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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Arcanum, Bradley Gordon's First Adventure

    by L. J. Litton
    Unwittingly, Bradley Gordon and his younger brother, Quentin, possess latent, innate talents bestowed upon them via their diverse multicultural lineage. Those with these like-n-kind special abilities, and the elite amongst them, the Arcanums, are managed via a global network led by the Venere', and overseen by the Chivalran Regiments established to find and deal with the reprobate Arcanums at the behest of the Venere'. Abandoned by both parents when very young, and left to fend for themselves ag... more
  • Incomplete

    by Joel David Levin
    Mild-mannered English teacher Brian Smith has a big secret: he used to be a rock star. Kind of. In the summer of 2000, his one-hit-wonder punk band released a radio-friendly pop song and made it big. Then, just as quickly, it all fell apart. Though he's been living a quiet white-collar life for the last two decades, settled in his static suburban normalcy of treadmills and lesson plans and parenthood, a chance discovery leads to a collision between his old world and his new one. What happens whe... more
  • The Sphere and other stories

    by T. E. Creus
    A nice collection of short stories inspired by recent events. Some of the stories are of the science fiction genre, others are just dark or humorous tales with or without relation to the current moment, but most were written under orders of “quarantine” during the unusual “pandemic” period that started on February 2020 and still continues on March 2021. "The Sphere": Is this society an equalitarian utopia, or a dystopia? “You don't know what real loneliness feels like”: A strange Cold War experi... more
  • The Island of the Righteous

    by Stefanos Livos

    A dying man's last breaths point toward a tantalizing treasure and the answers to a shattered family's past.

    1941, the island of Zante, Greece. Pantelis Kokinis and his family live under the dark cloud of Italian occupation. As the horrors of the war draw nearer, reality for the Kokinis family grows more and more fraught. Long-held secrets, raw emotions, and the fear of what’s coming leave them scrambling to hold their emotions in check and their family together.

    Whe... more

  • Bubba in the Easter Mystery

    by Greg LeFrancis
    It’s the afternoon before Easter and Bubba’s friends have been arguing about who hides the Easter eggs. Yellow Boy thinks it’s the Spring Chicken, Hannah is sure it’s the Easter Bunny, and Bubba thought it was his job! Join them on this all-night adventure to see if they can stay awake long enough to solve this Easter mystery.
  • The ABC robot family

    by Thithi Johnson
    The ABC robot family is here to help child education in an easy and fun way. With unusual rhymes and intelligent humor, the author and illustrator Thithi Johnson brought the character Dr. ABC to life and incredible robots that have names from A to Z. This book is a great tool for learning the alphabet and reading the first sentences.
  • The HollowSoul

    by Marilyn Wright Dayton
    This is a fictional novel about a political game where a man on a mythical search becomes obsessed with his power to save the world, and the woman who represents our government to seek out his hidden validity, but who must look inside her own soul to find that key. They both become engrained in an intriguing game of destructive influences and political greed. We see two different worlds, one a place of peace and the other full of greed and avarice. Which one will they choose?
  • Tea for Dragons

    by Kandi Wyatt
    What would you serve a dragon if it came to your house for tea? Choose wisely or you'll have an angry dragon on your hands, and you don't want that! A whimsical tale of dragons and humans for kids of all ages.
  • Starlight in the Dawn: The Poetic Priestess who chose to fight

    by Naveen Sridhar
    Enheduanna of stellar repute, was the daughter of Sargon the Great, the first emperor in Mesopotamia. She is the first literary person in recorded history: Priestess of Ur, Princess of yore, but Poetess forever. The mayor of Ur desires to confiscate the property of a potter and enslave his beautiful niece. The priestess steps out of her secure world and saves them. Next, the priestess is challenged by the king of a neighboring city. Beshi, the emissary of her father comes to her help with whom ... more
  • My World, and Welcome to It

    by Michael Guillebeau
    MY WORLD, AND WELCOME TO IT is an anthology of the 40 published stories from Michael Guillebeau, who is the 2017 Winner of the Foreword Reviews Indie Award for Humor Book of the Year, and a 2020 Finalist for the Ben Franklin Mystery Book of the Year.
  • As I Am - A Novel

    by David B. Jai
    Like any other child, Darnell Williams is trying to find love and acceptance. After being molested by a family member and nearly beaten to death by his father for having feminine tendencies, Darnell learns to bury his conflicting feelings about love, sexuality, family and God. When his fears and desires come roaring to the surface, he has no choice but to answer the question once and for all: is he gay and worthy of love? Now in high school and living with PTSD, Darnell searches for a... more
  • Dead Men Naked

    by Dario Cannizzaro
    Would you go on a road trip with Death? Lou's couldn't say no to that question. If you witnessed the inexplicable death of your best friend Neil and were haunted by visions of the Grim Reaper and a giant black crow - your answer would be yes as well. Embark with Lou and the anthropomorphic embodiment of his own Death on a tequila-induced journey and descend from cities to desert to chase Angelene, a charming exotic dancer who holds the secret to save your soul, all the while poetically rum... more
  • Millie and Minkie Learn To Swim

    by Margaret Purcell
    'Millie and Minkie Learn To Swim' is a delightful picture book about two young mice. They are best friends who live next door to each other and love to share their adventures. Do they both immediately take to the water or is one a little reluctant? Let us join them and their friends as they go on this adventure.
  • Silver Bottle

    by Joan Spilman
    Abandoned as a child on Easter by their alcoholic mother, Lorraine Rhodes, and her siblings must overcome the trials of a rural town and its conservative bias. But, when a letter from her mother arrives a quarter of a century later, the questions Lorraine faces from her childhood been to unravel. Lorraine, now a mother, must reflect on the challenges of her past and how they cause a rift between her and her daughter. "Silver Bottle" follows four generations of West Virginia women, their struggle... more
  • Touch

    by Rebecca Miller


    What is your purpose?

    A story of two teens searching: one for their place in the world, the other for a reason to survive.

    After her mother’s sudden death, artistically gifted Megan lost her will to draw as she watched her family crumble. When her father unexpectedly moves what’s left of them halfway across the country to mend, Megan must try, yet again, to rise from the ashes and create a new... more

  • Lovolution: The Levels Of Love Rule Even the Darkest of Hearts

    by Jesse Rhines
    BRADLEY (25), unmarried, is the returning hero to the UN reception having saved the life of a college group member he led to Africa. Fatherless and off-kilter since childhood, when he tried to strangle his brother, and tired of romantic experimentation Bradley, struggles to finally make sense of loving in a changing, dangerous world. Fascinated by his mother’s constant reading and awed by the local library’s columned architecture, a pre-teen Bradley makes books his refuge. In dilapidated ... more