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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Playing Charlie Cool

    by Laurie Boris
    With a few humble words, mayoral staffer Joshua Goldberg comes out to the New York press, resigns his post, and leaves his wife. Three months later, he is still skittish about making his relationship with television producer Charlie Trager public. Charlie understands Joshua’s stress over the divorce and his desire to step back into the political spotlight. But he’s tired of schedule conflicts and frustrated about getting put on the back burner while the pressure ravages the man he loves. Man... more
  • You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are

    by Sannel Larson

    'You're a snowflake unlike any other, so unique in one way or another.' 
    These lines convey the essence of what the author wants to tell young readers. The rhyme, the whimsy, the colors, the illustrations and the rhythms make it a charming story book. The pictures complement the words beautifully and add to the effect of the concept. 

  • No Tears for Old Scratch

    by Ken Wohlrob

    “Welcome to Knob’s End—The Holiest Town in America.”

    So reads the sign that greets a mysterious stranger as he steps off a bus one dark night in upstate New York. But life is not so great in the small town of Knob’s End. The economy has tanked, jobs are drying up, and people are losing their homes. Led by their local pastor, Father Balano, the citizens’ only source of pride is an award-winning community display—“The Gravey... more

  • Spring Moon

    by Mary Ellen Courtney
    It's not easy to juggle marriage, children, and the past, when the past just won't go away. The reality of marriage was not what Hannah Spring had in mind when she blithely swapped rings with her husband, Jon. When she envisioned her marriage, it didn't include his long ago divorce from the annoyingly beautiful Celeste, or her pre-Jon, and never discussed, liaison with the still perplexing Stroud. Then things change for ex-Celeste and Jon's past crashes over the seawall of their marriage ... more
  • DEX

    by sheri lynn fishbach
    Dex Rossi is a gawky twelve-year-old foodie who has been rolling out phyllo dough since his friends were rolling out Play-Doh! An entrepreneur at heart, he runs a gourmet lunch stand from his family's front lawn in hopes of earning enough money to buy the Gymbuff, a professional work-out system promising the perfect athletic body. Dex is keeping his plans on the down-low, certain his lanky frame is the one thing that stands between him and Sarah, the girl of his dreams, who only seems intere... more
  • Ashes at the Altar: The Sheriff and Sampson 9781490474175

    by Calvin M. Logue
    Drawing from experiences growing up in Pine Apple, Greensboro, Evergreen, and Auburn, Alabama, in Ashes at the Altar Cal Logue writes a fictional account of what he experienced, saw, heard, learned, and taught about the civil rights movement accelerating after the Korean War and spreading into towns and cities across the South. Ashes at the Altar reveals the forces unleashed in the white community when, because their A.M.E. Church in "Alpine" has been threatened, African Americans initiate ste... more
  • Wild Nights

    by Mary Ellen Courtney
    After outrunning a crazy childhood, Hannah Spring thought she had her life together. Her job was going great, her crazy family was at a safe distance, and she was dating a man with possibilities. Then her beloved grandmother dies, and Hannah leaves her safe lair to oversee the burial. While traveling down a burnt out back road she is pulled into an inferno of events that challenge even her vivid imagination. Nothing, except perhaps her childhood, could have prepared her for the year that follo... more
  • Jojo the Dreamer: The Adventures of a Young Mind

    by Sherry Rollins
    Jojo the Dreamer shares his adventures and inspires his young readers to take on the world through their imaginations and in their own lives. Book one of an eight part series is an exhilarating look at all the adventures that are to come as well as an introduction to the character, mind, and will of Jojo the Dreamer.
  • Orphan in America

    by Nanette L. Avery
    Bringing back to the twenty-first century an epic novel of substance and style, Orphan in America is a compelling fiction that follows three generations across vast distances and the impact of a dark and unfamiliar episode of America’s past; the Orphan Train.
  • The Final Dawn: A debut novella of revenge, betrayal and treacherous love.

    by Alice Catherine Carter
    In Joseph Stalin’s early 1930’s Russia, an entire class of people were at risk of exploitation. Valeyria and Alexei Yolkin were members of one such family. …. It was a freezing day when the first Yolkin sibling turned on another. With the young children listening in fear below in the darkness, they heard their uncle Eduard giving orders to kill their mother and father. The only girl, Valeyria aged just seven, had a sudden desire for revenge, it consumed her. She hated her uncle Eduard and sh... more
  • Men of the Cross (Battle Scars)

    by Charlene Newcomb
    Two young knights’ journey to war at Richard the Lionheart’s side sweeps them from England to the Holy Land in this historical adventure set against the backdrop of the Third Crusade. Henry de Grey leaves Southampton in high spirits, strong in his faith and passionate about the mission to take Jerusalem back from Saladin’s army. Stephan l’Aigle’s prowess on the battlefield is well known, as are his exploits in the arms of other men. He prizes duty, honour and loyalty to his king above all el... more
  • One Man Three Women

    by Peter Jorgensen
    Read this if you want an insight into how men think about relationships, love and the challenge of being honest toward yourself and those close to you. Inspired by Pouline Middleton’s novel “One Woman Three Men” about Elizabeth seeking three men, 48-year-old Christian decides to find himself three women to fulfill his different wishes: An exotic type, a soulmate and a young, wild-at-heart woman. The novel “One Man Three Women” is an account of his experiences. Christian starts dating and m... more

    by Kate MacHugh
    Tormented, dives deep in to the teenage psyche and exposes the gruesome underbelly of high school life. We all have something that torments us; bullies, secrets, lies. What if you have all three? Kelly Peters fights fiercely against her demons. The question is; will she win?
  • Juliette and the Monday ManDates

    by Becky Doughty
    Juliette Gustafson is heart-broken after waiting nearly ten years for a proposal from her boyfriend that never came. Determining she isn’t “getting over Mike” quickly enough, her three younger sisters come up with The Monday ManDates; an intervention plan requiring Juliette to endure what turns out to be a series of remarkably disastrous blind dates. Between TheraPaul, Frisky Frank, TAZ the rock star, and the stoic Tim Larsen, the Monday ManDates are doomed from the start. Then there’s Victor Ja... more
  • Waters Fall

    by Becky Doughty
    The anatomy of an affair. The price of forgiveness. The beauty of grace. Jake doesn’t remember what it means to be a champion. Nora doesn’t know how much longer she can tread water before she goes under. Their fairytale marriage is hurtling toward a tragic end. Then Tristan sweeps in—all feelings and fire and freedom—and Nora is carried out to where the waters flow fast and deep. Nora knows she’s risking far more than just her heart…. When it all comes crashing down, Jake and Nora ar... more
  • Elderberry Croft: The Complete Collection

    by Becky Doughty
    The Coach House Trailer Park is the last stop down the road of life for most of its residents. But a new girl sweeps into the neighborhood, charming them all with her wild nature, her elderberry gifts, and her outrageous laughter. What brings the mysterious Willow Goodhope of ELDERBERRY CROFT to this dead end place? From what—or whom—is she hiding? ELDERBERRY CROFT is the tale of one woman’s journey toward HOPE and HEALING, and the people whose lives she transforms along the way.