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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Too Young To Be This Old

    by L.C. Blackwell
    Michigan State grads in the evening of their years are irreverent, unapologetic, and unpolitically correct as they remember, reflect and speak from their hearts on men, kids, sex, politics and more in this no-holds barred, blog-style fictional memoir.
  • A Soldier's Quartet

    by Colin Baldwin
    CONRAD BENTLEY ENJOYS HIS RETIREMENT. By chance, he comes across a letter from WWI — a German father writes about his grief of losing a son to war — buried by his three comrades near a small French village. The letter resonates with Conrad and he commits to researching its backstory. Months later, Conrad makes contact with the fallen soldier’s family. He falls deeper into their history and other untold stories from this era, including the fate of young Tasmanian soldiers who also fought on the ... more
  • Between the Lines: a novel by Sarah Lynn

    by Sarah Lynn
    Eva is a young woman living her dream life as a photographer, at a wildly popular magazine in the Big Apple, after moving from her small hometown in Virginia. She soon finds herself overtaken by confusion and entangled in a web of deceit, as a long-time guy-friend turned man of her dreams promises her the world and then disappears mysteriously, leaving only a screen behind. What started out innocently soon turns into an infuriating, but addictively mysterious mind-game. Eva struggles to find ... more
  • Eastside Hedge Witch: A Paranormal Women's Fiction: (Midlife Supernaturals #1)

    by T.J. Deschamps

    Twenty years ago, I stole something that could win the war between Heaven and Hell. Don't get me wrong, I'm no do-gooder. I wanted to rule everything with the King of Hell. However, I have serious qualms with killing 8 billion people in order to get what I want. He didn't. Irreconcilable differences, right?

    So, I did what any witch would do. I faked my death and hid out in the Seattle suburbs, living as a mundane. Stay at home moms are practically invisible here!

    I had... more

  • Refuse to Lose Lessons in how to successfully play the game of life

    by Sonia Williams
    Best selling author Sonia Williams announces the worldwide release of her inspiring fifth book, “Refuse to Lose.” The book teaches everyday people how, like her they can survive and succeed in life even though they may face a multitude of terrible injustices. “Even when circumstances seem bleak and all hope is lost … it’s not! With the right mindset, you too can survive and thrive” says the author. In Refuse to Lose, Williams describes her own set of diabolical challenges. Williams has found... more
  • Time and the Tree

    by Róisín Sorahan

    Time and the Tree is a modern fable about the nature of time and the quest for happiness. It's darkly funny, deceptively simple, and a necessary read for testing times. 


    by Bob Siqveland
    "Woody" Woodward, retired government assassin, is a savant. A whimsical notion takes him to Jekyll Island where he becomes involved in bringing an international sex trafficking ring to justice. At the same time, he provides solution to thousands of needy peoples, who will never know his name.
  • Headphones and Heartaches

    by Wesley Parker
    Watching her cling to life after another overdose, Perseverance Martin promises his mother that he will make something of himself, circumstances be damned. But when social services comes to place him in foster care, he believes he can better keep that promise on his own. He’s ready to run away and take his chances on the streets until his social worker, a former foster child himself, offers Perseverance a deal: One year in foster care in exchange for returning to his mother if she lives and comp... more
  • Sisters of the Sweetwater Fury

    by Kinley Bryan
    Three sisters. Two Great Lakes. One furious storm. It's 1913 and Great Lakes galley cook Sunny Colvin has her hands full feeding a freighter crew seven days a week, nine months a year. She also has a dream—to open a restaurant back home—but knows she'd never convince her husband, the steward, to leave the seafaring life he loves. In Sunny’s Lake Huron hometown, her sister, Agnes Inby, mourns her husband, a U.S. Life-Saving Serviceman who died in an accident she believes she could have prev... more
  • The Trouble with Belonging

    by Magdalena Stanhoff

    If you fell in love as a child, will your love grow up together with you?

    New city, again. New language, new school, new people. Another place where he doesn't belong. Chen Kehuan is a boy adrift: he has no friends and no family to speak of, and he doesn't care much for anyone. Until he meets that little girl, and then everything changes. Niki roams the city streets, talking to strangers and making things out of nothing, and since she has no choice, she takes c... more

  • Build Me A City

    by Nancy Joaquim
    Secrecy. Deceit. A grieving man. A young orphan. A compulsive Baron. An unforgivable truth. Paris, 1853. The gloomy, centuries-old city is undergoing the most important and splendid redevelopment in the history of modern urban planning. An explosive powerhouse is directing the massive task. He is Baron Georges Haussmann, an experienced municipal administrator ap-pointed by Emperor Louis Napoleon III to rid the centuries-old city of its soot and squalor and beautify its every corner. It i... more
  • Rare Encounter: A War Novel

    by J.K. Hall

    Roger Lincoln Shinn is an esteemed professor of social ethics at a prestigious New York institution. Known only to his wife, he had faced the unspeakable as a combat infantryman in the Second World War. But two decades later during the Vietnam War, Shinn reveals to stunned students his astounding story as a soldier and prisoner of war, and those of a defiant captain in his outfit who ruptures the boundaries of conventional warfare. On a converted ocean liner en route to fight the Nazi army in... more

  • Finish the Story! Harriet Tubman's Secret Raid

    by Jeffrey Bensam
    Finish the Story! Harriet Tubman’s Secret Raid is an interactive adventure that takes middle-grade readers on a mission with Harriet Tubman! The fast-moving, illustrated story blends a true historical backstory about the American heroine’s little-known military victory with puzzles to solve, mazes to complete, and even a budget to beat. Finally, readers help Harriet choose one of three paths to finish the story!
  • Can We Be Friends?

    by Jessica Lee
    In this unique bilingual children's picture book, Leon is an excitable and lively five-year-old. Leon has an adorable pet guinea pig named Panda. However, Panda doesn't like some of the ways Leon plays with her, and she is often afraid to play with Leon. Panda's rejection makes Leon sad and frustrated. He really wants to be Panda's friend and play games with her! This playful story is a great way to create important discussions with children ages 2-8 about why they should play nicely ... more
  • The Tree in the Town Square: And Other Short Stories

    by Sam Calvo
    THE TREE IN THE TOWN SQUARE will not only expedite the world's understanding of those living with a perpetually plagued mind, but will also open a door for you to step inside of one. With unconventional, but elegant prose, Calvo delivers a striking embodiment into his deepest and darkest thoughts through this collection of immersive short stories. A first date at a restaurant, an afternoon lunch with grandparents, a late-night phone call; the beauty of the narrative and Calvo's brilliance bring ... more
  • Fun for Anyone!

    by Erin Alon Brain
    Weston loves to have fun! Everyone's idea of fun isn't the same though. Sometimes, people think that it's okay to try to force their likes and dislikes onto others. It might hurt, but you have to be resilient and stand up for what you believe in. Will new friends and inclusion help Weston be confident again? Find out in, Fun for Anyone!