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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Pen name: R.J. Eastwood
    With a twist of fate and a bit of kismet, nineteen-year-old Addison Stone stumbles upon solace when he discovers his extraordinary singing voice that brings him unexpected international fame and fortune that he is ill-prepared for. As he climbs the ladder to musical acclaim, his heart remains tethered to a past he can never escape having been raised by a mentally unstable mother that left him emotionally scarred. From mother to son, the legacy of Addison’s turbulent childhood persists. But ami... more

    by Alice McVeigh
    Ever wondered what really made Wickham elope with Lydia Bennet? Or what the Longbourn servants thought about Bingley's disappearance after the Netherfield ball? Ever imagined a glimpse into Lady Catherine de Bourgh's diary? - or mused about how the Eltons’ courtship transpired in Bath? Currently a finalist in Chanticleer’s International Book Awards, McVeigh's celebrated Jane Austen series has a new launch - Pride and Perjury. Previously, novels in this series have been finalists in the UK S... more
  • Storyteller's Market

    by Om Soni
    Hari Dil was forced to flee his family mansion in Peshawar during the partition of India. He settled in Rampur and married Maya, with whom he had five daughters. When Hari's long-lost uncle Mehar suddenly reappears, he requests that Maya bear a son to continue their family line before passing away. Desperate for a son, Maya suffers from depression and loses interest in life after giving birth to Josh. As Josh grows up, he becomes haunted by the fear of death and visions of the god Yama. Hari ... more

    by Natasha Peterson
    Set in New Orleans, CAMELLIA SEASON is a laughter and tears, coming-of-age story about Cherie, who longs to escape the clutches of her crazy French mother. Cherie’s touchstone is her Wordless Diary, coded with illustrated numbers only she can understand. Beginning in 1965, we follow Cherie and her friends over five years, as they grow up amid the glorious magic and dangerous mayhem of the city's streets. Nourished by the dark gumbo of local culture, Cherie and her krewe both thrive and are crush... more
  • Adi's New Home

    by Saba Jamalian
    Adi the elephant loved playing the dice game Beat That! with grandpa. But when Adi moved far away, he missed his favorite game. Dad was too busy to play, Mom was too busy, his friend was too busy, and the ant was too small. Follow along on this rhyming journey to see what made Adi realize that loved ones may be far in distance but never in heart. Adi's New Home is a heartwarming and inspiring story about a baby elephant named Adi who immigrates to a new country with his family. The story teac... more
  • What was Beautiful and Good

    by Jill Blocker

    A novel about a young singer whose ‘joie de vivre‘ is disrupted by the outbreak of the First World War and whose fight for freedom inspired an international art movement.

  • Till Marriage Do Us Part

    by Bianca Bowers
    In Australia, the lives of married couple Aden and Bronte are turned upside down when a financial audit forces their family-owned winery into foreclosure. Starting afresh in a seaside suburb, their marriage rapidly deteriorates as Aden mourns his dream life and Bronte seizes an opportunity to pursue the writing dream she buried when she became a winemaker’s wife. In America, Luther is an indie author who is unhappily married to his second wife. With his bohemian mother encouraging him from th... more
  • Herculena and the Purrfect Pet

    by Goddessy Dolls Books
    Herculena, the eight-year-old granddaughter of the legendary Greek hero Hercules, is destined to become a demigoddess, if she can complete her own set of twelve labors (or “feats”) before her ninth birthday. Excited to earn her own “goddessy” powers, she sets off on the first adventure—just like any great god or goddess, Herculena needs her own sacred pet! Which animal would be a good match for Herculena, and where will she find this special friend?
  • Threads of Us

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    Sometimes the answers we are looking for are hidden in our own stories. The night before the dance performance that could determine Gracie Wilder’s career, her father unexpectedly dies, leaving behind a curious gift with ties to a myth told to her as a child. Desperate to understand her father’s unspoken words, she puts her greatest dream on the line for an opportunity to remember the childhood she tried so hard to forget. A few chance encounters with Beau Griffin, a bighearted building contra... more
  • Pitching to Giraffes

    by Tom Puszykowski
    Pitching to Giraffes follows a rambunctious college baseball team trying to learn from past mistakes, overcome an arrogant chief rival, and win a championship. Their well-meaning coach is a fish out of water attempting to corral their hijinks. They need leadership from their top pitcher, but John Light's engagement with baseball is weakened by his desire to actively participate in the counter-culture quest to demand a better world. A student activist with militant connections offers him the act... more
  • When I'm the President Activity Book

    by Samantha Pillay

    Embark on an enlightening journey with the companion Activity and Coloring Book to When I'm the President, a masterpiece designed to inspire the leaders of tomorrow. This unique book goes beyond traditional activities, offering word searches that not only entertain but also expand the vocabulary of bright young minds. Enrich your child's lexicon with words like accountability, advocacy, altruistic, and many more, setting the stage for a future steeped in education, leadership, and civ... more

  • When I'm an Astronaut Activity Book

    by Samantha Pillay
    Elevate the cosmic adventure with the companion Activity Book to "When I'm an Astronaut" – an engaging voyage into the world of STEM and space exploration. This interactive treasure trove invites young minds to further explore the wonders of the space industry through captivating puzzles and creative coloring pages. Inside this carefully curated Activity Book, children will embark on word searches that expand their space industry vocabulary, introducing them to terms like astrophysics and sup... more
  • When I'm an Entrepreneur Activity Book

    by Samantha Pillay
    Unleash the spirit of enterprise with the companion Activity Book to "When I'm an Entrepreneur" – an interactive journey designed to cultivate the budding business minds of tomorrow. Packed with engaging activities and enriched vocabulary, this Activity Book introduces young minds to terms like aspirations, acquisitions, and globalization, laying the foundation for a future steeped in business acumen. This meticulously crafted Activity Book serves as the perfect companion to "When I'm an Entrep... more
  • When I'm a Surgeon Activity Book

    by Samantha Pillay
    Embark on an interactive medical journey with the companion Activity Book to "When I'm a Surgeon" – a captivating exploration designed to inspire the next generation of medical minds. This Activity Book, equally compelling as a standalone or paired with the original book, introduces young aspiring surgeons to essential medical vocabulary such as microscope, scrubs, and scalpel. Within these pages, children will engage in enriching activities that not only entertain but also educate, fostering a... more
  • When I'm the President

    by Samantha Pillay

    From Classroom to Congress: Every Girl, Every Dream, Every Office.

    When I'm the President is not just a book; it's a catalyst for change, breaking down barriers and paving the way for a future where every girl believes in her ability to lead and shape the world. Embark on a transformative journey with the fourth installment in the Inspirational Careers for Kids picture book series. This visionary book is not just a narrative; it's a... more

  • When I'm an Astronaut

    by Samantha Pillay
    Embark on a cosmic journey with "When I'm an Astronaut," the third gem in the Inspirational Careers for Kids picture book series. This enchanting book is a celestial invitation for young minds to imagine themselves in STEM careers, fostering a sense of wonder and excitement for the boundless possibilities within the space industry. Tailored to captivate aspiring astronauts and anyone with dreams of exploring the cosmos, "When I'm an Astronaut" seamlessly blends accurate representations with ima... more