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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Juju the Good Voodoo

    by Michelle Hirstius
    From New Orleans author and illustrator Michelle Hirstius comes a charming tale about Juju. Down in “da bayou” of Louisiana, we find a voodoo doll named Juju. Juju is no ordinary voodoo doll, she happens to be the one Marie has been looking for. This very special doll comes alive with an enchanting “good deeds” spell in the pages of this delightful fable where we find just the beginning of many adventures. Juju is adorable and will enter your hearts as she comes off the pages of t... more
  • Hens and Chickens

    by Jennifer Wixson
    Two women downsized from corporate America move to Maine to raise chickens and sell organic eggs, and discover more than they bargained for--including love!
  • Weaving A Tapestry Of Dreams

    by Jess Fulton
    In the course of our day to day journey we laugh, we cry, we deal with crisis, we experience joy, sorrow, fear anxiety and pain. We get pulled in every direction possible. But for what reason? We usually don't even stop to ask that all important question. We get too caught up in living life to question life. What most of us don't realize is that while life is pulling us in all directions, our soul is on its very own journey. A quest toward enlightenment. This is the story of one such journey. T... more
  • The Sort of Life of Julie Winterfeldt

    by Tracy A Fischer
    Julie Winterfeldt is newly single, and not by choice. Her seemingly perfect marriage of seven years was ended when Julie finds that her husband, Daniel, has an apparently not-too-passing interest in gay porn. And in being gay, in general. Divorced in her mid-thirties and finding herself on her own for the first time in, well, ever, she’s got to figure out what she’s going to do with her life. Add in a very unexpected curveball that life decides to throw, Julie's not quite sure she's going to mak... more
  • Saluting the Sun

    by Mary Hutchings Reed
    Who is safer, a 23-year-old woman who plays the glass harmonica on the streets of New Orleans and lives in a commune-style house with other free spirits, con artists and petty thieves like herself—or a rising television weathercaster who resides in a luxury high rise in Chicago with her emotionally volatile husband? When Nevaeh Thera gives up her street life to move in with her cousin, star meteorologist Dawn Ann McKnight and her photographer husband, Derek Baldwin, a life-threatening truth i... more
  • Our America....the Pilgrim Adventure

    by Susan Kilbride
    Finn & Ginny’s parents are lost back in time, and the two young twins have decided to go back to early America to find them. Their search takes the twins to the Mayflower where they discover that the Pilgrims had far more adventures than they had ever realized. This first book in the Our America series is designed to teach the real story of the Pilgrims in such a fun way that the reader won’t even realize that it’s educational. "The Pilgrim Adventure" is based on actual accounts written by the P... more

    Story, beginning in childhood, of a young man who wants to play football, and does and achieves greatness, and along the way, meets and falls in love with a young lady. A problem develops, he thinks, believe him and his young lady and he goes off to war with his heart on his sleeve. It almost costs him his life, but........please read the story on Kindle.
  • Ninja Type Person

    by Brian Warfield
    Steve is an office worker. But when his performance threatens his job security, he decides to try his hand at becoming a ninja.
  • Heavenly Khan: A Biography of Emperor Tang Taizong (Li Shimin)

    by Victor Cunrui Xiong
    This historical fiction is based on the true story of Li Shimin (also known as Tang Taizong), the greatest sovereign in Chinese history. About 30 years younger than Muhammad, he grew up in a world of devastating upheaval that tore China asunder and was thrust into the role of a military commander in his father’s rebel army while still a teenager. In the process of vanquishing his enemies on the battlefield, he proved himself to be a great military genius on a par with Alexander the Great, Genghi... more
  • The Heroine Next Door

    by Zeena Nackerdien
    The emotionally-wounded survivors of the 9/11 attacks include a fifty-year old, South African Muslim scientist, Leila, who lost her fiancée, Khalid, on that fateful day. She is the narrator of a story threading together the lives of four South African Muslims navigating a technologically advanced and increasingly-complicated world. Initially tentative in pursuing her dream to aid patients with HIV/AIDS and other diseases (following deaths of loved ones to these illnesses) in the face of adversit... more
  • The River's Song

    by Suchen Christine Lim
    Sunday Times Book of the Month

    A beautifully written exploration of identity, love and loss set against the social upheaval created by the rise of Singapore.

    An Asian-American Music professor, Ping, is going back to Singapore to visit to her mother following a period of estrangement. During the journey she reflects on her youth which seems like another lifetime.

    Teenage Ping left Singapore and her boyfriend Weng abruptly to go and study in the US where she created another life ... more

  • Dangerous Love: a Novel

    by R.J. Wilson
    Dangerous Love (60,000 Words) Synopsis Mickey Collins is a struggling screenwriter living in Los Angeles and working as a bartender in a neighborhood hangout for cowboys, bikers, alcoholics, pool players, drug addicts, and hookers. One night a beautiful woman strolls into the bar, seduces Mickey, and leads him down a road of debauchery into a world of crime, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Mickey is a tough cookie himself, but he’s not prepared for this fatal attraction and the cast member... more
  • Ollie the Orca

    by Laura Maw

    Come along and join Bubba the Bottlenose dolphin as he makes a new buddy while sharing a day they won't soon forget. Grade 1-2 Reading Level

    Bubba is out on one of his undersea adventures when he finds a frightened Orca trapped by a fishing net! In this attention gripping yet comical tale, Bubba works with his buddy Sammy the Seagull to free Ollie. Come along and join Bubba the Bottlenose dolphin as he makes a new buddy while sharing a day they won't soon forget.

  • Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book

    by Adele Park
    WHEN MARIJUANA AND REALITY TV COLLIDE . . . Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book by Adele Park. When marijuana enthusiast Blue McKenna suffers an apocalyptic case of writer's block, reality TV seems like an easy way out. A conglomerate of kooky contestants invades the polygamist community of Navel, Utah, to compete in a reality show called Yikes! Participants include Steven Finch, a loveable stoner who develops a conspiracy theory involving a rock band called the Rectal Surgeons, and Randall Sm... more
  • Jitters -- A Quirky Little Audio Book

    by Adele Park
    WHEN RADIO AND POLYGAMY COLLIDE . . . Jitters-A Quirky Little Audio Book was written and produced by Adele Park and recorded at Straight to Audio Productions in St. George, Utah. Jitters-A Quirky Little Audio Book is a satire on radio and polygamy. For radio shock jock Nancy Neptune, life is just one big promotion. But when she's sent to work at a radio station near a polygamist compound in Utah, trouble comes in triplicate. In a land where one good wife deserves another, Nancy Neptune hoo... more
  • Broken

    by Roni Askey-Doran
    Today is Emily Zylaz’s birthday. This is the day that she has chosen to kill herself. After struggling for many years to cope with the roller-coaster of mental illness, a devastating failed marriage, and a soul-destroying career that is going nowhere, she’s giving up. Feeling like the only solution to all of her problems is to take her own life, Emily plans to hang herself at midnight. She believes no one will care that she’s dead, that she won’t be missed, and that everyone will be better off w... more