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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Daughter-in-law Syndrome

    by Stevie Turner
    The Daughter-in-law Syndrome delves into the complicated relationship that is causing much friction between Grandmother Edna Deane and her daughter-in-law Arla. In addition it focuses on the sometimes tumultuous partnership between Arla and her husband Ric. Arla Deane sometimes likens her marriage to undergoing daily psychological warfare. Husband Ric will never voice an opinion, and puts his mother Edna up high on a pedestal. Arla is sick of always feeling that she comes in at only second b... more
  • The Oak Tree

    by J. Steven Spires

    A timely story of love and family in the midst of a storm, THE OAK TREE tells a tale of resilience in the face of disaster.

  • Power Play

    by Nikki Vilendrer

    Surviving life with six brothers has prepared Dani O’Brien well for her new job in the aggressive world of the Minnesota Legislature. But her survival skills fail her when she meets local hockey star Luke Coffey, who is reluctantly wrangled into lobbying on behalf of his team for an arena expansion.

    Coming from a well-known sports family, Dani is determined to keep her identity a secret and her “no athletes” dating policy in motion, despite the attraction developing be... more

  • The Light From Dead Stars

    by Stephen Jansen
    Larry Bain plays bass and keyboards with the once famous Ozone, a freak rock and acid band that refuses to die. Without the charismatic and iconic singer, Thomas Winter, who has died in mysterious circumstances, Larry hopes the band will fold so he can go home and return to a simpler way of life. When they are informed by the tyrannical and savage Hector Morgan, CEO of Terminal Records, that they are broke and must once more tear a path through the UK, Europe and the USA, treading the stages,... more
  • The Pharaoh's Cat

    by Maria Luisa Lang

    The Pharaoh’s Cat, a tragicomic fantasy narrated in the present tense by the cat himself, tells of a free-spirited, wise-cracking stray in ancient Egypt who suddenly acquires human powers and immediately captivates the young Pharaoh, making him laugh for the first time since his parents’ death.

    The cat becomes the Pharaoh’s constant companion and, at the royal palace and on a tour of Egypt, participates in the festivities, developing an insatiable appetite for... more

  • The Dandelion Who Refused to be a Weed

    by Ann
    This is a charming and colorful children's picture book about a dandelion called Dolores who can’t understand why she is called a weed when she is just as beautiful as the other flowers. But when a storm comes, it’s Dolores and the little weeds that keep their heads while the beautiful flowers lose theirs! The story values and promotes self-worth in an easily understandable manner, as one 5* Review has said. It also teaches children that even though they may be different, everyone has their u... more
  • Sydney the Monster Stops Bullies

    by Dr. Tom DePaoli

    Sydney the Monster Stops Bullies is a new children's book about a quirky and friendly monster who overcomes his own bullying nightmare to emerge a true victorious hero. Through a story that is entertaining, uplifting yet inherently serious, young readers will not only learn how to spot bullying and its social, physical and mental detriments – but also find the empowerment they need to respect humanity’s rich differences.

    “The story’s bottom line is a powerful... more

  • Infinite Exposure

    by Roland Hughes

    An espionage novel written in 2008, the author has predicted stories that are now in today's news headlines! This heavily researched work of fiction was written shortly after 9/11 and long before identity theft or data breaches were in the news.

    Read and decide for yourself which is scarier, what it says is coming or how much it has already gotten right?

    This work of fiction uses historical information and relevant news stories to draw a line from post 9/11 through the off-sho... more

  • Hitler's Secret Jet Designer

    by Roy E Peterson
    This is the real story of the invention of the first jets in the world, their operational testing as the Messerschmitt 262 fighter/bomber, and their production in underground facilities in Austria. The semi-fictional story surrounding the design team and Chief Designer, Helmut, details the rise of the Austrian version of the Luftwaffe, incorporation into the German Luftwaffe, and the use of SS Concentration Camp slave labor.. After the war Helmut and his family were spirited out of Europe by the... more
  • California Works: Stories

    by Dwight Holing
    California Works is an award-winning collection of short fiction whose characters dwell on the far side of the California Dream. These brutal, beautiful stories are told in a style that not only pounds on the reader's sensibilities and emotions but claws at the soul. Place is as much a character as the people who inhabit these works: a war vet who rustles cactus near Palm Springs, a teenager living in the shadow of Disneyland about to be pulled into the draft, a convict looking for redemption, a... more
  • Sparkys Night Out

    by Mandy Segal
    About a Pink Green, Blue, Red, patchy furry cat named Sparky, who is going downtown with her  buddies, where they will Hunt mice all around the streets. 
  • Redemption in Big Fork Lake

    by Mary L. Ball
    Can he be forgiven? Only after Robert Turner hurts a woman does he realize how much of a hold alcohol has on his life. For Robert, a chance meeting with an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor offers hope. A new devotion to the Lord and a relationship with Belle McBride gives him expectations for a better future. His life appears to be on the right track, until he comes full circle with his past and faces the one mistake that haunts him daily. Can forgiveness-free Robert? Or will heartach... more
  • Silverwood

    by Dietz Vollrath
    Eleanor is a quiet student at Penwick Academy, when she and several classmates are asked by a visitor to help crack a strange code. Doing this takes Eleanor deep into the rambling maze of libraries at Penwick, where she discovers that the code refers to an old ship that visited a mysterious island nearly a century ago. Trying to discover what the ship found there leads Eleanor into the most dangerous part of the city, a basement filled with liquid books, a chase through the sewer drains, and a d... more
  • Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese

    by Regan Macaulay
    Beverlee Beaz, the brown Burmese, longs for adventure and has the powerful imagination to make it happen! On a lovely but otherwise ordinary day, she seeks excitement among the forests and fields surrounding her home, where she lets her imagination run wild. The ordinary suddenly becomes extraordinary in the eyes of this little brown cat. Let’s follow Beverlee on her adventure…through the forest, and inside her mind!
  • Nerve: a novel

    by S. R. Skelton
    A young couple meet in the twirl and heat of a dance club. Jesse, from the suburbs, is captivated by exotic Maya. Together they hatch a plan to hitchhike across the country in search of a child that Maya gave up for adoption three years earlier. Can fresh love survive the realities of an uncomfortable road trip? Meanwhile, Jean, struggling with the work/life balance, is petrified that her daughter’s biological mother will show up and destroy their already precarious relationship.
  • The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon

    by Linda Ballou

    Gemcie and her Irish Hunter, Marshal, are about to capture the World Cup when a nasty fall dashes their chances. While she is mending, her arch rival seizes this opportunity to catch a ride on Marshal, and to seduce her young husband. Confused and dazed by her new circumstances, Gemcie heads for the high Sierras hoping the majestic spires that captured the heart of the father she never met will provide the answers she seeks. She finds strength and solace riding solo on the John Muir Trail, bu... more