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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Island Jewel

    by Frank Pickard
    Second novel in the AMERICAN NOMAD series. Jewel and his family board the 1950's luxury liner Lurline for the continuation of their journey to Territorial Hawaii and island living; first at Hickam Air Force Base on the banks of Pearl Harbor, then into the suburb of Pearl City before moving to the lush sugar cane fields of Aiea Heights. Jewel learns to surf Waianae and Barber's Point, roams the bustling streets of Waikiki and struggles when his beloved brother moves to a boarding school on anothe... more
  • The Weight of Gravity

    by Frank Pickard
    t all begins when Max Rosen comes home to Cottonwood. Years ago he couldn’t escape the provincial world of his hometown fast enough, but time and fame as an award-winning novelist have taught him that he may have left his one true inspiration behind, and her name is Erika Morgan. Cottonwood was where Erika’s life began and where she was certain it would end. In time, convinced that Max would never return, she put aside her love for him and married into a prominent local family with old money. ... more
  • American Nomad

    by Frank Pickard
    The first novel in the Jewel Legacy trilogy. The late 1950s defined America for a post-war generation. Tract housing was devouring farmland, and rock and roll music was dividing the generations. Disneyland, transistor radios, automobiles and televisions were molding a new American culture, and highways like Route 66 were transforming the country into a nomadic society. Jewel’s family was moving too, from one military duty station in the Azores to another on the shores of Waikiki, but they ... more
  • Where's Teddy

    by Brenda Spalding
    Poor Alice can't go to bed with out her Teddy bear. Is He lost? Alice has to try and remember where she went and what she did to find her bedtime friend.

    by Nancy Kunhardt Lodge
    When eleven year-old Lucy Nightingale's mind goes blank while giving an oral report, she loses more than her confidence. She no longer trusts her ideas. The Crystal Navigator is the story of her navigation back to herself. With the help of her magical Wise One, a bumptious Corgi named Wilbur, Lucy flies centuries back in time to get answers from five famous artists whose paintings are the subject of her next report. Wilbur has other plans for her. Five artists are brought to life as never befor... more
  • The Lone Wolf

    by E.D. Martin
    When her husband David's infidelities are revealed, shattering the perfect life Kasey Sanford thought they'd created together, it's a wake-up call that she's lost herself along the way. She demands that David move with her to a new town, to a fresh start for their life together. Kasey loves the freedom of reinventing herself, including her new friendship with police officer and soldier Andrew Adams. Andrew is handsome and charming, and his interest in Kasey awakens feelings she'd rather have ... more
  • Thomas and the Tiger-Turtle

    by Jonathan Gould
    When Thomas finds a talking turtle in his yard, he’s amazed and surprised—especially when the turtle insists, “I’m not a turtle. I’m a tiger!” After a visit to the zoo and a fun chase, the turtle—or is it a tiger?—discovers an important truth and makes a fast friend.
  • The View From Here

    by The Walnut Creek Writers Guild
    What do a boy on a train, a girl wandering through an apocalyptic landscape, a nurse cleaning a belly button, an ex-cop dealing with scam artists, an American learning to drive in England, a tourist venturing off the beaten path in Prague, a woman trying to find the truth about love, and a stranded driver facing ultimate horror, have in common? The answer is in nine diverse stories told by eight authors from The Walnut Creek Writers Guild who explore, The View From Here.
  • The Stories We Don't Tell

    by Melissa Thayer

    "Growing up had stolen the truth of us."

    A life worth living is a life worth sharing. Growing up in a small town in Montana not worth a name, that kind of life is not one Nick can manage, let alone comprehend. When fate gives him an existence he can barely recognize, he searches for meaning in the future he wishes existed, and attempts to escape a past that cannot be told, save for in the pages of a faded memory.

    Melissa Thayer's lyrical and poignant debut ... more

  • The Magic Star

    by Bruce Oatway
    Follow the Magic Star on it's colorful journey through magical lands meeting magical characters on the way to your heart. Children and adults with 'the heart of a child" will be enchanted by the original works of art and taken in by the lilting poetic rhyme. A true keepsake treasure with an eternal message of joy.
  • Sons of the Sphinx

    by Cheryl Carpinello
    Sons of the Sphinx is based on the schism that shot through ancient Egypt when, according to historians, the Pharaoh Akhenaten turned his back on Thebes and the gods of Egypt. Although his son Tutankhamen reverses Akhenaten's proclamations, the damage has been done, and his entire family is dishonored. Armed with what she considers her grandmother’s curse, 15-year-old Rosa agrees to help the ghost of King Tut find his lost queen Hesena. Though Hesena’s ba inhabits part of Rosa, finding the whole... more
  • Another Sunset

    by Jason Zandri
    David Stephenson is a kind drifter who comes to settle in the small Texas town of Westville. His sense, empathy, and awareness are well received by the residents of the failing town as they welcome and befriend him. During his stay he helps a small local girl try to realize her dream and while doing so excites and energizes the whole town to help out. Lives change as fate takes a critical turn. The local would-be reporter, tasked by David’s longtime friend, takes off on a mission to unravel the ... more
  • Fortune's Detour

    by Abigail Schwaig
    Meet Natalie Pryce- an artist at heart, constantly misunderstood by most of the people she knows. She has changed her career aspirations more times than she can count and feels like a grand failure at life. She is directionless until accidentally falling into an exciting relationship with David, a charming and expressive young man who is more than willing to live moment to moment with her. Life starts looking up, until, just her luck, disaster strikes, secrets are revealed, and Natalie is for... more
  • The Last True Spartan: An Epic Historical Fiction Novel

    by mike rogers
    Sparta Slumped To Its Knees With Haunched Shoulders And A Fading Final Breath Was this the end of them..... ? After the third Macedonian war Greece is under control of the mighty Rome. Athens is under control of the Romans. Macedon is plundered and broken. Sparta is but a shadow of its former glory. And yet...A spartan warrior arises and brings a dream of freedom Greece and Macedonia were under the iron fist of Rome. Plundered and scalped. Tortured, beaten and left for shadows of w... more
  • Eighty Guns Afloat: The Suppression of the Slave Trade off the Coast of Africa

    by mike rogers
    FROM 1830 to 1850 both Great Britain and the United States, by joint convention, kept on the coast of Africa at least eighty guns afloat for the suppression of the slave trade. At this time the traffic in slaves was very brisk; the demand in the Brazils, in Cuba, and in other Spanish West Indies was urgent, and the profit of the business so great that two or three successful ventures would enrich any one. The slavers were generally small, handy craft; fast, of course; usually schooner- rigged... more
  • Jack's Tales

    by jim Westcott


    Meet Jack!

    He;s afraid that his basement is haunted. He's scared that there is a monster in the bay. He's nervous about the championship soccer game. But he's also determined to overcome his fears, even if it means serving pizza to a ghost.

    Jack's Tales isn't quite a chapter book. It's not exactly a short story collection either. It's Jack's Monster when Jack is age 8. It's Jack's Pizza Ghost when he's 9.. Then it's Jack... more