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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Man and His Lawn

    by J. C. Bass
    Bill Baxter is a referee and a man of simple tastes; he likes sports, sweet tea, and a well-manicured lawn. He’s more than a little gullible and his friends aren’t exactly ambitious, but so what? He’s got a fun job, an awesome mower, and a wife that…well, tolerates him. But when a smooth-talking conman makes off with his life savings, Bill’s tidy little world starts crumbling around him. His football-obsessed neighbors are trying to kill each other, his sister refuses to move her dead husband ou... more
  • The Poet and the Bastard

    by J. C. Bass
    Todd is an overly-sensitive wannabe poet who spends his days working in a laundromat, toiling in obscurity. Jon is a hard-drinking smart-ass who produces low-budget B-movies, his only claim to fame being a blockbuster flop about a dragon. As old friends, they're used to stumbling through life together, but when you add Todd's stripper girlfriend Rebecca into the mix, their misadventures get taken to a whole new level. "The Poet and the Bastard" chronicles the ups and downs of three twenty-someth... more
  • Every Sunday Is Father's Day 978-1-5007-8471-3

    by Anthony Valera
    For Ray Oliver, a divorced and down-on-his-luck musician, spends the afternoons with his precocious five-year old daughter, Mickey. When Mickey tells Ray that his ex-wife's new boyfriend has molested her. Ray snatches his daughter when the boyfriend shows his violent, predatory colors. Ray and Mickey travel across the country from one cheap motel to the next. An unexpected loss sends Ray heading back east. His ex-wife promises the boyfriend is gone. But if he's not, Ray vows to keep his daughter... more
  • John Doe

    by Terrell Vernon Hicks
    On a warm summer day in August 1980, while in a hospital room Charlotte Watson’s life changed forever. Now a successful psychologist, married to her high school sweetheart and the mother of two teenagers, she has everything she has ever wanted…or does she? When her teenage daughter comes to her with an announcement of her own, Charlotte decides to examine her past—revealing a secret that could tear her entire family apart. As a police officer, Bradley Robinson has seen his fair share of othe... more
  • Kiddieland and Other Misfortunes

    by Tim Chapman
    In his first short story collection Tim Chapman explores behaviors that are at once familiar and bizarre, while introducing us to an odd assemblage of characters. A reformed hit man has to kill to save the love of his life. An advertising executive deserts her family to find happiness as a forest nymph. A downsized factory worker decides to fake a disability. A young girl has to decide whether her divine power is a blessing or a curse. Engaging stories about family, class, crime, and love from t... more
  • Mesabi Pioneers

    by Jeffrey Smith
    Here is the highly readable account of one of the remarkable achievements of the 19th century: how a remote tree-covered area of northern Minnesota became America's greatest source of iron ore. It is 1891. An improbable team of American businessmen and European immigrants hunt for iron ore in a formidable expanse of dense pine forest. Fighting isolation, harsh winters, and mosquito-infested summers, they find it. What follows is an extraordinary tale of both personal and technological achie... more
  • A Brand New Day: A Banana Split Story

    by A.S. Chung
    Mondays and Tuesdays are fun, going on cooking adventures with Dad. We look forward to Wednesdays and Thursday too when we get to be a green thumb with Mum. Don’t forget the holidays! Spring breaks with Mum and hot summer camping with Dad. Each day is a truly special day! A Banana Split Story is a series within the Pigeonhole Books collection that features stories about children from separated and divorced families.
  • Lover in the Nobody

    by Jonathan Harnisch

    I believe that anyone suffering from any type of mental illness is one badass mother f-cker. Nothing is more terrifying than battling with your own mind every single day. So, get ready for this: Lover in the Nobody is not for the faint of heart. Enter the literary playground of the wildly eccentric author and all-around artist, dreamer, man on a mission, and human being just like you who also suffers--like all of us, in one way or another--to some degree. The author (oui, c'est moi, l'... more

