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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Geese are Never Swans

    by Created By Kobe Bryant, Written by Eva Clark
  • Love Among the Recipes

    by Carol M. Cram
  • Neither Officers Nor Gentlemen

    by Jake Lanum
    After the Spanish discovered the Americas, world powers endeavored to project naval power and occupy the promise-filled void. This gave rise to the golden age of privateering and piracy. Neither Officers Nor Gentlemen is a fast-burning tale of maritime adventure. A cobbler’s son, Wilhelm “Will” Geier, joins an English privateer, Captain Drake, on a journey at the ends of the earth. In search of gold and glory, Will learns the trade. He hunts for subsistence in wildlands, finds allies in far-... more
  • Shaina's World: My Family and Autism

    by Sharice Rascoe

    Shaina is the second-oldest of her three siblings. Being the only girl out of three boys is tough enough but the real challenge comes with two of her brothers having autism. As Shaina’s graduation nears, we experience the hardships, annoyances, and moments of joy that Shaina goes through as she tries to balance her home life, schoolwork, and friends. At 13, trying to find a sense of normalcy is even harder since she fears many people won’t understand her family or what she faces b... more

  • The Neurosurgeon

    by Michel Estrada
    My novel The Neurosurgeon happens in different continent and is about the discovery of the functions of the neurons of the brain. The Neurosurgeon wants to do good thins for the people that have a bad behavior in the world, but some bad people wants the discovery to do ugly things in the mind of innocent people, and to control the half of the humanity.
  • enduring Times

    by betty godfrey
    story of a beautiful life that's shattered when their child suddenly dies. Life changes dramatically when the man she loves rips their life apart. A story that keeps you wondering how she had the courage to live it. Jennifer's emotional journey and trust in God makes you wonder, could you Endure what she went through.
  • Gwendolyn's Leap of Faith

    by Diane Dee Dee Thompson
    Gwendolyn, the precocious Phoebe, continues to ask questions and learn. The youngest of five, her busy nest seems to be shrinking in size as the baby birds grow. It soon becomes apparent that Gwendolyn has a big decision to make, which makes her very nervous. Start at the nest with book one of the series: Inquisitive Gwendolyn, and watch out for more adventures coming soon. Gwendolyn will continue exploring and meet new friends along the way! All illustrations are created from actual phoebe... more
  • My Backward Life

    by Claire Merle
    The last thing Louise Doors remembers is collapsing on her way home from a gig and a boy trying to save her life. Now, six days later, she's woken up. But she's not in the hospital, she's at home, and it seems her life has gone on without her, except everything is messed up. Her best friends hate her, she's hanging out with a girl she barely knows, and a boy called Dylan wants to meet up to give her a letter. As it turns out, Dylan isn’t just any boy, either, he’s the guy who tried to save her. ... more
  • A Little Chatter

    by Terry Connell
    A collection of short stories about coming-of-age, family relationships, and how a single, often seemingly inconsequential moment can resonate over the course of a person’s life.
  • Reshaped: Bachelor Party in Hanoi

    by Omkar Ambulkar
    Inspired by a Solitaire, Ken proposes Emma, and they decide to tie the knot. On hearing the news, friends plan a Bachelor Party in Hanoi. Ken, Uncle Jim, Arnold, and John become part of a series of events which turn their life upside down. John and Uncle Jim find themselves in one of the most unusual places, which was never part of the itinerary. Every day of the trip is a new thrill, a new adventure, and full of action.
  • P1APEX

    by P1APEX APEX
    P1 APEX is a European company that offers adventure tours with super sports cars registered in Germany. P1 APEX also offers daily rentals. It starts from € 149. E-Mail: Telephone number: +45 24 52 97 47 Monday and Thursday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m website:
  • Happy The Birthday Bird

    by Monica Goodson
    Happy The Birthday Bird book is an uplifting, interactive story that will inspire children to overcome their challenges as they discover the story about how Happy learned to fly and follow his dreams- to help children have the best birthdays! The book also serves as a keepsake to collect birthday memories and revisit them as children grow.
  • B08B2YSMWH

    by Kit Sergeant
    As the free world crumbles beneath Hitler’s jackboot, the French Resistance is depending on these women to change the course of history... Daring Mathilde Carré has always dreamed of glory. When the handsome Armand invites her to become his second-in-command of Interallié, one of the founding circuits of the Resistance, she jumps at the chance. But when Armand falls for another woman, how far is Mathilde willing to go to exact her revenge? When Odette Sansom, a married mother of three, is ... more
  • Upon This Pale Hill

    by Patrick Ashe

    Idealist Brandon seeks to "do good" with his college degree while evading a horrible truth about his past. His wild friends and traditional family don't offer the answers he wants to hear. So he joins groups of differing ideologies, each with appealing thoughts but unsettling actions. When his hard fight for a job finally pays off, his horrible truth emerges in the form of an evil adversary, who he must face to decide what "do good" really means.

  • media production companies in dubai

    by Aggi filmproduction
    A film production company helps us to produce a recorded or live entertainment.the film production company for medias such as film and television provides the money and collect the budget for the entertainment.they makes the decision about the features and people for the entertainment.Film production companies helps us to to produce our desired video content that convey a special message or introduce a new brand.Ad film production company conveys an idea about a particular brand using visual an... more
  • Run Delia Run

    by cindy bokma
    he moment  Delia  Keaton turned eighteen, she bought a one-way ticket out of her abusive aunt’s home and left for sunny California in pursuit of her dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress. Unfortunately, history has a way of repeating itself and  Delia  once again finds herself in an abusive relationship surrounded by fame and fortune.  What goes on when the camera goes off eventually becomes more than this young mother can take, and in one final move, she flees with her son to reclaim her l... more