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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The First Shot

    by Stanley Harris
    In The First Shot, eleven-year-old Charles Miller goes back in time to the Battle of Lexington in 1775 after being visited by Ben Sampson, who lives in 1775 and mysteriously appears in the Miller home in Lexington. The two boys participate in the events of an eleven-hour period of great anxiety and turmoil before and during the Battle. As they wait for the confrontation with the British that will begin the American Revolution, Charles knows much of what will happen, but is bound by the Time Trav... more
  • swing set

    by joanna kadish
    Sentence Description A couple experiments with swinging only to discover that sharing lovers can be as complicated as it is exhilarating. Short Description Despite their wealth and all the fun that affords them, Shelly and Steve Isakson are on the lookout for something extra to spice up their married life. Enter the realm of oral sex classes, internet pornography, and sex clubs. They immediately get swept up in this new world, and their sex life reaches heights they never before could hav... more
  • Fuzzy McKenzie

    by Lord Toph
    Fuzzy McKenzie is a humorously delightful story about a lively little girl, and how a mishap on a rainy day, led to happiness that could chase the clouds away.
  • Stage Daughter

    by Sheryl Sorrentino
    Sonya Schoenberg dreamed of someday becoming a famous actress, but instead, a hapless one-time tryst with a Muslim man landed her the lifetime role of single mother. Sonya tries to keep her dream alive through her “stage daughter,” Razia, a precocious pre-teen enrolled in a competitive performing arts school. But Raz prefers drawing to drama and has no problem defying her mom to get what she wants—be it piercing her own ears, doing a dumb dare, or hunting down her so-called “sperm donor” dad. Wh... more
  • Racing Through Cornfields

    by Lisa Loomis
    Mature content Growing up in a too small upstate New York town, Ryan Walker was bored. His biggest thrill? Racing through cornfields in cars. For years, he and his buddies have dreamt of getting out, wanting more, and as they approach graduation, the four best friends swear they'll escape… An adventurous emotionally charged story about getting out into the big world.
  • Henry First: A Story of Excess

    by Basil Lawrence

    When Henry First enters his restaurant into a competition that he cannot win, only a miracle -- or a chance discovery -- might save him.

    Henry First is a darkly funny and multi-layered novel. It is a fast-paced story where people do despicable things to one another . . . all in the service of a jolly good meal.

  • Away with the Fishes

    by Stephanie Siciarz
    On the island of Oh, where the pushy sun and troubling rains have been quiet too long, something is afoot. But what? A ghost? A murderer? A prankster with a can of paint? Whatever it is, it's leaving strange messages on Raoul Orlean's cottage about the disappearance of islander Rena Baker. Raoul's efforts to connect the painted dots—to decipher if Rena is alive or dead—lead him to the dusty tale of Dagmore Bowles, an eccentric sea captain who jumped to a watery death. As Raoul dives into the Cap... more
  • Indian River Air

    by Vernon Bushway Jr
    "Indian River Air" is the story of two Combat Pilots who decided to start a new air line in January 1946, at the end of World War II in the Philippine Islands. Jim Donovan and George Jones take their discharges at Clark Army Air Force Base on the island of Luzon near the city of Manila. The story takes the reader through their start up of the air line and their travel through out Asia in 1946, building the new air line. In addition to there personal love lives with two Army Nurses and some of... more
  • A River in the Ocean

    by Michael Allen

    After a near fatal accident separates a father from his daughter, he wakes up from a coma with a bad case of amnesia. Trying to put his life back together, he knows he is missing something, or someone. The heartwarming story of a father and daughter who need to find each other again, only he doesn't know he's looking and she doesn't know she needs found.

    Krista is raised by Maggie and her husband Gilmer who have the best of intentions, but are not normal in any way, shape or... more

  • Young Heroes of the Caribbean

    by Gwyneth Harold Davidson
    A realistic work of fiction that includes some historical figures in make believe circumstances. Life on the beach was comfortable, Ramiro thought, until his father decided that the racetrack was a better scene for his ten-year-old son. Ramiro must deal with the tension between his parents and within himself as he struggles with finding himself and his place in the world. At fifteen, Gail without the support of family was already learning to fend for herself in the community on the beach. ... more
  • A Wind In Montana

    by Mitch Davies
    Imagine being ambushed into being responsible for directing your own future while still in high school. That’s the situation that Rory Coleman is in. His parent’s lack of interest and his teacher’s intention to have him follow their agendas force him to take control. Rory chooses a path he knows is right for him and he applies for a chemistry scholarship. When his disgruntled former music teacher, tries to prevent him from receiving the scholarship, Rory has to fight even harder to prove he’s th... more
  • Mary and the Octopus: A Children's Tale of Dubious Friendship

    by Scott Lemonier
    Mary’s in a jam. She’s a curious, energetic 7-year-old, and she’s only got 5 minutes left of bath time. She’s gotta think of something fast. Oh, that’s it! Underwater imagination adventure! Down, down, down into the ocean depths she goes until she meets a squishy stranger. Introductions are made, an awful pun is delivered and a shaky bond is forged. “Mary and the Octopus: A Children’s Tale of Dubious Friendship” is the debut picture book from children’s author and illustrator Scott Lemonier, a... more
  • Better Than Ever, Again

    by Mitch Davies
    What happens when you land a dream job sailing in the South Pacific as a part owner of a sleek, gleaming private-charter yacht, and you discover the job comes with baggage? Ben Beck lands just such a job as a crew member, sailing on just such a ship, when he answers a recruitment ad for sailors that reads “No Sailing Experience Necessary” and he has the qualifications. The baggage comes in the form of the other members of the operation, which includes Carl, the millionaire boss, Duane, a hard... more
  • 9781500402303

    by Leif Gregersen
    This is a short story collection of all the best stories I have written over the past three years. There are adventure stories, historical fiction stories, and just plain good fiction stories.
  • The Inn of Fallen Leaves

    by Mitch Davies
    In the turmoil of Japan, before the banishment of the samurai class, a disillusioned samurai, Itashima Chobei, is confronted by Akiyama, a samurai on a mysterious errand for his powerful leader. Their conflicted worlds lead to a battle of wits, ego and pursuit. In the middle is a beautiful woman, Miyo, attached to one, coveted by the other. Journey to feudal Japan in the years before the Meiji restoration and live in a quite inn on the Nakasendo highway, see the beautiful yet brutal Japan of the... more
  • Pie and Other Brilliant Ideas

    by Karen Pokras Toz
    Ballet and baking pies – these are two of twelve year old Georgie Harris’ favorite things. When her parents decide to move closer to her grandmother’s nursing home, Georgie quickly learns the bad news: dance lessons are too expensive in this new town. Georgie spends most of her time baking pies to bring to her grandmother at the Willow Lakes Nursing Home. There she meets Eve, who inspires Georgie with stories of having danced with a world famous Russian ballerina many years ago. As Georg... more