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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sex.Drugs.DJ

    by Blake Sheridan

    Blake was an ordinary kid, with an ordinary family and grew up in an ordinary neighborhood in Chicago. That is, except for illness as a child, which followed him into adulthood and left an emptiness inside, combined with a desire to know why he was cursed with so much pain. He sought and found release in music and drugs, which ultimately led him into the arms of the rave scene. As he dove deeper into that lifestyle, his skills as a DJ become apparent and that sets off a path to greatness. Ove... more

  • Global Position

    by Sandy Mason

                Sandy Mason brings back his favorite sleuth, Johnny Donohue, to help find the cause of a fatal boat accident that took place off of the West Coast of Florida.


                Johnny and his crew are returning from a weekend at the famous Key West October Fest only to find themselves first responders to the deadly accident.

         ... more

  • Gummy Worms for Fishing

    by Chan Blue

    An age appropriate book about earth science. The sophomore book from Mac and Roni Read has them spending time with their favorite person; Grandpa Willie. As the Mac and Roni prepare for their first fishing trip Mac has this idea he may just use his candy gummy worms as bait for the fish but he's not quite sure if he can. The twins do some research and learn some information pertaining to fishing but they stop short of finding out are gummy worms for fishing. However in the end Grandp... more

  • Maisie Mae From Sunnyside Street

    by Stephanie Jane Markham
    Join Maisie Mae and her friends from Sunnyside Street as they dream up new adventures! Maisie Mae imagines herself all the way to Mars, slides down rainbows and even sails a pirate ship! Her best friend Duncan and his unicorn, Letty Lou, take Maisie for a magical ride around the town. They drop in on the zoo and meet up with their good friends Simon, Sabrina and the twins, Ann & Emma. Kids will love the lush color illustrations in this 8x8 storybook. Coming Soon! The next book in the Maisie... more
  • Lake Barcroft

    by Jeffrey Marcus Oshins

    1964, in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., garage bands play popular songs in school cafeterias and church social halls

    14-year-old Beck Lyons is in love with Randall, a popular local rock musician. Randall offers Beck a life that’s different to one spent being the perfect daughter of a powerful politician.

    When Randall gets Beck pregnant, she turns to her grandmother for help. Her grandmother - more concerned with protecting Beck’s father than Beck - sends B... more

  • The Refuge

    by John A. Heldt
    A family of time travelers goes to Hawaii in 1941 to stop a mercenary from changing history.
  • A Christmas Miracle at Ground Zero

    by Judith M. Ackerman
    20th ANNIVERSARY of 9/11 Commemorative Book. Written from the perspective of a family of mice who lived in the walls and tunnels of the "Twin Towers" They too experience the affects of this historic event and want to do something special to help the people of America. When their efforts do not turn out as they had hoped, a miracle occurs at the sacred site known as, "GROUND ZERO" Beautifully illustrated and written with the sensitivity a child will understand. It is a book for all ages. A B... more
  • Hoo Lee Jing (Fox Fairy)

    by Margaret Zee
    “Foxfairy” is not an adequate translation of the Chinese "HULIJING", which is a dangerous supernatural creature, a ghostly shapeshifter, cunning and wily as a fox, and irresistibly alluring as a beautiful woman. The HULIJING is an appropriate symbol for this story of love, longing, and deception, featuring the last days of the magical city of Old Peking. Mrs. Eve Freeman, who was born and grew up in Peking, returns after World War II, seeking a renewal of faith in herself and in the possibility ... more
  • Ninja Stories: Chiyo and Hanzo

    by Ron Nakano
    THREE LEGENDARY NINJAS! Hanzo Hattori (leader of the Iga ninja clan), Chiyo Mochizuki (leader of an all female ninja clan), and Goemon Ishikawa (ninja, and master thief, banished from the Iga ninja clan), along with with Sen No Rikyu (who shaped the modern Japanese tea ceremony), Yasuke (the only Black samurai in history), and Jesuit priest Father Morejon, COLLIDE at the most pivotal point in Japan's history that will either bring centuries of peace or plummet them back into centuries of war.
  • Moby the Flea

    by amy hill
    Dr. Ahab is on a quest for vengeance against a white flea who has bitten him, leaving him half blind. He enlists the workers in his veterinary practice to search all dogs in the area for his monstrous foe.
  • The Hummingbird and the Sea

    by Jenny Bond
    How far will a person go to gain freedom? When Samuel Bellamy, an enigmatic Englishman on the run from the Crown, seeks refuge in Eastham, Massachusetts, the life of Maria Hallett begins to tragically unravel. Stepping outside the boundaries of her pious and unforgiving Puritan community, she faces censure and judgement from her family and church. Eventually Maria is pushed to the limits of her sanity when a trusted, childhood friend betrays her in the most heinous and violent of ways. Base... more
  • Princess Naomi Helps a Unicorn

    by Once Upon a Dance
    Unicorns and Horses and Snakes, oh my! Interactive movement wrapped up in a charming story of sibling angst, anger management, compassion, and triumph. Grown-ups sit; kiddos move and practice dance fundamentals. Fed up with her annoying sister, Naomi storms out of the castle, only to discover a unicorn in need of help. With a sense of purpose, she quickly forgets her anger.
  • Facets of the Past

    by Monique Gliozzi
    When Hank Gild is given the opportunity to take up his dream job, he accepts the offer with excitement. As a tour guide at the historical imperial castle on Lake Starnberg, Hank delights his guests with stories of the late Bavarian emperor-his antics, his precious artifacts and the mystery shrouding his death in 1886. But it seems that not all the castle's visitors are of pure heart. Before long, Hank is forced down a path of greed, deception and danger with no way out. A once happy and simple l... more
  • Everything I Am

    by Jenny Bond
    When her partner of twenty-five years dies, Rebecca Collins discovers the secret life he had been living. Grieving, and with her sense of self in ruins, she embarks on a quest to uncover the truth about the man she loved, and to recreate the shattered image of herself. Rebecca is constantly challenged in her quest by visions of her dead partner. Is she going insane or is her current sorrow and anger beginning to mesh with the remnants of an earlier trauma, one she has long ago repressed, one... more
  • In His Father's World: The Love Affair of Seth Hunter Jr. and Sandy

    by C.D. Harper
    Imagine a life engulfed by a civil war that will change everything about the world as you know it. A world built by your father for you and your son on and on into perpetuity, a world built on the promises of slavery with the acquiescence of God but compromised by the ideals and will of the new nation. This is the world Seth Hunter Jr., heir to Covenant Plantation, must learn to live in. The basic issues of life: love, hate, revenge, desire, survival, etc. remain the same, but the world, everyth... more
  • A Double Life, A Single Love: A Sinclair Story

    by Rosalinda Haddon
    Tall, handsome, and wealthy, Mafia-connected Thomas James Sinclair has again been recruited by the FBI to work with Interpol and the Secret Service to find and apprehend an international counterfeiter. Thomas, "Tommy," is anxious and ready to get back into his alternative identity, in which he enjoys a life of travel, gambling, womanizing, and working at the edges of the law. A dangerous life that takes him from his home in New Jersey and his life with his wife, Hannah, to Las Vegas, France, and... more