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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Eva's Promise

    by M. L. Bull

    Wedding bells rang seven years ago―then tragedy struck. Thirty-three-year-old Eva Rose Lucas has the perfect home, a good husband, and an endearing, little boy, but her marriage quickly changes when her husband Andre gets into a terrible car accident and suffers a severe brain injury. Now her once hardworking, self-reliant husband is a disabled, touchy handicap who doesn't remember her and cannot move his limbs. Stress and resentment build upon Eva's shoulders as she helps take care o... more

  • Letters From Liza by Johnette DeRose

    by Kids Lit Book Cafe
    Have you ever thought what the world looks like from a dog’s point of view? Read Letters From Liza and experience her adventures with her human siblings, Sam and Bea. In one letter they are off to Bald Head Island on vacation and in another they are pretending to be Sherlock Holmes and solving the mystery of the disappearing hibiscus plant. Liza shares her unique perspective as the beloved pet in the family. Their adventures are the same experiences that your child might have, and children enjoy... more
  • Wrestling with Tradition

    by Dale Stopperan
    Tom Kilmer replaced the retiring legendary wrestling coach in a small Iowa town recognized for its deep winning tradition. In a community where winning on the wrestling mat had become a family trait, transitioning to a new coach would not come easy, and losing would be difficult to accept. In the coach’s first year, the tradition came crashing down on the Cresco Spartans, who suffered their first losing season in twenty-eight years. The coach understood how the physical aspect of growing up ... more
  • The Red Fletch

    by Margaret McNellis

    You thought you knew the legend of Robin Hood… When Alys’s older brother Hob leaves England—and her—to follow Robin of Locksley to Jerusalem for a Holy War, she expects Robin to do all he can to bring her brother home safe. Robin returns and causes havoc in Nottinghamshire, threatening everything Alys holds dear. Hob is still at war. Her family has lost their home. Alys blames Robin for everything. The Sheriff of Nottingham promises Alys that, with Prince John’s... more

  • War Story

    by Rolf Margenau
    A fresh look at World War II through the eyes of four young people who come of age during the war years. Nine-year-old Achim relates his experiences on the home front in New Haven, Connecticut. He’s a canny Tom Sawyer type with a good heart and a knack for reporting the important events of the times and his adventuresome life. He manages a little business, goes to school, supports the war effort, becomes a black marketer and attempted murderer, and falls in love at least twice all before the a... more
  • The Devil's Breath

    by Tom Hogan
    A Jewish detective and his investigative reporter wife are forced by the Kommandant to solve the murder of his accountant and recover millions in Jewish gold. The investigation takes the reader deep into the workings of the camp—the harvesting operation, the killing process and the perils of daily life, culminating in an unforgettable finale.
  • Maison Cristina

    by Eugene Garber
    Maison Cristina immerses readers in an existential question: can the powers of storytelling and spiritual searching return to life a young woman sunken by mysterious wounds into a state of catatonia? In Maison Cristina Eugene K. Garber creates a dramatic bond between two memorable characters striving to redeem themselves from failure and suffering, a quest made arduous and uncertain by the deep wounds each has suffered in the past. The medium of their struggle is storytelling. Octogenaria... more
  • Still The Night Call

    by Joshua Senter
    STILL THE NIGHT CALL is about Calem Dewayne Honeycutt, a thirty-two-year-old Missouri dairy farmer of few words. But just because he’s quiet doesn't mean he’s simple. In fact, Calem’s internal voice eloquently leads us through his wondrous yet tortured past, his fears for the future of his beleaguered rural world, and his carefully laid plans to remedy the vicious Night Call that haunts his present. All he has to do is get through one last day on the farm, then he can free himself of being a str... more
  • The Tree Farm

    The company Aaron Shepherd works for shutters their doors unexpectedly, leaving him desperate to provide for his family. Accepting a low paying role at a struggling Christmas tree farm, Aaron finds unexpected kinship with his new boss, farmer Hal Jennings. As the holidays roll closer and the Shepherd’s finances worsen, they find themselves homeless. Allowed to live in a long unused cottage on the farm, Aaron learns that the farm is in distress as well. The entire Shepherd family pitches in to sa... more
  • Better Than A Bully: J.J.'s Friendships & Secrets

    by Tina Levine

    MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS HONORING EXCELLENCE, GOLD LEVEL 2021. Justin, (aka J.J.) adores his friends but can’t seem to avoid being bullied. His lack of self-esteem leads him to be physically and verbally abused by an older student. J.J. holds onto several secrets in this drama about middle-grade kids. Throughout, the reader will be drawn into his narration and inner thoughts concerning the struggles of being bullied. From “Better Than A Bully: Carrot Top’s Surprise,” th... more

  • Woven

    by Maureen Morrissey
    Woven takes the stories of four families, beginning in 1850, and weaves them together and into the 21st century. It is a family saga and a story of survival and migration; ending in the United Sates with the new generation. It is a story of overcoming adversity and finding strength and hope when it seems impossible.
  • Flick and Friends - The Big Storm

    by Jamie Lawrence
    Flick and his fire engine friends are called into action when a huge storm blows into Maddsville. The mayor's son Tumble is trapped in the middle of the river while the floodwaters are rising around May Day's house. Through the thunder and lightning the engines race - will they be able to handle these daring rescues. Join Flick and his fire station friends on another daring adventure.
  • Flick and Friends - The Exploding Paint Factory

    by Jamie Lawrence
    Another adventure with Flick and his Friends. Maddsville is having its annual clean-up day. But the engines have little time to relax after all their hard work because Mr Popov's polluting paint factory has caught fire - oh no! Meanwhile Flick and Ember set off of a mission to find the town litterbug. Who could it be? More fun and daring with Flick and his Fire Engine friends including some eco wise tips for the whole family.
  • Flick and Friends - The Bushfire

    by Jamie Lawrence
    Flick and his fire engine friends have to perform some daring rescue when a raging bushfire erupts after some naughty campers didn't put out their campfire.
  • Bully 4 Love

    by Steven Paul Leiva
    Bully 4 Love is set in the 1990s and a bit beyond. It is narrated by Adolphus, a history professor at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California (you know, where they do the Rose Parade each New Year's Day). He agrees to teach a nighttime Adult Education class at a local High School as a favor for a friend. On the first day of class, the first student to walk in is Lavinia, a radiant beauty fashionably dressed and expensively bejeweled, especially her wedding ring. Adolphus is intrigued at fi... more
  • Sailing to Byzantium

    by L. F. Ranner
    Both a private history and a universal tale, the first volume in this genre-defying series traces the lives of four friends on a journey of tragedy and self-discovery. Along the way, they navigate the treacherous intersections of love and comradeship; they experience the redemptive power of art; they learn how right is not always rational and how the probable is not always the real. They are the patron saints of the imperfect and the everyday, of foolish stabs at freedom, and of losing e... more