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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Shadow Days

    by Melinda Clayton
    On the anniversary of her husband’s death, forty-nine-year-old Emily Holt runs away, leaving an unmade bed, an unlocked house, two college-aged sons, and an overabundance of bad memories. Struggling to make peace with the death of a husband who’d been lost to mental illness, she vows to drive to the end of the road, which, she’s surprised to find, is just outside the tiny mining town of Cedar Hollow, West Virginia. As Emily struggles to redefine and rediscover herself, the good folks of Ce... more
  • The Second Chances of Priam Wood

    by Alexander Rigby
    Priam Wood is a painter, but when the colors of his life coalesce in unwanted ways, he is unable to change the canvas he has created. While he dies alone with no one at his side, he longs for his ballerina Ellie to return, but she is gone and there is no way to get her back…or is there? Death greets Priam in the form of a white abyss where a golden retriever informs him that he has the chance to relive the seven days of his life that he regrets the most. Before each of his second chances begin ... more
  • Robin Pembroke: Pirates & Winged Horses

    by J.B. Pelts
    The novel begins with Robin Pembroke leading his boringly ordinary life as a 10 year-old in middle England, when his Great Aunt Dorothy dies and leaves Robin her house and cottage on the island of Corentin, off of the southwest coast of England. What ensues is the summer of Robin's life, as he travels to Corentin and makes three best friends in Georgie, Millie, and Olwenn. Stumbling across a pirate mystery that has remained hidden for centuries, the friends chase clues and secrets across the ... more
  • Smilodon

    by alan nayes
    Jason Bristol, ex-prize fighter and expert animal tracker, and part-time drunk, teams up with beautiful wildlife biologist Norah Phelps as they pursue a man-eating predator that threatens to derail her father’s prize real estate development project in north central Idaho. Against the majestic pristine backdrop of Idaho’s Bitterroot Wilderness Area, the adventure unfolds. Jason, with Norah’s assistance, soon discovers the ghosts of his past are nothing compared to the battle he’s undertaken.... more
  • The Holly Bibble of Babble On

    by Michael Paul Girard
    At the turn of the millennium, Holly’s lifelong dream of writing music for a major orchestra quickly spirals into a hellish nightmare. Ensnared in a tangled web of deceit at the highest levels of Government, the beautiful thirty-year-old composer is sucked into a lion’s den of debauchery from which there is only one avenue of escape. When a suppressed childhood memory rears its ugly head she wreaks vengeance on the psycho ex-rock star who violates her. Ultimately Holly’s actions land her in the... more
  • The Immigrant: One From My Four Legged Stool

    by Alfred Woollacott, III
    A historical saga that covers a winter of 1650/1651 journey of John Law, a young Scotsman captured by the English Lord Cromwell’s forces in seventeenth century Scotland during “The Battle of Dunbar”. He survives a death march to Durham, England and is eventually sent to Massachusetts Bay Colony as an indentured servant, arriving aboard the ship “Unity” that was carrying around 150 prisoners of war from different Scottish clans. Now an outcast, and in the sanctuary of the new colony, John starts ... more
  • The Dreaming Hour: Stories & Verse to Celebrate the Seasons

    by Morgan Detyens
    Naughty cats, dirty dogs, slimy snails, and sneaky slugs are some of the fun and feisty characters young readers age 8-12 will meet in The Dreaming Hour, an illustrated collection of short stories and verse celebrating ordinary critters trying to something XXXtraordinary in their lives.
  • The Pressure Cooker

    by Gregory P. Wolk
    Two boys and their parents flee Russian oppression and bombings in Chechnya to begin a new life in the United States, where they find freedom and peace and can take advantage of countless opportunities. The Pressure Cooker is a 21st-century version of the story of immigrants who, arriving on boats, are exhilarated when they pass Lady Liberty in New York harbor: this family, too, will work to attain its American Dream. Ten years later, on April 15, 2013, the brothers detonate two bombs at th... more
  • The House on Persimmon Road

