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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Little Goblin

    by Joanne Lecuyer
    With all the courage he can muster, a little goblin sets out to find a rare shroom to help save his maba and stumbles upon an unlikely helper!
  • Royal Role Reversal

    by Evelyna Starikova
    Your stereotypical princess fairy tale with a new twist. In the modern age of fairytales, this time the princess saves the prince from the bad guy. ​ One day, Prince Mikko Aukustanen vanishes from the Finnish-themed fairy tale kingdom of Valtakunta, leaving behind only a cryptic riddle and his crown. News spreads quickly to the bordering Finnish kingdom, Lumottia, where Princess Kaija Unelma is getting ready to meet a string of suitors. Princess Kaija stabs one of the suitors and the... more
  • The Impudent Edda

    by Rowdy Geirsson

    After 800 years, the final installment of The Edda Trilogy has at long last arrived! Picking up where its medieval forebears, The Poetic Edda and The Prose Edda, left off, The Impudent Edda not only introduces readers to a fresh, new perspective on both familiar and previously unknown narratives of Norse mythology, but also brings the world's foremost epic fantasy trilogy to its inevitable and fateful conclusion: in a dank alleyway behind a dive bar in ... more

  • 978-1-68526-665-3

  • Olawu

    by P. J. Leigh
    Olawu’s dream is to become a physician like her father. Though learning is forbidden in her patriarchal village, the rules are no match for Olawu’s strong will and her father’s secret teaching. When tragedy leaves her family destitute and vulnerable, Olawu must forgo her dream to save them. Falling in love, and getting caught in the middle of a war, were not part of her plan.
  • Choosing Sides

    by David K. Wessel
    Choosing Sides is the story of an ordinary family torn apart by Hitler's Germany
  • The Blue Iris

    by Rachel Stone
    A group of vibrant people with broken pasts converge on the Blue Iris Flower Market, where they unearth deeply rooted secrets and finally own their uncomfortable truths. Told from multiple perspectives in the spirit of Clare Pooley’s The Authenticity Project and hit television shows Ted Lasso and This Is Us, The Blue Iris is an intricately woven exploration of love tested beyond its limits, chosen family, and the beauty that grows in letting go.
  • The Seeking Tree

    by Jodi Dee
    A young sapling sprouts! It is excited about its new world. It yearns to connect with all things that pass by. Unfortunately, human beings are too busy. So, it patiently waits and watches for a thousand years. Follow its magical journey as humanity evolves and trees begin to slowly disappear. Until... a girl far in the future finds the seeking tree. With your help, she can change the course of history!
  • The Snow Monster

    by Jodi Dee
    A magical story with beautiful illustrations that showcases, dreams do come true. We each have a unique gift, and that gift is needed in the world. As Amia blows out the candles on her 9th birthday, she closes her eyes and makes a wish. But when her wish comes true in a way no one could predict, it turns out to be a curse! Tuttle Town declares Amia cannot leave her house when it snows. She is devastated. Find out how as Amia blows out the candles on her 10th birthday, her new wish changes everyt... more
  • 13 Acorns: Modern Short Stories for Thoughtful Adults

    by G. Edward Martin
    13 Acorns is the debut work of up-and-coming American author G. Edward Martin. It is composed of twelve original short stories written in multiple genres beneath the umbrella of philosophical fiction. Each unique story addresses one central idea or moral question, with each story being akin to a single acorn—something small or simple with the potential to grow enormous. 1.\tThe False Treeing Hound- Daniel, a lost young man, abandons everything and sets out on a road-trip headed west. After his ... more
  • The Mighty Esox: A Supernatural Mystery Novel

    by G. Edward Martin
    The Mighty Esox- A Supernatural Mystery Novel follows the journey of James Roslyn, a broken man wrestling with personal struggle, regret, and trying to rectify his own perceived mistakes. James recruits the help of his older brother, Alan, to travel with him in search of an elusive village concealed deep in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, so they can properly honor their recently lost grandfather and recreate a trip he had taken decades earlier. However, when the two brothers find the concealed v... more
  • Treasures of the Lochs

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    A long-lost treasure, a deadly chase, and a magnificent beast of legends For almost three hundred years, people have searched for one of the greatest treasures in history—the lost gold of the Scottish Jacobites. Following his father’s death and a brazen late-night break-in at the United States Naval Academy, Lieutenant Carter Porter, his life and career in tatters, unwittingly joins the quest. In Scotland, Hassie Douglass, a spirited young employee of a luxury inn situated on the picturesq... more
  • Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World

    by Tania Moloney
    Whether you're planting trees or helping the bees, every little action to care for nature counts. In Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World, you'll join Nature Ninja and two nature loving friends on a mission to inspire kids to get outside to connect with nature and save the planet! Give children the gift of a lifelong connection to nature and nurture the next generation of nature heroes in their own backyards, balconies, classrooms and neighbourhoods! Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World... more
  • Betsy's First Day of School (The Woodland Hollow Adventures)

    by Maria Marinella
    It is Betsy’s first day of a new school year and she is nervous about making new friends. A new environment can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. You never know when you will meet your new best friend or the adventures that await! An anxious little Betsy is scared about her first day of school. With none of her friends in her class she worries she will be lonely and will not make any friends. Dad bunny promises her it is going to be okay. Will all be okay for Besty?

    A 30-something, married man, living in a mythic, contemporary city called Solé has come to terms with a horrifying reality. The presence of a malevolent serpent living in his torso is real and growing. Unless it is removed, he will plunge into an enormous, pitch-black void called ‘The Abyss’ and lose his soul. He is becoming psychologically extinct. There is only one remedy: An ancient sacrament that will cure the loneliness and isolation which is giving the serpent its power. But his redemption... more
  • Gypsy for God

    by Yvonne M Morgan
    An Unexpected Purpose for Life Kathleen is a middle-aged woman who loses her job, which leaves her doubting herself and fearing the future. This event sends her on a journey to find purpose and meaning in her life. She flourishes in a new career as a travel agent, but fear and doubt keep her from experiencing all life has to offer. Finally, an unexpected encounter changes everything as God begins to reveal His plans to Kathleen. Each new country she visits brings her closer to finding her real ... more