Ambitious neighb... more
  • One Day's Tale

    by Lois Barliant


    Betsy Randall, a young wife and mother, journeys with her family from their 18th Century English home across the Atlantic, bound for her late brother’s plantation in Colonial Virginia. At the end of a tragic voyage, she is unexpectedly alone in a land where Europeans, Africans, and Indians are becoming a nation. Betsy has few choices but resolves to claim her inheritance. Forging a way in this new world, she encounters the kindness and treachery of colonials; the bravery an... more


    by Randal Benjamin

    Thirteen year after he and Butch Cassidy were supposedly killed in Bolivia, The Sundance Kid is alive and living under an assumed name on an Oklahoma ranch with his wife, son and daughter. Then, with oil production on the rise in Oklahoma, a former New York gangster turned oil baron moves in with hired gunmen to force the ranchers off their land. Now Sundance must decide whether to fight the invaders, perhaps exposing his true identity, or to give in and lose his ranch and the new life he has... more

  • The Power to See

    by Jennifer Anne Davis
    From the best-selling author of The True Reign Series--Jennifer Anne Davis--comes a dark and twisted love story with characters you will fall for and others that you will want to murder in their sleep. WARNING: This isn't your average love story. The Power to See is dark, gritty, and not for the faint of heart. This book includes mature content. On the outside, twenty-two-year-old Brianna's life seems perfect and totally envy worthy. But inside, she's a twisted-up hot mess. She is sick o... more