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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Reichold Street

    by R. L. Herron

    Albert Parker arrives on Reichold Street, bringing with him the emotional scars of early parental loss, and all the aggressive attitude a dysfunctional and abusive stepfather can create. His struggle to find a way to cope, and the stories of the neighborhood around him as he tries, create a fast-paced, powerful story about family dysfunction, murder, suicide, madness and war.

    Imagine, if you will,  J.D. Salinger (Catcher in the Rye), William Golding (Lor... more

  • The Grand Junction

    by Joe Costanzo
    After sailing back and forth between Italy and America, an unscrupulous "bird of passage" named Tommaso Caruso - or Thomas, as he prefers to be called - disappears Someplace Out West as World War II erupts in Europe. After the war ends and there's still no sign of him, his wife ships their son Tommy off to the New World to track him down. For Tommy, what begins as a simple mission evolves into a wild journey of discovery as he and mid-20th Century America collide in The Grand Junction.
  • Two Performance Artists Kidnap Their Boss and Do Things with Him

    by Scotch Wichmann
    Hank and Larry are performance artists in San Francisco's underground performance art scene. But when the mind-numbing grind of their corporate jobs drives them over the edge, they plot the ultimate revenge: to kidnap their company’s billionaire CEO and brainwash him into becoming a manic performance artist. Fueled by the author's performance art background, Two Performance Artists is a screwball dark comedy about best friends determined to tackle the American Dream with fish guts, duct tape... more
  • Weeping Angels

    by Cristy Rey
    Four years ago, Frankie Rios walked away from her best friend and big sister, Iris. To Frankie, Iris died the day that she last rejected Frankie’s attempts at getting Iris alcohol and drug treatment. Rather than accept grief for her beloved sister’s loss, Frankie turned to her music. A renowned cellist, Frankie has managed to ignore the pain and suffering of losing the person she loved most in this world. With Iris out of her mind and out of her life, Frankie was able to move on…or so she though... more
  • Bullying is Right Underneath Your Nose

    by Yolanda Hinton

    "Bullying" provides insight into the mind of a bully.  Told from the perspective of the bully, it educates the reader on How he became a bully, Why he bullies, Who his favorite victims are and the ideal conditions under which his bullying may continue.  It also gives the victim's perspective as told from victims, family members of victims and also provides letters from bullies as well.  This is a great educational tool to bring awareness to this problem that has b... more

  • Stilettos and Steel

    by Jeri Estes
    BASED ON A TRUE STORY. San Francisco, 1969. The foot soldiers of the Counter Culture revolution have overrun the city. Golden Gate Park is littered with flower-crowned hippies burning draft cards in a psychedelic haze. North Beach rocks with the San Francisco sound of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. Free love seduces tourists and soldiers, as topless club barkers pack ‘em in under Carol Doda’s flashing neon tits. Jessica Rawlson, an attractive middle class young lady joins the migration to the ... more
  • Manifest Destiny

    by Jewelle Francis
    Destiny Morrison was five-years-old the day her mother was arrested in a major drug-sting operation, and subsequently sentenced to ten years in prison. Raised by an uncaring grandmother, Destiny is now a 15-year old juvenile delinquent used to calling her own shots, and making her own rules. However, things change drastically for the teen when her estranged mother returns home from prison. The two clash immediately, sparking a bitter power struggle. Can mother and daughter heal the deep emotion... more
  • Sabre of Honour

    by William G Simpson

    "A promise, a quest and loyalty to Napoleon Bonaparte, pitch Peter Branicki into a life of adventure; courage, charisma and luck will shape his destiny."

    (Racławice, Poland 1794) 

    When his father is killed fighting for Polish independence, Peter Branicki dedicates his life to the recovery of the Grunwald Sword, a legendary symbol of Polish nationhood. However, forced to flee to England to the mayhem of revolutionary... more

  • Face: Part 1 (The Shanghai Sorority)

    by Daniel Mark Harrison
    When 18 year-old Milana's Dad gets placed in Shanghai to run McIntyre & Co., a multinational consulting firm, she is thrown into a distinctly adult (and distinctly more privileged) world where she has her own driver, maid, accounts at the best bars and restaurants in the city, not to mention new friends with diplomatic immunity and seemingly limitless credit cards. Shanghai makes the Upper East Side look like kindergarten: status, looks, society and money count for everything, and everyone is jo... more
  • All Fall Down

    by Melissa Aki
    Model Minority, teenager, mistress. Fourteen-year-old Tina Chen wins a scholarship to a prestigious high school, but soon finds herself outcast by her new, affluent classmates. In the midst of loneliness, she finds comfort with the one person who does give her attention; a married man whose son she’s babysitting. Manipulated and caught in his web of lust, she is forced to live a triple lie. As an adult, Tina remains vulnerable, but she begins to put her life back together when she reconnects wit... more
  • by Sylvia Welner
    Welcome to Jimtown is an imagined expedition through the lives of the wildlife and people living in a real mountain town near Boulder, Colorado. Straddling the human-animal divide, the story takes the reader into the world of a group of wilderness animals, with Burnee, a Black Bear, assuming the role of lead provocateur. The result is a series of whimsical adventures centered around the animals’ innovative ways of finding food, fun, and security. Along the way, they take on life’s challenges, wh... more
  • To Tell You the Truth: Stories

    by Robert Moulthrop
    Robert Moulthrop's debut short story collection, To Tell You The Truth, presents a new voice in America’s interior life. These stories provoke questions out of the contemporary consciousness: What happens when the death next door encroaches on your perfect life? When you accept yourself as a liar? Or when you accept your life as a series of lies, a tale told to you by someone else? The limits of empathy are tested in characters who face death, infidelity, and lust, and find themselves looking at... more
  • The Big Picture

    by Rod Raglin

    Young, talented, ambitious, Freyja Brynjarrson’s a photographer struggling to crash the art establishment, the challenges presented by her family, and still keep true to her uncompromising ethic.

    Fate places her on the front line of a political demonstration where soldiers open fire on civilians. She photographs death for the first time and likes it.

    Because of the sensitive nature of her pictures the current government, facing an imminent election, tries to suppress them. B... more

  • Grace and Baby

    by Peggy Leon
    Life is full of beautiful creations. Some are the products of nature, some are manmade—and others appear to be happy accidents. In Grace and Baby, a cast of compelling characters is about to come together in unexpected ways, and incredible things could happen as a consequence of their collisions. But if those things are to happen, they each must confront the challenges and confusion that confounds them, and they all must come to terms with themselves and the fact that every one of us, even if... more

    by Santwana Chatterjee
    It is about a sister talking in retrospect about her brother and grandfather, the two people who meant most in her life and other adventures in general. The novel has been written in the backdrop of Indian Independence. It is also about family ties and values , of love and admiration, about greed and treachery. I am sure people of all ages would like to share the memories of the narrator.Gold Dust is Santwana Chatterjee's third publication at Pothi and her first full length novel. In this book S... more
  • The Damaged: A Sydney Story

    by Rob Kennedy
    Daniel Murray is a 50-year-old writer who has won an award for a book about the visual arts. He now writes for art magazines and lives in the centre of Sydney. Here he finds a street girl, Gale. Who sweeps across the city, walking fast among the crowds, screaming out the most passionate and hurtful but poetic words. Daniel is drawn to her and immediately develops a relationship with Gale. She moves in with him on the first day they meet. They have a passionate romance. She offers to tell Daniel ... more