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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Canoe for review

    by Michelle Baker
    Set over the course of ten days in 1912, this poetic portrait of love and loss follows two simultaneous stories: the coming of age of Bernie Kingston, teenage son of a coffin maker who lives along the Chesapeake Bay and the voyage of Katherine Chambers, a middle-aged Englishwoman leaving home for the first time as she seeks to recover from the loss of her husband and son. Written in a diary format, their parallel journeys are told against the backdrop of the Titanic disaster and the communities ... more
  • Into The Delta

    by James Shown
    UHURA . . . the name mean's 'FREEDOM' in Swahili . . . but for Captain Nathan Reinhard, it's more than just the name of his boat, and his boat is for more than just pleasure. Being a missionary, as Captain Reinhard had always known, required at times being faced with certain dangers. It was danger that led him to the sea, to become a missionary, but since that time he'd encountered nothing more than hostile natives, never before had he actually been face to fa... more
  • The Story of Bill and His House on the Hill

    by Yam Cooper

    The Story of Bill and His House on the Hill is a fun, poignant children's book about anti-bullying, creativity and leadership. It tells the tale of a man with grass hair who is rejected by society because of his different appearance, and his journey of attempting to find friends and overcome the obstacles thrown onto his path by prejudice. Bill reinvents a language that bypasses discrimination and connects people through the heart, and ultimately brings peace to the world through thi... more

  • Getaway Day

    by Ken White

    When a father gives to his son, they both laugh. When a son gives to his father, they both cry.

    It’s the 1962 World Series. New York Yankees versus San Francisco Giants. Tropical storm Freda has delayed the crucial sixth game in San Francisco. It’s dry as a bone in Modesto, California, where the Yankees have a farm team and a field named after Yankee owner Del Webb. A flurry of phone calls leads to a bus ride to the Central Valley town of 30,000. On October 14th, 19... more

  • All about Girls

    by Jean Marcus

    Being dumped on a Wednesday morning going for a picnic isn't the most comfortable fallback to endure. It takes a whole army of women, all ghosts of present and past, to journey back to who you are: a commentary on someone else's book. A shipwreck enjoyed at the distance. Please, join the protagonist in this lovely tale of coffee, anarchy and giant ants.

  • Barnacle Brat (a Dark Comedy for Grown-Ups)

    by Adrian Baldwin
    Key-cutter Leon Blank has had strange visions since a crash in which he was driving killed two innocent people but now, a year later, the visions grow more frequent; potentially dangerous; especially the angry-looking clown who’s started following him around with a baseball-bat. Yes, he’s always had a vivid imagination, and constantly hears a voice inside his head, but doesn’t everyone? Isn’t that just thinking? Leon doesn’t remember the accident; not consciously – despite partial flashba... more
  • The Spy in Me

    by Jennifer Delaney
    Daniel is a genetically modified boy taken in by the McAlister family when his father risks everything to give him a life outside the laboratories. Daniel must live in the shadows to evade the military hunting him down, but learns to love and function despite these challenges. When his adopted sister, Angelina, is kidnapped by the military with Daniel as ransom, Daniel and his family join together to rescue Angelina and stop the genetic body farms once and for all.
  • Gambling with Hearts

    by Zach Tate
    Jihad Townsend is a man for hire. With a bounty on his head, he is deep in a six-figure gambling debt and needs all the money he can get his hands on and he needs it now. Heart-broken from losing his fiancée, he sinks to a new, desperate low by taking a five-thousand dollar bet; Can he get two or more women to fall in love and live simultaneously under his roof? Jihad is sure he can win the bet, but the complicated women in his life have their own agenda, especially his employer, Anna Lebenthal... more
  • I Love You to Pieces!

    by Barbara Benson Keith
    I Love You to Pieces! is a love story between animal parents and their babies. Owls, deer, pigs, rabbits, ducks and even whales express their love for each other in this happy mosaic-illustrated book. Includes a page at the end about the mosaic process.
  • Apache Courage: Trumpets Around the Camp

    by Cynthia Darling
    A young psychologist finds it impossible to work any longer with wounded warriors in his job in Washington, D.C. He, without much thought, escapes to work in an Apache Indian Health Hospital in Arizona, and suddenly finds himself in a totally new environment, facing issues of witchcraft. As he meets these challenges, he struggles to become a mature man, finally succeeding through what he learns from the Apache people. Love finally comes to him, and he is now ready to accept it.
  • Prabuddha: The Clear-sighted

    by Anu Lal
    18 Important Stories of Wit and Wisdom Read these eighteen stories, as they are eighteen steps to achieve the wisdom of Prabuddha. Eighteen stories represent eighteen steps of enlightenment. Eighteen is the number of the rudraksha or beads in a rosary. You can find the eighteen stories in this book as analogous to a rosary. The result of long nine years of investigation and journey into spirituality and human consciousness, PRABUDDHA: THE CLEAR-SIGHTED stands as one of the master works of ... more
  • Wall of Colours and Other Stories (Hope, Vengeance & History Book 1)

    by Anu Lal
    From the Amazon Bestselling author Anu Lal. "Writing is the art of voicing. Wall of Colours and Other Stories is my attempt to voice the word of hope as well as the importance to learn from Tradition. Deep down in my memory I still remember that biology teacher who taught us in the eighth standard that humans are animals; apes so to speak. The defining element between humans and animals is that humans are the only species upon the earth that can narrate events, tell stories." "Stories were... more
  • Healing Ruby

    by Jennifer H. Westall

         Ruby Graves, a young girl in Depression-era Alabama, faces the hardships of poverty and loss with as much faith as she can muster. At only the age of thirteen, she’s already lost a younger brother to illness, and now faces losing both her father and the boy who’s stealing her heart to illnesses as well. Armed with her beloved Scriptures, she prays daily for their healing, only to have her tender faith shattered by her father’s death.

         Through her pain, she’s able to connect wit... more

  • Born in the Wayeb: Book One of The Mayan Chronicles

    by Lee E. Cart
    A historical fantasy set against the backdrop of the ancient Mayan world, Born in the Wayeb is a riveting tale of magic and intrigue . . . Deep in the jungle, while drums pound and men dance to keep the evil gods of the Underworld at bay for the five days of the Wayeb, a baby is born. Her birth sends a ripple across the land, alerting Satal, the black witch of Mayapán, of the existence of a new rival. Fearful of the taint that clings to Na'om's fateful birth, the villagers of Pa nimá shun th... more

    He's maladjusted. He has an attitude. And once, the village priest tells him, he was a Jew. When a survivor of the First Crusade persuades Martin to explore his heritage in the Jewish community of Constantinople, Martin has no idea what he's in for and it's not easy. Through his experiences and the choices he makes, Martin comes to understand relationships and responsibility, finds his place in society, and develops a commitment to Jewish life and to his troubled mentor.
  • The Second Crack

    by Chelo Diaz-Ludden
    Anne’s passion is The Bean, her coffee shop in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, the city wants to build an on-ramp which will threaten The Bean’s idyllic location. But even more precarious is her relationship with her twin sister Suz, who co-owns The Bean but abandoned the business, and Anne, creating a crack in their once solid bond. Suz’s passion is South Africa and her hero Nelson Mandela, whose life inspired her to leave family and friends for volunteer work in the townships. Suz is back in ... more