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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Ten Thoughts About Love (Poetry Pamphlet Series No. 1)

    by Orna Ross

    "Reaches into the corners of your soul and pulls out all that is beautiful." "Masterfully crafted poetry". "A powerhouse of a poetry collection."


    Poetry: there are times in life when nothing else will do. And at such times, you need a certain kind of poem, the kind contained in this pamphlet. Clear, simple, accessible, inspirational poetry.


    This is the first in a series of poetry pamphlets by a bestselling and accla... more

  • Inspiration Meditation: Igniting Insights & Ideas (A Go Creative! Book)

    by Orna Ross

    What Is Meditation?

    In this "How To Meditate" Guide, novelist Orna Ross explains the the theory and practice of meditation -- and introduces Inspiration Meditation, her own meditation method, which she practices daily and has taught to hundreds of people through her Go Creative! books and blog.

    What Is Inspiration Meditation?

    Inspiration Meditation is designed to cultivate creativity, ideas and insights. It is not just for writers and artists -- though they will fi... more

  • After The Rising & Before The Fall: Two-Books-In-One

    by Orna Ross

    This is a special edition of Orna Ross's first two novels. For a limited time only, get both books in one.  

    In 1923, Dan O’Donovan, a young soldier, was lured to his death in the notorious sinking sands that surround the small Irish village of Mucknamore. Now, in 1995, Jo Devereux has returned home to Ireland, needing to know more about this "War of The Brothers” and the secrets that haunted her childhood.

    Jo’s life in California has come to a... more

  • Before The Fall: A Novel (An Irish Trilogy Book 2)

    by Orna Ross

    A historical murder mystery of love and revenge against the background of intimate war.

    It's August in the long, hot summer of 1995 and Jo Devereux can't believe that she still hasn't returned home to San Francisco, though the time for her to have her baby draws near. Why is she staying on in Ireland, in this crumbling shed at the edge of the ocean?

    Jo has spent months writing about her great-uncle death at the hands of Dan O'Donovan -- but now she is brought to co... more

  • 978-1481125710

    by Valerie Haynes

    The story of a rabbit who becomes 
    The Doctor of the Earth 
    ...And conquers the most formidable adversary of all. 
    A Modern Fable Trilogy 
    The adventure begins in Book One... 
    Leopard Goldbunny, one of a group of animals now able to speak English, knows the ancient arts of natural healing, and is the first animal to go to medical school. But due to secretive forces operating against animals and natural medic... more

  • A Peculiar Arrangement of Atoms: Stories

    by Daulton Dickey
    From the discovery of a new element to depression, from friends out to get drunk and to overcome rejection, from the enigmatic to the sublime, “A Peculiar Arrangement of Atoms” collects stories running the gamut of the human experience.
  • The Girl in the Photo

    by Wally Wood
    As Abbie and David go through their father's effects after his death they discover a memoir he was writing about a love affair he had with a Japanese woman when he was a young surgeon in Japan during the Korean War. They find a picture of the woman, and a letter from the time that suggests they may have a sibling they never knew existed. Even as they mourn their father, David and Abbie question what they thought they knew about his life—and theirs—as they struggle with conflicting memories, unex... more
  • The Hunger Artist

    by Jeffrey N. Johnson
    High school art teacher Carl Rittenhaur is in line to inherit the family farm, but his guilt over the deaths of his parents burdens him from claiming his legacy. His life gets a jolt when his ex-fiancé, who had once pulled him from depression and later abandoned him at the altar, returns to town with her two-year-old daughter in tow. She is in the last throes of a custody battle with the girl’s father, and Carl has been mysteriously named in the hearings. Tangled in an old romance and a corrupt ... more
  • Powder Blue Tweed & Rye/13:978-1479229284

    by Faye Whittaker
    When, several years after the heart-rending tragedy Kelly Templeton inadvertently finds herself at the scene of her parents’ murder, she totally understands why the one person who could have revealed the mystery surrounding the deaths chose not to tell—police or family. Kelly herself bears the humiliation and shame engendered from harmless teen-juiced sexual exploits being highhandedly exposed by a supercilious busy-body. And worse, the subsequent prejudicial judgement—the consequence of miscon... more
  • Keota

    by Toni Volk

    Keota, reckless and unstable, runs out on her young daughter and alcoholic husband and eventually lands in Mexico where circumstances both soften her and threaten to destroy her. In her absence, Chris, the daughter she abandons, grows up on stories in her father's yellow-rag newspaper and at the AA meetings he drags her to. Later, about the age her mother was when she left, Chris quits her job and pesters a friend to go with her to Mexico. So begins an ill-conceived bu... more

  • Porter Searches for Santa

    by Jonathan Gonzales
    When a letter addressed to Santa arrives at Porter’s house by mistake, Porter makes it his mission to safely deliver the letter to Santa. But first, Porter must find out who Santa is! With lots of determination and a little help from his friends, Porter sets out on an adventure that takes him sliding across the Seven Glacier Arches, swimming the dangerous waters of Killer Whale Cove, and climbing the dreaded Snowman Mountain. Along the way, Porter discovers who Santa is from an unexpec... more
  • For a Fee of 2 Shillings/978-1-62857-337-4

    by Faye Whittaker
    Fate weaves its tricky threads amongst te garment of intrigue and mystery shrouding Miri, a beautiful young Maori woman. Her attempt to materialise her childhood obsession and fantasy to be other than she is, only serves to create a mantle of despair to hover over her life. Her choices, and her mistakes, impact upon her children's lives as well as those she unwittingly influences. These adults are confronted by their own personal weaknesses and they are given cause to examine their religious ... more
  • In the Mean Time

    by Ellys Phox
    In the Mean Time: by Ellys Phox The personification of paradox, Ruby was a card-carrying nerd who played in a rock band, a Sunday go-to-church preacher’s kid, with tattoos down her thigh and a doobie in her pocket. Adept at knowing when to keep her mouth shut and her head down, Ruby could also speak her mind, when the situation required it. Sometimes, coping meant creating stories, into which she would climb, when reality impinged. For Ruby, finding her way passed the loss of one parent... more
  • After The Rising: A Novel (An Irish Trilogy Book 1)

    by Orna Ross

    Can we ever remake the past that made us?

    When Jo Devereux returns to Ireland after an absence of 20 years, the last person she expects to meet at her mother's funeral is Rory O'Donovan. The bitter conflict between her family and his, full of secrets and silences, was the one constant of Jo's childhood.

    Now she's back in village where they both grew up, he's urging her to stay and, to her own surprise, she's tempted. Because of him? Because her life in San ... more

  • Blue Mercy

    by Orna Ross

    Will you side with mother or daughter?

    When Mercy Mulcahy was 40 years old, she was accused of killing her elderly and tyrannical father. Now, at the end of her life, she has written a book about what really happened on that fateful night of Christmas Eve, 1989.

    The tragic and beautiful Mercy has devoted her life to protecting Star, especially from the father whose behavior so blighted her own life. Yet Star vehemently resists reading her manuscript.

    Why? What is Mercy hidin... more

  • Days of the Giants

    by Rachel Anderson
    In Days of the Giants, the new novel by emergency doctor and researcher R.J. Petrella, not only do readers get a close-up view of the kinds of cases doctors on the front lines face everyday— shootings, drug overdoses and heart attacks— they get an insider’s look at the politics that go on in our nation’s hospitals. Though entirely fiction, the story, which is told in both first person and through narration by the main character’s father, was inspired by Petrella’s own experiences as a resident... more