    by Jackie Weger
    "What a lovely surprise this book is. It's an unexpected love story that includes three generations. The writing is superb and the story is well written... " ~ avp "The writing is superb. The characters are layered and believable. " ~ avp "This was an absolute treasure to find and enjoy! Everything about the story and characters and location were perfect...I didn't want it to end." ~ avp Need Help? Hire a Ghost. She Cooks. Lottie Roberts has been between and betwixt since the Civil W... more
  • Calypso

    by Tsipi Sharoor
    “While movies have soundtracks, life doesn’t, and that’s why life is nothing like a movie...” Amos explains to his sister, Shlomit. But what soundtrack would accompany Shlomit’s life if it were a movie? Shlomit is growing up in the city of Ramla in the sixties. Her life story is accompanied by the scratchy voices of the Beatles coming from the old transistor radio in the kitchen of the small tenement apartment, the yells of the neighbors fighting easily penetrating the thin walls, the sounds of... more
  • The Wheelbarrow Puppy Club

    by Christina Valenti
    Millions of homeless, hungry, unloved dogs roam the streets of countries near and far. Street dog overpopulation is a global issue and many countries cannot, or choose not to, provide these dogs the basics of life. Wu, one of eight puppies being sold out of a street corner wheelbarrow on the chaotic streets of Beijing, China, believed that she was destined to a life on the streets. But, just as seasons change, so do circumstances. Join Wu on her journey from an impending life as a street dog, to... more
  • Sex and the American Male

    by Jay Williams

    "Sex and the American Male" follows an average American male, Zack Hardiman, as he slowly discovers the nature of American culture. It begins when he discovers that he is surrounded by unrelenting advertising everywhere he goes. So he goes nuts. He recovers and soon tours through the adventures of buying a gas guzzling car, visiting the National Parks, that have been taken over by gigantic corporations and eventually becomes engrossed in the effort to get STUFF. It ... more

  • Bow Tie: The First Manuscript of the Richards' Trust

    by W. J. Cherf
    In the 1870s the evidence was found, but the clues went unnoticed until accident, science and intrigue collided. The x-ray and later DNA data provided unheard of results. The only conclusion that could be reached was that during the Eighteenth Egyptian Dynasty a genetic anomaly had been introduced into the human genome. The source – extraterrestrial. Bow Tie chronicles how an international scientific effort resolved the situation by using extraordinary means: time travel and murder.
  • Doctor Goldbunny: A Modern Fable

    by Valerie Haynes
    Doctor Goldbunny – the Story of a Rabbit who Becomes the Doctor of the Earth “Carry me up from the Depths of the Earth, Lead me from Nothingness on up through Birth…” So begins a riddle inscribed on a gold rabbit figurine unearthed at a remote archeological site in a vast and forbidding desert—beginning an odyssey that will forever change the fate of the Earth. Leopard Goldbunny is magically born in a community of animals now able to speak English. There he learns the ancient natural h... more
  • Reindeer Dust

    by Kate Dwyer
    In a fun and lyrical tale, readers are immersed in the story of hungry and harried reindeer who can’t find houses to land on through thick fog. Santa has a sled overflowing with presents, but he’ll never be able to deliver them if the reindeer don’t know where to land! One little boy, William, devises a plan: he mixes up a special batch of reindeer dust and he and his friends and family sprinkle it outside while reciting “I will always believe!” Through the fog, the reindeer are able to spot the... more
  • Lost to the sea. Book 3. A Colonial Venture.

    by E.Van Johnson
    Following on from Book 2. James is now married and back at sea on amission for the Duke to find out the true situation in America. En route he rescues five women from a shipwreck in the Bay of Biscay and later find they are French spies. He turns them in to the naval authorities. He captures another french ship damaged in the same storm and finds she is carrying military stores for the French in Quebec.