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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Rani Visits the Taj Mahal

    by Anita Badhwar
    Rani is in the city of Agra visiting the Taj Mahal with her family and pet parrot, Hari. Hari is so excited to explore the beautiful Taj Mahal that he wanders away from Rani and finds himself lost! Find out how Hari finds his way back to Rani in this new adventure.
  • Rani and the Safari Surprise!

    by Anita Badhwar
    Little Princess Rani and her brother Raja take a safari jungle tour in India. After spending a fun day learning about the different animals, they begin their trip home. Once they reach home, however, Rani finds a mischievous surprise waiting for her!
  • Rani Saves Diwali

    by Anita Badhwar
    Little Princess Rani is a Princess of a Kingdom in India. On the day of Diwali she finds out that the palace's Royal Decorator has had an accident. Rani has an idea on how to finish the Diwali decorations in time for the Diwali celebration. Find out how Rani saves Diwali!
  • Comfort: A Novel of the Reverse Underground Railroad

    by Ted Parkhurst
    In 1816 along the Mason-Dixon line, a woman is abducted and sold back into slavery. This is the story of her struggle to elude a drunken husband, earn her "free papers" a second time, and regain her dignity. Hers is an ageless story of human striving, abuse, and intrepid heroism.
  • The Last Election: A Novel of Politics

    by Gary H. Collins

    An election saved his life.

    Will a campaign now destroy it?

         *          *          *

    John Quincy Barnes doesn’t like politics.

    He doesn’t like what candidates have to do to get elected.

    Once they get elected, he doesn’t much care for what they have to do to get anything done.

    A relentless idealist, he tolerates the sexting scan... more

  • random hits

    by william muir
    In 1999 UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said the 'class war' in Britain was over but he didn't bother to tell us who had won. James is born on the same day as the heir to the throne but feels his own birthright is being stolen from him. He is heading for a date with destiny and the young Royal Prince.

    by Peter Fryer

    This is a story that will compels you to read page after page until your eyes can no longer focus on the print. This is a story you will never forget. Chapter after Chapter this story has impressed the toughest critics with its tale of demonic possession. This is an old fashion ghost story that will make you want to sleep with the lights on

  • Pretender at the Gate (Markinch Series Book 2)

    by SJ Garland
    Captain Esmond Clyde-Dalton is as shocked as the rest of the village of Markinch when English soldiers arrive to arrest Philomena Clunes and her father Magnus Clunes on charges of treason in the early spring of 1708. Esmond soon learns the truth of the Philomena’s entanglement with the Jacobite cause as he is commanded to find a copy of a treasonous Jacobite document outlining the Highland Lairds support for James Francis Stuart’s first invasion attempt.
  • Scotch Rising (Markinch Series) (Volume 1)

    by SJ Garland

     Edinburgh 1707. The English supporters in the Scottish parliament have narrowly signed the Act of Union. The controversial paper bringing England and Scotland together into one Great Britain will not be uncontested. From the Acts inception it appears doomed to carry the blood of Scots and Englishman alike.

      Esmond Clyde-Dalton returns to London a broken man after his wife’s death. He only seeks a dishonorable discharge. His superior Colonel Manner’s, known for hi... more

  • Water Music

    by Georgette Gouveia
    Daniel and Dylan are the top swimmers in the world; Alex and Alí, the top tennis players. They play for God, country, family, and the need to escape their troubled pasts. In their quest to be the best, they also harbor a secret: Each is in love with his rival. The four hit it off at the Summer Olympics in New York and reconnect on an island vacation that gives new meaning to doubles, round-robin, and preliminary heats. By then, the shifting professional fortunes of each couple have begun to sign... more
  • Daddy, Who Ate the Moon?

    by Kalen Kimm

    A wonderfully illustrated story about an inquisitive little boy and the daddy who would go to the moon and back for him.

  • Juma's Dhow Race

    by Lisa Maria Burgess
    Juma hides in his uncle’s dhow (after arguing with his cousin) and inadvertently joins the annual Dhow sailing race around the islands of Zanzibar, while his sister chases after the Changuu Island tortoises. The fourth of the Tanzania Juma Stories introduces the ancient Stone Town and the Swahili boat culture. The story is supplemented with a map of the United Republic of Tanzania, focusing on the islands of Zanzibar, a map of the continent of Africa, and a ki-Swahili language glossary.
  • Juma Cooks Chapati

    by Lisa Maria Burgess
    Bored with their games, Juma and his sister, Sareeya, eat chapati and then sneak into the garden to make these breads by themselves, succeeding despite a marauding crow. The third of the Tanzania Juma Stories introduces food, children’s games, and life in a suburb of Dar es Salaam, in the East African country of Tanzania. Juma also provides his recipe for cooking chapati. The story is supplemented with a map of the city of Dar es Salaam, a map of the continent of Africa, and a ki-Swahili languag... more
  • Juma on Safari

    by Lisa Maria Burgess
    Juma and his family drive across Tanzania to visit his grandmother in the second book of the Tanzania Juma Stories. Now eight years old, he and his young sister, Sareeya, enjoy adventures from Dar es Salaam across to the plains of the Serengeti. During the journey, they see Mt. Kilimanjaro and encounter an obstinate elephant, a drooling giraffe, and wrestling beetles. The story introduces northern Tanzania and ki-Swahili words for animals. The story is supplemented with a national map of the Uni... more
  • Juma and Little Sungura

    by Lisa Maria Burgess

    Juma doesn’t want to be an only child and finally gets his wished for baby sister. In this first book of the “Tanzania Juma Stories,” meet four year old Juma and learn about the country of Tanzania, located in East Africa and bordered by Kenya and Uganda. This book introduces readers to the geography of the country, as well as to Swahili words for family members and the traditions for baby naming. The story is supplemented with a ... more

  • The Crystals of Yukitake

    by Elizabeth D'Onofrio


    Young and beautiful, Monique de Champlain desires nothing more from life than always to be happy. Her father is a wealthy broker of Oriental spices. Her brother is a poet. And her fiancé is the dashing buccaneer Captain Rodrigo Oliveiro de Sousa. When Captain de Sousa returns to France from Asia he tells Monique and her family a startling tale he heard in Nagasaki: hidden in a secret cave on Yukitake, a remote mountain in Japan, are miraculous blood-red crystal... more