  • All The Roads

    by J Cotter
    All The Roads draws out the emotional elements of human relationships in a very intimate way. The novel introduces readers to Jay Essex and Elle Dawes, flawed but very real characters attempting to navigate the complicated road between adolescence and adulthood. Through haunting memories and intense dialogue, readers experience how Jay and Elle met, how they got to know one another, and why their relationship came to a heartbreaking conclusion. All The Roads could be considered a contemporary ro... more
  • Learning to Kiss Girls

    by Elizabeth Andre
    It’s 1984, and there are lots of things the family of Helen Blumenstein, age 14, doesn’t talk about. Her cousin is gay. Helen’s best female friend may have a crush on her. Helen wants to learn about kissing girls, but she’s scared of being different. Helen will have to find her own voice and decide if she is brave enough to be exactly who she is supposed to be, even if that means being a little bit queer.
  • On the Way to Everywhere: A Novel

    by Kirsten Bloomberg Feldman
    Though she’s nicknamed for the magical Harry Potter, six-foot, dreadlocked Harry Kavanaugh doesn’t find any wonder in her daily life at an exclusive girls’ school outside of Washington, DC. In fact she wants nothing more than to chuck her lot and enter the wilds of public school—too bad she didn’t reckon on a trip to the hospital, a runaway, and a renegade or three, which just might show her a different path to everywhere.
  • No Alligators in Sight: A Novel

    by Kirsten Bloomberg Feldman
    In this coming of age novel, Lettie and Bert squeak by in a tiny town on Cape Cod, one parent an alcoholic and the other absent. After a string of bad decisions on Lettie’s part, their father ships them to their barely remembered mother for the summer, where they will learn hard lessons about themselves, their family, and their future by way of the Florida swamp. Throughout Lettie keeps her biting humor flowing, her razor-sharp pen at the ready, and her eye on her quest for a “normal” life.
  • Heave Ho!

    by José Lucio

    Heave Ho! is a children's book about teamwork and outside-the-box thinking. When a cheerful little worm pops his head up above ground, he is surprised and grabbed by a hungry bird. The worm must get help from his other worm friends, but the bird has help too...which leads to an intense tug-of-war battle. The battle goes on until the worms are losing ground no matter how hard they try, which leads one worm to come up with a new idea!


    Full preview of the book at http... more

  • Into the World of Gagi the Unicorn,book 1

    by Mary Catherine Leakan
    Gagi is a kind-spirited and magical unicorn that was brought to life by a precious little girl named Catie. She gave this sweet and happy creature its name from a very special and unique language: HERS! When Catie was a baby she came up with the funniest words. One of her words; has stuck with the author; even to this day ( Catie is now seventeen). That word is "Gagi"; pronounced "Gah-G-ee. "Gagi" was Catie's way to say "I love you". Gagi is either a boy or girl and magically changes its patte... more
  • Yummy Stories - six stories to stimulate your mind and appetite

    by Lil L. Alexander

    Yummy Stories is a delightful collection of six fun, original modern folk and fairy tales centered on healthy eating - perfect for children ages 4 to 8 (including picky eaters and fussy eaters). The stories are accompanied by rich, entertaining artwork. Children will discover broccoli forests, mushroom houses, clouds of cauliflower, exciting adventures (always positive) and many fascinating and believable characters: a very funny singing pea, a hungry dinosaur, three... more

  • The Other Side of Me: a heart-warming tale of laughter, love & 'worry monkeys'

    by J Arthur Gray
    Back in 1994 an 18 year old Freddie Hobbs appears to have a clear vision of his future, which he hopes will include the girl he's besotted with, his best friend the lovely Lisa. But there's just one small problem because he hasn't bothered to tell her how he feels.....yet! Then a chance encounter with school friend Karen leads to his first sexual experience, which only serves to confuse him even further. What will he do and will his plans have to change? Now, 19 years later, Freddie thinks his l... more