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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The terrible neck pain of Sunny the Sunflower

    by Victoria Novillo Saravia
    This is the hilarious story of how Sunny the Sunflower got healed from his terrible neck pain. It is also a tender tale that highlights the importance of friendship, team-working and perseverance, as well as community values.
  • Status The Game

    by Vincent Robert Annunziato

    The Internet Game Too Dangerous To Stop Playing! (Young Adult/New Adult)

    If you enjoy suspense, thrilling action and high stakes drama, then you will enjoy reading "Status The Game!" Author Vincent Robert Annunziato seamlessly guides readers through a landscape where virtual reality trumps real life and popularity is the only thing worth living for. 

    Everyone is suspect in this thrilling adventure of social battles that ... more

  • The Catalain Book of Secrets

    by Jessica Lourey
    The Catalain women have always lived on the margins of society, both adored and feared for their magical gifts. There is Ursula Catalain, content to concoct spells in her garden cottage and sleep with other women's husbands until the ghost of the man she murdered when she was 12 appears at her door. Jasmine, Ursula's daughter, wants no part of her family's infamous magic. Once believed to be the most powerful of the Catalains, she foreswore her gift years before to bury a shameful secret. Katrin... more
  • In The Shadow of The Water Tower

    by Alan Kirby

    Two brothers in their early sixties are called back to their hometown in Indiana for the reading of a former neighbor's will. Returning "home" after forty years will thrust Joe and Darren Kelly into a world of boyhood memories, legendary characters, old grievances, early loves, and a precarious status that elicits power, greed, false adulation, and even crime.  Their journey will be full of humor and satisfaction, but also considerable pain—will it all be worth i... more

  • No Mistake: Journey to Self-Acceptance

    by Chandra Washington

    Abena feels hopeless and alone when her classmates begin to ridicule her for the way she looks.  Despite positive reinforcements from her parents, Abena chooses to believe what her peers tell her; that she is “ugly.” No Mistake: Journey to Self-Acceptance is a story of a little girl’s journey from low self-esteem to learning self-love, even when her peers continue to reject her.  At the end of the story, the author provides a self-he... more


    by Robert Thomas Fertig
    Quicksand Corrupt Bankers. Middle East Nuclear Threats. A wife. A seductress. An angel. All of far cry from the sedate suburban life and mundane corporate existence Vincent Renaldo has been leading. Now he's on a quest for real meaning in life, passion and true love. Which of these women will satisfy that quest? There is Eva, the wild seductress. There is Anne, a beautiful double agent, who has all the right connections. There is Susan, the devoted loving wife and mother of his child... more
  • Mr. Scraps

    by Taylor Holden
    Inspired by the true story of a dog named Rip who was the first search-and-rescue dog during the Second World War, Mr. Scraps is a heartwarming story of courage, love and devotion that will appeal to parents and children alike.
  • The Sense of Paper

    by Wendy Holden
    Charlie, a war correspondent turned author, haunted by her worst journalistic experiences, turns to the history of paper and the materials of JMW Turner to distract her from her failed marriage and the ghosts of her past. Her research brings her into contact with Alan, a highly successful artist and Turner scholar. She falls under his seductive spell, only to discover that Alan has plenty of ghosts of his own. Aroused by his sensuality, drawn inexorably into his troubled past, and finding parall... more
  • Seventeen Seas

    by Bronwyn Elsmore
    One ship, a handful of Kiwis, a few Australians, 1600 Brits. Seventeen Seas tells their stories through ten countries, fifteen ports, across seventeen seas, for forty-six days. This work of creative non-fiction tells of a journey from New Zealand to the United Kingdom by ship. Anyone who has taken such a trip will recognize situations and typical characters of the cruising public.
  • Every Five Minutes

    by Bronwyn Elsmore
    Gina, if that is her real name, wakes to an autumn morning and, against her better judgement, selects a light dress to wear to work. Deliberately, she misses the bus and walks into the city, then turns and walks back home. This is not a day for work. Tomorrow, in her navy pantsuit, she will be there. Today she will spend with a white dog and a remarkable man. Every Five Minutes is also about the colour cornflower blue, beaches, parks, city streets, exotic places, coffee, flowers, polished stones... more
  • Blood Blossom

    by Daryl Hajek
    Two long-separated sisters and their mysterious mother battle wits over an estate, but that's just scratching the surface. This general fiction book is a family drama with a dark-humored twist, mystery, suspense, and action.
  • Circles in the Water

    by Robert Hays
    When Colletta and Jimmie witness the brutal killing of a playmate’s father in a domestic quarrel, the innocence of childhood is lost forever. Little do they realize that the repercussions will follow them into adulthood. Jimmie is left with a sense of helplessness and an unwitting habit of taking the easy way out, while Colletta finds solace in pain-killing drugs. Still, the love between these childhood sweethearts surely is forever. Through a series of unplanned events, the unbreakable bonds am... more
  • The Bully Buster

    by Andrew J. Aulner
    In this young adult tale, a high school freshman named Billy Brians stands up to Freddy "Cougar" Brown, a notorious bully, by becoming a would-be superhero (the eponymous Bully Buster) but also learns the importance of faith.
  • The Great Quilboar Race: The Lonely Quilboar: The Great Quilboar Race

    by samantha griggs
    The quilboar are going to the great quilboar race this year. the question on every quilboars mind is who will win?
  • the lonely quilboar

    by samantha M. Griggs

    The lonely Quilboar needs a friend. so he sets out on an amazing journey to find one. he'll face many obstacles on his way through the forest. will he find the friend he's been searching for?

  • The Indian Ridge Stories

    by Mark Richard Luther
    A Synopsis of the Indian Ridge Stories By Mark Richard Luther The Indian Ridge Stories is a smorgasbord of stories that uses Indian Ridge, which is a small town in upstate New York as character within the background of each told tale. Richard Tarbox; the first narrative is about an artist, writer by the name of Richard Tarbox who has a fear of death and is haunted by a recurring night terror, which has plagued him since childhood. The s... more