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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Daughter of the Last King

    by Tracey Warr
    1093. An invasion and a curse. The three sons of William the Conqueror fight with each other for control of the Anglo-Norman kingdom created by their father’s conquest. The Norman Marcher lords are let loose to consolidate the conquest of Wales, pushing across the English border to the east and invading from the sea to the south. Nest ferch Rhys is the daughter of the king of south-west Wales. Captured during the Norman assault on her father’s lands, she is raised by her captors, the powerful... more
  • Dreaming of the Ocean

    by Grant Collier

    Dreaming of the Ocean tells the story of  Terra the Turtle, who does not want to go to sleep. When she finally does doze off, she dreams that she is at the bottom of the ocean. She makes an unlikely friendship with a creature called an anglerfish. Together, they brave many dangers and see fascinating ocean animals as Terra tries to get back home. 

    This book is distributed by Follett.

  • Werewolf and Idol

    by Lance Tait
    This novel of magical realism is set in 1952, in Chitose, Japan. The indigenous Ainu people live with the local Japanese. There is a U.S. army base at the town's outskirts. Captain Gideon Forsberg is a werewolf. There are flashbacks to Europe and World War II; these show 1) how he became a werewolf and 2) his character developing because of it. A small secret clique of U.S. Army officers knows of Forsberg’s lycanthropy, the depravity it epitomizes, and how he has it mostly under control… until h... more
  • Under the Pawpaw Trees

    by Cheryl King

    Sequel to Sitting on Top of the World

    June’s new normal: Her brother is gone, her dad is gone, her mother is grieving, and June must find her place in the world. Her beau Jimmy is her only tonic. But when tragedy strikes again, she knows exactly who to blame for all her sorrows: Paul Burnett, the railroad bull who started the chain of devastation when he killed her brother. June sets out on a dangerous journey to make him pay, hopping freight trains to get where... more

  • Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

    by S. Cassadera
    Benjamin King is the senior pastor of the megachurch, Mount Zion Tabernacle Baptist Church. He craves power over his congregation and appoints like-minded leaders to carry out his will. While advancing the kingdom, he borrows church funds according to his needs.
  • Welcome To Opine

    by Matthew Marullo
    Seventeen-year-old Aster Bottlebrush refuses to be persecuted just because his body naturally resists a side effect of a mandatory gene therapy – the suppression of libido! The literary sci-fi political satire is set approximately nine billion years from now after our Milky Way galaxy collides with the Andromeda galaxy, and rogue planet Earth gives rise to the new Homo Sapiens 2.0. But history progresses with an accelerated twist: Buried deep in the earth by an ancient human, a quantum comput... more
  • Third Act: A Novel of Buster Keaton

    by Kevin Mori
    Third Act unearths the forgotten love story that saved a cinema legacy. Buster Keaton had been a child prodigy in vaudeville and a star of the silent screen. But by the age of 40, he had been left behind by Hollywood. His fortunes changed following a chance meeting on the set of The Wizard of Oz. Eleanor Norris was a dancer under studio contract using her classical training in ballet to elevate the artistry of movie musicals. When she became Buster’s partner in life and on the stage, it chang... more
  • The Grand Promise

    by Rebekah Anderson
    Published on June 1, 2022, the 80th anniversary of the Grand Coulee Dam, "The Grand Promise" is a work of literary fiction about the real communities that were impacted by the dam's construction on the Columbia River in the 1930’s during Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency. Called “a gripping debut” by best-selling author Jonathan Evison and “an ambitious saga” by Washington state book award winner Peter Mountford, "The Grand Promise" was the #1 fiction bestseller at Small Press Distribution in M... more

    by Kathleen Morris
    Nellie Cashman was a woman ahead of her time – independent, resourceful and adventurous, flinging away the restricting conventions of her day. Still, all who met her became intrigued by this determined petite Irishwoman who became known as the Angel of the Cassiar, the Miner’s Angel, the Saint of the Klondike, and few ever forgot their encounters with her. Fueled by gold fever, she traveled the West, and her reputation grew with every restaurant, boardinghouse and store she established to suppor... more
  • Her Own Legacy

    by Debra BORCHERT

    A Woman Fights for Her Legacy as the French Revolution Erupts

    Headstrong Countess Joliette de Verzat prefers secretly managing her family’s Loire Valley château and vineyards to the cut-throat politics of Versailles. For nearly three centuries, generations of families have toiled to produce Château de Verzat wines, and their homes and livelihoods depend upon Joliette. But ancient laws block her from inheriting property—unless she is widowed. Revo... more

  • Darkness Falls, Book 1 of the Nature's Fury Series

    by AE Faulkner
    Our family trip to the beach ended before it even began. Mother Nature made sure of that. Our parents…gone. In an instant. It’s just me and my sister. 100 miles from home. No car. No phones. No money. Down to our last crumbs of food. But just when we figure out what to do, she vanishes. I am utterly alone and NEED to find my sister. But how? Where do I even start? Join Quinn as she’s forced to face the dark side of humanity and outrun nature’s fury. Her journey begins in Darkness ... more
  • Courting Fate

    by A.R. Kaufer
    When she’s not working at the bank or playing video games with her best friend, Ana’s nose is in a book. She is comfortable with her simple life until one night, on her way home from work, she is mugged and left for dead. Fate or luck, army medic Rafe was passing by and saves her life. Grateful as she is, she can't shake the feeling she knows him from somewhere. Their lives become intertwined as she learns more about him and more about herself. Is she ready to face the truth? Will it answe... more

    by Ellie Meyer
    From fairies on lightning bugs to sneezy dream dragons and pajama-making mice, these simple sleepytime stories will gently sweep your child away into dreamland. And tomorrow night, they’ll be asking for more! In just five minutes, step into a magical nighttime story world filled with soothing imagery and happily-ever-afters. With enchanting nocturnal illustrations that will surely bring along sweet dreams. - The perfect bedtime book for you and your child to snuggle up with together! -... more
  • Sunrise in Saigon

    by Patrick Greenwood
    With echoes of Tom Clancy and Jack Higgins, "Sunrise in Saigon" is Patrick Greenwood's first book in a new series about cybersecurity, passion, and international espionage. Intrigued by the country of Vietnam since 11, Jack Kendall long remembered the fall of Saigon in 1975 and its painful aftermath. Jack learns from eyewitnesses about the long shadow of the Vietnam war, its atrocities, and its aftermath. He knows a couple who met under the most extreme circumstances, one on the helicopters le... more
  • The Distance Between Us: A Novel (HomePort Chronicles Book 2)

    by A. C. Burch

    The suspicious death of an elderly widow on the grounds of the HomePort Estate sends shock waves through the seaside resort of Provincetown.

    Wrongly accused of the murder, beloved female impersonator Helena Handbasket forsakes her oceanside mansion and goes undercover to track down those responsible. Aided by her chosen family, she uses her comic genius and extraordinary talent for impersonation to navigate a maze of deception and greed that includes a museum break-in, ... more