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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Godmother

    by Leigh Esposito
    Raffaella (Raffi) Truvarizzi, has money, power, and the influence to help any woman who comes to her door. Her sinister surname makes her a presumed descendant of the most notorious mafioso in Sicily—and Raffi has built an empire on that assumption. When the death of Raffi’s mentor sends her on a surprise trip to Sicily with a young Cuban psychic, the unlikely friends find an island of exotic tastes and ancient mysteries. But when Raffi gets too close to the truth of her lineage, a shocking... more
  • 978-0-578-74097-3

    by Alice L. Lumbard
    Central Asia., 1880's A field botanist stumbles across the rarest of tulip flowers growing in a shaman's garden. She's willing to sell him a bundle of tulip bulbs, but first he must eat one, then make love to her (the side effects are useful, though otherworldly). After arriving in Holland, the valuable bundle goes missing. Convinced a poor, crippled dock worker is the thief, the botanist goes in hot pursuit. But when he fails to return, his son asks the local Constable to investigate. When the ... more
  • The Wandering Jew of St. Salacious

    by Ron Turker
    Dr. Martin Fischer, an agnostic Jewish surgeon, and white-coated Quixote, tilts his scalpel at the bloated underbelly of U.S. healthcare and fights for his patients. Thrust from his beloved University Hospital, where he has cared for the underserved, he lands in an upscale Catholic hospital, where this doctor meets dogma and soon falls for the CEO. A nun, for God’s sake. His only weapons are surgical skill and a pesky sense of righteous indignation that’s driving everyone nuts—including Marty. A... more
  • With Great Sorrow

    by Lisa Boyle
    Massachusetts, 1861. The American Civil War has been raging for almost a year when Emmett joins the 28th Massachusetts Infantry with the promise of serving his country under the green flag of the Irish Brigade. But soon he finds himself struggling to reconcile the piles of dead Irishmen with his own motivations for fighting. In Lowell, Rosaleen seizes the opportunity to write for a newspaper funded by Boston's business elite. She needs to convince the Irish of Massachusetts that emancipating ... more
  • Summer at Lake Windermere

    by Angel Giacomo
    England - the largest country in the United Kingdom, occupying more than half of the island of Great Britain. A place of mystery and enchantment. What adventures would the Liddell and Felton children have in this land of rich history, lakes, mountains, and ancient ruins?
  • Summer at Cedar Point

    by Angel Giacomo
    Growing up is hard. In a military family, it is even harder. Expectations are high and standards even higher. For Roy, the oldest, and his twin brothers, Bob and Bill, they find their summer adventure challenging with danger, intrigue, a new enemy, and a little sailing thrown in.
  • The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Double Envelopment

    by Angel Giacomo
    The year is 1969. U.S. Army Major Chris Patterson receives his orders for Vietnam. A conflict that has been raging since 1954. Even after a personal tragedy, Chris goes to war. Again. He throws himself into his duty, fighting within himself about losing men and friends. Including one lost, found, and lost again, best friends from their West Point days. They become ravaged by a war that changes them forever. Will their bond survive what Vietnam took away?
  • The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Torn Horizons

    by Angel Giacomo

    Major Frank Howard. Doctor. Surgeon. Army officer. 1971. At the 95th Evacuation Hospital, Da Nang, South Vietnam, he learns there is a difference in the moral code of war and peace. A conflict between a doctor’s Hippocratic Oath and his duty as a soldier. To allow some to live while others die. A balance depending on varying factors. Would he lose his soul, trying to live with his wartime decisions, stuck between the fluctuating moral compass of the military and civilian world?

  • SAVING SNOW DRAGON: A Horse's Perilous Journey of Survival Against Man and Nature

    by Ann Feifel
    RANCHERS, RIDERS, ROGUES, AND ROMANCE ~ A Horse’s Perilous Journey of Survival Against Man and Nature~ Another epic tale unfolds in this fast-paced sequel to ACE the BLACK STALLION. Freedom for Ace and his band of wild horses is about to change. The unthinkable happens on the freeway... SNOW DRAGON, a prized white horse, escapes into the inhospitable mountains of Wyoming, where she faces one peril after another. Snow Dragon and Ace square off against a corrupt ranch-hand who causes... more
  • Galactic Fun Park-Book One

    by Mason Bell
    When your home is a theme park the fun is out of this world… Welcome to Galactic fun park, a universe of fun for kids… and the animals that live there! As the park gets more and more popular, careless visitors drop more food, which in turn feeds the critters who call The Galactic fun park home. Win ,Win. Right? Except that the humans don’t want to share their park with critters and hire a greedy and overzealous exterminator. The threat of certain death forces the animals into self-defense.... more
  • The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Golden Feather

    by Angel Giacomo
    Born into a well-off but strict family, eighteen-year-old Dakota Blackwater doesn’t appreciate his father’s plan for him. He wants to find his path through life and chase his own dreams. Instead of taking the easy road, he rebels, enlists in the US Army, and goes to war in a place foreign to him – Vietnam. He finds this choice may be the more difficult one, learning the pain of death, not only of his friends but his own hands. Will he keep his morality or slide down the rabbit hole of hate?
  • Triptych Unhinged: Anecdotes & Stories

    by Scott G. Harvey
    Triptych Unhinged is a collection of anecdotes and stories exploring the oddness and beauty of the human condition. Chance encounters, honest misunderstandings, and neurotic ruminations are the stuff of everyday experience in these bite-sized tales. Wise and humorous, these are stories for, and from, a troubled mind longing for more.
  • Last Things

    by H. Scott Butler
    An artist long estranged from her family returns home to attend her mother's funeral. A man who suspects his ex-wife's suicide may have been murder spies on the possible killer. A very old man weathering the pandemic alone tries to come to terms with his feelings about the mixed-race couple next door, and about his loved ones, both living and dead. In each of these novellas, confrontations with mortality propel the protagonists on journeys of self-discovery that range from funny to suspenseful t... more
  • The Queen of Intelligence: A 9/11 Conspiracy Novel

    by Harvey Havel
    In December of 2000, Sherry Aspen, an intelligent blonde-haired, blue-eyed bombshell is accepted into the CIA after she breaks up with her wealthy boyfriend who would have otherwise footed the bill for medical school. Little does she know that the CIA will be sending her into the Middle East, not as a bona fide asset, but as a woman who must please important Middle Eastern men in order to extract information from them. What she discovers is not to be believed.
  • Topping the Willow

    by Lori Closter
    Midnight. Outside Manhattan, five-year-old Brittany lies awake, traumatized. Her atheist mother says that when Brittany dies, she will simply cease to exist. Ten years later, while driving to Vermont on vacation, the alienated teen causes a crash that leaves her mother clinging to life. Shockingly, her overwhelmed father turns her over to tenderhearted waitress Cassie, who brings the teen to Narrowgate, a local horse farm, to stay with loving believers- including "hot" Will, 17, an ex-juvie wit... more
  • The Melancholy Strumpet Master

    by Zeb Beck
    Gilmore Crowell’s anthropological study of Tijuana sex workers had his dissertation advisor cheering him on. But that was years ago, before his best sources in the streetwalker community up and vanished. Now he’s living in a downtown Los Angeles boarding house for seniors and listlessly trying to jumpstart his research anew. The faculty elders have grown impatient, he’s too broke to pay his parking tickets, and his girlfriend recently dumped him. To stay afloat, Gil takes a job teaching in a juv... more