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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • He Lands In Palm Springs

    by John F Shekleton

    Father Joe Tierney was pastor of a large urban Catholic parish in the Midwest when he learned he was HIV+. The story of his diagnosis and its results is told in Father Tierney Stumbles.

    Now Joe desperately wants to reconnect with his ex, Kenny, who currently lives in San Diego.

    Joe's friend, Edward Brockton, finds Joe a job at a gay guest house in Palm Springs. On his first day in Palm Springs, Joe meets a young man of the streets, Oscar. Then Edwa... more

  • Bot Diaries

    by Dennis Patrick Treece
    he Shonakians are a simple, placid race of people but so different from us that a great deal of background is provided in the first book, The Crown of Happenstance. The book introduces the three main protagonists in the book; Bon of Shonak, Itself the over spirit of the "Six Earths", and Atsa, a proto-Hopi and all around honest, caring, spiritual human, with profound interests. This is where you learn about Shonak, and its people, about their phase altering technology, about their thirst for int... more
  • Tales from Where the Wall is Cracked

    by Paul Bradley
    In this debut collection of short stories Paul Bradley takes a look at how extra-ordinary everyday life can be. Kitchen sink realism, magic realism and humour are deployed to present a variety of characters, many of whom live on the margins and cannot or will not fit in. In these pages you will meet a walrus man, a mynah bird called Hitler, Kendo Nagasaki, gypsy Romana, a lonely signaller and many others in an eclectic variety of edgy tales from where the wall is cracked. Wherever possible, ligh... more
  • The Jackass

    by Thomas Stimson
    Fifteen-year old Mario is the Jackass of Puerto de Santa Maria. His silly songs, tricks and mimicry are an embarrassment to his widowed father with many mouths to feed. Considered old enough to learn a trade, Papa hires Mario out to a trading ship, bound across the ocean to New Spain. While collecting water and coconuts, the landing crew is attacked and Mario becomes the lone captive of the Jaguar People. He is soon transported to the capital city and traded to the King. As the Royal Fool,... more
  • Ashen Leaves

    by Chandana Banerjee
    Ashen Leaves, a collection of poems, is a startling exploration of love, loss, grief and intimacy. These poems are a collective of emotions, observations and expressions that are personal and universal to many of us. Originally from India, Chandana Banerjee grew up in the Stamford, Connecticut. Ashen Leaves is her first collection of poetry which also shares a deeper perspective into death and dying drawing from her experiences as a Palliative & Hospice physician. Included in this collection is ... more
  • Down Here in the Warmth

    by Euel Arden
    Militia on the streets of New York City? A police shooting of a young black couple (the Martins) leads to protests that escalate into riots. The riots culminate with the deaths of a white couple: renowned civil rights attorney's, Stanley and Theresa Milgram. The murder was broadcast live by a local news helicopter. The media plays the clip incessantly; unaware of the trauma it's causing the nation. A small militia group feels this is their calling and drive down to New York. A bloodbath ensues. ... more
  • The Art of Fugue

    by Will Clattenburg
    The Art of Fugue is a collection about odd little moments—half-forgotten memories, secret obsessions, day dreams—and their residual effect on characters’ lives. The “fugue” in the title refers to the interplay between stories and the overall theme of disconnection running through the book. These are stories about outsiders, misfits, people who have been blindsided by catastrophes large and small. What emerges is an offbeat picture of modern American life: from the social hierarchies of high scho... more
  • Jumbo Giant Sausages

    by Julian Hilton
    Six sausages escape the pan and set out to demolish the home! Who might be licking their lips in time to stop the rampage? After sausages One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six plan to escape the pan, they begin their messy acts of revenge. What did they do to Mum's new party dress? Where did Six put all the ice creams? If they’re not stopped, the house could be ruined! But someone is sniffing them out, just as the sausages are planning their most terrible deed… Will they find out that ... more
  • Where Hope Goes

    by Tim Cameron Long
    Espe and Alex may be from opposite sides of the world, living very different lives, but they are both missing something. Sometimes it takes the end of the world to find it.13-year-old Espe can no longer wait for her father to find her, but knows she’ll have to leave everyone behind in the slum she calls home, built against the towering wall of a luxury hotel. On the other side of the world in London, workaholic Alex isn’t sleeping and has begun self-medicating to fill the expanding void. But lif... more
  • Fate's Arrows

    by Malcolm R. Campbell
    In 1954, the small Florida Panhandle town of Torreya had more Klansmen per acre than fire ants. Sparrow, a bag lady; Pollyanna, an auditor; and Jack, the owner of Slade’s Diner, step on fire ants and Klansmen whenever they can while an unknown archer fires fate-changing arrows at the Klan’s leadership. They are not who they appear to be, and while they take risks, they must be discrete lest they end up in the Klan’s gunsights. When Julia and Eldon, a married couple from Harlem, New York, run... more
  • Final Transgression: One Woman's Tragic Destiny in War-torn France

    by Harriet Welty Rochefort

    Two sisters, two different destinies. In Final Transgression, 85-year-old Caroline Aubry tells the tale of the tragic wartime destiny of her beloved younger sister, Séverine. From their humble beginnings in a hamlet in the southwest of France to a château where Séverine becomes the protegée of the beautiful countess who employs their parents, their trajectories differ. After they move to Paris, the pragmatic Caroline becomes a successful designer and the hi... more

  • Just Us

    by Shawn Hudson
    Raw, Gritty and Unapologetic, Just Us finds Fred Thomas seeking revenge on members of the Sinville Police Department. As he begins planting the seeds to get his retribution he realizes that the task cannot be completed alone. He then reluctantly enlists the help of a woman named "Kat" who he's at odds with due to his own traditional beliefs. Will Kat and Fred be able to work together to get their own brand of justice against those corrupt cops who have terrorized the streets of Sinville for year... more
  • On Swift Wings

    by Brett M. Wiens
    Three hundred years after Jonathan Swift's Classic, Gulliver's Travels. On Swift Wings is a re-imagined modernization of the original. Written with the same style and structure as the original, but with each island evolved three hundred years based on the way they interacted with Mr. Gulliver. The satire is updated and the main character comes from the modern world. On Swift Wings is a challenging but rewarding read, with high level language and economic and political satire woven into the story... more
  • Hiraeth - Where the heart belongs

    by Amrita Chatterjee
    11-year-old Amodini is bereft of the power of speech or hearing. She lives in Chilapata, a forest village in the Dooars region of North Bengal, India. Though deprived of these abilities, she possesses a unique power to connect with animals. When a forest fire breaks out leading to an elephant rampage which threatens to destroy her village, Amodini comes to the rescue. As the elephants leave for the forest, Amodini accompanies them. Shrikant, an investigative journalist, reaches Chilapata to scav... more
  • Before Evil Walks

    by EK Jasmine
    It is not poverty to a rich story. Neither is it about making it out of the slump, pulling up the bootstraps, and the sun will come out tomorrow. It's emptied of clichés and has just about the right amount of holes.
  • Fields of Grace

    by Wendy Waters
    Sweeping epic drama spanning seven decades. Set against a backdrop of war in 30s Europe, Grace Fieldergill, a starry-eyed young actress from Devon moves to London to pursue her dream of becoming a star. The lovable boarders of Wyncote House, a ladies-only establishment, take her under their collective wing and share her triumph when she is accepted into the brilliant young John Gielgud’s Company as Peggy Ashcroft’s understudy. When Peggy misses a show one night Grace gets her chance. Watching he... more