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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Shiny New Toy

    by Mark Lado
    Chaos, frustration, & drama are exposed in the cubicles and behind closed doors. Author Mark Lado boldly tells a fictional story that treads on several ethical and moral situations found in business today; addiction, discrimination, diversity, dreams, fraud, firing, love, passion, promotion, racism, sarcasm, and sex. This realistic story also weaves in usage of lean business administrative management tools in a pragmatic way.
  • Of Sea and Sand: The Kerrigan Chronicles, Book II

    by Annie Daylon
    “IT IS A PARADOX, THE SEA. During this time of rumble and outrage, the North Atlantic, nonchalant, rolls on, set on creating at will. Within its swell are all the makings for good and evil, encompassing every possibility from the brightest of angels to the darkest of demons. I cherish its angels.” Spectral matriarch of the Kerrigan clan, Kathleen resumes the gripping story of the lives of her family: feisty daughter Clara, brave granddaughter Kate, and troubled son Kevin. Through the tribulat... more
  • Dancing to the Lyrics

    by Dwayne Ratleff
    Dancing to the Lyrics is a timeless coming-of-age tale. Through the eyes of the young protagonist, Grant Cole, we are offered a first-hand account of an African American gay youth who perseveres in spite of personal and family obstacles as Grant struggles to comprehend his own nature, his world, and the adults who populate it, he observes and emotionally reacts to the assassinations of MLK and RFK, the Baltimore riots, the Vietnam War and more. For those of you who may have enjoyed “The Wire”, ... more
  • Thwarted Queen

    by Cynthia Haggard

    Award-winning author of Farewell My Life writes a saga about the Yorks, Lancasters & Nevilles, whose family feud inspired “Game of Thrones.”


    When Robert Baratheon died suddenly after a boar hunt, he left two young sons and an alarming wife.

    When Edward IV, King of England, died suddenly after a fishing trip in April 1483, he left two young sons, a dangerous wife, and war broke out, the Yorks (Starks) battling the Lancast... more

  • Bruce and the Long Spider

    by J.C. Martin

    "Bruce and the Long Spider" is a wonderfully illustrated children's picture book about a little boy who has a room all to himself until the day he stumbles upon a scary spider! Find out what happens when Bruce decides "It's time to be BRAVE" in this exciting kid's adventure packed full of imagination and fun.

  • Mail Girl

    by Jim Trainor

    Shelby Sims delivers the mail in rural Wisconsin, trying to move beyond her past wounds by caring for those along her routes. When the mail piles up at Mr. Riley’s old cottage, Shelby senses something is wrong, even though everyone assures her that he’s probably just gone fishing.

    Then, Shelby is the victim of an ugly incident at the post office. When she stands up for herself, she risks termination and perhaps prosecution. Impulsively, Shelby sets out in her old Buick, head... more

  • Henry's Mysterious Voice

    by Nancy L. Hurley
    Henry’s story can be anyone’s. It’s a tale of how to escape the humdrum of everyday life to venture out into the vast world outside of one’s own home. Sometimes, these adventures bring danger.
  • The Toot Fairy

    by Janet R Adams
    Everyone knows about the Tooth Fairy, but not everyone knows about the Toot Fairy. This fun book explains how toots are made and delivered all over the world. Plus, now you have a cute fairy to blame as the need arises.
  • Mommalogues: Tales of Humor Between Generations

    by Donna Todd
    Have you ever felt like pulling your hair out when dealing with someone from another generation? This collection of humorous short stories are told in a daughter's point of view, as she often finds herself a reluctant participant in her Mom's adventures. Mother-daughter moments are anything but ordinary, and typical outings take a surprising twist when Mom is along.
  • The Romulus Chronicles: Mary's Tale

    by Alexander Mescavage and Eunice Beauchman
    Game of Thrones meets Hannibal Lecter Mary is given by her depraved husband as satanic sacrifice. She is saved by an ancient werewolf who has a mystical connection to Mary herself. Once he turns her, she becomes the thing to be afraid of in the dark. The werewolf has stalked this demon since antiquity. And Mary discovers that she has always been a part of the hunt. Mary's Tale evokes power, passion and pain as the reader witnesses the dual realities of the werewolf. It illuminates the p... more
  • Illegal Beagle

    by Sandra Ourique Gonsalves
    A picture book so full of adventure, laughs, and rhyming fun…it should be, well, illegal! Meet Buttercup: he’s a well-behaved beagle and really quite regal! But some days, when his owner Jill is away, this precocious pup begins to play…He growls! He barks! He eats all the shoes! He teases the cat and turns cushions to chews! But mischief gets noticed, and that is fact…so what happens when this troublemaker is caught in the act? Through endearing humor and lighthearted illustrations, Sand... more
  • An Otter Oughta

    by Lynn Witt
    An Otter Oughta is not about rules! It is a simple look at the life of an otter from birth to young adult, from dependence to independence. It’s about learning how to live, grow and dream about possibilities. Like so many children's books, it is not only enjoyable for the child but meaningful in unexpected ways for the adult reader, too!
  • Lost in the Shadows

    by Alan M. Oberdeck
    Who is he and why is he here? Found near a burning car at the top of Mystery Mountain in West Virginia, injured and unable to remember his name, the light-haired stranger was lucky to be alive. Named after the road where his accident occurred, John Rockhouse develops a budding friendship with his nurse, Susan Radke, who offers John a key to the past he can't remember. A memorable road trip to Susan's home in Wisconsin stirs troubling memories for John, making him wary of the truth of his past---... more
  • Casting Shadows: Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun Volume I

    by Sara Ellie MacKenzie
    Nora is the younger daughter to the Mad King, Gerald of Klenard. Raised away from court, she realizes the hard truth of her inheritance and seeks to fix it. Through marriage treaties, accusations and treason and war against her uncle, Nora has to navigate the dangers to the Crown...or risk dying.