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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Book of Joy: A Christian Novel That Was Too Real for Christian Publishers to Publish

    by Monique Jesiolowski

    Have you ever had God grab you by the ankles, pick you up, and shake all the change out of your pockets? Joy did. She is a young, faithful Christian woman, engaged and headed towards the life she always dreamed of.  When everything goes topsy-turvy, Joy finds herself doubting God; wondering why He would allow her dreams to be ruined. 

    From this place of imbalance, Joy starts a job as an advocate for rape survivors in a new town filled with odd, inspired people. Joy w... more

  • All Our Girls

    by Laurie Loveman
    Linda Marie Newman and Jenny Donnelly have been rescuing young girls from sex traffickers in 1930s New York City. Wealthy, politically and socially prominent Alderman Jayden Wallace has been enjoying the income from trafficking until his operation is threatened by Linda Marie and Jenny. With help from the Mob, Wallace goes after the women, desperate to stop them from destroying his secret business, but Linda Marie and Jenny have their own resources and an equal determination to see Wallace br... more
  • Naughty Week

    by Matt Donnelly
    Naughty Week… That time between Christmas and New Year’s when Santa goes on vacation and kids are allowed to be as naughty as they want to be. Or is it? For Harrison and his brother Max, it most certainly is because they found the travel itinerary that proves it. When one of Santa’s misfit elves arrives to collect the evidence, she further fuels the boys’ naughty adventures. But when Harrison takes Naughty Week too far with a literal cat burglar and hatches a plot to “fake rob” a bank, things... more
  • Stuck at Thirteen

    by Rosemary Feld
    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to simply stop aging? The idea of youthful immortality can be appealing. But what if you suddenly discovered that you were stuck at a certain age… mentally, emotionally, and physically? And what if that age was that of a young adolescent? You’d never be able to become a legal adult, get a full-time job, marry, or raise a family. How would others react to you? And what if the government was very interested in this unique ability that you ha... more
  • Shadow Ballet: Betrayal

    by Izabell Key

    "I'm trapped. They want my blood. They want my head.
    I feel a rat walking on my corpse. The blood on my skin… I can smell the soil. There is a song in my ears disturbing with insolence the silence of the forest. It is not your beautiful voice. I want to cover my ears… but I can not move."

    Jerry opens his eyes in a cell, accused of the murder of the most feared gangster in Atlantic City: His dad.
    On his way to jail, Jerry bursts out for vengeanc... more

  • The Colour of Things Unseen

    by Annee Lawrence

    When Adi leaves his village in Indonesia to take up an art scholarship in Australia, he arrives in the bewildering Sydney art world, determined to succeed. Following his first solo exhibition at a smart art gallery, Adi dares to reveal his true feelings for his outgoing friend, Lisa, and a passionate relationship unfolds. But will their differing expectations of one another drive them apart?

    This is a deeply felt love story between people — of different nations, cultures and relig... more

  • Westward Lies The Sun

    by Robert H Kono
    Greg Sonoda, a Japanese American attorney, embarks on a quest to seek an understanding of God's influence on his life. For a humanist, it seems a fruitless task, especially since his doubts about the existence of God are buttressed by his experience of growing up in the concentration camps during WWII. But he persists. His story takes the reader to an uninhabited island in Micronesia where he is trapped with his family as a result of a shipwreck. The experience forces him to consider his rel... more
  • Multiverse: Pain and Turmoil

    by Rosemary Feld
    The Multiverse Series revolves around a boy existing in parallel realities of varying circumstances where he struggles with physical, emotional, and mental challenges, working his way through Darkness into the light on his path of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Join Raven as he travels the earth paths of pain and turmoil…birthed through Darkness, born into Light.
  • The Ship's Carpenter

    by D. E. Stockman
    The Ship’s Carpenter features nautical adventure during the mid-18th-century wars between Great Britain and France.  The story unfolds as Abraham, an English shipwright, flees to France to avoid impressment and to find permanent employment. There he meets his French love, Yvette. However with the start of war, he loses his love and position and returns to England only to be pressed into the navy. Sea battles, dramatic escapes, and heroic and chivalrous deeds follow. From old London to the citade... more
  • Riddled Prophecy

    by L. Marlene Payne
    Riddled Prophecy is a fascinating collection of short stories spanning 1200 years. The first five are historical fiction, all based on genealogical information from the author’s ancestors. The next eight are autobiographical and are arranged chronologically. The last one springs from a love of horses.
  • Milkman

    by Kelvin C. Bias
    What happens when everyman Calder Boyd starts to lactate? The Manhattanite becomes a media cause célèbre nicknamed the Milkman and old and new problems spill forth. The son of a former NBA star and a Norwegian artist, Calder copes with his strained marriage, losing his copywriting job at a boutique ad agency, a male-empowerment espousing mailman and a porn-star performance artist who wants to exploit him. He also deals with his late father's legacy and his wife's past indiscretion—all while brea... more
  • The Story of Baby 'L'

    by Mary Jane Springer
    It is a delightful, loving, and amusing picture book story about a baby's life before he is born. He has the ability to hear, touch, feel, and taste. It is unique...because the baby is telling the tale of what it is like to live inside his mother's womb. He imagines life and live in the outside world around him.
  • Crossing Paths

    by Susan Lewallen
    Two women are born in post-independence Tanzania into very different circumstances. Joy faces a never-ending trial to support her family while Neema leads a life of privilege and power— yet they both struggle for self-respect. When their paths cross, each is changed forever. How do women wrest dignity from a system stacked against them? What are the consequences of greed among the elite in a poor country? Crossing Paths encourages readers to consider integrity in an unfamiliar culture — and rem... more
  • Uprise Travel

    by Uprise Travel
  • Matter of the May Mouse

    by Kirsten Brewer Gant
    The Matter of the May Mouse tells the story of the great big things that are inside all of us, no matter what size we are.
  • Monsters Are Afraid of Babies

    by Nicholas Tana
    A boy learns to face his fear of monsters after discovering that monsters are afraid of his baby sister. Inspired by a child’s imagination, this children’s picture book features a timeless, rhythmical tale by Nicholas Tana with beautiful illustrations by Jessica Abbott and Elise Leutwyler. Simple enough for kids but profound enough for parents, children will learn how the fears they have of others are often the same fears others have of them. This New Classics Books publication is a must for eve... more