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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Different Slant of Light

    by Joel David Levin

    Former almost-rock-star Brian "Brick" Smith thought his punk-rock days were behind him. He was wrong.

    Before he became a mild-mannered English teacher, Brian was the songwriter and bass player for a one-hit-wonder punk band: Call Field. Two decades ago, Brian and his bandmates were on a stratospheric ascent through the music industry... until Call Field unexpectedly crash-landed and broke up.

    Since then, Brian has been living a quiet white-collar life, teaching at a... more

  • Emily Bean and the Flying Machine

    by Geneviève McLaughlin
    Young Emily has a fantastical dream to create a magical, flying car and soar the skies, exploring with her co-pilot teddy bear. With imagination, nothing can stop Emily as she takes a wild adventure through outer space, returning just in time for bedtime. Artfully written by Genevieve McLaughlin with a dreamlike quality, Emily Bean and the Flying Machine is a wonderful read-aloud for bedtime and anytime.
  • The Last Cowboy

    by Jan Herrman
    The Last Cowboy follows the life of reluctant hero, Hank Miller, from abandonment as a child to deadly encounters as an adult. He has managed to survive the Civil War, desperados, and an earthquake. But one last adventure awaits... Hank has a debt to pay and a friend to rescue in a far off land. Can he accomplish both tasks without losing his own life—and endangering the lives of his twin sons? Read The Last Cowboy to find out.
  • Being is Better: Better Together, Book One

    by Marjorie Jackson
    Fourteen-year-old Amber has battled medical challenges – specifically epilepsy – her whole life. Due to her physical limitations, she has no friends, but does her best to trudge through each day with a smile. Fellow “middle-school senior” Missy has struggles of her own. Following her brother’s death in Afghanistan, her father uprooted them from everything familiar, only to divorce Missy’s mother and move away, leaving Missy friendless and angry, forced to care for her deeply depressed mother.... more
  • Sweet Honesty

    by Lee James
    Her mother was murdered. Her father vowed revenge. She grew up in the shadow of his anger, afraid. Always afraid. Then her rescuer came along and pulled her out of the mud of the train yard and set her under the hot, dazzling lights of a stage. But would her savior be the reason for her ultimate downfall? Cherry Winslow escapes an abusive father by marrying an indifferent husband, Gideon. Still, Cherry is determined to be the best wife she can in the leaky one-room shack they called home. Her c... more
  • After Hours

    by Padraic Reaney
    Kieran and Padraic Reaney's first book Feelings Within and second book Knockma Inkwells both of which were highly acclaimed locally, nationally and internationally. These two books are still doing very well worldwide and have been rated five star on the internet. The twins' were pleasantly surprised to receive letters of praise from President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, the BBC from England and Senator Lorraine Higgins from Athenry. Kieran and Padraic thank everyone most sincerely f... more
  • My English Teacher and I

    by Mikhael Aroni
    They all want their English to be perfect, but can a teacher help? All of them live in London. All of them want to belong. Some want to blend in. Others to stand out. One is particularly clueless. A good English teacher must surely be what he needs. But he won't find the right one until he finds himself.
  • I Will Carry You

    by Colleen Farwell

    'I Will Carry You' reflects on the love a Native American mother has for her child and how that bond continues through time. Beautifully written with stunning illustrations, this book takes the reader on a sweet profound journey that resonates with adults and children alike. Recognizing the importance of contemporary Indigenous art, Colleen Farwell publishing has committed to a collaborative partnership initiative with Native American artists Loren Aragon (ACONAV), Sylv... more

  • Getting to Alpenglow

    ReRe finds being 15 is hard enough, but after that a sister would have undiagnosed mental illness in the rise of a pandemic. ReRe finds the best way to cope is to look at everyday's emotions and actions as colors until she discovers that what others do is only a reflection of her and not of who she really is. She finally realized she's just Getting to Alpenglow and the real her is about to emerge.
  • Losses: Book Three in the Ro Delahanty Series

    by Dave Lager
    When a dedicated cop is caught between blood and duty, can she survive the treacherous truth? Deputy Sheriff Ro Delahanty’s tireless devotion has finally earned her a spot with SWAT as a sharpshooter. Called in as lead sniper to a tense hostage situation, she quickly senses the standoff is already on a knife’s edge. And her worst nightmare unfolds when the DEA hijacks the negotiations and triggers a bloodbath. Horrified by the carnage, Ro jeopardizes her career when her rage sends fists fl... more
  • Brownie's Big PDXmas

    by Karena Stoner
    Brownie the Bernese is a big ball of fluff. When it comes to food she can't get enough! This Christmas, her endless appetite lands her lost and hungry in downtown Portland. She makes some friends -- and some messes! -- as she tries to find her way home. From the tree at Pioneer Square, the Christmas Ships, and the lights at Peacock Lane to Powell's City of Books and the iconic St John's and Burnside Bridges, Brownie's adventures highlight some of Portland's many treasures, as well as the bigg... more
  • Means, ISBN 978-1511522694

    by Megan D. Weber Hogan
    Means is the story of one girl's survival, one woman's life story in the rural Cumberland mountains when all is lost. A rich, moving tale woven of the voices in Atta's life, of those who guide us, how we learn to guide ourselves and how we make peace with life's great tragedies; how simple survival can turn into a beautiful love story of life, even in the remotest of places with the smallest of means.
  • Still Life with a Vengeance

    by Jan Turk Petrie
    Married to rich and famous guitarist, Nick Quenington, and living in a Somerset mansion, from the outside Eve’s life appears to be perfect. Heartbroken when they can’t conceive a child, Eve’s adoption hopes are threatened when Nick and his band are accused of drugging and raping a fan. Despite vehemently denying the allegations, the band are subjected to trial by social media. Eve’s belief in Nick’s innocence leads her to passionately defend him to the press, but sales and downloads take a n... more
  • Goin' Through the Motions

    by Moony McNelly (pen name)

    Goin' Through the Motions, most of which is interior monologue, employs a stylized dialect best described as "Southern Mountain English." In 1984, terminally ill and confined to a VA hospital, John Henry Shields reviews his life. Prelude, a dialogue between John Henry's son Martin and his wife in 2012, opens the novel. Prologue to Part One presents John Henry on the day in 1932, when he undergoes an epiphany that sets him on his ... more

  • Robbie To The Rescue!

    by Laurie Nowlan
    "Robbie to the Rescue!" is a colorful and uplifting picture book for 3--8 year olds. Moving to a new home is a challenge for everyone--but especially to a tiny bird like Robbie! Robbie’s afraid when big brother Ben tells him they must migrate south for the winter. Robbie’s never flown that far and he’s not sure he has the strength and endurance. Plus he’ll have to leave all his friends behind. Despite a scary storm and grueling flight, Robbie perseveres. When he rescues Ben, he proves not only h... more
  • East of Everywhere

    by Susan Pogorzelski
    It’s been almost a decade since the end of the war, when the telegram first arrived at their house on Lennox Lane. Four years since the apartment on Harker Street, where food was scarce and nights were long and their mother slept away her grief. Three months since Janie was forced to leave her little brother, Brayden, and best friend, Leo, behind at Anthers Hall. Two weeks since she stole a bicycle and ran away from the new children’s home on the other side of the state. One day sinc... more