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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Dog Readers: Level 1 The Cavalier Book: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Early Reader

    by Lucy Simon
    The Cavalier Book is the first book from Lucy Simon's Dog Readers: Level 1 series. It is a trio of dog-themed stories designed for early readers at the C/D guided reading level. In the first story, readers learn about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed. The next story follows a day in the life of a cavalier. In the final story, readers practice identifying the names for colors with more playful cavaliers. This high-interest series is ideal for a wide range of beginning readers, from those ... more
  • The Tale of the Cat and the Ballet Mouse

    by Anne Krohley
    Mimette is a mouse of culture. Born in the iconic Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, she has learned to love opera and ballet. In fact, her love of ballet has grown so much that she starts studying with professional ballerinas. When Mimette transforms into a beautiful dancer, her ability to dance unfortunately does not stop other performers’ fearful reactions when they see her unexpectedly on stage. After many mishaps during live performances, the management of the opera house decide... more
  • The Bird in Your Heart

    by Tim Bryant
    An Atlanta advertising executive divorces, loses his job, and returns to his family’s ancestral home on a South Carolina sea island. He plans to sail off to see the world but his mother is going blind and the old place needs huge repairs. The Bird in Your Heart is a Low Country tangle of odd ball island ways, Southern traditions, and Gullah culture written patiently for beach, boat, and book club people.
  • In One Life and Out Another

    by J Mercer
    This is the story of how my parents split me in two, and how I ultimately put myself back together… On the eve of Marin’s birthday, her parents tell her they’re getting divorced—or, in a parallel universe, they don’t tell her anything at all. This defining moment, along with Marin’s subsequent choices, turn her into polar ends of herself and drastically affect the relationships she has with her two best friends, her mom, and soccer player Sam Hanson. The possibilities of ‘what could have been... more
  • Mr Zaharoff

    by Asher Lewis Stam
    In the late 1800s, a man of noble blood arrives in Western Europe to start his legacy. Follow the true story of how he reaches the height of his ambitions and what he is willing to sacrifice to reach those heights. A book that explores on the one hand, loyalty and hope, and on the other, frustration and war.
  • Jaguar Dreams

    by Susan MacBryde

    An Amazon Village faces Big Oil.

    A conflict could cost lives.

    It could also save the Earth.

    Deep in Ecuador’s Amazon Basin, seismic waves rock the ground. A new road slices the rainforest. It rushes toward an Indigenous Kichwa village, threatening its land and its people. It is a tendril of oil exploration by corporate giants poised to suck the black gold from the Earth.

    Oil spills. Rampant disease. Starving wildlife. Dying villagers. All are imminent. The Kichwa... more

  • Attachment Patterns

    by Stephen Metcalfe
    Is the artist, Robert Boone, crazy? As his daughter, 24-year-old aspiring novelist, Isolde Boone (Holdie), tells us, he sure doesn’t think so. Okay, yes, he recently found himself in the hospital loudly declaring he wanted to die. But that was a glitch, a moment of unexplained weakness, of post-pandemic exhaustion. He says he’s fine now, calm, stoic and self-possessed as always. Only the doctors don’t believe him. They’ve insisted he enroll in a three week, out-patient, Cognitive Behavi... more
  • Dreams, Desires, And Dead Ends

    by Robin Chappell
    From Gritty Realism to Magical Realism, with many steps in between... What Dreams do You have? Do they turn into Nightmares in Your Life? Do they fulfill Your Desires? Or have they only led to dead ends? Life can have many Dreams, as well as lead to many dead ends. These are Stories of Loss. Stories of Illusion? Or Ecstasy? Of Endings,…and new Beginnings. Stories of Dreams, some of Desires (fulfilled or not), and yes… A Few Stories of Dead Ends unredeemed. A rich intermix of themes and... more
  • We Rise Together

    by Jeff Christian
    Pizza Day, We Rise Together is part of a series of books that help young readers take the necessary actions to develop and to humbly own their greatness. We Rise Together uses the pizza-making process to teach vital life lessons. The “rising of the dough” symbolizes the positive culture created by Mrs. Rock’s secret recipe. “Feeding the starter” represents the actions Mrs. Rock’s students take each day to develop healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. The “pizza sauce” speaks to cultivating thei... more
  • The Song of Dragons

    Valeen Martin, Luke and Valeen's freinds Laura and Ian step through the Gateway into the realm of dragons only to find a once lush green forest, filled with color, magic and mythical creatures is now a dark, abandoned and desolate place. After they encounter Cornelious, the new self-proclaimed ruler of the realm, they are compelled to stay and and unravel the mystery of a treacherous and brutal overtaking. With the help of Tobias the son of Cornelious, and other friends they find along way, th... more
  • The Shadow Chasers: Book Two of the Gateways Series

    The Shadow Chasers picks up where The Light Worker left off. Valeen Martin steps through the Gateway for the first time in her memory, to the place that was once her home. There, she reconnects with apparent long time friends Mary and Tran, who she has only a vague recollection of knowing. Still uneasy and unsure of her recently discovered gifts, Valeen discards all logic and disbelief to help Mary's daughter Amelia come into her own unique power- a powere that has the potential to cause deva... more
  • Welcome to Wendtmurhoefen: Book One: Long Days, Short Knights

    by Bryan Beaunoyer
    An enchanted knight and an unusual unicorn team up to find a missing Princess and the teams of knights that were tasked to find her. Along the way, they meet other magical creatures that help them solve the mystery and find out what happened to them, using as little violence or animal cruelty and as much humor as possible.
  • F*** My Brain!

    by Amir Shaheen
    F*** My Brain!" is a humorous and relatable book aimed at a young audience. The book delves into themes of belonging, society, and alienation, capturing the challenges of growing up between two cultures. Told with a lighthearted and engaging tone, the book explores the experiences of being a minority in a different country. Through easy-to-read narratives infused with humor, "F*** My Brain!" offers an insightful and entertaining journey for readers, as they navigate the complexities of identity,... more
  • Q.T. Pie Coloring & Activity Book 2

    by Galen Pauling
    Have fun coloring pictures of Q.T. Pie’s adventures and completing mazes, word searches and other activities about her and her dog Chance.
  • Attempts

    by Issa

    Asant finds himself tempted by desires to taste and have what others have, and chooses to rob a bank; however, at the last second he finds himself unable to go through with the robbery. Even so, the prospect of jail overwhelms his psyche. His spiritual mentor, and caretaker from the time of Asant’s teens, is direct, “You must face your actions...”

    Asant makes his choice and decides to evade and escape his country, in one way spurred by a deep-seated fear, in another by the same courage ... more

  • The Many Adventures pdf Donnie Malone

    by Paul E. Doutrich
    Donnie’s adventures take readers into many of the events that helped shape the American twentieth century. They begin when sixteen-year-old Donnie gets caught up in the patriotic swirl of the first World War. Enlisting in the Army, he becomes a skilled mechanic and pilot during the deadly days at the end of the fighting. The stakes in Donnie’s life are just as high after the war. Along with a friend of his dad’s and an army buddy, he successfully creates an air delivery service, then has to w... more