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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Shakespeare Mask

    by Newton Frohlich

    Truth is subject to no prescription, for truth is truth though never so old, and time cannot make that false which was truth.” – Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford

    In the sixteenth century, a precocious young nobleman draws the attention of the Elizabethan court- and of The Virgin Queen herself. A writer and patron of the arts, Edward de Vere is volatile, controversial- and brilliant. He leaves a trail of women and scandal in his wake. But his plays, when he... more

  • Birds on a Wire

    by Ellen Plotkin Mulholland
    True companionship means defying obstacles that may threaten to destroy it. Three boyhood friends find themselves in the last week of junior year and in the midst of too many secrets. Miguel can’t keep his feet off the soccer ball; he also can’t keep his pants on and mind in his books. Jesse has a girl, for the moment, but her eyes seem to be wandering, and after she spills a secret about his best friend, Jesse isn’t sure she’s the girl for him. Then Jesse’s dad tells him what really happene... more
  • Gilgamesh: The New Translation

    by Gerald J. Davis
    The EPIC OF GILGAMESH is the oldest story that has come down to us through the ages of history. It predates the BIBLE, the ILIAD and the ODYSSEY. The EPIC OF GILGAMESH relates the tale of the fifth king of the first dynasty of Uruk (in what is modern day Iraq) who reigned for one hundred and twenty-six years, according to the ancient Sumerian King List. GILGAMESH was first inscribed in cuneiform writing on clay tablets by an unknown author during the Sumerian era and has been described as one of... more
  • Fish Tails & Lady Legs

    by Pascale Kavanagh
    All Lalune wants to do is sing. Problem is, she's underwater. Literally. This despairing mermaid needs a way out. Only a miracle will do. Monique left a famed career as an acclaimed chef, and has let her heart grow cold. A passion-filled weekend with a Latin stranger melts her defenses, and lights her fire once again. These erotic and uplifting tales move from the dark depths of the ocean to a Las Vegas penthouse, intersecting with a surprise connection that will titillate and inspire.
  • One Woman Three Men

    by Pouline Middleton
    A woman waves goodbye to the romantic idea of a one and only love of your life and says hello to a three men model: one for talking, one for sex and one for practical work. An online dating profile puts her into contact with a lot of men. Some claim they are a three-in-one. She dates exciting men and sweet and caring men. Then she meets Ruben and his two friends Anton and Frederick, Can they accommodate each other in the model? Can she, when it comes down to it? "One Woman Three Men" is a... more
  • Emma Learns to Sprout

    by Shir Guez
    "Emma learns to sprout" is a lovely pictures book which describes in a simple and enjoyable way and with fantastic illustrations how Emma, a kindergartener, learns to sprout legumes with her mom. Sprouting is a great way to provide your children with more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in a fun, quick, simple and cheap way! It doesn't require anything but basic dishes that are available in every kitchen. Sprouting makes favorite foods healthier, and the legumes' sprouts can be used raw... more
  • CRAZY RED (Book One in the Jackson Sugar Series)

    by Kaley Craig
    Maggie dreams of having a life like the ones she sees on TV, with laughter, loving parents, supportive friends, and a home free of giant flying cockroaches. In reality she lives in a cold, unhappy home ruled by Sybil, a mother determined to safeguard her daughter's virtue, and dark family secrets, at any cost. As Maggie transforms into an oddly attractive young woman and finds love with the overly devout, All-American William Marshall at the neighborhood church, she becomes hopeful of realizing... more
  • The Magic of Friendship

    by Subhash Kommuru
    A flock of migrating geese stumble upon Tadoba forest, the land of the fierce tiger Babbar who does not tolerate anyone in his area. Will Babbar show any mercy? Can he change? Will the geese make it to safety? This is a story about change -- a transformation that comes with the magic of friendship. Personality may not change, but nature can surely change. This story will shows the value of friendship and how that can change a person, particularly one who is lonely and never really had the gift o... more
  • I Am John I Am Paul: A Story of Two Soldiers in Ancient Rome

    by Mark Tedesco
    My current work is a historical fiction in nature and is entitled “I John – I Paul”. It is the true story of two Roman soldiers in the 4th century and of the cataclysmic times in which they lived. It is written in a narrative format in which John reflects on these events that landed him in prison. He describes the first time he met Paul, a fellow soldier, friend, and possibly more. The tale of courage, jealousy, betrayal and faith emerges, as the events of the time carry the two to different par... more
  • Strange Fruit

    by Billy McCoy

    Strange Fruit is a captivating story of two very different cousins, who, in a series of absorbing scenes spanning twenty years, despite their mutual differences, grow ever closer to, and more dependent on, each other. The story of Jason Ayers is told by his cousin whom he met in childhood. Claudia Adams, a spirited girl from Reading, PA., never forgets the summer spent with her little cousin Jason who so profoundly influenced her life. A poor child of illiterate parents, Jason's boyhood i... more

  • No Turning Back: Stories

    by Dan Burns

    In No Turning Back, author Dan Burns shares an eclectic mix of stories that expand the boundaries of genre and imagination. Told with realistic and thought-provoking prose, each of the stories shine light on characters who, as a result of a particular experience, realize that they can't go back—in time or to the way life used to be. Moving forward is the only option, and what comes next is anyone’s guess.

    Published by Chicago Arts Press, this beautifully crafted hardcove... more

  • The Broken Heart Diet

    by Tom Formaro
    A sweet, sexy, and magical comedy... Time heals a broken heart. But can a plate of pasta puttanesca? San Francisco chef Dante Palermo is on the broken heart diet: he’s lost the love of his life and twenty-five pounds. Can a visit from the ghost of his Sicilian nonna change all that? Not if Dante can’t master his melancholy. In the midst of his emotional free fall, Dante opens a restaurant in North Beach, San Francisco’s famed Italian neighborhood. As he clashes with his ill-tempered business... more
  • 1496187547

    by Anesa Miller
    Two families with very different values live in the same small town but have never met. When the father of the working class family is sent to prison, his youngest daughter becomes a foster child in the college-educated family. They struggle to find a common language. Conflict builds in spite of good intentions.
  • Wobbly Barstool

    by Jane Lowy
    Wobbly, a good-hearted young man in rural 19th-century England, attempts to increase his worldliness in order to win the affections of a reluctant London socialite, in this playful and dramatic Dickens-inspired novel.
  • Destruction Island, a Novel

    by Fredrick Cooper
    Tribal Forester, Earl Armstrong, inadvertently learns about the mysterious and tragic history of an obscure island where his great-grandfather was the first lighthouse keeper in Fredrick Cooper’s thrilling new novel, Destruction Island. The author has released a sequel to his award-winning and debut novel, Riders of the Tides, that once again delivers fast-paced action, interesting characters, sharp dialogue, and vivid settings on the extraordinarily beautiful Washington coast. Earl has haunting... more
  • The Paradise Tree: A Novel

    by Elena Maria Vidal
    AnnouncingThe Paradise Tree, by Elena Maria Vidal, author of Trianon: A Novel of Royal France and Madame Royale, among other titles: The Paradise Tree grows from the maxim “in every Eden, there dwells a serpent . . . ” The year is 1887 in Leeds County, Ontario. The O’Connor clan is gathering to mourn the loss of its patriarch Daniel O’Connor, an Irish immigrant. The story of Daniel and his wife Brigit is one of great hardships, including illness, ill-starred romances, war and political upheavals... more