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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • B-sides and Broken Hearts

    by Caryn Rose
    Lisa Simon, age 37, still loves loud punk rock and hates Dave Matthews with an all-consuming passion. April 15, 2001 should have been just another Sunday night. But a news headline landing in Lisa’s email inbox changes everything: “Joey Ramone is dead.” The death of one of her teenage heroes serves as an long-overdue wake-up call causing Lisa to examine her life and how she’s lived it, from her youth as a poet on the streets of the East Village to 10 years later, all grown up with a career ... more

    by John C Bush
    \tPatriots and Rebels is a true story, imagined, and set in the years 1863-65. In it we encounter the stark reality of patriotism and rebellion played out in the words, thoughts, experiences and emotions of Thomas Files and his fourteen-year-old daughter Mary Francis. Born and raised in the hill country of north Alabama, Tom is determined to defend the United States of America as his ancestors had done in 1776. His strong sense of patriotic loyalty places him and his family in situations of pr... more
  • Before the Flock

    by David Inglish
    It’s the waning days of the 1980s and Kurt Franklin, headman for Thunderstick, the “New Romantic” alt-rock band is signed to a major label and on the brink of success. Unfortunately he is also off his meds and convinced his songs and the group’s imminent success are divinely ordained. In walks Sophie Clark, a teenage supermodel who dabbles in witchcraft. She finds respite from her own fast and fierce education on the catwalks and casting couches in a love triangle that might rip the band apart. ... more
  • Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories

    by D.K. Cassidy
    Within these pages you will meet an array of characters. Choices are made that will change lives. Are they right or wrong? You decide. Each brief story deliberately distills a life’s essence. Mika Sugano’s original illustrations compliment D. K. Cassidy’s flashes of fiction, heightening these refreshing ideas and themes on the page. Welcome to urban Gothic stories that are droll, horrific, and thought provoking.
  • Once Were Friends

    by Mark Victor Young
    If you think it’s hard to win back the one that got away, try doing it while you’re taking over her family's company. To save the firm his father built, ambitious CEO Hal Mercer has to initiate a hostile takeover of industry giant D'Arville Industries. Owned by the family of the only woman he's ever loved, Kate certainly isn’t going to stand by and let him destroy her family's empire. If only she’d have dinner with him, he could make her understand his intentions. If Hal fails, it's his ... more
  • Eastland

    by Marian Cheatham
    For hardworking teen, Dee Pageau, the employee picnic will let her escape the drudgery of work and possibly find love with her best friend Mae’s brother, Karel. But in 1915 Chicago, girls don’t go on picnics without their mother’s approval. Unfortunately for Dee, Mama has had a premonition of disaster and forbids Dee from going. Forced to watch her friends leave without her, Dee defies Mama and rushes off to join Mae and Karel. But Dee’s joy soon turns to terror when the ship ferrying them to th... more
  • Ruined

    by Marian Cheatham
    Blythe Messina spends her senior year focused on her studies and college, and not on her ex, Stratford High's lacrosse star, DB Whitmore. At least, that's what Blythe keeps telling herself. But her younger cousin, Bonni, knows otherwise. Same goes for DB, who swears to be over Blythe and their breakup, but his teammates aren’t fooled. When scandalous photos of Bonni and the team captain are texted around Stratford, Bonni's virtuous reputation is ruined. She professes her innocence, but no ... more
  • Bill And Joe Go Down On The Farm

    by P. D. Quidstone
    This is a continuation of the Bill and Joe story, which started with Tats For Tits, LLC., then continued with The Extraordinary Tail. Bill and Joe live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They developed a successful business based on a very novel marketing idea, then sold it for a wonderfully large amount to an internet giant. Then another lucrative idea was born. Another huge sale was made. And then they began the most serious pursuit of their young lives; truly compatible relationships. Enter two bea... more
  • The Extraordinary Tail: E Pluribus Glutei (The Bill & Joe Parody Series Book 2)

    by P. D. Quidstone
    This is a continuation of the Bill and Joe story, which started with Tats For Tits, LLC. Bill and Joe are 26 year olds living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They developed a successful business based on a very novel marketing idea, then sold it for a wonderfully large amount to an internet adult entertainment giant. They are wealthy now, but that's not what they are after. They want, really want, a...oh, just read the story and enjoy!
  • Tats For Tits, LLC.: Keeping A Breast of In-Your-Face-Marketing (The Bill & Joe Parody Series Book 1)

    by P. D. Quidstone
    “What is it about boobies?” Bill asked. “Why are they so fascinating?” After a thoughtful pull on his beer, he added, “There’s got to be a way to monetize the male fascination with ...” And so begins an entrepreneurial detour in the career paths of two young men. They are creative. They are naïve. They are stepping into an adventure called, ‘Tats For Tits, LLC. Keeping Abreast of In-Your-Face Marketing’. This is a funny, good-humored story. It is a parody on hormones, technology a... more
  • Remembrance

    by Randy Stensaas
    The story of a man who thinks he is on his death bed, but not sure. He keeps reliving his life, or is he? Is it just his memories or is it real? He struggles to sort out it out all the while he keeps hearing music. Music he knows has a meaning for him, if he could just remember why.
  • Regrets Tree on Fire

    by Jean Stringam
    The school year begins with Bill and his friends in pursuit of romance, chess, and recreational fire—a plan that has always worked before—but high school is safe compared to the high-stakes Internet conspiracy that grows ever larger, threatening the stability of their world and a best friend’s life. When the protection racket hits high school, no one is safe. Add to that the complications of family relationships where disloyalty destroys, but where an over-arching compulsion for loyalty also wre... more
  • The Jerk

    by Christopher Mundie
    This is a story about a special kind of guy. The kind of guy you wouldn't want to have at your party. Don't even think about asking him for a favor, not if you're unwilling to pay for it. You know the type. You've passed him down the street, seen him seated comfortably at the bar and maybe had the unfortunate chance of catching his gaze. He can get away with anything. He's a cynical, sarcastic, self-centered, lying and conniving-Jerk. Being a Jerk isn't so bad though, it can get you free coffee,... more
  • The Wild Chihuahuas of Mexico

    by Traude Gomez Rhine
    A pack of wild Chihuahuas, led by alpha dog Lola, journeys across the Chihuahuan Desert in search of Pancho Villa during the Mexican Revolution. Along the way the dogs learn important lessons about leadership.

    by wade stevenson
    A Vietnam Vet. A world-famous architect. A French film director. An American girl. A beautiful European woman of Russian descent. Set in the Hamptons, during the summer of 1969, "the year when everything changed". An unforgettable cast of characters, including Salvador Dali. A story about love, and passion and freedom, and ultimately a love so powerful that it kills.
  • Hector Goes to the Circus

    by Nadine Donovan
    Ladies and Gentlemen! Children one and all! Presenting Hector, the cheeriest pig on the farm. Alas, autumn is near and Hector must be sold at the fall the highest bidder! A plan is hatched. Hector is game. And soon, who is performing the most marvelous and stupendously spectacular spectacles on earth? Why, Hector, that's who!