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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Arabian Nights’ Diversions, Volume 1

    by Iklil al-Bunduqiyyah
    Prince Ahmad violates a vow and brings about his kingdom's destruction. He's left to die on a desert island but is rescued by merchants who welcome him among them. He befriends one of the merchant's sons who becomes his best friend and ally. They set sail but a storm drives them to the shores of an unknow kingdom where they meet one of Ahmad's father's former generals. Both men, the only survivors, are recruited and have soon to face a terrible enemy. After much toil, and three terrible task to ... more
  • Cindi's Christmas Kitten Surprise

    by Beverley Reichman
    It's almost Christmas, and Cindi the Teenie Chiweenie wishes for two things she wants more than anything ...snow and a furry, fluffy playmate. She comes up with a plan to meet Santa at the Christmas parade. Will Santa grant Cindi's Christmas wishes?
  • Theo and Sprout: A Journey of Growth by Joseph Gergen

    by Joseph Gergen

    Sprout says she’s there to help him, to guide him. Theo, an introverted, teenage boy form a large family, is not so sure about that. He’s not sure about much of anything at the moment.

    You see, Theo is thrown into absolute uncertainty one morning after he has showered for school when Sprout suddenly manifests herself physically in his body. Is she a dream? A hallucination? That is what Theo grapples with as he not only sees Sprout in the mirror, the... more

  • Itchy Pants

    by Raven Eckman
    There once was a little monster named Booglie who was very lonely. His roommate, Henry, was scared of him and Booglie didn’t understand why. Booglie knows he’s different from Henry, but that doesn’t make him scary, does it? Perhaps, with the help of some itchy pants, Booglie can make himself less scary. Will it work, or will the itchy pants be too itchy to bear? Itchy Pants is the first “Booglie’s Adventures” book. Booglie will return for more adventures where he tackles everyday problems young ... more
  • Shifting Horizons

    by Sheena Billett
    Stories of lives lived and journeys taken The tales in the Shifting Horizons anthology of short stories and flash fiction feature a doomed wedding, the wrong funeral, various escape plans, a murder or two, a ghost and several inspiring gardens. Assorted characters journey into the emotional unknown taking the reader along for the, sometimes perilous, ride. Buckle up!
  • Best Friends Forever: A Puppy's Tale

    by Portia Y. Clare
    Scoopie has just turned four, and she is getting a puppy for her birthday! Scoopie and her new puppy, Sandy, become instant best friends. They play together, eat ice cream, and sleep in the same bed! But when Sandy falls ill, Scoopie is left with endless questions: What’s wrong with Sandy? Will she get better? When will we get to play again? With just one diagnosis, everything changes…. Best Friends Forever: A Puppy’s Tale is a tender, heart-warming story about love, loss, and everlastin... more
  • The Butterfly Pig

    by Mary Jenner
    Join Billie, a pig born with butterfly wings, on an adventure of trying to "fit in" and instead discovering the joy in being himself. There is bravery in being YOU, and The Butterfly Pig is a tale that highlights the beauty in everyone's differences. "You are you, and YOU are extraordinary." Through this whimsical story, explore themes of self-love, inclusion, teamwork, embracing differences, friendship, and bravery. A free guided reading handout is available on to h... more
  • Gertrude the Cow Gets In Trouble Somehow

    by Lisa Baker
    Gertrude was concerned about something she overheard her mom talking about with the ladies at the salon. Little Gertrude doesn't always understand what the adults are saying, but she knows for certain she doesn't want to get this thing called "Bang's Disease." Find out what Gertrude and her friends do to protect themselves in this darling book about a little girl who lets fear take over.
  • Emma's Army

    by Dan Chabot

    A feisty, patriotic grandmother takes on the woke and oh-so politically correct sinister forces that are threatening her beloved country


  • In All of Your Days Have You Seen the Ways an Animal Plays an Instrument?

    by Lisa Baker
    Imagine animals playing instruments, described in a very rhythmic fashion. This fun-to-read book will help you learn about some animals or instruments you may have never heard of. The rhymes will roll off your tongue as the rhythms of the melodic words tickle your ears. So, In All of Your Days Have You Seen the Ways an Animal Plays and Instrument? You will see many different animals in this book as you look for the hidden symbol on each two page spread. Enjoy the colorful art and pretend you c... more
  • Net-Reapers: Cyber Larceny 2

    by Akintunde M Lawal
    Synopsis (Summary) Nine months after United Kingdom cyber heist in February, cyber larceny goons amp up their hacking dexterity with heavy cash-out. London based digital forensics expert James Robert Nushi, is directed by the Government Communications Headquarters, GCHQ to move to Modesto, California for a briefing with the National Security Agency, NSA and Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI to discuss ongoing investigation on how there has been an increase in ecommerce traffic online transa... more
  • A Dinosaur Came to My Birthday Party

    by Frances Mackay
    A fun way to learn the names of some of the best-loved dinosaurs as well as a few lesser-known ones. The ending is totally unexpected and adds a surprise to the story. An entertaining and educational book for 3-5 year-olds and early years classrooms.
  • Noisy Animal ABC

    by Frances Mackay
    Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a capital and lower case letter and an animal. An entertaining and educational book for 3 to 5 year-olds and early years classrooms.
  • Monster Counting Book 1 to 20

    by Frances Mackay
    This book explores numbers, counting, comparisons, colours, number words and shapes. An entertaining and educational book for 3-5 year-olds and early years classrooms.
  • The Things We Need

    by Antonio Robinson

    "Reggie felt a sadness for the animal. He was staring at himself. Locked in a vicious cycle only to be killed by outsiders that had no skin in the game being played."

    The Things We Need is a contemporary story about working-class life from the perspective of a carpet cleaner named Reggie Skinter whose low-paying job has him living in a motel on the side of town where crime, drugs, and being accosted by the local police is the norm.

    Needing to earn more mon... more

  • Once in a Lifetime

    by Suzanne Mattaboni
    In 1984, punk is rampant. Andy Warhol rules. And 20-year-old art student Jessica is sick of all the excitement going on without her. Hungry for the life she’s convinced is just beyond her fingertips, she sets her sights on an avant-garde study abroad program in London she can’t afford. Meanwhile, hometown boyfriend Drew wants to see other people if he’s not exciting enough to keep her stateside. Jess and her buddies rent a beat-up apartment, trolling new wave clubs and waitressing double shif... more