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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Whoooo Knows and Other Backyard Tales

    by Patrick Holliday
    We observe nature’s creatures and see how they interact with each other, the furry creatures, the birds, the beasts, and hosts of other species. We should take the time to observe and marvel at their interactions to one another, and in part to their humorous actions in their day-to-day life. Whoooo Knows and other Backyard Tales is both fact & fiction, but I leave it up to you as the reader to determine what to believe. But most of all, I hope, whether you are a child or an adult, you will ap... more
  • The Chronicles of Michel du Jabot

    by Eckhard Gerdes
    The events of Michel’s life are varied and unusual. He is an envoy to Mars, where he gets caught up in local politics and in the process of trying to salvage a culture's lost sestinas saves the life of the local governor. He is rewarded with a job of his choosing in local government. He chooses to supervise the disc golf program for the recreation department. He fails miserably at his job, in part because of his newfound obsession with parkour. He is condemned by the governor to attend clown col... more
  • κουτσουρελάκης ωρλ

    by Κουτσουρελάκης ΩΡΛ
    Ο κουτσουρελάκης ιωάννης ωρλ είναι διδάκτωρ του πανεπιστημίου αθηνών. Είναι ο γιατρός που μπορεί να σας βοηθήσει να αντιμετωπίσετε αποτελεσματικά κάθε διαταραχή της αναπνοής στον ύπνο. Αν θέλετε να απαλλαγείτε από το ροχαλητό και τις άπνοιες, επισκεφθείτε μας σήμερα.
  • Little Ellie Isabellie Elephant: Day at the Pool

    by Tracy Hartley
    A baby elephant learns valuable lessons after she wasn’t able to jump and play with her friends at the pool. Does her small size really hinder her from enjoying a day at the pool? In this book authored by Tracy Hartley and illustrated by Linda Solomon, young readers will understand that it’s okay to be little as long as they face the problem and ask for help, Little Ellie Isabellie is too small to go swimming with her friends. She’s sad but she decides to ask her momma for help. She learns it... more
  • My Pandemic Diary

    by Dr. Vedika Agrawal, Dr. Kunal Das
    Our book “My Pandemic Diary” is a fully illustrated storybook, written in a rhyming poem form. It depicts how a little girl got over her lockdown blues and utilized the lockdown period in learning new skills, appreciating and reconnecting with nature, interacting more with family, and understanding the art of being positive. She also adapted herself to the new rules of life such as wearing masks and social distancing.
  • My First Geography Book

    by Igor Okunev
    A boy and his stuffed animals start a journey around their apartment. They find out that the apartment is a kingdom that has mountains, rivers, and cities, that everything in it has its purpose, and that the most important place in it is near the parent bedroom. They will also learn what a real geographer needs to leave the house, and finally, after looking into the laws of geography, our characters will venture to explore the world around them. Do you have any maps, atlases, or geography books?... more
  • The Little Witch's Birthday Party

    by Michael Pellico

    The little witch does not know her age and has never had a birthday, birthday party, or even birthday cake because witches do not celebrate birthdays. Even if she had a birthday party she has no friends and wouldn't know anyone to invite because she thinks everyone is afraid of witches. Sabrina thinks her friends would like the little witch as much as she does and is determined to have a big party for her, but she has never thrown a party for a witch before! After much planning, the big d... more

  • The Little Witch

    by Michael Pellico

    One Halloween night a little witch having lost her broom gets trapped in a tree. A group of children notice her and surround the tree. The scared little witch is petrified and dreads the worst. One frightened little boy believes witches are evil and warns of the danger. Mounting peer pressure causes the group of children to become increasingly apprehensive and plan an attack. Along comes Sabrina who instead empathizes with the Little Witch and dares to react differently. The group of children... more

  • An Unusual Friend

    by Michael Pellico
    While vacationing on a faraway tropical island Sabrina and her brother Stephen find a wounded baby shark that had been stranded in a tide pool. Determined to save the baby shark, Sabrina and her brother treated and fed the shark until the baby shark was able to feed itself. This good deed, many months later, saved Sabrina and her brother. The story shows that helping others can bring both happiness and unexpected rewards.
  • The Perfect Christmas Tree

    by Michael Pellico
    In the middle of a beautiful forest is a grove full of young pine trees. Their father gives them advice and shares his unusual plan on how to grow up and avoid being cut down by humans, taken out of the forest, and decorated as Christmas trees for their holiday. All the young pine trees follow their father's advice except for Little Stevie who cares more about how he looks. He refuses to listen to his father and grows up to become a beautiful tree. One winter's day, humans arrive with their s... more
  • On the Streets of Bolena

    by Srividhya Lakshmanan

    Set in an imaginary town called Bolena, these stories will give you a glimpse into life in an Indian street with all the cacophony of noise, sound, people and experiences that it brings.
    It is a collection of seven stories with quirky characters. From an antique shop owner in a dilemma to a stubborn flower vendor who lived in denial. These short, sweet stories offer a glimpse of life in the laid-back, modest town where everything revolves around the Manga Devi Temple.  Travel around... more

  • Frank the Painter

    by Joshua Kaplan
    A house painter meets a barista who won the lottery. She entices him to travel the world with her. The house painter is in love with a little person who turns out to be affiliated with the mafia. The barista and the house painter marry. Their struggle of finding ways to express themselves unearths mental illness and drug abuse. They seek to find themselves and lead healthy lives.
  • Sea Spray

    by John A. Heldt
    From the author of THE LANE BETRAYAL and THE FAIR comes the third novel in the Time Box saga. Months after stealing two time machines from a madman who wants them back, the Lanes, a family of seven, seek peace and safety in 1927, the latest stop on a journey through time. For a while, each succeeds. Parents Mark and Mary find housing in affluent East Hampton, New York, where a gracious elderly couple offers use of their mansion. Son Jordan and his new wife, Jessie, plan a family. Siblings ... more
  • Renolin MR 10 and Renolin PG 220

    by christiano francis
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  • Sweet Sour Cherries

    by Paula Morhardt
    Ralph can be a very well-behaved bunny when he wants to be. The trouble is, he forgets and does naughty things sometimes. Will Ralph learn his lesson after eating a particularly sour cherry pie? A picture book for young readers, Ralph and his family come alive with the wonderful words of author Paula Baysinger Morhardt and the delightful illustrations of Kim Hanzo. Suitable for ages 3 to 7 years.

    by Deb Elkink
    The past casts a long shadow, especially when it points to a woman’s first love. Her name was Mary Grace until she fell in love with the French exchange student visiting her family’s Nebraska farm. François renamed her “Aglaia”—after one of the beautiful Three Graces of Greek mythology—and set the seventeen-year-old girl longing for something more than her parents’ simplistic life and faith. Now, fifteen years later, Aglaia works as a costume designer in Denver. Her budding success in the city’s... more