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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Niki Owl's Christmas Stories - Cuentos Navideños de Niki Owl

    by Karin Pinter
    The first collection of Niki Owl Christmas short stories in English and Spanish. Discover the magic and wonder of Christmas with Niki Owl through the stories of Santa's Magical Helpers and The Gifts of the Three Wise Owls.
  • Children of Kings

    by E. S. Ramirez

    In Alto Perú in 1813, Juana Azurduy is a wife, mother, and farmer who is trying to keep her family safe from the rising tides of the South American Revolution. A confrontation with a Spanish platoon Commander crushes her hopes for peace, making her and her family targets. She is forced to leave her life and home behind, reluctantly becoming the symbol of Pachamama for the Aymara people and their cause for independence. And forcing her to choose between staying and fighting or flee... more

  • Brainy Billy Builds a Bot

    by Charlotte Lewis Jones
    Brainy Billy, an incessantly creative young boy, loves to do almost everything, from building things to sketching chalk masterpieces on his front porch. When he builds a robot named Charlie to do his chores while he prepares for a street art competition, Charlie quickly creates more problems than he solves. But, Billy learns valuable lessons about the magic of inspiration, the joy of helping his family, and the utter impossibility of training a perfect robot overnight!
  • Deep Dish

    by Michael Choi
    After getting dumped by his childhood sweetheart, Charlie Park finds himself at rock bottom. Despite all efforts by his best friend; RJ, a female firecracker who may or may not be contributing to his woes, Charlie cannot break free from this rut. His new status quo is filled with incessant cleaning, obsessing over his favorite daytime talk show host, and crafting the definitive list that will help him discover the perfect woman. That’s when Charlie’s apartment burns to the ground, proving that l... more
  • The Seashell Safe Harbor: Be Happy

    by Sherrie Schmidt
    Happy the Sailboat loved the safe feeling he felt in Seashell Safe Harbor. He had friends. He made people Happy when he sailed around the calm waters of the harbor. One day, Captain Drew announced his plan to take Happy out of the harbor, past the lighthouse, and out to sea. Happy did not look happy. "The sea has big waves, rocks, and reefs," Happy's friends joined together to help Happy find a way to sea and back. "Watch for the signs," Starfish Sue says. The story of friends recognizing anothe... more
  • The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: A Secret in the Deep

    by Brooks Olbrys
    While snorkeling along the ocean reef, Blue Ocean Bob senses something below. With encouragement from Cathy crab, he trusts his intuition and assembles a team to explore a shipwreck on the ocean floor. But despite help from Al the dolphin and his assistant Molly Marine, he is unable to complete the descent. After consulting with the wise ocean creatures Doc the turtle, Earl the clam, and Eve the octopus, he and Molly devise a creative plan to release some new friends trapped at the bottom of th... more
  • Nervous Rex

    by Michael Burns
    Nervous Rex is the son of the terrifying Tyrannosaurs Rex. The only problem is Rex isn't terrifying at all. In fact he is the most anxious dinosaur in the whole Prehistoric era. That is until he meets an unlikely ally who teaches him strategies to deal with his anxiety and worry. But is it enough?
  • B0C1J2GRQ5

    by Keith Stoeckeler
    In a world where fitting in is the norm, “The Sparkly Bun” shows children the importance of being true to oneself. Join Emme as she navigates the tricky world of schoolyard fashion. Emme loves her clothes and accessories, but she especially loves one item. When she wears it to school two days in a row, her friends start to tease her. Will Emme be able to learn the valuable lesson that being an individual is more important than fitting in with the crowd?
  • Being Made

    by Brian Scala
    Sean Mattea was once a preeminent rock singer. From 1993 to 2005, his band, Black Swan, sold millions of records, garnered significant radio airplay and performed sold out shows all over the world. While the stars aligned perfectly to their ascent into rock n' roll immortality, young Sean suffered through the most human of maturations. Despite his newfound fame and fortune, personal failures and unspeakable tragedy would accompany him as he struggled to maintain his career. All the while, Billie... more
  • How to Use an AI Writer to Create Impactful Content

    by Emily Lanies

    1. Let the AI do the rest

    But before you can use a free ai essay writer, you need to know who you’re writing for and what your goals are. This will help you ensure that the content you create is relevant and will resonate with your audience.

    For instance, if you’re creating a home inspection guide, you’ll need to make sure that the paragraphs contain coherent in-depth information. The facts they ... more

  • Enfant Terrible: Showstopper

    by Gwydhar Gebien
    Damen Warner, is ready for a fresh start. After spiraling into alcoholic depression as the result of his grandmother’s death he is ready to start the new year right. Thanks to his newfound notoriety as an internet sensation, Damen and his band, OBNXS, return to the studio to record their next album. Finally. But just as his professional career takes off, Damen quickly discovers that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Forced to balance his professional aspirations against his deep... more
  • Seraphina Ballerina

    by Sara Robinson
    Seraphina has a special talent. She dreams of becoming a ballerina; she wants to be a star. Her dreams are about to come true when the Ballet School in her town announces the beginning of the auditions, where the best candidate will win a scholarship. But there is a problem: Seraphina doesn't have a beautiful silk bodice, a puffy pink tutu with gold sequins, or a diamond tiara for her head to shine onstage.
  • Kenneth Runs Away From Home

    by Lakella Davenport
    This book is all about a little mouse named Kenneth who keeps getting into trouble at home and decides to run away one day to avoid disappointing his parents.
  • Ordinary Miracles: Valley of Artisans - Book 4

    by AmyLu Riley
    While away for the weekend, River Carter is unexpectedly faced with a message that challenges her very beliefs about how God works. Back at home in the Valley of Artisans, as River transforms her neglected garden into a place of inspiring beauty, will she find herself coming to life in a new way, as well? Ordinary Miracles is book 4 in the Valley of Artisans series, a gentle, small-town fiction series by inspirational Christian author AmyLu Riley. Welcome to the Valley of Artisans, where read... more
  • A Winter Wedding in the Valley of Artisans: Valley of Artisans - Book 3

    by AmyLu Riley
    In the Valley of Artisans, the charming wedding chapel is finally ready for its grand opening. But when an ice storm brings an unexpected wedding guest with questions for River Carter, where will his inquiries lead? It's a winter wedding in Indiana—what could possibly go wrong? A Winter Wedding in the Valley of Artisans is book 3 in the Valley of Artisans series, a gentle, small-town fiction series by inspirational Christian author AmyLu Riley. Welcome to the Valley of Artisans, where readers... more
  • Open for Miracles: Valley of Artisans - Book 2

    by AmyLu Riley
    It’s WinterFest time in the Valley of Artisans, and River Carter’s new life may be about to snowball. Her latest business venture is taking off, but could it also take her down? Meanwhile, Uncle Jim and Sara announce a winter wedding—but will their trip down the aisle end before it begins? Who will help Della run the café? And when one of Vera’s big prayers for River is answered, will life be the same for any of them again? Open for Miracles is book 2 in the Valley of Artisans series, a gentl... more