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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Ndiyalezela Ekhaya

    by Mitta Xinindlu
    The poems represent a life journey of a woman in a foreign land.
  • What's Left Unsaid

    by Deborah stone
    Sasha is just about managing to hold her life together. She is raising her teenage son Zac, coping with an absent husband and caring for her ageing, temperamental and alcoholic mother, as well as holding down her own job. But when Zac begins to suspect that he has a secret sibling, Sasha realises that she must relive the events of a devastating night which she has done her best to forget for the past nineteen years. Sasha's mother, Annie, is old and finds it difficult to distinguish between p... more
  • The Pemmican Man

    by William Hennessy
    This is a good old fashioned adventure story. It brings Bart to life as he escapes from his evil step-father and joins the Northwest Company as a voyageur. With his friend Peter he travels through the unbroken wilderness of the vast beaver country, slays his attacking enemies, makes allies with the Blackfeet, and finds a way to provide a source of vital food (pemmican) for his company. There are good guys, bad guys,, savages and romance.
  • Arthur the Fly-Slayer & the Forty Dragons

    by Maria Kamoulakou-Marangoudakis
    Meet Arthur, the son of a blacksmith. His leisurely naps in the forest are frequently interrupted by pestering flies, so he crafts a sword to battle them. The verse he inscribes on it gets him in trouble. Following an unexpected encounter with two travelers, he takes off on an adventure where faces foes a lot larger than flies. Arthur the Fly-Slayer & the Forty Dragons celebrates courage, confidence and human ingenuity. It is the story of a young daydreamer with a silly nickname, who rises t... more
  • The Unseen Path

    by Zlaikha Y Samad & L'mere Younossi
    The Unseen Path, the sequel to The Unseen Blossom, is a novel unlike any other. Zuli and Lamar have returned from their journey through magical gardens and are reconnected on the streets of Kabul. Just as their whirlwind romance picks up speed and hijinks ensue, they begin to grow comfortable in each other’s worlds, the unthinkable happens. The threat of invasion becomes a troubling reality and chaos shrouds a restless Afghanistan. An entire country’s freedom is lost, strangled by the tight grip... more
  • Cherry Princess

    by Tatjana Maksimenko
    This is not an ordinary story of how little girl who loved nature had saved princess from an evil witches spell.
  • A Thanksgiving Story

    by Nick Stockland
    Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to come together. But young Charlie is about to learn that not everyone's Thanksgiving is the same. This year, there's more around the table than just turkey and pumpkins - especially when Scott and his gang roll into town.
  • Valiant Valerie

    by Elizabeth Stevens

    Valiant Valerie,
    A student of sword,
    Would not be a lady's maid,
    She would get much too bored.

    Valerie doesn’t want to be a lady’s maid, she doesn’t want to be a Lady, and she doesn’t want to be a princess. She just wants to be the first successful woman in Mor’s army. And, a country coming back from war and sorrow should be pleased with any decent solider they can get. Right?

    Wrong. The High Council won&r... more

  • Adventure in Pico Bonito

    by M.G. Alonzo Cortes
    Join siblings Olguita and Oscarito as they trek through the Honduran rainforest. Along the way, you’ll meet splendid creatures and experience an adventure you’ll want to relive time and time again.
  • The Nodders What You Don't Want to Nap?

    by Tina C. Huggins
    This whimsical story introduces the Nodders, magical creatures who leave special treats for children (age 3-7) who take a nap. With magic shoes whirling and tiny wings flapping a Nodder will peak in to see if your napping. Then out of their pocket comes a small treat or treasure is put into your NapPouch, for your waking pleasure. This rhyming naptime book encourages children to look forward to taking a nap, knowing they they will wake up to a treat in their own NapPouch A sweet story for little... more
  • Chateau Laux

    by David Loux

    Chateau Laux is a novel based on a shocking event in the lives of a first-generation family in the American colonies.  Lawrence Kraymer is a young entrepreneur from Philadelphia who takes a hunting trip up along the Delaware, and in the process, stumbles on Pierre Laux, a French aristocrat and his family living on the edge of what was then a vast wilderness.  Intoxicated with this exotic family, Lawrence pursues an engagement with one of Pierre’s daughters, and builds... more

  • Bax and His Bubbles: All About a Kid and His Thoughts

    by Dr. Sonia E. Amin

    Thoughts can be difficult to navigate at any age. Offering loving guidance to children as they sort through their thoughts empowers them to choose well in what they say and do. Bax and His Bubbles introduces children to a simple method for choosing which thought bubbles to keep and which to release.

  • Q.W.E.R.T.Y.

    by Barbara Avon

    In the tradition of "Twilight Zone", Q.W.E.R.T.Y. takes you into another dimension. A place where all things are possible. Luke is an author and a widower. His aunt gifts him a Remington typewriter and he soon discovers that everything he types, comes true. "What if I can bring her back?"

    In this novella, that is a cross between time travel and paranormal romance, you'll read a compelling, poetic tale that follows Luke on a heart-breaking journey - one that ... more

  • The Black Madonna

    by Alex Charns
    On August 3, 1994, members of the Durham CATT drug unit body slammed the pregnant Mahlia Queen to the concrete in front of her own home on Shirley Street. The pregnant 42-year-old Duke Hospital nurse was charged with the crime of obstructing an officer moments after the cops killed her five-month-old unborn child. This novel is about Mahlia Queen’s pursuit of justice through the thick blue line of lies and a racist justice system. This novel was inspired by a true story of police brutality and c... more
  • No Birds Sing Here

    by Daniel V. Meier, Jr.
    In this indelible and deeply moving portrait of our time, two young pseudo-intellectuals, BECKMAN and MALANY, set out on an odyssey to define the artistic life, and in doing so, unleash a barrage of humorous, unintended consequences. NBSH is a multi-layered novel about a Post-Modernist America in which characters are struggling to survive in an increasingly chaotic world. Beckman and Malany’s journey reflects the allegorical evolution of humanity from its primal state, represented by Beckman’s ... more
  • Katy Has Two Grampas

    by Julie Schanke Lyford
    Katy's school is celebrating Grandparents Day, and Katy is nervous. She doesn't want to introduce her grandpas in front of the class because she's worried that nobody will understand her lisp. To make matters worse, when Katy tells her teacher that she's inviting her married ''grampas,'' her teacher thinks she means to say grandma and grandpa instead of grandpa and grandpa. Will Katy build the confidence to speak in front of the class and challenge stereotypes? Katy Has Two Grampas is based o... more