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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Savanna's Treasure

    by C. Behrens

    SILVER MEDAL In the Moonbeam Awards 2015

    5 STAR REVIEW by Pacific Book Review 2015


    Savanna's Treasure: Wild New Children's Book Proves That Danger, Adversity & Even Poachers Are No Match for the Power of Unlikely Friendships Enthralling young readers and adults alike, Chris Behrens’ ‘Savanna’s Treasure’ shares the story of two unlikely allies who literally take on the troubles of the world. Nobody would think th... more

  • Emancipating

    by Charles Hammer
    BREAKING SLAVE SHACKLES Black soldiers (and a Peckerwood white boy) free the slaves---that’s the thrust of "Emancipating." Opening as Sherman’s soldiers win the Battle of Atlanta, the action follows Billy Leidig, a Georgia Militia deserter, as he searches for an escaped slave girl he loves. The hapless graycoat private blunders into a firefight and, to his astonishment, gets captured by her. Now Lenora June Moffat is disguised as a man and fighting as bluecoat sergeant in the U. S. Colored ... more
  • Sliding Past Vertical

    by Laurie Boris
    Ten years after a brief college romance, Emerson and Sarah have remained comfortable, long-distance friends. Yet secretly he longs for her and is quick to offer comfort and support when her hasty decisions end in varying degrees of disaster. When her drug-dealing boyfriend lands her in deep trouble, she calls Emerson again. But is this the rescue that pushes their friendship to the breaking point?
  • The Toothless Tooth Fairy

    by Shanelle Hicks
    Bella had it all. The hair, the dress, and the smile. One day, her most important asset was missing...her tooth! Will Bella find the perfect tooth in time for the contest? Will Zelda, the meanest of the fairies, destroy Bella's chances of winning the crown? Take a journey onto Cloud Nine as Bella searches for a new tooth only to discover the tooth...I mean truth...behind her true beauty.
  • Favorite Daughter, Part One

    by Paula Margulies
    Set in the time of the Jamestown settlement and the English explorer John Smith, Favorite Daughter, Part One recounts the story of Chief Powhatan's daughter, Pocahontas, as she prepares to take her place as one of our nation's earliest leading women. Pocahontas invites readers to experience her native world when strangers appear on the shores near her village. From forging a relationship with the charismatic Smith, to experiencing love for the first time and creating a role for herself in her fa... more
  • Don't Tell Anyone

    by Laurie Boris
    A family accidentally learns that their matriarch, Estelle, not only has breast cancer but also intended to take it to her grave. Now that the secret is out, Estelle decides to ask Liza, the daughter-in-law she once called a godless hippie raised by wolves, to kill her. A horrified Liza refuses but keeps the request from her husband and his brother. As the three adult children urge Estelle to consider treatment, their complicated weave of family secrets and lies begins to unravel. Can they hold ... more
  • First Voices: A Novel Based on Biblical Genesis

    by Walter Joseph Schenck, Jr.
    FIRST VOICES is a series of deeply researched Biblical stories that revolve around the lives of all the principal characters encompassing the Book of Genesis. It is a vast and complicated work with superb detailing of what could have taken place with original humanity in their involvement with their Creator as they worked toward the preservation of mankind set against horrendous odds of failure. Within its pages the author achieves a brilliant in-depth realization of the personalities of Adam; h... more
  • Brooke's Miracle

    by Linda Kennedy
    As a teenager, Brooke makes a decision that will affect the rest of her life. Thinking she has taken care of her problem, she is soon consumed with regret and guilt. Only in her forties does she makes a discovery that will turn her life around. Her dilemma is what will happen to her relationship with her husband and children if she revels her secret.
  • Priests and Warriors

    by Walter Joseph Schenck, Jr.
    Priests and Warriors unveils the inner core of Joshua's historic conquest of Canaan. The novel chronicles the Israelites' difficult, albeit triumphant, journey from the Sinai to the River Jordan and onward to Gaza and the coastal regions under Yeshua's (Joshua) leadership. It brings the harshness of ancient battles to life, with slashing swords and constant, unmerciful conflict. The story delves extensively into the lives of Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Ruth, Rahab, and Michael the Archangel as they ... more
  • Shiloh, Unveiled: A Thoroughly Detailed Novel...

    by Walter Joseph Schenck. Jr.
    This is a profound epic of Jesus' life portraying a vast panorama of his missionary work through the eyes and dialogue of the people who meet Jesus and interact with him in various encounters. Major historic events taking place during his era are reenacted showing the dramatic conflicts between Augustus Caesar and Herod the Great. Deeply ingrained political intrigue, cultural values, religious traditions are set against Prince Yehohshua's (Jesus) popularity who fights against corruption. The per... more
  • Children of Earth and Star

    by R.R. Vincench

    "Amidst the calm chaos,
    a flower danced along a stream of air
    and landed at his star-formed feet...

    As he studied the flower,
    a soft entity brushed past
    the skin of his shoulder.
    He looked up to find
    a cascade
    of fluttering flower petals
    gliding toward him in the wind.

    Following along with his eyes,
    he discovered the silhouette
    of a more mysterious flora...
    waving gently in the breeze...
    with a calming grace...

    ... more
  • Song of the Shaman

    by Annette Vendryes Leach

    What if your ten-year-old knew more about your past than anyone in the world – even you?

    Sheri Lambert is the classic New York workaholic: driven ad exec, financially successful, emotionally empty. Searching for meaning in her life, Sheri becomes a single mother. From the start, her son, Zig, displays strange behavior. He recalls people and places he couldn't possibly know and leads Sheri to a startling discovery of a hidden ancestry she never knew existed. Wi... more

  • Happy Father's Day, Mom!

    by Terri Kelley
    In this story, a boy realizes how much work his mom does to keep their family happy and healthy. As a single-mom, she cooks, cleans, repairs leaky pipes, changes flat tires, and many other tasks that are traditionally considered to be a dad's job. And, though she may dress like a plumber now and again, the son still thinks that his mom is the most beautiful woman in the world. So, on Father's Day, the boy believes that his mom deserves to be celebrated along with all of the dads out there.
  • Grandpa Doesn't Know Me Anymore

    by Terri Kelley
    Alzheimer's is a scary disease affecting so many of our elderly population. As scary and confusing as it is for adult, grandchildren are feeling even more confused about what is happening to their grandparents. In this story, one such grandson is thrilled when he hears that his grandpa is moving in with his family. However, when the boy attempts to talk to his grandfather, he discovers that his grandpa doesn't know who the boy is anymore. Despite the confusion and hurt the boy is feeling, he is ... more
  • Gingerly's Gift

    by Terri Kelley
    Gingerly's Gift is Book 4 of the four books in the Gingerly Chapter Book Series. The time and setting is Christmas-time at West Intermediate School where the students have been told that they must not post anything referring to Christmas. They are told they should say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". Zoey, ever the activist, won't stand for this and with Gingerly's help, a peaceful solution is found that makes everyone happy.
  • Big Sound Temple

    by Ben Stevens
    Hiro’s narrative begins with the death of his father, who is the gardener and caretaker of the town’s Buddhist temple. Hiro has lived at the temple and worked with his father for his entire life, and so it is understood by all that he will basically inherit his father’s job. Thus begins the story of several hectic and uncertain months in Hiro’s life. Almost immediately, the reader is introduced to most of the characters who drive the plot - his uncle, the unscrupulous and unforgiving moneylender... more