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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • I Miss My Friend And That's Okay

    by Shermaine Perry-Knights
    Looking for a book that teaches about the power of friendship? Here it is! "I Miss My Friend And That's Okay" is a heartwarming story about two best friends, Grace and Kerrington, who live far apart, share their lives through letters, both the good and the bad. When Grace moves to Italy, she misses Kerrington and her old life, but also learns to enjoy new experiences and make new friends. This powerful picture book shows how children can be adaptable, while celebrating the enduring power of f... more
  • The Illinois Caper: Book One of The Route 66 Steal

    by Liz Hartley
    Middle-aged and mostly respectable, Tish O’Donnell and Kat Merevec have lived on promises and prayers long enough. When Tish’s philandering husband, Fitz, walks out on her, and goes back on his promise of security to Kat, they’re both determined to make him pay—by emptying the safe in his Evanston, Illinois, jewelry store. But when they crack the safe, they’re shocked to find almost a million in cash, a stash of hot diamonds, and a glittering pile of gold ingots. What swindle is Fitz working... more
  • Grace, Glamour, and Grit: An Illustrated Anthology of Powerful Women

    by Gabriel Reyes Benavides
    Grace, Glamour, and Grit: An Illustrated Anthology of Powerful Women is a booklet written and illustrated by Gabriel Reyes Benavides. It contains 15 illustrated images of women from different eras, countries, and walks of life, each accompanied by her story, written in first person.
  • Last Call A Collection of Short Stories, Essays, and Poems

    by Gabriel Reyes Benavides
    Last Call is a collection of semi-autobiographical short stories, essays, and poems.
  • Eoan(Own)

    by Sheirdijah Brown
    A story about the control and usage of having power and the need of understanding.
  • Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes

    by Penelope Colville Paine
    Mother Nature Nursery Rhymes is a great way to begin teaching children about the natural wonders they will inherit, and the authors hope this fully illustrated picture book will encourage an appreciation of our planet. The rhymes, new versions of old favorites, carry the sing-song cadence and whimsy important for early language development. Watercolor illustrations include animals, insects, and all aspects of nature. A Rhyme Time Quiz, questions to ask older children, and resources of places t... more
  • One of Us

    by Bre Doshia

    "Life some days may seem as though nobody can hear you. You may feel as invisible as the wind gracing your skin every time it blows. Many things may not go as you have planned, and that will be fine. Understand that life will not get the best of you unless you allow yourself to get lost in the negativity of the world." Find yourself immersed in North Carolina, where living among the rest of the world is one person that just "gets it." Follow Emma, Amy, Sydney, and their cl... more

  • Yelling at the Stars

    by Michael Hertzog
    A family reels from the effects of WWII nuclear fallout, but this is far from the Japan of 1945. It's 2006 in Washington State, and the war just took another life. In this new release of WWII home-front historical fiction, a 12-year-old boy named Asher makes his dad furious no matter what he does. In hopes of getting his dad back to normal, he looks for a way to fix it all. But he soon finds that he’s bitten off more than he can chew, when he discovers clues suggesting his Grandpa’s death may... more

    A fictional folktale, The Legend of the Fried Spring Rolls tells the story of Queen Carlota and Captain Gabriel, two leaders who live on opposite sides of the island Perla del Mar. Find out how their paths crossed and what they did in the face of an unexpected tragedy.
  • Adventures on the Farm with Shirley Anne

    by Kaley A Gray

    This interactive counting book will capture your child's attention with the vibrant colors of farm scenery as you join Shirley Anne in her Adventures on the Farm. Not only is this book about fun things happening at the farm. It is also: Entertaining when meeting all the animals, Educational by practicing counting to ten, Interactive by asking questions & learning about different animals on the farm.

  • Goes On, Without the World's Understanding

    by Thomas Westerfield
    Goes On, Without the World's Understanding is a collection of thirteen provocative, unpredictable, and often compassionate stories challenging expected tropes regarding sexuality, race, abuse, trauma, art, and intergenerational relationships. We meet, among others, a men's sexual abuse group rebelling against its earth mother therapist; a member of that group as he spends a quiet Sunday evening with the father who abused him as a teenager; an little boy in fear of what the Barbies he plays wi... more
  • Sins of the Father: Justice Part II

    by John Henington
    For the past twenty-two years Marcello di Paulo has been the faithful Consigliore to Pietro Giordano, Capo of one of the most powerful Camorra Families in Naples. However, recent events have seen their close relationship deteriorate out of control. Di Paulo seizes control of the Family Clan and embarks on a journey of personal revenge and fortune hunting only to plummet into the same self-serving lifestyle as that of his former Capo. Along the way, he connects with a previously unknown Aus... more
  • Justice?

    by J. D. Henington
    What is justice? Is it the conviction of fairness, of moral righteousness? If so, by whose standard of fairness? If so, by whose standard of morality? Or is it the administration of justifiable punishment? To be administered by whom? This novel cuts apart and scrutinizes the shadowy lives, the scandalous history and innermost emotions of two post World War II Italian families coincidentally seeking asylum in Australia’s South Coast village of Cringila. The Panzarroti and Garibaldi families’ cros... more
  • Crow From the Shadow (Parent-Child-Connect (P2C))

    by Olaolu Ogunyemi
    Crow is a very intelligent and talented bird with a bright future! He could be an architect, a professional athlete, or even a military leader... But there is one problem-- The Shadow will not allow Crow to succeed. Join Crow as he learns the secret to defeating The Shadow and achieving success! Parents, teachers, and mentors, "Crow From the Shadow" is an easy-to-read story that teaches children a valuable life lesson--YOU control your destiny! The story includes Fun Facts and four "Continue... more
  • Kidnapping Steve

    by C. Juliano
    A comedic take on betrayals, bad ideas, and lost love in the tropics. When a catalog model turned college student and a sun-soaked visionary join forces, a small beach town is turned on its head.
  • Echoes from an Island

    by Alicia Ang
    Echoes from an Island is a collection of poetry and short stories about inspiration and wonder. Told through the eyes of a woman visiting Okinawa, Japan, the book takes readers on a search for meaning that stretches across cultures, kingdoms, and eras. A mixed manuscript composed of 9 poems and 3 short stories, the poems celebrate ocean wonders, feminine strength, and spirituality, leaving one with a sense of awe and a touch of magic.