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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Birthday Surprise

    by Terri Kelley
    A young girl enjoys her life as the only child of two very loving parents. Each year, they celebrate her birthday, starting with her favorite pancakes. However, on her seventh birthday, her parents are missing and only her nanny is at the house. The girl is heartbroken. Finally, late in the evening, her parents arrive with a birthday surprise: a baby brother!
  • Bedtime

    by Terri Kelley
    Young children oftentimes do anything to avoid going to bed. In this story, a little girl creates all sorts of distractions in order to stay awake. Her creativity will bring a smile to the reader's face and may serve as a reminder that all of us need sleep.
  • Almond Eyes

    by Terri Kelley
    A young boy is confused about why people are always saying that he has beautiful "almond eyes". His mother explains that his eyes are almond shaped because of his Korean heritage. The boy then starts to notice all of the different kinds of eyes of all of his friends. This is a beautiful story of diversity and acceptance. It celebrates our differences that add color to our world.
  • Cosecha and Other Stories

    by Aurora Levins Morales
    In 1986, Getting Home Alive broke new ground by its content, its form and the identities of its authors, a New York born mother and her island born daughter, both feminists and radicals. Cosecha and Other Stories is the long-awaited sequel, fourteen short stories, factual and fictional, full of gardens and kitchen, love and loss and revelation.
  • The French Orphan

    by Michael Stolle
    The year is 1640, and Louis XIII is on the French throne. However, as far as you’re concerned, this is all pretty meaningless. After all, as a teenage orphan living in a monastery school in Reims, all you have to worry about is dodging the unpleasant advances of a few unsavoury monks and looking forward to a life of penniless and celibate servitude in a religious order. After a childhood and adolescence plagued by a constant longing to know who he really is, orphan Pierre has not the slighte... more
  • A Family of My Own

    by Terri Kelley
    The young girl in this story wonders why she has not been adopted after spending many years in the foster-care system. She recognizes that her behavior is challenging at times but explains that it is because she is afraid and lonely. This books is great for foster kids, families, and prospective adoptive parents.
  • Exit - A Novel about Dying

    by Jo Kline Cebuhar
    Do terms such as life prolonging measures and advance directives leave you dazed and confused? Have you ever wondered what it means to have a good death? Does deciding when enough is enough for a dying loved one sound like an overwhelming responsibility? You’re not alone. Meet Margaret Williams. It's been four months since Margaret's husband Ernie died. They were married for forty-one years. Now they aren’t. So Margaret has agreed to try volunteering at Rockaway House, even though sh... more
  • White Gold

    by W. B. Garvey
    It is the beginning of a new century and the times are swiftly changing. The eyes of the world are on Panama where 20,000 have already died digging the Canal that will alter history and usher in the future. WHITE GOLD centers around William Roberson, an ambitious young railroad engineer from Jamaica who struggles to build a better life but finds himself caught between Winifred, his Jamaican wife who cannot abide life in Panama with the Jim Crow laws being imposed by the Americans, and Isabella... more
  • DLee's Color Hunt

    by Diana Lee Santamaria
    DLee's Color Hunt is a learning book for children age’s three to five. The book is based on the character DLee, who like most children is constantly questioning the world around her. In this story, DLee is curious about colors. "What are they? And where can they be found?" This book is a playful story for children learning about primary and secondary colors for the first time. With its bright color palette and bold characters, this book is perfect in assisting children learn color recognition wh... more
  • DLee's Outdoor Countdown

    by Diana Lee Santamaria

    DLee's Outdoor Countdown is a book for children ages three to five. The book is based on the inquisitive character DLee, who decides she wants to explore in her backyard. While exploring her surroundings, she finds a variety of animals and bugs, counting down from ten to one. With vibrant pictures and a playful storyline, this book is excellent for children learning how to count.

  • DLee's First Day of School

    by Diana Lee Santamaria

    DLee's First Day of School is a learning book for children ages three to five. In this story, the character DLee experiences the fears and joys of going to school for the first time. With its colorful illustrations and bold characters, it is the perfect book to read to any child who has never experienced an educational setting before.

  • Americano Bar Talk

    by Bohemian Vagabond
    A novel set in Wisconsin of drama, violence, sex, comedy, and intrigue.Follow characters from Brewtown Milwaukee as they struggle to survive by staying inebriated because after all nobody party's like Wisconsin.This book will make you cry, laugh, join a cult, runaway from home, afraid to drive through Wisconsin, and even paranoid to look at a map of Wisconsin. Sit around with your friends and laugh reading this novel of satire, wit, romance, buffoonery, comedy, drunkenness, debauchery, lunacy, s... more
  • Boy in Box

    by Christopher Michael
    After a double murder shakes a suburban town, a boy's life becomes the center of a chain-reaction of events that affects everyone around him. Luther McRae, an introverted family product of a busy mother, an overworked father and an autistic sister keeps the secrets of his preteen angst written down on scraps of paper and locked away in a box. That is, until a new girl arrives in town like a whirlwind to break down his walls and invade his guarded, emotional turf. Boy in Box is a story about grow... more
  • Noble Cause A Novel of Love and War

    by Jessica James
    Honor and conviction clash with loyalty and love in this epic Civil War novel that pits brother against brother. Winner of the John Esten Cooke Award for Southern Fiction, Noble Cause chronicles the clash of a Confederate officer with a Union spy as they defend their beliefs, their country, and their honor. Called “a riveting piece of historical fiction” by the Midwest Book Review and often compared to Gone with the Wind, Noble Cause takes readers across the rolling hills of Virginia in ... more
  • Copper Centurion

    by Daniel Ottalini
    Rome seeks vengeance in book two of the Steam Empire Chronicles. In his award winning debut novel Brass Legionnaire, author Daniel Ottalini introduced us to the world of Roman Steampunk as Julius Brutus Caesar and his royal commanding officer Constantine Appius fought to save the city of Brittenburg from total devastation. Now, Rome looks to avenge the actions of the Nortlanders and invades the north. But saddled with political oversight, inept leadership and a resourcefully cunning enemy, th... more
  • Brass Legionnaire

    by Daniel Ottalini
    When Julius Caesar survived the assassination attempt on his life during the Ides of March, the history of the Roman Empire was changed forever. Now, over 1800 years later, an industrialized Rome sits at the forefront of technological innovations and exploration. But the facade is cracking, and espionage, corruption, and revolution are pulling the empire apart. Into this steps newly minted Tribune Constantine Appius, backed by a cohort armed with new, experimental tactics. Legions, airships, mec... more