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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Path to God's Promise

    by Ahuva Batya Scharff
    One of the last things Elinor Simentov wants is to be a prophet of God, but God has other plans. A Jewish woman of no particular renown, Elinor is asked by God to give a warning to all who will listen. Will she serve as a prophet, sacrificing her goals for herself, self-image, and reputation in order to do something that may be completely useless? God’s message is simple. Humankind must radically change course or face extinction. To give warning, God uses prophecy to urge humans to change... more
  • Extended Capacity

    by Elena Graf
    A small town in Maine wakes up thinking it’s just another winter day, but a tragedy has been set in motion by dark secrets from the past and an unfortunate series of recent events. The horror that every town fears is about to come to Hobbs. Dr. Liz Stolz is preparing to teach a gun safety class. Police Chief Brenda Harrison is heading to present her new conceal carry requirements to town manager, Olivia Enright. The principal of Hobbs Elementary, Courtney Barnes, and the new teacher, Susan Ge... more
  • The Weak Link: Instrumental Book 1

    by Courtney Johnson
    How do you face the enemy within? It’s hard to become a professional ballet dancer when you have a serious case of stage fright. An embarrassing performance has stripped sixteen-year-old Genevieve Larsen of her confidence and dulled her love for dance. It couldn’t have come at a worse time — Gen is deciding whether to leave for dance school or continue at her present studio. As she ramps up her dance program, her entrance into the high school’s prestigious marching band program has unexpe... more
  • Pleasant Bay

    by Emily Wakeman Cyr
    In alternating point-of-view and timelines, PLEASANT BAY follows Sarah in 2002, who is falling in love with Luke, a charming baseball player on Cape Cod, and her teenage daughter Madelyn in 2019, who is struggling to understand why her father has never been a part of her life, and why her mother won’t tell her anything about him. While on Cape Cod for the summer with her grandmother, Madelyn stumbles upon clues to her father’s identity and decides to invite him into her life against her mother’s... more
  • The Sum of All Parts

    by Sara Sheeran
    The Sum of all Parts is a shattered story of life, love, pain, memories, betrayal, and hope. Told through the eyes of six women, it reflects on how our thoughts create feelings, our feelings create behaviour, and our behaviour creates feelings: the endless cycle that drives life.
  • Cinderella Timkins

    by Sylvia Hawk'sbee
    The staircase in Dormec House, a Ministry building, is certainly elegant, but to Arthur Timkins, messenger, one of the quota of variously disabled employees, it is the scene of an encCindounter that changes his life miraculously.
  • Monkey-House Mouse and the Storytime Zoo

    by Terri Tatchell
    Once upon, a time ago, there was a sweet brown mouse. She made her home within a zoo beneath the monkey house. As the zoo's resident storyteller, Mouse entertains her animal friends with tales from the outside world. African safaris, Alaskan sleigh rides, farmyard escapades and balmy beach tales. Even better, Mouse draws pictures to go with each story! Until one day Mouse's stories fall silent, and the animals must find a way to help fill her story drum. But what's a story drum you ask? ... more
  • Un Cachorro Llamado Patitas Hace un Nuevo Amigo (Spanish Hard Cover)

    by Tiffany Rich
    A puppy named paws stand his ground to keep this principles he was taught while wishing to make a friend.
  • American Pied Piper

    by Sam Foster
    At the dawn of the 20th century, Beardstown, Illinois, is a city of contradiction. A town of river rats, gamblers, and rail-yard workers, it’s also filled with the accoutrements and refinements that accompany wealth . . . whatever its provenance. In Beardstown, the God-fearing don’t just live side-by-side with the sinners—they often are the sinners. Throughout the first half of the century, the state’s attorney is the formidable James McHugh, who makes his home in Beardstown and has spent his... more
  • The Kindly Caveman

    by John M. Broadhead
    Three caveman brothers live a simple life in their cave. The two older brothers enjoy crafting, inventing and building, but the youngest brother just wants to spend his time being kind to others. One day the cavemen meet a saber-tooth tiger. The older two brothers rush to build a civilization full of inventions to keep themselves safe from the cat. But it is the kindly caveman who proves once and for all that a simple act of kindness is the most powerful thing of all. "The Kindly Caveman" ... more
  • Crossing Charry Ridge: A Novel

    by Suzann Albright
    Four young friends are forever changed when one of them brings home a fledgeling crow he found in the woods. Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, this is a story of humans and animals growing in a changing world. Through an entertaining magical element and some observational humor, the novel introduces research-based information about the wildlife, history and contemporary culture of Southern Appalachia.
  • Bibi Saves the Honey Bees

    by Judith A. Ewa
    Bibi notices the honey bees near her house are becoming less and less, and becomes concerned about their plight. She wants to ensure that kids have honey at breakfast for years to come. Bibi and her friends embark on an adventure to save the honey bees, navigating through a maze of obstacles Mother Nature throws in their path. Will they be able to overcome all the obstacles, so they can help the honey bees? Entertaining, touching and educational, Bibi Saves the Honey Bees will help childre... more
  • Take Me Back to Cairo

    by Pamela Paterson and Tarek Hussein
    Yousef's aspiration to fit into his new country of Canada is upended by the lies he hears from both sides-his traditional family trying to keep him entrenched in Egyptian Muslim culture and his new motorcycle-riding girlfriend Janelle, who disguises her fear of commitment as a freewheeling lifestyle. Yoga-pant-and-flipflop-wearing Janelle is the living embodiment of the adventurous life that camel-hair-coat-and-shiny-shoes Yousef has long craved. Yet his desire to enjoy life with her can only be... more
  • Avocado’s Surprise Birthday Party! (Avocado the Turtle Book 2)

    by Kiara Shankar
    Avocado and her friends Lemon, Bacon, and Honey are having a fun picnic. There, her friends find out that Avocado's birthday is coming up soon. They decide to plan a surprise party for her. But keeping it a secret is hard. Can they pull off the perfect birthday party for Avocado? Find out in this heartwarming book about the power of friendship and the joy of special occasions. "True friendship brings joyfulness to one's life." -Kiara Shankar & Vinay Shankar
  • Spots In Your Love Feasts

    by Dawn N. Evans
  • Plowman: Harvest of Grain and Innocence

    by Charles Bruckerhoff

    At 12, Stella Young and Hana Sanada enrolled in the Stanton Academy for Humanity, where learning was hard, imparted truth, justice, morality, and built character. Students retitled the school Sustainable Farming on Steroids. One day, the girls discovered the wartime journals of their two great-grandfathers, who served in WWII. And a wartime journal of Stella’s grandfather, who served in Vietnam. Now, many years after the wars ended, the girls began turning the journals into a book-lengt... more