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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Wai-nani: A Voice from Old Hawai'i

    by Christine Padovan

    From the cauldron of controversy that is Hawaiian history emerged Wai-nani, a reflection of the personage of the great chiefess Ka'ahumanu. Like all islanders she was a water baby who found pleasure, sustenance, solace, wisdom, and courage in the grand and vibrant sea. She was born 15 years prior to the landing of Captain Cook in Kealakekua in 1779 and was the favorite wife of Makaha, a fierce warrior modeled after Kamehameha the Great.

    Hawaiian women enjoyed sports, were trained in... more

  • 8: The Untold Story

    by Michael Mullin
    The graphic novel adaptation of the cult-hit story "8: The Previously Untold Story of the Previously Unknown 8th Dwarf," published as one of three stories in "TaleSpins" by Michael Mullin. When their 8th roommate starts acting weird, the seven dwarves nickname him "Creepy" and banish him to the cottage basement. From there he affects the Snow White story we all THOUGHT we knew.
  • TaleSpins

    by Michael Mullin
    A trilogy of alternative fairytales & retellings for YA readers. Meet Creepy the unknown 8th dwarf and learn the truth about Snow White. Discover a teen princess who hires The Frog Prince witch to get revenge on a Mean Girl at school. And learn what happens when a man who lives high above ground encounters a boy thief named Jack!
  • Land of OR

    by Katie Mullaly

    Travel with us through this fine Land of OR and learn how to choose unlike never before!

    Come along on a fantastic adventure where readers of all ages can learn how to make great choices.

    On this journey, you’ll be joined by several exciting characters, including your Guide,a variety of Options, and the mischievous Yabbut. You’ll explore the Canyon of WHY, cross the Stream of IF Then, and take other important steps as you learn to choose the Best Optio... more

  • The Letter

    by N.D. Byma
    The story of a young girl who goes to her favorite park to write a letter to someone very special but cannot find the words. When she goes for a walk, she forgets her letter on the park bench and will soon discover that, with the help of some very unlikely characters, fate has plans to write her letter for her in a way she could never imagine.
  • The Reinvention Of Rudd Carter. A Western Action Adventure Novel

    by R.L. Davis
    South of the border, everyone is for sale. Everyone but Rudd Carter. Carter is a rarity: A martial arts expert and hired gun born to an aristocratic English family. He worked undercover for the British in China, helping put down the Boxer Rebellion. Now, in 1922, in the lawless Mexican desert, a conspiracy is brewing. Ben Mosier is a cigar-chomping American who runs hotels, casinos, bootlegging and brothels. He’s plenty rich, but he lusts for more, even if it means corrupting local autho... more
  • The Smuggler's Gambit

    by Sara Whitford

    Port Beaufort, North Carolina - May 1765

    Seventeen-year-old Adam Fletcher is no stranger to fist fights, but when he bloodies the nose of the obnoxious son of Port Beaufort's customs agent, the local magistrate offers Adam two choices: jail or an apprenticeship.

    Choosing the latter, he soon finds himself bound apprentice to a reclusive old man with a secret, colorful past.

    Although Adam is less than thrilled about his new situation, when he is asked to spy on hi... more

  • Money, Sex & Babies

    by Robert A. Ford
    This is the lost manuscript written in 1990 to be the author's first book. The manuscript was found 24 years later and upon reading it, the author felt so compelled to publish it because it predicted some of the technological advances we enjoy today. A young poor man, Trebor Frank discovers early in his pursuit of success that love gets in the way. Struggling for years to succeed at his first business as a magazine owner, he loses out on love and possibly family. He is a man on top of the wor... more
  • Mighty Jack Climbs Mount Everest

    by Jason Timmerman

    Mighty Jack is a smart, curious, and energetic four-year-old boy. He loves learning about amazing places and animals. Come join him on his many adventures as he explores the world with his friends.

    In this adventure, Jack and his friends Owen and Ethan decide to "climb" Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Will they make it to the top? What dangers await them on the way up the mountain?

  • Betrayal

    by E. Michelle

    Which Betrayal is worse: that from a love interest or a loved one? How do you manage the lies, deceit and heart ache?  All questions that Stephanie must answer in order to conquer defeat or will she fold? 

  • The Trotters of Tweeville: Zavis Damavis

    by Shirin Zarqa-Lederman

    Zavis DaMavis is a happy young boy and a proud resident of a whimsical town called Tweeville. He’s off to school one morning when his mom—a very wise woman—gives him an important reminder. But what does it mean to treat others the way you’d like to be treated? 
    While Zavis ponders his mother’s advice as he walks to school, he’s distracted by an elderly man who needs a hand getting across the street. When he’s done helping, he finds that he&r... more

  • If Jack Had

    by Steven Rappaport
    A Journalist With A Killer Story… FROM THE MARAIS TO MANHATTAN IN THE 1980’S, A DARKLY FUNNY TALE OF FATHERS, SONS, DUALITY, & DYING “What’s the difference between a serial killer and an assassin? … A paycheck.” Jack is a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist with a secret second job. Since he was a smart-ass grad student slinking around New York’s Upper West Side and Brighton Beach, he’s been working as an assassin for the Russian mob. Beginning at the end – that is, w... more
  • Arrangement in Black and White

    by Fred Misurella
    This story could be pulled from the headlines today, as Misurella touches on various social issues in this piece including interracial politics and women’s independence.

    She’s White; He’s Black. But their conflicts are more than racial.

    Margy Hamilton's from Iowa, an artist, the product of an abusive mother and a neglectful father. Everet's from Connecticut, a civil rights lawyer on the rise toward greater recognition, and their lives take a tense turn when he decides to run for pol... more

  • Masturbating With Strangers

    by Bodhi Alvarez
    Kevin Saunders did everything right. He had followed the rules, got good grades, and stayed in school like the commercial said. He should have been well on his way to fulfilling the American Dream, but somewhere along the line the dream took a hiatus. A year out from graduation he was set to join the sea of underemployed masses, while his diploma likely would garner all the pomp and circumstance of a license plate frame. It didn't take Kevin long to realize he was more likely to live a life of m... more
  • Sins of a Mulatto Outcast: An 18-Hole Wayward Identity Quest

    by Robert Fouche'
    Sins of a Mulatto Outcast is the story of a young man name Homer. He grows up knowing he looks different than most kids in his neighborhood. Although both his parents are African American, his appearance more closely resembles a Caucasian. As he struggles to fit in with others in his African American race and the Caucasian community, Homer faces prejudice and bullying by those who brand him “the white kid,” until he decides to fight back, transforming himself and his attitude forever. On hi... more
  • Harry Cocque: Dung and Doodlebugs

    by Colin Baines
    Harry Cocque is a quick-witted young lad living in rural Dorset at the outbreak of World War Two. Determined to do his bit for King and country, he joins the army and is selected for 'special duties' with S.W.E.A.T. (Secret Weapon Experiments And Testing), based at an old lunatic asylum. While the villagers struggle to cope with the threat of invasion, rationing, blimps and Morris Dancers, Harry's somewhat unconventional military career gets him involved in all kinds of peculiar projects, fro... more