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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Strictest Teacher in All of France

    by Thom Van Every
    Federico is a naughty boy. His parents send him to a school run by Madame Giroux, the strictest teacher in all of France. Will Federico change his ways? Will Madame Giroux make him behave? Who will have the last word?
  • The Other Side Of The River

    by Sandra Allensworth
    Two stories of history, romance and the life of ranching in New Mexico. The stories toggle between 1862 and 2012. Faced with her husband’s infidelity in 2012, Carolina longs to return to her first love. Travis is running a ranch and raising two girls alone. He does not trust her with his heart. In 1862 Morgan falls in love with Sophia when she tends the wounds he acquired during the battle at Glorieta Pass, the only Civil War battle ever fought in New Mexico. Morgan belongs to the Second Tex... more
  • Magnificent Tales of Doomed Kingdoms

    by Rupendra Dhillon
    Once upon a time, there was an age of kings. An age of mighty kingdoms and dynasties ruling over vast stretches of land with unlimited wealth and unmatched renown. But the memory of man is fickle and short lived. Common tales passed unto history, history became lore and lore faded into myth. These stories will give you a momentary glimpse into the lives of the kings and the queens. They would tell you of the lives these men and women lived and the challenges they faced – from incapable prince... more
  • Dreaming in Grey

    by Dorothy Brown Henderson
    A touching multi-generational story of a family driven by dreams--postive and destructive--and family secrets. Nine-year-old Sara struggles to keep her fractious family together after the sudden death of her mother. This story, set in Grey County, rural Ontario, Canada, has woven into it accounts of one of Grey County's most famous women, Agnes Macphail, the first female Canadian Member of Parliament. Equally fascinating in Dreaming in Grey is the mystery of why and how the history of Black set... more
  • Velvet

    by Heather Strommen
    Velvet Underwood doesn’t know much about her father, Diamond Jim, other than Mama’s relentless bragging that every woman in town desired him, he smelled like hard work and pine, and she was conceived in the back of his Cadillac. She knows Mama’s heart and confidence were shattered when he disappeared in the middle of the night all those years ago. But Velvet was just a baby then. She’s 15 going on 16 now and wants to know what Mama’s not telling her. Velvet is changed forever when she stumbles... more
  • The Trillium Girl

    by Roderick Saxey
    Michelle is a young girl who loves the woods behind her family's home in a suburb of Portland, Oregon, especially the three-petalled flowers called trilliums. She and her friend become worried when developers begin cutting down trees for new houses. What will happen to the trilliums? And who are those suspicious looking men? They aren't builders. What do they want? Find out in THE TRILLIUM GIRL.
  • Fire Scar - The Untold Story of the 1887 Burning of San Jose’s Chinatown

    by Lily Tan (penname Lily Lee)
    A successful young woman, a motherless ten-year-old girl, a shared trauma separated by over a century. Jessica and Jasmine are united by a nearly identical scar. As Jessica searches for clues about the past, including untold truths about her own family history, she uncovers unspeakable acts of violence that shaped the lives of early Chinese American immigrants, culminating in a brutal act of arson that threatened to destroy their dream of inclusion. With passion, heart, and unflinching candor, L... more
  • Turntable

    by James L. Peters
    Grady Barden is tired of working at Pizza Del Reino, but as much as he believes there's something bigger waiting for him, he's also beginning to accept that it won't be his band. He has been questing for an answer or sign for many years, but these 'Grailings' he ventures out on with his best friend Lane and cousin Dwayne haven't turned up any obvious clues. When his father decides to buy the pizza place to rebuild a family heritage lost to the failure of the Wisconsin railroads, Grady is squeeze... more
  • The Space Between Dreaming

    by Cherie Burbach
    Grace and Jane both crave family but for much different reasons. Grace longs for the child she was never able to conceive and Jane for the new family she will have once she marries her boyfriend. They meet and become unlikely friends when Grace’s husband paints his masterpiece and Jane’s gallery represents him. As they ponder their future, Jane’s meddling 80-year-old landlady helps them see the beauty in letting go of expectation. Grace and Jane each see something different in the painting, a... more
  • The Cost of Electricity

    by Kathryn Holzman
    Progress is painful, and independence comes at a cost. She wouldn’t have it any other way. Lulu, the daughter of pioneers, enters the University of Oregon in 1902. She aspires to be modern, as free to love as the romantic poets and as committed to equality as the suffragettes. Her journey—from the University to Portland, where she edits a literary magazine, to Hollywood, where she faces down her demons—is the story of a new century fueled by electricity.
  • Cannibal Coast

    by Bret Boscaccy
  • Edelweiss

    by Joan Robison
    Eva Abrams thought leaving her relatively normal and uneventful life in suburban Utah for a summer internship in Europe was what she needed. A break from her normal everyday life and unwanted memories. She arrives in England excited for the next three months, but little does she know it will soon throw her into a time of war and chaos- where men fought and died for total domination. She soon learns that the real job is to travel back in time to the 1940s. She knows it will be an experience li... more
  • A Murder in Ashwood

    by Robert Brighton
    New Year’s Day, 1902 … Ashwood wakes up to a foul murder … Buffalo, New York … as the remains of the great Pan-American Exposition are swept away, and the bitter memories of William McKinley’s assassination at last dwindle away … the city reels again after the sensational murder of successful businessman Edward Miller, bludgeoned to death in his cozy den, in one of the city’s most fashionable enclaves: Ashwood. But for all its glamor, Ashwood guards the dark secrets of many of its young, up-a... more
  • Love Always Disappoints -- Sometimes

    by Renard M. Alotta
    By age 24, Trevor Jones lives alone in a crummy downtown apartment, works as a night janitor, and enjoys the safety of aspiring to nothing. He has experienced enough life to have figured out his place in the world. Mastering the art of lowering expectations has served him well. It’s a strategy proven useful in family, work, and especially in relationships. But for a single friend kept at arm’s length, he sticks to himself and has constructed a tolerable existence. Books are his solace, the pen... more
  • Elephants Are Not Artists

    by William Hart
    What does it mean to be an artist? Ruby is an elephant who loves to draw on the ground with her favorite stick. She dreams of getting to use colors one day. When others tell her that she will never be an artist, she must choose between believing them or believing in herself. Discover how determination, practice, and forgiveness help Ruby along her journey.
  • Snoodles in Space

    by Steven Joseph
    In the Award Winning Book "Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles,: Steven Joseph and Andy Case introduced us to a world where everyone was happy because of one man, Herbie Snoodleman, the inventor of the SnoodleMobile, which was powered solely by noodles. It had replaced the Krautmobile, invented by Sour Croodleman, which ran on sauerkraut, and made everyone quite a bit cranky. In this follow up book, when the Zoodle Kidoodles abduct Norman Noodle and Sally Stroodle, the ... more