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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Rosa Bustillo
    Bilingual Readers™ is the perfect set of starter books for children learning to read in more than one language. Sentences translate word for word in most instances without being confusing. Your child can make proper associations between the words they know, and the words of their target language. ----------------------- Bilingual Readers™ es el conjunto perfecto de libros de iniciación para los niños que están aprendiendo a leer en más de un idioma. Las oraciones se traducen palabra ... more
  • Big Sandy

    by David Reichart
    A century and a half ago, the people of Centre County, Pennsylvania, got fed up with all the cougars roaming the countryside, endangering livestock and terrorizing citizens. They killed more than 600 of the wily predators in a 25-year period and managed to eliminate the entire native species. In my novel, Big Sandy, repopulation begins. Big Sandy is a funny, uplifting, fast-paced story about two 11-year-old boys, a couple of bullies who hound them, and a displaced yearling cougar that faithf... more
  • Jillian McClout, Happy Scout: A Smile Is Born (Volume 1)

    by D.J. Stamper
    Jillian McClout is on a mission. She's determined to bring smiles to the faces of at least three people in one day, and to do it she's created the Happy Scouts. Trouble is, so far her troop has just one member, herself, and Jillian soon finds that the task of getting people to smile is easier pledged than done. From the all-too-happy people in the park to the busy shoppers downtown, Jillian is scouting every face she sees on her quest to turn frowns upside down before the stroke of midnight. Can... more
  • A Better World

    by Belangela G. Tarazona
    A Better World tells the stories of three women who find themselves confronted with incredible tragedy, each caught in a world that tramples the vulnerable and forgets the meek. Civil war rages in Sri Lanka, where Saja watches, powerless, as both her husband and most of her family are lost to the brutality. Yonna is a talented, Wayuu rug weaver who attends a celebration in her honor that ends in bloodshed. The beautiful Taraji, who never truly knows the hardship she has left behind in Sout... more
  • The Link that Could Not Be Broken

    by C.L. Shaffer
    After the death of his father, Gavin withdraws from life and eventually from his faith. Because of this, conversations with his lifelong friend, Dr. Faulkner Brickley, where the subject often veers into matters of faith have become uncomfortable. Gavin needs to explain to his friend that he no longer believes. After Gavin discloses this, the professor decides it’s time to reveal his own secret—that God has granted Gavin an amazing gift. Dr. Brickley believes there is a purpose for this gift. How... more
  • Two-Gun

    by william lee adams
    The cruel winter of 1860 on the Iowa plains propels JJ Adams to seek out the warmth of California for his young family. But his amazing life story takes numerous unexpected detours, which ultimately result in his son, Will, growing into a gun-toting western hero.
  • Perdam Babylonis Nomen

    by Gregory Bull
    Perdam Babylonis Nomen: "The city’s streets are so wet shining and grey. My wasteland. Another car flies past. a rumble. A lorry. Ceaseless noise fills my ears and eats my mind. The flow is broken. So this is where it all started. I suppose that it will end here too. He is sitting motionless. A young man. Long hair. Anonymous. Uninteresting. Average. So much aggression and frustration pressure rising up. In me? Would I cry. I would. Turn up the volume, stand against the intensity of the momen... more
  • Lil' Scrappy-N-Rail: To Clean or Not Too Clean

    by Robert Crewe
    Scrappy the Squirrel can't wait to meet his best friend Rail's cousin, Chase. Scrappy is so excited that he wants to skip bathing and brushing his teeth so that he can rush to Rail's house. When Scrappy is about to greet Chase, Chase runs away because he can not bare the smell coming from Scrappy. Rail decides to tell him the truth about his odor so Scrappy goes back home to clean up the right way. Scrappy learns that taking care of his hygiene is important and must be taken seriously.
  • Self-Deliverance: A Love Story

    by Bernard Otterman

    Arthur Koestler slouched in his living room armchair, dead with a whiskey glass in his hand. His wife Cynthia was found lying lifeless on the sofa, facing him. Two empty wine glasses, a jar of honey, and an empty bottle of Tuinal—a powerful sedative—stood between them on the coffee table. Double-suicide was suspected, but Westminster Court Coroner Jack Candrel was troubled. Why did Cynthia, twenty-five years younger than Arthur and in good health, kill herself? A bold work of hist... more

  • Legacy Discovered

    by Kerry Reis
    A woman learns her husband is not the man she married. Instead of an orphaned foster child like herself, he is the scion of a billionaire. In order to avoid a family legacy, he faked his own death. When they first met sixteen years ago, Ali was convinced Ryan was a man who grew up like she did: as a foster care orphan. They married quickly and headed for the Midwest to complete college. Sixteen years later, Ryan has an independent law practice, Ali is an ER nurse, and the couple has the per... more
  • The Chocolate Garden: A Magical Tale

    by Ava Miles
    The chocolate fairies are here...and they're bent on saving Molly and Kevin from the scary dog next door! Good thing Molly and Kevin's mom knows the greatest gardening secret in the world. Chocolate fairies live in chocolate-colored plants. They make chocolate in their chocolate garden every night and protect boys and girls from harm with their magical chocolate powder. And of course, Molly and Kevin get to eat the chocolate the chocolate fairies make. Come along with Molly and Kevin on... more
  • If You Give a Donkey the White House

    by David E. Levine
    When an arrogant donkey asks you to let him into the White House, you might get duped into thinking it’s a good idea. But once he gets there, he’ll want to expand the government. And then before you know it, he will take you on a misguided adventure that will ruin your life. In this timely parody, readers young and old will either laugh or cry as they follow the story of a boy, a donkey, and unintended consequences.
  • Wild Dragon Soul: Tales About a Journey to Find the Inner Artist

    by Tatjana Garibaldi

    Wild Dragon Soul is a book about creativity. It is a collection of twelve short stories, written in an allegorical style, about a journey to find the inner artist. The uplifting stories focus on inspiring the readers of any age who would like to live creative lives. 


    What is the inner artist? Is it exclusively the painting, acting or dancing talent that only a special few possess? 

    Or is it something much more inclusive a... more

  • The French Sultana (The Veil and the Crown Book 2)

    by Zia Wesley
    “Following a short period of drunken and confused deliberation about how to best eliminate the new favorite, Nuket Seza settled upon the plan she always chose. She would poison the girl’s food”. Thus begins Zia Wesley’s newest novel, The French Sultana, a steamy continuation of the life and travails of Aimée Dubucq de Rivery, the innocent young convent girl abducted by corsairs and given to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and her cousin Rose, unknowingly destined to become Empress of France... more
  • Paperwhite Narcissus

    by Tom Baker
    It is 1966, and Tim Halladay, in his senior year at William & Mary, is in the process of discovering his true sexuality. He spends his weekends living in the basement apartment of his aunt Blade's Georgetown home. There, he uncovers the darker side of the nation's capital, making forays into the Washington DC neighborhood of Foggy Bottom and meeting some brilliant, unforgettable men and women. Tim has known since he was thirteen that he was born a twin and that his brother died in the delivery ... more
  • The Stolen Girl (The Veil and the Crown Book 1)

    by Zia Wesley
    The legend of Aimée Dubucq de Rivery, has survived on three continents for more than two hundred years. The Stolen Girl tells the first part of her extraordinary story, her adolescence on the Caribbean island of Martinique, and her voyage to Paris where her hopes of finding a husband are shattered. Resigned to live as an old maid at the ripe age of eighteen, she decides to become a nun and sets sail to visit her relatives on Martinique one last time. On the journey, she meets and falls in love w... more